*Deja Vu Showgirls Las Vegas – Drink Free Every Night

  • IN A NUTSHELL: Pretty dancers, open bar (domestics & wells) 7 nights a week till 10 pm, call drinks $2 all night on Tuesdays and a first-class private room experience at a better deal than you can find anywhere else in Vegas.
  • GRADE OF DANCER: Mostly fine, some very fine, a few average
  • SPW: 70-80%
  • 3247 Industrial Rd, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 308-4605
  • HOURS: 6 pm – 6 am Mon - Sat; 6 pm - 4 am Sun
  • TOPLESS OR NUDE: Topless
  • VALET PARKING: Yes; plus public lot well-lit and trafficked
  • COVER CHARGE: $45, but free admission plus free drink if you arrive by the club's free limo
  • FULL BAR: Yes
  • FOOD: Snacks
  • LAP DANCES: Main showroom, $20; 3 songs for $90 in group VIP; 15 minutes for $125 in group VIP; private rooms with doors are 15 min/$150; 30 min/$250; 60 min/500

Deja Vu Features Private Bedroom Dances for What Most Clubs Charge for the Group VIP

Deja Vu Showgirls Las Vegas Dancer

Shelby Sparks Dances at Deja Vu Showgirls

Deja Vu Showgirls (club website) is once again shaping up as  one of my favorite places to go in Vegas for a high-mileage topless private room dance with a beautiful—and friendly—girl.

First, the club has developed a core group of good-looking local dancers who come to Deja Vu a few days a week to entertain their regulars.  Locals want to see their favorites at Deja Vu because the club offers a first-class private room experience at a better price than you can find anywhere else in town.

The private room deals start at $150 for 15 minutes.  Deja Vu is the only topless club in Vegas to offer a private-room show starting at 15 minutes, and it costs only $10 more than you would pay at most clubs for three songs in the group VIP.

A 30-minute private room dance is $250, and you can extend your 15-minute dance to 30 minutes at the lower rate if you’re having a good time.  A 60-minute private bedroom show is $500.

This is for a private show in a luxurious room with a sofa or bed to stretch out on and a real door you can close (see photo below).

Deja Vu Showgirls Private VIP Room

Deja Vu Showgirls Private VIP Rooms have a Real Door You Can Close Behind You

There is a drink requirement for private room shows—two drinks for 15 minutes, $50 mini-bottle for 30 minutes, or $100 bottle for one hour—and it’s fun to share the drinks or bottle with the dancer, but if your budget is tight you can probably get the drink requirement waived if you ask. (Talk to Kenny).

If you’ve never had a real private-room dance, it’s an experience worth treating yourself to.  Imagine closing the door behind you so you can focus on the girl who’s undressing for you, instead of a guy across the room in the group VIP.

And in a private-room show, you have the luxury of time to flirt and cuddle and explore.

Deja Vu Showgirls Open Bar Seven Days a Week

Deja Vu Showgirls Dancer Savannah Loves Entertaining Women and Couples

Savannah Dances at
Deja Vu Showgirls

Deja Vu also offers the single best drink deal I know of anywhere in Vegas, and it’s available seven nights a week.  The deal is an open bar every night—7 days a week, domestics and wells—from 6 pm to 10 pm.  That is for everyone, locals and out-of-towners alike.  On Mondays the open bar runs all the way to midnight for locals.

And on Tuesdays, all drinks, including call drinks, are $2 all night after the open bar closes at 10 pm. From 6 pm to 10 pm, when domestics and wells are free, you can get call drinks on Tuesdays for $2.

Get Free Admission and a Free Drink for Arriving by the Free Club Limo

Admission to Deja Vu is $45 but there’s no reason for anyone sane to pay it.  That’s because the club offers free admission, plus a free drink (for after the open bar closes), simply for getting to the club in the free club limo.  To reserve your free ride, call 702-308-4605 (or text SGLV to 702-767-8118). You can also fill out an online form to reserve your free limo, admission, and drink at the club website.

The club website also offers good deals on VIP packages for couples and for groups of up to 15. Check out all packages here.

Deja Vu is a mid-sized Vegas topless club, with a 50-60+ dancers in the club at peak hours on Fridays, Saturdays and Tuesdays, maybe 6-9+ when the club opens at 6 pm.  Body types range from nymphette to double-D, but there is always a good selection of first-rate dancers.  I recommend it highly for a private-room show if you have some money to treat yourself.

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  1. Ritchie

    So what is it like for couples or for females that come to these clubs? Would like to know more about that.

