Crazy Horse III Las Vegas – Drink Discounts for Locals

  • IN A NUTSHELL: Big and high tech, lots of dancers and a variety of body types,
  • 3525 W Russell Rd, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 673-1700
  • VALET PARKING: Yes; well-lit lot with attendants outside
  • FULL BAR:Yes
  • LAP DANCES: Yes.

Crazy Horse III has Competitive Prices for Locals

This club initially opened in 2005 under the name Sin, but it never got off the ground and quickly changed hands. Up until 2009, it was the Penthouse Club, which also struggled to lure locals from the more popular clubs that had been in business for many years. In sheer size, it’s one of the biggest clubs in Vegas. So in June 2009, the club told Penthouse to take its brand name and go home, then reinvented itself as Crazy Horse III. The new club’s generous and aggressive price discounts for locals finally won it a local following.

CRAZY HORSE THREE babeSince then, the quality of the dancers has gone up, with some fine, some average, and a wide range of body types. The hustle factor at the club is high, however.

The club now offers Monday Night Football parties, frequent porn star appearances, and UFC fights on their big screen.  The club’s web site advertises topless cheerleaders at their Monday Night Football parties, but there were no topless dancers or entertainment at the kickoff party this year.

The regular price of a domestic beer or well drink is now $10, but locals pay half-price for all drinks, including bottles. If you like sushi and especially if you’re into late-night eating, sushi is served every night from about 10 pm till 6 or 7 am.

Just ask the bartender for the sushi menu if you’re hungry. The menu is more limited than most sushi restaurants, but there’s still a decent selection of the all-time sushi favorites—tuna, yellow tail, salmon, shrimp and eel, plus 22 of the most popular rolls—California roll, spider roll, spicy tuna roll, etc.

They even offer a Crazy Horse Roll, which, unfortunately, is not two lap dancers on a sesame-seed bun, but something made with spicy salmon. The pricing is competitive with most sushi joints in town.

Crazy Horse III is a Well-Designed Gentlemen’s Club

The design of the club itself is excellent: big stage, decent lighting, good sound system, and comfy lap-dance seats in darker areas of the main room away from the central stage. The VIP room prices are pretty standard.

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  1. Jay

    Went in to CH3 for the locals’ celebration tonight. I had a chat with a sweet girl named Ivory and can confirm what another poster said, they’re not allowed to give dances on the main floor anymore. Prices are set by the dancers but they start at $150 plus about $25 for a drink, for 15 minutes.

    Also the dancers weren’t really getting topless on stage, which seemed strange. The most I saw was some pulling their tops aside, and others wore pasties. Not once in my two hours there did a girl go completely topless. Plenty of good looking gals though, a lot more than I saw last week at Hustler. I might go back to take in a fight but not just for views. Oh yeah, both of the sodas I got (from the guns) tasted disgusting, like something got in the water. Least I got a free T-shirt!

  2. RK

    Wifey and I have gone here 4x since Feb 2021. Every time is slowly improved to being like “old times”. Still on par (better?) that Sapphires in regards to energy level. Lots of 8s, 9s and 10s. Hustle factor still very high and appears to have a high amount of Cubans, Colombians and Venezuelans that I recall in the past. This was never a top tier stage show club even though you had plenty of women who knew how to work the pole, but this year…stages have gotten significantly better. Local CH3 cards help keep booze and water costs down. Have done VIPs with no masks and high contact/mileage, both solo and with wife.

  3. B

    I chatted with a dancer at CH recently. Per the discussion, the ladies are not allowed to do dances on the floor — VIPs only. I asked if management provided a rationale. She shared what management said; however, she believed that the real reason is that the house can get a cut off of VIPs sold, but doesn’t off of floor dances.

    Is there any strip club currently doing dances on the floor?

    Is this prohibition a club management decision, or based off of some county/state based rule?

  4. RK


    I’ve heard/read that some dancers use Tinder for ITC/OTC. If this is true, how does this work? Is it as simple as opening the app in the club and hoping the right girl is online, matching and (hopefully) willing to go above & beyond? Or is it more that they “market” themselves while away from the club and try to get you to meet at the club?


    • Arnold Snyder

      RK, there are dancers at every club that promote themselves via social media. But it’s still hard to work out “above and beyond” if it’s going to be your first time with the dancer.

