Chicas Bonitas Las Vegas – Friendly Hispanic Club with Thick Dancers

  • 1818 Las Vegas Blvd. N., North Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 256-7894
  • FULL BAR:Yes

I recently stopped in here on a Saturday night and the place was rockin’. Big noisy crowd and a lot of dancers. This is a neighborhood place with a mostly local customer base, but it differs from most of the other Vegas “neighborhood” strip joints in that it has a real party atmosphere and it gets crowded.  There were some really hot dancers there on a Saturday night.

The sound system’s more than adequate, but I can’t understand a word the DJ’s saying. No entiendo español. A stunningly gorgeous black dancer steps up onto the low-platform runway stage, but no seats are available on the rail, so I sit on a bar stool to watch her. The hip-hop music starts cranking, but I have no idea what the song is or who is singing it. This is Mexican hip-hop, in Spanish.



Then I notice the TV monitor overhead. There’s a soccer game on. On the other side of the bar is another stage, this one a low circular platform where a hot buxom señorita with jet black hair and deep olive skin is down on her knees, teasing the guys on the rail by squeezing her titties together, but not quite freeing them from the red-lace tube top she’s wearing.

“Do you want a dance?”

I look up to see the girl who’s just spoken the first words in English I’ve heard since entering this place. She’s a pretty blond in a white lace cat suit, with big tits and ample hips.

Las Vegas’ Hot Latinas Strip Club

Welcome to Chicas Bonitas, Las Vegas’ first Latinas strip club.

If you remember the old Satin Saddle, which for a short time became Cheerleaders, forget it. Chicas Bonitas (which means “Beautiful Girls”) was completely renovated a couple years ago. It’s not a dark high-tech gentlemen’s club in the modern mode, but more of a fairly well-lit sports bar with topless entertainment. It’s a small club with a central bar and two stages. The bar opens at 11 am, with dancers starting in early afternoon.

There’s a dancer on each stage, so you can move from one side of the bar to the other if you have a preference for one of the dancers. They’re an even mix of white, black, and Latina, and you definitely see more hefty girls here than in the major Vegas topless clubs, so if you like women with a bit more padding on their hips and thighs, you’ll like this club.

A Friendly North Vegas Titty Bar

This is mainly a friendly neighborhood titty bar for the North Las Vegas guys, but if you like black and Latina girls and a wider range of body types than you see in the major Vegas clubs, you’ll like this place, even if you can’t understand the DJ when he’s announcing 2-for-1 specials. This hospitable club has a strong local following.

28 Responses to “Chicas Bonitas Las Vegas – Friendly Hispanic Club with Thick Dancers”

  1. Kevin

    Best mileage lap dances in Vegas. Especially for rhe money. Prices are $10 on the floor, $25 in a dark, group VIP. There were girls as beautiful as any high end club, and they were not shy to say the least!

  2. Anonymous

    I got a friend she wants to be a entertainer dancer but she Vitiligo, and curvy she has really thinking about it,and don’t if she is able to be an entertainer like that… Any advice for her?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Anonymous, if she has a great body and a pretty face and personality, I think she can do it. That wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me. Maybe start with an amateur contest and see how it goes.

  3. desibabab2017

    What is the dress code for this club? can I wear
    Athletic tshirt and athletic pants( adidas) or shorts( golf) and sneakers?

    • Arnold Snyder

      desibabab, the dress code is loose here. As long as you’re not wearing gang colors or bandanas, you’ll fine with the athletic clothes or golf shorts.

  4. Captain Comic

    Trip Report:

    Went on Monday August 14.

    Parked across the street, but the lot doesn’t look that bad, so in the future I’ll probably park here.

    For size, it reminds me a lot of Platinum. Interior is kind of dingy, but not scary. $5 cover.

    Scotch was $10.25, beer seven and a quarter. I had to remember to pull the coin out to keep from getting a pocket full of change.

    Fairly wide range of dancers, in both appearance and talent.

    The $10 table dances are with tops on, so I just went for the privados. $25 is only five more than the average Vegas floor dance and these are in the back room. Open design in the back, but not packed so privacy is still pretty good.

    Hustle factor varies by dancer (as always), but a polite “No” usually did the trick.

    Overall, a nice, relaxing option to the bigger, hard-core clubs. Might try for a weekend show next time I’m in town.

  5. mando

    are you guys looking for bouncers/security, over 10 years experience

    • Arnold Snyder

      Mando, give the club a call at (702) 256-7894. Or call Andrew at (702) 327-7258 and ask him how to go about applying for a job at Chicas Bonitas.