  2. Jim

    Went here based completely on the reviews here. I think you need to go back and reevaluate. I expected it to be slow and not have top shelf talent on a Sunday but damn. Looks wise not a single appealing girl in there and I’m very flexible on looks. That flexibility is all that saved it because at least I met a cool girl who made the trip ok. Even with $325 half hors adevertised right on the wall the room guardian wanted to hit me for $325 + $100 bottle fee. Even the girl protested but he wouldn’t budge. We settled for 15 and he barged in early just to be an ass. The rest of the girls were very high pressure. I went here instead of my usual joint Club Paradise because I wanted low key but they were every bit as pushy as CP without the talent.

  3. Arnold Snyder

    I don’t agree with your remarks about the dancers at this club. However, if the private room incident you’ve described is true, I would be as pissed off as you, and I will bring your complaint to the attention of the club’s management.

    If there was a customer of your description in the club Sunday night, who was told the wrong price by a club employee, all the dancers will have heard about it.

    Further, if a manager or employee gave you an incorrect price, was told that he was wrong by the dancer, and still wouldn’t budge, and then busted in on you early, you have every right to feel dissatisfied. Club employees should know the room prices. And managers should never be busting into private rooms. It’s up to the dancer to keep track of the time.

    Regarding the rest of your comment, I was in Deja Vu Showgirls this week. I’m in there at least a few times every month. It’s one of my three favorite strip clubs in Vegas, and it’s one of my wife’s favorite clubs too.

    There were dozens of beautiful dancers in there when I visited this week, and there have been dozens of beautiful dancers in there each time I’ve visited over the past few months. The stage talent was outstanding, and the lap dances and private shows I’ve had there have been among the best I’ve experienced in Vegas.

    I’ve observed the action in this club so many times since the new management came in last year that, although you can run into a pushy dancer anywhere, it’s hard for me believe that the dancers overall were pushy.

    Also, CP had been closed for months for credit card fraud, and now, since its reopening, it’s been struggling.

    However, I will definitely get back to you, or ask management to get back to you, about the incident you describe, because if it happened, you were wronged.

  4. Jim

    Perhaps I was a bit harsh. I’ve come to expect a different level of dancer when I come to Vegas. I am aware of all the problems CP had which is why I went looking for some place new. I will say aside from the money play by the room guard the rest of the staff was great. I don’t know. I can chalk a lot of it up to a slow Sunday night. The girls were complaining to client and management alike about it. But the stage shows,which I really enjoy were lackluster and no one seemed to want to be there. Attitude and enthusiasm weigh heavily on attractiveness.

  5. Arnold Snyder

    Jim, I’ve already contacted management about the way you were treated. I’m waiting for them to get back.

    You shouldn’t have had the room guard problem even if the night was slow.

  6. Arnold Snyder

    Jim, the manager of Deja Vu has gotten back to me. Is it okay if I send them your email address? I believe they would like to make this up to you.

  7. Martin

    Went to Deja Vu and had a fine time last night. It was Monday night and a little slow but friendly girls and nice casual atmosphere for the most part. Seeing another comment I thought you should now this Arnold. I also went to this club based on your reviews and prices so I would have an idea what to expect. I was not given the option for 15 mins @ $150. I was told 15 mins for $125 but in the group VIP room which was not what I was expecting. Credit card users beware! There is a serious surcharge for using a credit which made my $125 VIP $154. To add some insult to injury the handler for the VIP rooms turned the slip to me for a tip and thinking it was for the girl I added a nice tip and she told me that was for him and he should have said something to me but he never did! She said she was texting with a manager to get the money transferred to her and it never happened so it came out of her tip and she will have to work it out with them. Because I really wanted the private room experience you described I asked to be moved to the other VIP which they accommodated but with me paying for a 30 min plus the original 15 I had already paid for. Now, I made all the decisions myself to move ahead but I wanted you to be aware that your readers need to know about the ridiculous surcharge on using a credit card so bring cash or be prepared! Also, it appears that since each dancer is an independent business person they decide what rates they will tell you about because the first dancer told me that 15 mins @$150 was not available and another who approached me later told me it absolutely was available and maybe the other girl didn’t know.
    In the end, I had fun but I really hate practices like this and will have to think twice about going back. So much for your review on low hustle. Maybe they felt they had to make up for a slow night on a Monday?

    • Arnold Snyder

      The problem seems to be that so many new dancers are coming to Deja Vu Showgirls. That’s great for customers, but the 15 minutes for $150 deal is so unusual in this town, that new girls coming over from other clubs or flying in from out of town (as they do weekly) really don’t seem to absorb that it’s available, even when they are told about it during their initiation tour of the club.

