Centerfolds Cabaret

  • 4416 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 767-8757
  • TOPLESS OR NUDE: Topless
  • VALET PARKING: Yes; valet parking only, no self-parking
  • FULL BAR:Yes
  • FOOD: No
  • LAP DANCES: Yes.

Centerfolds is An Elegant Old-Time Strip Club

Centerfolds was formerly Club Paradise, an elegant old strip club from the time mobsters owned the strip clubs of Vegas.  After the legal problems the Paradise had, the new owner gave the club its new name. If you remember the old Paradise, the remodel has made the club darker, which is an improvement. More intimate and a better lap dance environment.

Their nightly Touch of Burlesque show is fantastic, see the TVO Review here.

If you’re ordering beer or well drinks, and you have Nevada ID, always show the bartender or waitress your ID to get locals prices.

I got a tour of the new “blackout rooms,” which is what Centerfolds calls its private rooms. These are located down a private corridor away from the normal club traffic. There are five separate rooms, each one slightly different, but generally dark and having a plush leather sofa or two and a curtain that can be drawn for privacy. I rate the privacy factor in these rooms as excellent, due to the darkness, the curtain and the location away from the traffic.

Ask a dancer to show you the available options in the regular VIP room. Here, you’ll find some comfortable couches along one wall that you can curtain off. The curtain is diaphanous, but the darkness of the room adds to the privacy.

Locals are always free, provided they don’t take a cab.

15 Responses to “Centerfolds Cabaret”

  1. Jade Andrews

    I’ve been a dancer for almost 8 years and I always say BRING CASH! Don’t use the ATM’s and don’t pay for anything with a credit card where dances are concerned.

  2. Rhi rhi

    Been working here for quite some time now; upper management is very professional and reasonable. I’m a top earner and have never heard of anyone getting date rape drugs lol. Pretty easy to get you guys to spend with nice boobs in your face. Anyway awesome club!

    • Arnold Snyder

      I’ve had emails from three separate customers who claim they were drugged here with date rape drugs. The emails were quite detailed and convincing and the customers filed police reports.

      I’ve never received complaints like this for any other Vegas strip club.

  3. LO

    Yes, this club is drugging and robbing it’s
    Patrons. This is a fact. There are police reports on file. Thousands of dollars being fraudulently charged while unconscious. I don’t know what it is going to take to put these people in jail

  4. JJ

    Always use cash have a great time at the club but always use cash. If u have to use a credit card use it for drinks only. Also before you get any dances don’t be afraid to ask the dancer question how much are dances how much is the VIP room is that the total price? etc
    Everyone loves to vegas to get crazy but you gotta be vigilant too or you’ll likely get ripped off.

  5. RT


    I wanted to say that I was at the club (first time – at any club in Vegas, and first time ever buying a Laplance) this past Friday (Jan 8th).

    I had no intention of buying a Laplance – having arrived at the club at 10PM with a friend, we were one of the only customers in the club, so girls started coming up to us, fairly aggressively. The first two I had absolutely no interest in (just not my type/looks/personality), and the third girl who came up to me must have been the perfect match – and I ended up going to the VIP room with her (as I was not comfortable having a lap dance with my friend sitting next to me). It was quite the experience – I would rate the dancer a 10, and there was all the mileage you describe in top mileage clubs. It’s an experience I have been thinking of ever since.

    I found your website doing a search, as I thought the experience was expensive, and wanted to see what the going rates were – it was a relief to find your site, as the charge for the 30minutes in the VIP room was indeed what you list for this club ($300), and the liquor charge was a bit lower ($150 bottle of wine). After reading your review of this club, I was quite nervous about my credit card charges (I used my credit card), and at least until now, I have seen nothing charged beyond what I expected. I also had no pressure once the 30 minutes were over to keep spending.

    I will say, I will monitor your site, as prior to reading this page, I had planned to return to the club (and hopefully find the dancer I was with for a repeat session), but I am now nervous that I may have gotten lucky with having had an “honest” experience.

    • Arnold Snyder

      RT, even at Scores and previously at Club Paradise when Sam Cecola owned it, not every customer was ripped off. And not every dancer at Scores was prosecuted. There were dancers at the club who weren’t involved with the convicted group of thieves.

      But the two customers who report having been ripped off in the last month at Club Paradise are serious enough about it to be getting tested for knock-out drugs and talking to an attorney.