  6. Anon

    I’m looking for a place to take my husband for his birthday Monday or Tuesday night this week. I’m a plus size gal, and my husband prefers thicker ladies (although I’m sure he would appreciate any naked boobs! Lol) This place sounds good, but I’ve never been to a strip club before and I’m wondering how out of place I’ll feel. Any thoughts?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Anon, this is Vegas. Chicas Bonitas is a friendly neighborhood club. I’ve never seen solo female guests here, but you should be find with your husband.

      Just be sure to show the dancers you’re comfortable with them and you like them by tipping them and complimenting them. If you want a private dance and they’re not approaching your table to offer, just talk to them on stage or walk up to them wherever they are and ask.

  7. Matt

    I went on a Wednesday September of 2015. I had paid $50 for a private dance in the back room area. Also $10 patron shots were kind of expensive. One of the dancers at the end charged me $30 for a dance out in the club area. Now that I read the prices on here I realized I got ripped off. It was a great club though. Just $5 to get in. I did get to sit and talk with a really nice girl. This was nice as I was alone in Vegas. I would defiantly come again as I like girl with a nice curve. This place seemed to have more natural look girls.

      • Arnold Snyder

        Evelyn, I believe most Vegas strip clubs will be looking for entertainers once they reopen in a few weeks.

        If you’d like to work at Chicas Bonitas, just walk into the club and talk to them. Or call up Palomino Club a few doors down and ask. The owner of Palomino owns Chicas Bonitas.

  8. Clarence

    I’m moving to Vegas next month from Miami, and I’m excited to check this place out. Hopefully it remind me of home.

  9. alex

    had to check out chica bonitas thur night after I had been on freemont street.
    planned on walking down to palamino after awhile and I called them about entry fee and cashier said if I walk over from there would only be $10 cover.
    I was really interested in latino dancers for a change of pace and like the guy reported earlier on here the Cuban brigade was in full force. almost all the girls were from cuba, only one was from somewhere else; Venezuela.
    the Cuban girls were all attractive, some thin and some a little thick. I had a blast actually, they spoke very little English and I spoke Spanish even less
    I got $25 vip dances from 7 or 8 different girls. loved it!! high mileage dances from almost all of them. don’t forget to tip the door girl the waitress and the guy who takes your dance money. a few of the girls started dancing after the song had started, so be careful with that. I can understand because the house keeps $5 of every song. never made it down to palamino so will have to for sure nxt vegas trip, plus im going to chica bonitas again too.
    I think I was about the only non Spanish customer in there but that was cool
    I had a really fun time and nvr felt unsafe and the bouncer/security were personable with me.
    as I waited outside for my uber driver there were 2 squad cars sitting in the lot talking soo that also had me feeling safe as well

  10. Arnold Snyder

    Anonymous, Chicas Bonitas is owned by upstanding people, which means their dancers are legal, with sheriff’s cards. The ones I know are all local girls, which to me suggests they are as safe to date as any other local girl in Vegas.

    Most dancers are just nice young women trying to make a living, especially at a local’s club like Chicas Bonitas. If she were hustler, she’d likely already be out of there.

  11. Anonymous

    Thanks for your obvious care with the site.

    I just had a first date with a dancer from chicas bonitas. So far no hustle/mention of money. Just a nice date. However I am waiting for this “too good to be true” situation to change. What, from your experience, can I expect? Am I in any danger from those that may have brought her to this country?

  12. Jamie

    Andy, I’ve been going to chicas now for over 5 years off n on. Dancers start and available when club opens however the movement seems to depend on the amount of customers now.

    A few years ago the prior management made damn sure both stages had girls regardless of how many customers were there.

    It’s my understanding that Chicas was bought by and now owned by The Palomino next door. It’s still Latino and a great mix of dancers. It seems since the take over and new management Chicas is lax with making sure the girls are taking care of the stages in the opening and earlier hours. Usually by 1pm enough activity with customers you’ll have dancers on stage. There’s a couple of girls that really hustle on days however there’s one girl who’s completely annoying who’s been at Chicas foe about 3 years. She’s annoying..a leach..and never let’s oe relax. She goes by Jackie. I have buddies who hit other joints in the daytime because of this chick. She’s chasing off good customers and the managers have no clue.

    Some very hot Latino and a few white girls here and lately the Cuban brigade has rolled into town. They’re loving our country but WARNING..although I’ve met and had several dances from fine Cubans…these girls are taught to hussle and keep on till you stand your ground.

    My past experience is Latinos and and Columbians are not as hard to hussle as the new Cubans.

    Good luck!

  13. Andy

    In the listed hours above it states that the place opens at 11 am every day, but in the description it states that the bar opens at 5 pm and the dancers don’t start until 8 pm. Can you please clarify? I’m looking for a place I can go to during the early afternoon hours.



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