      It’s not a hustle tactic to offer you the group VIP for $125 instead of the private VIP for $150, because the dancer actually makes more on the private VIP for $150!

      And she would make more offering you the 15 minutes for $150 twice, than she makes on a 30-minute show (which has a bottle fee included in the charge). And I’ve asked the manager if you can do the 15 minutes for $150 twice (with no additional bottle fee), and she has assured me that’s fine.

      But believe me, this is a genuine club offering. If a dancer is not offering this price, be nice, because she’s probably new, but ask to talk to a manager so you can get what you really came for.

      Regarding the outrageous credit card surcharge, that is standard for Vegas strip clubs. Bring cash to Vegas strip clubs!

      I am going to alert the manager at Deja Vu about the confusion you encountered about private room prices. Hopefully you will have helped the next guy get the right price without the confusion.

      And thank you for the report on your experience.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Martin, if you decide to return to Deja Vu Showgirls, club manager Megan Swartz would be willing to give you a $125 rate for 15 minutes in the private room (to make up for the confusion you encountered), and you can do as many as you’d like at that special price.

      She says to thank you for the feedback. Let me know if you plan to go back and I’ll help you arrange the special deal.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Deja Vu is now printing out menus of their private dance prices to prevent this kind of confusion over their new rates, which are exceptional in Vegas. The menus will be on every table, so the prices are clear to everyone.

  8. Cancon

    Sorry Arnold. I guess we were in the group VIP which you have listed here.

  9. Cancon

    A bit of a disappointment at Deja Vu. I should have paid better attention to your tips and advice. My wife and I arrived on Friday night at 9pm to an empty club except for 4 “lap dance only girls” at the bar. The DJ immediately announced a dancer and after watching 4 that rated about a 6, I asked a girl at the bar for 15 minutes. She took us to to The Cave, group VIP for $125. I asked her about touching and she said that would require a tip up front. I added another $20 and she said it should be $75. My wife got hugs and touches and I got my hands slapped if i got to within 6 inches of her breasts. The dancer got a back massage because that is all I saw of her body, and I left with a sore leg from her sitting on me, facing away from me, the whole time. I guess next time I will negotiate touching before handing over the first $125. Then she said to tip the guy on the way out. We had had a great time with lots of boob at the Palomino at Christmas for $100 so I thought $150 would have bought me more of the same at Deja Vu. I think next trip to Vegas I’ll follow your advice more closely, tip the stage show girls to find out what I get to see up close, and then confirm touching and tips before handing any money out. Absolutely great web site!!!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Cancon, I agree you got a substandard deal in this case.

      First, if you asked for 15 minutes, the dancer should have offered you a private bedroom dance for $150. It’s a lot more comfortable and private for only $25 more.

      She asked you for $75 more and then only gave you the group VIP.

      That tells me this dancer was new or temporary and doesn’t understand the club’s offerings.

      Also, high mileage is standard at this club even for a $20 lap dance. It’s out of line at this club for a dancer to ask $75 extra for touching breasts in the VIP.

      Deja Vu is an excellent club, but it only comes to life starting at about 11 pm, even on a Friday. Most Vegas clubs are that way. I’ll often go a little earlier than that, but 9 pm is risky.

      Next time, whatever club you go to in Vegas, read the post https://toplessvegasonline.com/how-to-negotiate-prices-in-vegas-strip-clubs/ first and read the VIP Value Guide and club review to refresh yourself on the standard rates and mileage at that club.

      If you want to go earlier, like at 9 p.m., I’d go to Sapphire. Sapphire will only have 10% of its dancers there (like everyplace else) but 10% of Sapphire’s dancers is 40 dancers instead of half a dozen, so there’s some real competition and the dancers try harder.

      Private room dances at Sapphire are expensive, but you will have no trouble getting high mileage lap dances, even on the main floor at 9 pm.

      Thanks for your report. Glad to hear things went well at Palomino.

  10. Prog Rocker

    I was in town for the Sweet 16 and suggested to try this place to my Vegas buddy based on the reviews here. We’re downtown guys and usually end up at Chicas Bonitas or Cheetahs for the high value, and this place is now added to the rotation. Although you’ll spend more here than either of those clubs, the value still remains high. We got a liter bottle of Absolut for $240 plus tip (already a 33% win as expecting 750 ml) and spent a good four to five hours drinking it, enjoying the women and making use of the $150 private room lapdances a couple times each. The girls are not supermodels that you may find at the larger clubs, but I didn’t see one that I would have kicked out of my bed. Highlight was a very curvy and all natural Italian-American gal, but I enjoyed my time with all of them. My two ‘learning experiences’ were the $17 red bull and vodkas that I ordered prior to asking for the bottle list, and being talked into a double dance in the couch area, rather than the nicely appointed and nearly pitch black private rooms. But hey, it’s Vegas. Thanks for the heads up on this place, and the website in general. It’s the best strip club site I’ve ever seen for Vegas.

