Cheetahs Las Vegas – Where Elizabeth Berkley Licked the Stripper Pole

  • IN A NUTSHELL: New management took over in September 2019, but so far all they've done is fire everyone and raise prices. TVO commenter Jay says: "Overall this feels like locals are getting squeezed a little more at a place that was never very popular to begin with."
  • GRADE OF DANCER: Mostly average to below average
  • SPW: 30%
  • 2112 Western Ave, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 384-0074
  • HOURS: Mon-Wed noon-5 am; Thur-Sun 24 hrs
  • VALET PARKING: Yes; well-lit lot with doorman out front
  • COVER CHARGE: $10 for everyone, including locals
  • FULL BAR:Yes
  • LAP DANCES: Main room, $20; group VIP 4 songs/$100; g-spot room, half-hour/$300 plus a bottle of champagne

Cheetahs Former Glory

Elizabeth Berkley Licking the Stripper Pole at Cheetahs in Cult Movie Classic Showgirls

Elizabeth Berkley Licking the Stripper Pole at Cheetahs in Cult Movie Classic Showgirls

Cheetahs is best known for being the strip club where the cult movie Showgirls was filmed, including the famous scene where Elizabeth Berkley licked the stripper pole.  There’s a good reason the movie was filmed here.  Showgirls was released in 1995 and the early 1990s were Cheetahs’ glory days, when it was mob-owned, full of beautiful topless dames, and the best strip club in Vegas.

Sadly, in recent years, the Las Vegas taxi wars (see our report) have taken a heavy toll on this club.  With bigger, richer gentlemen’s clubs able to pay cabbies $75-$125 a head for customers, smaller and older Cheetahs simply can’t compete.  That means Cheetahs has settled into being a locals’ club, but not a very good one.  New management took over in September 2019, but so far all they’ve done is fire everyone and raise prices.

Locals can’t spend like tourists on lap dances, so the best dancers in the club have moved elsewhere.  That means Cheetahs has been slow on recent visits, with few customers and few dancers, even at peak hours.  There were five dancers and about half a dozen customers in the club on a recent weekday afternoon and maybe a dozen on a recent Saturday night.

The club has a big main stage and two smaller stages, all dimly lit, but you can sit on the rail and watch the dancers comfortably; the few flashing lights aren’t irritating.  However, this is primarily a lap-dance club, not much of a club for watching dancers on stage.

The G-Spot room (their group VIP) is now $100 for four dances with no drink requirement. VIP dances in the open-doored private booths are $300 for 30 minutes (it used to be $240) and you have to buy champagne (the old price of $240 used to include $40 in drinks).

Cheetahs now charges $10 admission, even for locals and out-of-towners who drive themselves.  That is unheard of for a topless club in Vegas.  The only other topless club I can remember charging everyone admission was Glitter Gulch, the former tourist trap downtown.  They used to charge admission because once a guy had actually entered the place his first impulse was always to flee.

Cheetahs has also done away with their drink discount for locals.

Cheetahs Lap Dance Scene

Cheetahs did a remodel a few years back that, in my opinion, missed the boat.  Cheetahs used to be the darkest topless club in town—they had darkness down to an art form. A single subdued violet tube light ran along the ceiling—the kind of thing you used to see with lava lamps in guys’ basement man caves. That was it.

The feeling of the place was something like a high-school make-out party. Though it was smaller and older than other clubs, that darkness made it lap-dance heaven.

It didn’t even matter that they no longer had the best-looking dancers in town.  You couldn’t see the dancers anyway.   You had to be careful, when you were looking for a seat, that you didn’t happen to sit in some guy’s lap. That could happen if he was some goth freak wearing black clothes. On the other hand, he might have slipped you a twenty before he realized you weren’t a girl.

Then Cheetahs did their remodel job to brighten the place up and try to make it look new.  Now, instead of darkness and an interesting retro style, it just looks like a worse version of every other strip club in town.

On the plus side, Cheetahs still has a high-mileage lap dance scene.

