Club Platinum Las Vegas – Pretty Neighborhood Girls, Big Pours

  • IN A NUTSHELL: Relax and watch pretty neighborhood girls in a club the size of a Der Wienerschnitzel
  • 311 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 732-1111
  • VALET PARKING: No; but located on well-trafficked street
  • FULL BAR:Yes
  • FOOD: No
  • LAP DANCES: Yes.

Club Platinum is the Smallest Gentlemen’s Club in Vegas

Not too many years ago when this place was called the Tender Trap, it was just a little locals titty bar with one small stage, two or three dancers, and a jukebox.

It’s one of only two strip joints in Las Vegas with video poker.  Seven machines. That’s a great amenity!

In 2017 John Taffer and Bar Rescue came in and did their “magic.”

Now, the jukebox has been replaced by a DJ, the lighting has been redone to the modern gentlemen’s club standard—very dark, with the requisite flashing red and blue spots—and the main floor area is crammed with comfy lap-dance chairs.

Eight to ten dancers now work here on the weekends, instead of two or three. The net result? It’s still a little locals titty bar, a place to relax and have an inexpensive beer and watch friendly neighborhood girls strut their stuff around the little stage.

This whole club is about the size of my kitchen and gets maybe 20 customers on a weekend night. It’s pretty well located, so I’m sure it gets a few tourists who see the joint when they’re just driving by on Flamingo. One veteran dancer told me it’s about 50/50 tourists to locals.

As for the remodel job, I’m not crazy about the throbbing, flashing, high-tech gentlemen’s club look to begin with, but there’s something deeply wrong with this motif in a place about the size of a der Wienerschnitzel. This club gets the “Smallest High-Tech Gentlemen’s Club in Vegas” award. It’s like a miniature of a major Vegas gentlemen’s club. When Doctor Evil is cavorting with the lap dancers at Sapphire, you can be sure Mini-Me is right at home at Club Platinum.

Ask for Lynn for great conversation and a terrific dance. She’s a joy and the heart of this local club. However, the bouncers are strict about your hand contact.  “Keep them to yourself,” is their refrain.

Next to the Tuscany.  Walkable from the strip area around Caesars.

It’s a comfortable place to hang out!


10 Responses to “Club Platinum Las Vegas – Pretty Neighborhood Girls, Big Pours”

  1. Jimmy

    I’m staying at Tuscany next week, any recent visitors to this place? How is it post covid world?

    • Scott

      If you are looking for a clean safe, reasonable hotel off the strip…but still walkable/cheap cab ride… Tuscany is fine. It’s well run… locals like to gamble here. We did a staycation during covid to use their pool. Club Platinum, 100 yards from the hotel… isn’t fancy, but it is one of 2 strip joints that still have gaming!

      The burger and beer place in the Tuscany is good, as is the Italian restaurant. Good live music in the bar.

      The Rat Pack show is corny…. but really well done.

  2. Dave

    04/19/18 After wandering around the strip looking for a good time and not finding one, I found Club Platinum. THE BEST time i had in vegas that weekend. Bartender was on top of things and very courteous, the women were georgeous, classy and very friendly, and the club was clean and comfortable to be in. Definitely coming back next time

  3. Archie

    Visited here on a recent trip as I was staying close by, it was pretty quiet at times, but some of the girls were great especially Malibu

  4. Cancon

    Arrived in Vegas late Thursday August 24 and went to Platinum from Tuscany Suites for convenience at 11pm. Beer only $5 but the girls weren’t worth that much. Five very below average dancers- one with awesome legs. There was a private show only girl with probably the largest implants I’ve seen in my limited experience. Gave the place a try as I want to see them all but won’t go back.

  5. TIM

    I went to Club Platinum Sat. 10/1/16. I figured I would check it out since I was only a few blocks away at Bally’s and looking for a replacement for Talk Of The Town. I walked in at 10:30 and there were a few guys at the bar playing slots. No dancers on stage, but a few at the end of the bar and another sitting right inside the door. I sat down and the cocktail waitress came right over. She took my drink order and when she brought my beer she told me they would be getting the girls on stage within a few minutes. She was very nice. The girl that was sitting by the door came over and sat down in the chair next to me. She was extremely nice and we talked for a while before she went on stage for her 2 song set. I went up to the stage with singles in hand and watched her dance. When she finished she came back over and asked if I wanted a dance. There was no hard sell at all. They do their dances on a couple of couches on the back wall. They do not do any in the chairs. I got 2 dances from her and went back to my seat. The next girl on stage was a new dancer. Attractive with a body that was a “10”. Again I was at the stage. After her set she went into the back room and never came back out. The next girl on stage was attractive with the most sexy eyes I have ever seen. After she finished and went into the back room. Another girl came over and I got 2 dances from her. A little while later when sexy eyes went back on stage I asked her why she did not come over. She said she saw I was busy and was going to come over later. She did and I got 2 dances from her. The problem with this club is it is definitely hands OFF. I was getting a little touchy feely with Sexy eyes(she never said to stop) and the bouncer actually came over and said I had to keep my hands to the side. I was going to leave and Sexy Eyes talked me into a deal in the VIP. Normally 3 songs for $120.00 she did 15 minutes actually turned in to almost 20. Since it was out of sight of the front of the club she let my hands roam and she did a great dance. By 11:30 there were around 20-30 customers in the place. I was surprised to see a number of women there also. Since there is no cover and beers are only $5.00 I will probably go back. Especially to see Sexy Eyes. Her name was Jersey.

  6. Arnold Snyder

    Thanks for your comments. I haven’t been in there in a few months. I’ll give it another look.

  7. Tanana

    Despite the negative reviews I liked this place. Yes, it is small and looks like a dive, but the girls are good looking and friendly but not pushy. They are willing to sit and talk rather than being anxious to just get you to get a dance, but end up giving good lap dances. Waitress kept me well supplied with drink, also without being pushy.



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