  11. VegasFan

    I have read the reviews of this site and trying to decide if I should try it out. I look for ladies that are really stacked (DD and larger) and have had good success at SR and Sapphire on the weekend. But I have a weekday trip to Vegas in a few weeks. Does anyone know if there is a good selection of busty dancers on a Tuesday or Wednesday night at this club? If not, where would you recommend? Thanks

  12. David

    Went on Wed 4/22.

    As with any club, hustle can vary widely girl to girl. Had a great opening dance with a gal and went for a repeat to close the night out. Second time, she upped the hustle/tip requests(demands?).

    The closed room $150/15 min. is a fantastic deal.

    Asked about the $250/half hour with bottle (saw a notice on the video loop in the club). Was quoted $250 for the dancer and $120 for the room/bottle.

    Re-examining how they described it, the $250/30 is for a mini champagne bottle and half hour in the open VIP room….

    • Arnold Snyder

      David, that 30 minutes for $250 deal at Deja Vu is supposed to be for the private rooms with a door you can close, not the group VIP.

      There’s not supposed to be a separate charge for the bottle. It’s supposed to include a $50 bottle, which could be the mini champagne.

      But here’s the thing–that’s the club’s price. A dancer can charge more for her time. And the club can always try to upsell you on the bottle.

      I’ll check again to see if there’s been a change in the official price. But everyone should read How to Negotiate Prices in Vegas Strip Clubs to have the best chance at getting the official club price or close to it.

      • David

        I’m just telling you what the Doorman/Bouncer for the private section told me.

        When I did the $150/15 min. he took the money and printed out a ticket for the girl.

        The video loop listed the $125/15 and $250/half as the “VIP Room” which seems to be the open VIP room.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Okay, I’ve gotten into Deja Vu Showgirls to confirm the private room prices, and the rate for 30 minutes in a private room remains $250 (includes a mini bottle of champagne). The rate for an hour in a private room remains $500 (includes a full bottle of champagne).

      I took pictures of the sign inside the club that lists prices. The $250/30 minutes specifies private room. The pic is at the bottom of this comment.

      But I don’t doubt that David got quoted a higher price by the doorman/bouncer. What I think happens, not only here but at other clubs, is that employees get a commission for selling a bottle. So they are always going to be trying to sell you a bottle.

      In this case, and you’ll see this elsewhere as well, the doorman/bouncer didn’t stick to an honest upsell. Instead, he gave you an incorrect price quote. He told you there was an additional $120 bottle charge, and that’s not right.

      Guys, this is Vegas and you are going to run into this over and over and over again, not only in the strip clubs but at the nightclubs and everywhere else there is any opportunity for an employee to upsell you. One thing to keep in mind is that we work very hard to keep the prices listed on TVO accurate.

      So if you run into this at Deja Vu Showgirls, you should ask for a manager rather than assume the price we listed here was wrong. The manager will correct the employee if the employee is genuinely misinformed, but my guess is the employee will suddenly remember the correct price before he has to go find the manager.

      Deja Vu Video Loop Dance Price Sign

  13. Amanda

    My husband and I are visiting Vegas in June. We are looking for a club where couples are welcome. DeJaVu sounds like it’s the one for us. I have a question tho. My husband loves watching me get a lap dance. Would we both be allowed to go to a private VIP room so he can watch me get the dance?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Amanda, absolutely yes. Couples are allowed in the private room together with the dancer and the price is the same as for a private room show for a single customer.

  14. Jimmy

    Yes you can both go for the same price. My girlfriend and I do this and the dances are mostly for her

