Can Can Room – CLOSED

  • IN A NUTSHELL: Tourist trap that has been shut down by Metro Police and the county as of July 30, 2019 for prostitution.
  • 3155 Industrial Rd, Las Vegas ‎
  • FULL BAR: no alcohol, soft drinks only
  • FOOD: No

The Can Can Room Is Gone

In the five years since I’d been to the Can Can Room, ten other Vegas strip clubs had come and gone and the Can Can Room was still here.

What’s the Can Can’s secret? IMHO, they know how to hustle tourists.  [Note:  On July 30, 2019, the Can Can Room was shut down by Metro Police for prostitution and the county took away their business license.  We’ll post if it reopens.]

If you go to the Can Can Room’s website, it says: “over twenty-five of the loveliest ladies dancing on 5 separate stages.” Well, maybe it depends on your definition of “stage.” What I saw on my recent visit was the same old stage they had five years ago with one dancer in action. The website also says: “Appearing Nitely With Full Burlesque Revue – Shows Start at 9PM – G.I. Jane, Cowboy Kandi, Girl Scout Lexi, Red Riding Hood and more!!!” The site has photos of the costumed G.I. Jane et al. swirling around on poles. This claim may be described most politely as something of a whopper.

On the Saturday night around midnight that I went to check the place out, I saw only two other customers in the main room, and I was the only one tipping the stage dancers. One of the dancers sat down to talk with me after her set. She said there were only three dancers on duty that night. I asked her if the club was always so empty. She said she didn’t know–it was her first night working there. A lap dance, she said, was $40, not the $20 quoted on the website. I asked her if there had been more dancers earlier that evening–maybe I’d missed G.I. Jane and Cowboy Kandi–but she said no, not in the few hours she’d been there.

Here’s what I learned on my visit:  There was no admission fee but a 2-drink minimum at $10/drink, similar to other Vegas clubs, except that other clubs’ drinks contain alcohol. I stayed for about an hour. Two of the dancers were grade A, but they weren’t worth watching more than a couple times each. Although the Can Can Room website makes it sound like a major Vegas strip club, it remains a private show club and it’s my least favorite of the private show clubs in Vegas. Here’s why:

Watch Out for Hidden Charges

I stopped at the front desk to ask about the private room deals. They had them printed on a flyer. Thirty minutes with a dancer in a private room with a bed would be $300, and with two dancers $400. This was similar to the printout they’d shown me five years earlier. A third deal at the bottom of the flyer said that for $1200 I could have a room with a bed all night long with as many dancers as I wanted.

What they don’t print on the flyer is that the quoted prices are for the room only. You must negotiate separately for the dancers’ fees, and you won’t be informed of this until after you pay for the room. (Or at least, I wasn’t five years ago and unless I missed the fine print on the current flyer, this is not noted there either, nor did the guy behind the counter explain this to me when showing me the flyer.) Also, you don’t negotiate this fee with one of the dancers, but with some other host from the club.

No other strip club in Vegas operates like this. If this is the first strip club you visit in Vegas, you’ll probably decide to blow your mad money on blackjack, craps, and the Blue Man Group next time you visit.

The dancers I’ve seen in the Can Can Room looked good and they were friendly. The space is bare-bones, but clean. If you’re looking for privacy, this is one of the most private clubs in Vegas because of its sparse crowds and its backdoor parking and entrance.

If you’re a skilled negotiator, you may be able to work out a good deal on a private show. But be specific about the total cost and exactly what you’ll be getting before you shell out any cash.

If the name “Can Can Room” conjures up an image of 19th century Parisian dancers kicking their stockinged legs over the heads in the orchestra pit, it’s time to readjust your expectations.

But I’m not going to give up on this place. I always have hope when it comes to strip clubs. Look how Palomino turned around. I’m going to return to this club with an open mind and an open wallet and really try to enjoy myself. In about five more years …


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  1. sheshe

    Place is a piece of shit hole. They said there’s money to make. But being there one girl herion out in the restroom. Blood on the restroom stalls. And girls waiting for customers to pick them up. I went to the v.I.p room there but they call it a show room idk why but found a box of condoms on the side of the room. I guess a lot illegal activity going on there. So if you like to pay $100 for a girl to have sex with you and catch a std go to that place cause I guess everything goes down on the bedroom and believe me there is beds in that place so you highly will get a cracked out whore. Just saying. You will have more fun at sapphires and deja vu right next door. Better place, clean girls and more fun then catching a std



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