  5. RK

    Sage advice Arnold.

    I thought I read on your site about tipping the VIP host/door man prior to the VIP dance, as a courtesy to the dancer (since she tips him). Is this more for showing appreciation to the girl vs having the host “turn a blind eye” to your VIP dance?

    • Arnold Snyder

      RK, the host at the door to the VIP will already turn a blind eye. That tip is more for the dancer, to cover what she would have had to tip out to the host.

  6. RK

    Arnold, I kid you not – you READ MY MIND! Visiting the Pal is on my bucket list, especially after reading your review and the fantastic value you get for VIP dances. However I know my wife and even after 3 club visits, she might not be ready for a full nude show let along VIP.

    But might as well ask: how many girls are there are on an average Saturday night? My wife’s Latina and like me, it’s our preference (although I’m an Equal Opportunity type of guy!).

    • Arnold Snyder

      RK, there are about 130 dancers at Palomino on an average Saturday night at peak hours. There are many gorgeous Latinas. See our photo gallery of Valentina Estrella here or our photo gallery of Scarlett here to get an idea. Both are regulars at the club who would usually be there on a weekend.

      • RK

        Arnold, thank you very much for accommodating my request. Yet another reason why I love this site!

        And thank you for the response. To us, if we could secure a VIP dance with Valentina, especially if she’s still rocking the blonde, then the trip to Pal would be 110% worth it!

        On previous posts, you mention approaching hosts about types of girls you’re interested in. From an etiquette standpoint, couple of questions:

        1.When a host escorts you to a VIP table, I typically tip $20, but is another $20 warranted when inquiring/requesting girl types, or is that overkill in your opinion?

        2. Some hosts are overbearing and act like quasi secret service, whereas others could care less about the girls, and some have favorites or are in cahoots with a girl on their hustle. What’s the most effective term to use when asking for a high mileage, no holds-barred girl?

        3. Finally, I’d like to set the tone with a host that any girls sent our way should NOT be intimidated by the wifey. I want to get the point across that they can treat me as if I’m there stag, while also making sure to not ignore my wifes desires as well.

        Thanks in advance buddy.

        • Arnold Snyder

          RK, a $20 tip to the host ought to make an impression and get you great service all night at this club. Perfect if you want the host to help you snag Valentina.

          I’d ask straight out for a high-mileage girl. You might say something like “a girl who likes to get physical.”

          Just tell the host that your wife is cool with this whole experience and dancers should not be afraid to approach. He’ll get the word out.

  7. Big Rob

    Part three of three. We wanted to celebrate our anniversary at a club. We went a few weeks back on Saturday October 27th. Once again, no major events in town, and with Halloween in the middle of the week and SEMA arriving Monday, we figured the clubs would be competitive for our business. We called around and asked about couple’s packages and if they had discounts for locals. After reading this sites reviews, we narrowed our list down to Treasures and Crazy Horse III, with Sapphires as a fallback. Of the three CHIII gave us the best bottle deal and was the only club doing a Halloween theme that night. I booked a bottle service, but did a big no-no: I used my card to reserve the bottle! I confirmed what the total would be (tax and gratuity/service fee included) and lo & behold it matched my statement two days later, so no funny business took place with my credit card. We scheduled a 10p pickup at Mandalay Bay. Their driver (Robert) was a pleasure on the short ride to the club. Since this was “early” for Vegas, there was no line outside, only 3 guys doing security; all were very friendly. Once inside and our reservation confirmed, a host (bouncer) took my card & ID, and quickly set us up next to the center stage. I told him the booking agent said we’d be situated in the elevated VIP area and we were moved with no guff. Ended up being a phenomenal location, situated between both stages and right next to the stairs to the VIP area. We were immediately helped by a phenomenal bottle popper (Johanna?) who took care of us all night long.

    We arrived at a perfect time because within 30 minutes the club filled up rapidly, with groups of guys showing up every 5 minutes. We took our time the first hour to drink and to scout the girls. Unfortunately, the club never got busy enough to completely open the club, but for a prolonged period they had 2 stages open and easily 140+ girls at its peak. Like Sapphires this club had more blondes and brunettes, with Latinas coming in second. However, there were minimal Asians and maybe less than 10 black girls that I could see. I’d say less than 20 were 10+/11s, fair amount of 9s and most were 8s.