  15. TIM

    Arnold, I commend you on doing a great job. It helps to have all this info in one place to check out. Last week before leaving for Vegas I was reading all the comments regarding Little Darlings and Deja Vu. (By the way, the coupons do not print. They take you to the respective website and they will not print. I did a screen Print of the coupons to take with me.) I decided on Deja Vu. The out of town coupon for free admission and a free drink was a good starting point to see the talent without spending any money. I drove my rental car and self parked as there was no one standing out front when I pulled in. I came up to the door and the door man introduced himself and shook my hand. I showed him the coupon and it seemed like he had never seen this one before. He said “that’s a great deal, come on in to the cashier and have fun.” The cashier checked my ID to make sure I was from out of town. She printed me a receipt for the free drink and in I went. It was 11:30 on Saturday night 5/9/15. I was surprised to see it was not busy. There were 12-15 girls working and about the same number of customers. I was given my choice of where to sit and they sent over a cocktail waitress. I received my drink and a few minutes later a very attractive girl was introducing herself to me. There was no hard sell at all. She sat in my lap and we talked for quite awhile before she asked if I would like a dance. She explained the prices(just as you have mentioned them). She gave me a great lap dance and moved on. The next girl that came over again was very friendly and again we talked for quite awhile. Again she went over prices and all was correct. She took me on a tour of the VIP room and the Private VIP rooms with the doors. We went back to my seat and she gave me an exceptional lap dance(actually 2). We sat and talked some more watching some of the dancers on stage. Great pole work by some. We ended up going into the VIP room as no one else was in there it was like being in a private room. 15 minutes for $125.Best deal with the right dancer. Maria gave a very high mileage dance. I will definitely go back and check out some more of the other dancers. Hopefully it will be busier next time.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tim, believe it or not, 11:30 is still pretty early for the Vegas strip clubs. It always surprises me how much busier the clubs get after 1:00 am. But I’m glad you had fun and everyone treated you right.

  16. Jennifer

    Arnold, Thanks for the great web site. Hubby and I get returned from Vegas. We had decided to go the a strip club for the first time and got caught by a corner dude (as I like to call them) we hadn’t read any blogs or reviews as it was a last minute decision. So we took his recommendation and lets just say I was not happy with the decision at all. I was pretty bummed as it was my first time ever and hubby hadn’t been in 20+ years. Anyway we decided to look up some different clubs and i ran across your web site. After reading your blog we decided to try out Deja Vu Showgirls. It was a Thursday night and a little early so it wasn’t very busy which was fine by us. Lets just say after the previous night I was more than pleased with your recommendation we had only been at the club maybe 10 minutes hubby got up to use the restroom and a lovely lady named Lauren motioned me up ti the stage. This was a wonderful thing since the night before when I left for the restroom at the (previous club a girl found my hubby while I was gone and an would not leave his lap and I pretty sure I was a b!tch more than once). So long story we had a wonderful time at Deja Vu and Lauren is well worth any money you deiced to spend on her. As a couple I agree this is the club to go to. Any lady that approached us spoke to me first and made me fill wanted in the equation for lack of a better word. SO THANKS AGAIN FOR THE WONDERFUL WEBSITE. We will defiantly be going to strip clubs again thanks to you saving our trip. We cant wait for our return to vegas and Deja Vu

  17. alex

    I finally made my long awaited trip to vegas and hit de ja vue based mostly on viewing your detailed website here for last couple months,
    I hit it on a recent tue evening about 10pm & the limo arrived quickly. the driver the doorman and the dude that prints out the dancers slip were all personable & had very good customer service.
    I got dances from 2,i got the little tour after a couple beers from the first girl i got the 3 for $90 dance from. she was great, had a good personality and nice sexy body. she gave me a good high mileage dance, afterwards she asked if i wanted her to come hang out for awhile, said that’s cool but im just going to watch stage show and may choose one more girl later before i leave. she said her friend gave really good dances & she wouldn’t send anyone over that didn’t give a good dance. she was right too, her friend came over a bit later and was sexier than the first. did the same 3 with her and man she gave me a HIGH MILEAGE dance. about the best dance i have ever had, i am serious she was awesome. talked to a few more girls and they were all pretty cool and weren’t trying to hustle me up. one thing i liked about this club is that since it was $2 drink nite the girls were drinking up too. they were having fun and taking shots & that means the customers like myself were having more fun. i liked the areas they had for the 3 song dances especially the privacy had with the second. im definitely coming back to de ja vue and im going to ask for the 2nd dancer. i will at least do that 3 song deal or go for 15 mins. with her since she gave me about best dance ever i have to look her up. when i left i called the driver & he was there quickly and gave me ride back to the strip. deja vue was a home run for me. i tipped the driver, doorman, bouncer dude, servers and i tipped my dancers about enough to make up for what the house makes, both girls really seemed to genuinely appreciate that gesture too. i tipped driver on both trips, more on return ride. im not a big tipper but i tipped a little above avg. everyone needs to do that. i spent little under $300 and had a GREAT time at deja vue. its vacation its vegas its tip central. you have to tip

  18. TJ

    Never made it to Deja Vu last night as I got into an argument via text msg with some staffer before I ever left home. I texted the number on their website for free limo/free admit/free drink. They told me they needed some info. I responded with what they asked, but said I didn’t need the limo as I had my own transportation. Their response was “We don’t do comps!”