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19 Responses to “Cheetahs Las Vegas – Where Elizabeth Berkley Licked the Stripper Pole”

  1. alex

    i was able to go to cheetahs while i was in vegas. the limo came pretty quickly and the driver and doorman both made me feel welcomed, i tipped them both and the driver said he.d give me ride back when i was ready, tipped him also on way back and a little more than 1st ride. i liked the setup of the club the lighting was unique, nice and dark just like your review says. the girls here starting hitting me right away, a wed. night starting around 10:30pm. i had one ‘vulture’ as u say that was something, even the girl selling shots asked if i would buy her one as she’s holding it ready to drink it.
    i drank a few beers and the girls were rotating thru. i did get a 3 for $100 dance with a attractive and sexy girl. i swear she had this ariana grande look to her i just had to go play with her for 3 songs. could have been the unique lighting but anyway she gave me a good high mileage dance. i had a good time with her. they wore pasties and then take em off when u buy a dance. i liked the club overall and i don’t get upset about the higher hustle rate its just part of the game but it was a good bit higher than the other club i visited. i also tipped driver doorman servers and the dancers, everyone needs to tip something.

  2. Jake

    What’s cheetahs like late morning to early afternoon during the week m-f? Do they still offer high mileage dances during happy hour and based on the talent at that time of day, do I want one?

    I’ve also heard they put an end to half price dances at happy hour!?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jake, it’s not really half-price lap dances during the day. It’s two songs for $20 lap dances until 7 pm.

      I’ve only been there in the late afternoon, but they’ll have at least a few dancers there early. Crowds at this club have been down lately, and so has the number of dancers.

      Still, if you find a girl you like, the mileage is high.

    • JJ

      Jake, we go between 2-6 midweek. There are some decent looking dancers looking to work with you. Just got back: July 2016

    • Aly

      As a dancer, i know the rate of girls dancing has died down due to the club being predominantly full of locals that ONLY seek the cheap two for twenty dances..AND high mileage too?!
      Smarter girls realize there is better and bigger in vegas.

  3. Jorge and Robynne Corona

    My wife and I were there Saturday night. We have not been there in a while , we appreciate the hospitality and the no hassle of girls trying to up charge on the dances. It was my birthday that day and I have to say thank you it was fun . We will be back very soon.

  4. JM

    Thanks for the reply.

    Would you say Cheetah is one of the better places to go during the day if I’m there for client meetings that are mostly at night? I gather that some places have high variability between being good during day shift vs. night shift.

    • Arnold Snyder

      JM: Cheetahs is one of the better daytime clubs. So is Spearmint Rhino. Both always have daytime dancers (not a lot, but always a few decent ones).

  5. Captain Comic

    Trip Report

    Went on Tuesday August 15

    It’s been some years since I’ve been. Extensive remodel in the mean time. The main stage has been pulled back from the wall and floor lit. The 3/$100 room nearest the door has been opened into a floor lap dance area.

    Slow/early night so I was waved in sans entry.

    Jonnie Walker Black is $12, draught beer is $10.

    As I said, slow night so there was ample time for meeting/chatting with the dancers. There was a good bit of stage dancing, but also a fair bit of empty time as well.

    Didn’t hit the three/$100 room or the G-Spot (VIP area), but got a few floor dances that were varying in mileage.

    Not sure how much the party level kicks in later or on weekends, but for a mid-week relaxing time with topless gals, this was quite a nice evening.

  6. Aaron

    Does anyone know if a Latina dancer named Giselle still works there? I may have spelled her name wrong. She is from Argentina, has a eagle tattoo on her lower belly.

  7. Jay

    I have a friend who works at Cheetahs. She told me about the new policies implemented by the new management.

    Cover charge is now $10 for locals and non-locals. There is no drink discount for locals, but also no drink minimum (it used to be 2 drinks). Dancers now go on stage for two dances instead of three, and songs last no more than three minutes. The G-Spot room is now $100 for four dances with no drink requirement. VIP is $300 for 30 minutes and I believe she said you have to buy champagne.

    And here’s some info for dancers: the cost to work there has decreased to $25 if you arrive early and $45 if you arrive later. But, you now have to give a cut of your dances to the club – my friend said it was $20 of the $100 for the G-Spot room. There are also no drink discounts for dancers.

    Songs at Cheetahs used to be pretty long, which was nice if you were getting a $20 lapdance. And the free entry and discounted drinks were nice too. Overall this feels like locals are getting squeezed a little more at a place that was never very popular to begin with.



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