    Unlike Sapphires, going as a couple was actually a benefit and we noticed at least 4 other couples in the club. I have no doubt the bottle service helped attract the ladies, as we took full advantage of the excess alcohol by sharing with the dancers; we had at least 5 or 6 girls that “kicked it” with us throughout the night, whether we got dances or not. This helped create a “house party” vibe that my wife and I were totally feeling. That said the lap dances were not as high mileage as Sapphires. This may have to do with the lighting (not as dark as Sapphires) and where we were seated. Towards the end of the night (5a) a host told my wife to stop grabbing breasts. Then I was called out by the same guy 30 mins later, and ironically it was with the same girl. Even this girl said she didn’t understand what the big deal was (she kept putting our hands back on her breasts).

    By the way, a girl I have to give a shout out too was an 11 and our fav of the night: Gabriella. She’s a 5’0” Nicaraguan beauty with a natural body and unbelievably perfectly white smile. She was our first dance and we made it clear that we’d be game for more dances throughout the night. We lost track of her but she made sure to check in on us. We did a couple dances before she hit the stage. She swung by when she was done and we did a 30 minute VIP dance. Maybe not the best VIP dance, but for my wife’s first time, it was perfect. VIP dance options: 3/$100 was straight back narrow booths, 30m/$250 was in a shared room with high back booths and private rooms went $300-$400/hr. For us the VIP area was too bright for our liking but we still enjoyed it. Back to Gabriella, this girl had knew a thing about customer service and took care of us all night. She was on top of the servers if they hadn’t been by in a while and was genuinely concerned, we had been there all night and not eaten; she retrieved a menu for us but unfortunately the kitchen had closed already. She and my wife clicked and hung out for most of the night as if I wasn’t even there. I even believe she gave my wife a couple free dances.

    The music was more background vs other clubs (see Sapphires) blaring music. This helped in that we weren’t constantly yelling all night and it allowed good conversations with the girls. And speaking of the girls, I couldn’t help myself and survey them. I was amazed at how highly they spoke of the club and the management, from girls there only a few weeks to vets being there for past couple of years. My wife commented the following day that even though the contact was better at Sapphires, she felt that we actually mattered to the girls at CHIII. We got to know these girls pretty well, even if some of their stories were made up, we sure couldn’t tell. Overall this was our best experience yet and highly recommended for couples. Our next bottle service excursion will take place last weekend of December to celebrate both of our birthdays. We’re either doing Hustlers for the party scene or Treasures for the chill lounge. Any suggestions would be appreciated and of course we’ll be sure to post our experience.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Big Rob, maybe it’s time for a nude club with a wild nude stage show. A high-mileage fully-nude private-booth couple’s dance at Palomino is 3 songs for $100, no bar tab. The girls are spectacular and great with couples. Highly erotic. On a weekend, I’d recommend a couple’s package so you have your table for the night, round-trip free limo, etc.

  8. GGG

    I’ve made a number of visits to CH3 in the early afternoon recently. It is typically slow, but there seemed to be at least 6 dancers there, on each visit. White, Latina, AA. Good lookers all. Apparently they’ve done some remodeling and expansion. The place looks really nice. They do offer 30 minutes in the private VIP @ $300 + $150 bar tab. Way steep on the booze side.

  9. Victor

    Hey Arnold, have you been here lately? I’m thinking about checking it out during March Madness, but don’t want to waste my time if it’s going to be dead. Do you have an opinion if it will be good during the day time for the games? Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Victor: Their UFC parties are pretty good and popular with locals. I’m not sure how any of the clubs will be for March Madness, especially for the earlier games.

  10. Ronnie

    I’m inquiring on bottle service during UFC 196 we are 6 locals providing our own transportation.
    Thank you for your time

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ronnie: Most clubs list their package deals including limo transport and admission since so many customers are from out of town. Locals should call the clubs and explain the circumstances and see what kind of deal they can make for you.

  11. anthony

    Checked out their free UFC telecast on Saturday night. What a great set-up. Watch in the sports lounge with audio or out in the main room with the club music and girls. In the main room, the FL St./Miami football game was showing alongside. Beers are $13, but if you have NV ID you can get a “Locals Card” in about 30 seconds that drops the price to a palatable $7. There’s also free pizza. This is currently the only free feed for pay-per-view UFC events in town. Good play.



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