    Really! WTF is free limo, admit, and drink? Their response was the admit was the comp. Again, I contacted them about it because it was on their damn website! Told them I guess they didn’t need my business, thanks. Ended up going to Little Darlings and having a decent time (left my comment on their review page).

    If this is the way they’re going to be before I ever arrive at the club, I doubt I’ll ever set foot in there. Think I’ll try the Hustler early and see what that’s like. Haven’t been there before and am looking for an alternative to OG.

    • Arnold Snyder

      You should have received free admission and the free drink for showing our coupon, even if you were driving yourself. It sounds like you reached someone who didn’t know what they were doing.

      I’ll alert the club about your experience.

  19. Jimmy

    Interesting. It is right there on their page. Why would they care if you drive yourself vs. taking their limo? I guess it’s easier to bolt quickly with your own wheels but still that’s very odd.

  20. Dave

    Do they still do the $20 couch dances? They’re not listed on the website, it only says $20 floor dance on there. I don’t know why anyone would want a floor dance if the option of going somewhere more private is available for the same price.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Dave: Deja Vu is now using the group VIP room for 3 songs/$90 and 15 min/$125 dances. (15 minutes for $150 gets you a completely private room with couch or bed.)

      The regular $20 laps are out on the main floor.

      But if you buy the club’s $50 VIP package, it includes a 2-for-1 couch dance, and I’ve been told that takes place in the VIP.

      I’ll double check to make sure that hasn’t changed and get back to you.

      So yes, they still offer couch dances. All couch dances now take place on the main floor, on one of the couches there. With the right dancer, a couch allows for more intimacy than a regular lap dance chair.

  21. jimmy

    Thank God we have Arnold keeping tabs on all this. Club rules/prices do seem to change frequently.

  22. Dave

    Thanks, Arnold. You’ve been so helpful. I’m sure your advice will enhance our enjoyment of the trip. One more thing (..sorry) that I’m not sure if you could help with. If you have a contact as Deja Vu, could you let them know that there’s an issue with their website. I’ve tried purchasing a VIP package but on the payment method screen, there are no methods listed and it’s not possible to progress any further. Tried using different browser, different computer, my phone, so I know it’s not an issue on my end. Worried now as we leave on Saturday and it says the ticket has to be printed. Won’t be able to go if I’m not able to buy it in the next two days.

  23. Jimmy

    Dave, as an FYI, I tried it and I get do get to the page that asks for a credit card number. I didn’t go any further though. I’m using Chrome.

  24. Dave

    Thanks, just played around with it and discovered it’s a location issue. It won’t show any payment methods because my address is listed as UK. If I put a US address, it works fine. I really wanted to go but I’m not going to risk having issues by using a fake address, so I guess I’ll just find a different club.

  25. Lost in Vegas

    Went to Deja Vu early evenings Sunday and Tuesday. Sunday was ok, with differing mileage in private room. Jersey will likely meet most expectations, and is open to mileage, very confident, honest. Ruby was very friendly, solid, but somewhat shy. Alessandra was open to some mileage, but didn’t really want to be there.

    Private time with Carly (sp?) Tuesday evening was in all time top two for me. Carly was great, personable, honest, and very open and accepting about mileage. Time and pocket money willing, will try to see her every time I visit Vegas.

    Hope this helps others.

  26. Lost in Vegas

    First, Arnold you do a great, stellar job with this site, providing valuable insight and info on many material levels.

    Was back in Vegas, and made it back to Deja Vu during a couple of week nights. I love the place. It starts with the staff and security who are very friendly and professional. This is part comes from the top. The club manager is great, and does a great job interacting with everyone.

    You get what you see with this club. The ladies are friendly and personable. Compared to numerous other clubs I felt spoiled, and given just the right amount of attention. If you want shy, coy the club has it. Or if you want a lady, who has just the right amount of passive, aggressive, flirting and desire, she is there. If you want intense, brooding, the club has it. If you want the sweet girl next door, same. You want the California surfer babe, she is there, and can be your dream.

    By comparison, When I went to Sapphire, I felt like I was being stalked, manhandled, a commodity. And constantly badgered to up the ante, when all I wanted was to relax at the rail, tipping consistently and reasonably. Ironically I was getting interested in one seemingly natural lady’s stageshow (several very good dancers) and was willing to respond to her invite, another dancer dropped heavily and painfully into my lap, and was relentless, pushy, and coerced (yes I could have told her to take a hike, but worth the battle) me into a room for a dance. The Sapphire dance was average, and below what I have come to expect at Deja Vu. On a couple levels and metrics, Sapphire confirmed to me that quantity does not make up for quality.