      The problem you have if you enter this club is you don’t know who’s involved and who’s safe. And even if you go to the club to see a dancer who’s not involved, if the allegations are true a crook could slip you a drug and then suddenly you are involved with that crook no matter what your intentions were.

      • RT

        Arnold – thanks.

        Do dancers ever work at more than one club at the same time (clearly not at exactly the same time, but spend certain nights of the week at one club, and others at another club?)

  6. James Malagese

    This is my first time in Vegas and I was celebrating turning 50 last night. My friend wanted to go to a gentlemen’s club so they took my to your establishment. We paid the cover sat down and some ladies came over. One asked me if I would like a VIP Dance since it’s my birthday. I said sure. She said it would be $1,000 per girl. I offered her $500 and we agreed on $600. From that moment on my birthday turned into a Perfect Hell. The girls kept telling me they needed a couple more dollars for a tip. Then they told me I needed to buy a $300 bottle of wine. They kept coming over and taking my credit cards, bring me shots, and having me sign all sorts of papers. Not even sure what they were or said. Then another girl comes over and asks the girl giving me a lap dance if she could join. She said sure. Then another girl came over and did the same. Before knew it they ringing up all kinds of changes on my assorted credit cards. By the end of the night they must have depleted every one of my cards because they were pissed that they couldn’t get anymore money out of me and pretty much told me I better find a way to pay the. Going over all my credit card statements this morning I realized that they took over $7,000 from me. Not only my credit cards but also my Visa Check card which is tied to my checking account. I have called every credit and plan on disputing every transaction except the original $600 and cover fee, I think that’s only fair to the first girl. You only hear about things like this happening to all kinds of people but you never really think it is going to happen to you. I am going to try to contact management as soon as they come in and explain my story in hopes that I can get some of my money back, but I’m skeptical. Especially after I read some very discouraging articles on this club being shut down this year for fraudulent activity. If they will not do the right thing I plan on taking this matter as high as I can within reason.

    After speaking with the manager today they are hiding behind the pieces of paper they made me sign while I was very VERY intoxicated. Basically there is nothing he said they can do. So in conclusion I paid $7,950 for 2 hours worth of entertainment.


    • Arnold Snyder

      James, get to a doctor immediately and have him order up lab work to test you for Ecstasy, ketamine, and other date rape drugs. I have another report of a similar incident within the past month. The usual routine in these scams is that they drug you and that’s how they confuse you and get you to sign for all these charges.

      Evidence of drugs in your blood would be helpful if you need to take this higher.

      I’d also see an attorney and have him write a letter to the club on your behalf. In Las Vegas, you might try Atty Bob Nersesian at (702) 385-5454. He’s a bulldog and has been excellent with many unusual cases like this.

      If you don’t get satisfaction, I’d take it to the police. There have been other reports in the local paper about this type of incident at the club (Canadian tourists gouged for $20k) and I doubt that’s the only case the police have heard of. Your report may help them build the case they need to shut the joint down.

    • jas

      my experiences have had parallels to yours… with promises of even more delightfull activity in the next hour… usually those promises happen but at such a much higher cost and tips… mind you this has been at other vegas clubs. and i paid cash. a fun (but expensive.) some of the girls really are experts at extending the time.

    • Steve Paik

      Dear Arnold:
      We have responded to Mr. Malagese’ dispute already and we have reviewed tapes showing his time with multiple entertainers and it appears that he enjoyed his time at Club Paradise.
      Please find all his charge slips. He charged 7 different charges different times and one other Mr. Paul Malagese for $50.

      1. $810 with credit card number ending 6308
      2. $345 with same credit card number ending 6308
      3. $400 with same credit card number ending 6308
      4. $ 45 with credit card number ending 0177
      5. $4500 with credit card number ending with 0177
      6. $966 with credit card number ending with 7666
      7. $996 with credit card number ending with 7666

      8. $50 with credit card number ending with 7573 by Mr. Paul Malagese.

      By the way, I believe we met when Club Paradise was reopened in January 2015 after Sam Cecola’s era.
      Steve Paik

  7. lvb

    What ever happened to the Act/Box performances that had a short home here for a while? I think they called it Masque but after a few months earlier this year, not a word.

  8. Quinn

    No one wants to get cheated and this recent credit card fraud incident is certainly a black mark against the club. Am I the only one who has never used a credit card at a strip/gentleman’s club? Yes, you can drop or otherwise lose cash at a club, but the major scandals always seem to revolve around credit cards.



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