    When I get back to Vegas, I will be going back to Deja Vu, maybe in a couple months. I am naive, but hope a few of them will remember me.

  27. Mike

    The best night I had at Deja Vu las vegas was when a dancer named Bunny was there. She was a little older but she was the best! I also understand she no longer dances at Deja Vu. Does anyone happen to know if she still dances in Vegas? And if so, what club shes at now? Her lap dances were the hottest! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  28. alex

    went to deja vue tue night mainly because I had a good time last yr on $2 tue and because of the dance prices. ended up having same limo driver as last as well.
    I know Arnold reported they r struggling but went anyway.
    had a nice time too, the $2 tue night brings out more customers and more girls the limo driver said. plus he would take me to hustler club if I wanted to go later with free entry.
    I connected with a nice dancer and enjoyed $2 beers and shots.
    got a high mileage dance in both the area for 3 songs and also later in the 15min closed door vip area.
    the driver gave me a ride back to hotel.
    reminder to tip the driver, the waitress and the guy that takes your money for the dances.
    im sure ill hit deja vue again on my next trip to vegas

  29. Jamie

    Hi Arnold,

    I was wondering what the talent is like here on Thursday’s. More specifically, is it couples friendly and will there be enough dancers to actually get a dance. I have gone to Palomino and that is he alternative plan, but I was hoping to make the dollar stretch further time wise given the cheaper packages and private room dances (do they still have the closed rooms with full privacy).


    • Arnold Snyder

      Jamie: Deja Vu is couples friendly and they still have closed private rooms. Whether or not they will have enough dancers on a Thursday night to satisfy you would depend on how picky you are I guess. Don’t expect a lot of dancers to be there that night. You can always go to Deja Vu and if you’re not satisfied with the scene, call Palomino to be picked up and brought there, since you know you like Palomino.

  30. A Gimp

    I’m disabled – in w wheelchair, stunted development of my arms and legs before birth means I can’t really use them – and went here as my first ever strip club. I’m local, so I’m looking for a place to be my regular place, and a few girls to be my regular girls, so going to a more low-key place like Deja Vu seemed like a good choice. A cabby friend of mine recommended Cheetah, but DV is closer to my house – I actually drove my chair over. Overall I had a great experience.

    I did a lot of research on this site before going anywhere so I’d know what I was getting into, but being in a wheelchair means my world and my experience will be VERY different than yours. That’s a good part of why I’m writing this.

    Up front, I noticed about half the girls wanted nothing to do with me. I parked a bit off to the back in part to see who would come over and who wouldn’t bother. After getting an older door vulture following me everywhere while I figured out where to park, sitting at my table uninvited and trying to get me to buy a dance in the first two minutes, I politely told her I just got there and wanted to settle in first, but maybe come back later. She got the hint and never did.

    Over the course of the night a number of girls came over and hung out, and except for the previously mentioned vulture and one girl who wanted me to buy her a shot, I got no hustle. They were all friendly, made physical contact just in conversation, and never pressured me for anything. I didn’t get any dances – first night, mostly scouting, and I was looking more for GFE than dances to start – but I tipped each at least a $20 for the company, offered to buy them drinks, and made it clear I’d understand if they needed to move on to make bigger money. I also made it clear I HAVE money and am looking to be a regular. They were all fine with that and hung out until called to the stage for their show.

    Staff treated me great – I tipped my waitress well and she was my buddy for the night – and I had no problems, other than the fact that some of the girls wouldn’t even make eye contact as they passed me. That’s life, and I’m used to it. All of the girls I was interested in were the ones that hung out, anyway, so no complaints there.

    It WAS slow, not a big crowd when I got there around 3am Saturday night/Sunday morning, but there were at least a dozen girls there, and most stayed until closing at 6am. Good variety of builds, ethnicities, and so on. I’d rate all of them as average or above, with a couple in particular being pretty much my exact type. A very cool first experience.

  31. GGG

    I visited a couple of months back on $2 Tuesdays. This might be one of ghe exceptions to the usual trafgic flow, because at 8pm, the place was reasonably busy. Maybe 50 customers and 15-20 dancers. It pretty much stayed that way all night. No hustle. Above average to fine ladies. No up-charges. Mileage ranged from high to low, with most middle to high. I spent 15 minutes in the private VIP with an acceptionly fine and high mileage dancer. I was very happy with my evening.

  32. CFG

    Hey Arnold,

    Great amount of information here, but I was curious if you had any updates. I’m looking for a place to take a bachelor party of 25 guys on a Saturday coming up. So, my first question is, will there be enough girls on a Saturday these days to entertain a packed bar?

    My second question is about the $50 VIP admission package – http://dejavuvegas.com/vip-packages/vip-admission-$50 It mentions it comes with a $50 bar tab – do you know if that’s $50 per person? I tried calling the club, but they weren’t too helpful.

    • Arnold Snyder

      CFG, Deja Vu is unlikely to have enough dancers to entertain a bachelor party of 25 guys. In Vegas, it’s more a locals bar with a few dancers.

      I’d recommend you call Palomino Club at 702-327-7258 and either work out a package with them or just arrange to have them send one of their buses for you that can hold 25 guys. With a package, you’d get reserved VIP seating. Without a package, you’d want to get there early enough to be able to get seats together. Talk to them at that number, but you’d probably want to get there by 9-9:30 pm to get that many seats together.

      With the free limo service, you also get free admission. If you leave while the limo is still running (it stops around 3 am), you even get a free ride back to your hotel.

      All drink prices are a deal at Palomino and it’s got the hottest stage show in town. It’s a club with fully-nude dancers both on stage and in the VIP, and a full bar. There will be over 100 dancers there, all top quality and all ready to pay attention to your group. They’ll take good care of you.

      You could also do something like rent a Skybox or the Rockstar Lounge at Sapphire, where there are 400+ dancers at peak hours. They also have a Best of Vegas package (see here) at $70 a guy if you buy online (roughly a 25% savings for buying online). It’s for up to 20 guys, but if you put in the notes that you’re bringing 25, they’ll be able to work out something for the extra 5 guys.

      Sapphire is the most elegant club in town and it’s more expensive ($15 for a beer, while Palomino is $6 for a draft, $8 for a bottle). Sapphire is more of a high-mileage lap dance orgy. At Palomino, there will be beautiful girls in your laps flirting with you and hoping to take you to the VIP while you watch the equivalent of a naked Cirque show.

      • CFG

        Hey Arnold,

        Thanks so much for your detailed response and recommendations. It’s been very helpful.

  33. Ally

    I’ve always wanted to experience a strip club in general, but me being in Vegas in April it seems like it’s the place to do it. Are couples welcomed at this club and are the girls pushy with couples?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ally, Deja Vu is not the club for this in Vegas–it’s more of a locals’ titty bar known primarily for cheap drinks for locals.

      If this is your first time going to a strip club, I recommend Palomino Club. You can find it under Nude Clubs. The dancers are first rate and it has a terrific, erotic stage show–the best in town. There are 100+ dancers at peak hours. Couples are welcome and the girls are definitely not pushy with couples. They are very nice.

      In fact, if the girls are being too shy about approaching you, ask a host to let them know that you’d appreciate more dancers coming over. Or sit on the stage and tip the dancers on stage. When they come over to give you extra attention, compliment them. Word will get around that you are comfortable having dancers approach.

      As a couple, you can get free admission to the club any night by calling for the free, round-trip club limo. (Best to reserve a day or two in advance.) Drink prices start at $6 for a draft beer. Or you can get a couple’s package at the club website if you want to go VIP.

      If you feel adventuresome, you can get a great couples’ private show here in a curtained, private booth, starting at $100.

  34. Bo Didley

    I’ll stick with screwing the girls who come on to me near the elevators at Aria.

  35. Arnold Snyder

    I was in Deja Vu Saturday night, Aug 19, at 10:30 pm. The place had a good crowd and the number of dancers has gone up–I saw 35-40 at this relatively early hour (for Vegas), including a good selection of first-rate dancers of all types.

    By peak hours (midnight-1 am) there were 50-60 dancers and the manager says the crowd & number of dancers keeps going up into 3 am on Friday and Saturday nights.

  36. Ray

    Hey Arnold, appreciate the site it’s a treasure trove of information and exactly what I was looking for.

    I plan on visiting Deja Vu when I’m in Vegas for labor day weekend. Does the free limo and entry apply to out-of-towners? Also will the holiday affect how active the club is?


    • Arnold Snyder

      Ray, the free admission and free limo definitely apply to out-of-towners, and the open bar is in effect too. Labor Day weekend should be a good time at Deja Vu, with a good-sized crowd and good selection of dancers.

  37. Tred

    Arnold: Why isn’t this deal on LVA’s Top Ten values in Vegas? They go crazy over 5 cent beer and (Admittedly good) $8 steak, but this is, imho, the better play.



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