Diamond Cabaret – Grand Reopening Labor Day Weekend

  • IN A NUTSHELL: Diamond Cabaret has new on-site managers and dancers.  The owners are also remodeling the club.  A Grand Reopening is planned for Labor Day weekend. 
  • GRADE OF DANCER: Mostly fine, some average
  • SPW: 20%
  • 3177 S Highland Dr, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 731-2365
  • HOURS: 6 pm – 6 am
  • VALET PARKING: No; dark lot next door to club, attendant out front
  • COVER CHARGE: $20; locals, $10; both prices include soft drinks
  • FULL BAR: No alcohol served, soft drinks only
  • FOOD: No
  • LAP DANCES: $40, or $20 for locals; private room, half-hour/$300, 45 min/$400, full hour/$500

Diamond Cabaret Has New Management

Diamond Cabaret is bringing in new on-site managers and dancers.  The owners are also remodeling the club.  A Grand Reopening is planned for Labor Day weekend.  I’ll update this review soon.

Diamond Cabaret is a very small club. It was renovated 5-6 years ago. Most of the remodel of the main room consisted of putting up floor-to-ceiling mirrors on two walls (making the place look much bigger than it is), adding a DJ booth, and putting in more comfortable chairs. Cabs are always parked out front whenever I drive by, and I’m pretty sure that most of the business here consists of tourists brought in by taxi. No local would ever set foot in this place. Even on weekend nights, it’s not crowded.

Diamond Cabaret is meant to be a club for guys who want a private one-on-one VIP room experience with a dancer. (That used to be an unusual offering, but now private-bedroom dances are available at the best strip clubs in town.  See below.)  The rooms are small, but comfortable and secluded. Each cubicle has a large comfortable couch and an opaque curtain at the entry, which you can close. Overall the club is clean.

A dancer is always on stage and the stage dancers take it all off, but if ten dancers are in the club, only three or four actually perform on stage—the others do private-room shows only. So if you’re going to a Vegas strip club to watch a stage show, this is not a good choice for you. And if you’re primarily interested in getting a lap dance or two, you’ll find a much bigger selection of dancers at Palomino Club. The few stage dancers at Diamond Cabaret will cycle through within 15-20 minutes or so.

Here’s how it works: You pay your entry fee and as soon as you’re seated, your drink order will be taken—soft drinks only, no charge. After you get your drink, a dancer will join you and give you a “tour”—which means she’ll take you into one of the private rooms and show you how private it is when she closes the curtain.

You’ll sit down on the couch with her to discuss your options and a host (female) will come into the room to explain pricing: $300 for 30 minutes, $400 for 45 minutes, and $500 for an hour (or whatever the host thinks she can get out of you). You’ll be encouraged (and by “encouraged” I mean you’ll get the highest-pressure sales pitch of your life) to cough up some bucks right then and there with the dancer who escorted you in for your “tour.”

You say, no thanks, I’d like to go out and watch the stage show for awhile. Once you’re back in your seat in the main room, another dancer will approach you. On my recent visit, the second dancer offered me some better deals—a $40 lap dance for the $20 “locals price,” 15 minutes in the VIP for $150, 20 minutes for $200, or 25 minutes for $250. She then said she could stretch the VIP room time by an extra five minutes—I’d get 20 minutes for the 15-minute price, or 30 minutes for the 25-minute price. She also told me that she was the only dancer in the place that allowed touching. All the others, she said, did air dances only.

She was lying, but lies are what you can expect in this club.

Which brings up a critical point. In the other private show club in Vegas—Can Can Room—the fee you pay for the time in the private room is separate from the fee you pay for the dancer. At Diamond Cabaret, it’s not always clear.  If you go, make sure to specify what you expect the fee to include. Be specific. Ask if she’ll be nude. Ask if she’ll allow you to touch her if that’s a concern. If you aren’t careful, you may find yourself paying $500 for an hour alone in an empty room.

No matter what price you agree upon for what services, expect to be hustled for additional money for additional services throughout your encounter.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Take a Credit Card to Diamond Cabaret

If you read the comments following this review, you’ll find a lot of complaints about the hustle at Diamond Cabaret.  Here is a quote:  “It was the single most high pressure I have ever felt in a club in my life.”  And:  “That place is a total rip off.”

But the worst ripoffs are happening to guys who use credit cards at this club.  Here’s a quote from “Wally:”

Beware beware beware — This place charged us $4,000 for a 30-minute private dance, had us sign documents which we could not see or read and then when confronted with the fraud, threatened violence unless we left. Don’t give them a credit card — they will charge recklessly.

I’m a local, which means I’m not taking cabs to the clubs when I check them out for updates. But I suspect cabbies are getting paid $100+ to bring tourists to this joint, and they might be implying that guys can get sex here.

I have, in fact, been offered sex at this club, by an older “dancer.”  But I wouldn’t recommend coming to Diamond Cabaret for sex, first because of reports of their shady business practices and second because you have no recourse if you pay for sex (which is illegal here) and don’t get what you paid for.

Instead, if you’re looking for sex, I’d go to the Las Vegas area legal brothels.  You’ll likely pay a lot less than you would at Diamond Cabaret for a much better experience.

A Better Vegas Nude Club You May Enjoy

Palomino Club (club review / club website)—the only Vegas strip club with both a full bar and nude dancers—features the wildest stage show in town plus private bedroom dances at much better prices than Diamond Cabaret. Gorgeous dancers and $7 draft beers. 130+ dancers



13 Responses to “Diamond Cabaret – Grand Reopening Labor Day Weekend”

  1. barry

    this review could not be more opposite from my experience. it was the single most high pressure I have ever felt in a club in my life. $300 for vip where two songs in the house mom comes back to try to get more cash out of you along with the girl that says she works for tips and her prices start at $1,000.00! “The amount you tip me will tell me how much fun you want to have”. When I tried to say at the beginning I wanted to just sit out in front for a little bit first I was repeatedly told “I’m the only girl here, so we might as well get started”. After the request for $1000, I just left. The place is a joke. The only thing in this review that is even remotely accurate is that it is most definitely NOT a locals club. The only reason I went was to see if it was suitable for a bachelor party for some friends coming in from out of town and they were asking specifically about the club.Absolute worst club in town without a doubt.

  2. Ted

    That place is a total rip off, i dont recommend it at all!! The whole Time they were just trying to make more money and like the Review of Barry Said, During the 30 min the House mom Comes in – Killing the vibe by Putting Pressure on you in tipping. Dont go there, there r way better Clubs!

  3. WALLY


    • Arnold Snyder

      Wally, thanks for sharing this info with others. I’ve added a warning to the top of our review and will likely revise.

      Everyone should take a look at our article on scams to watch out for in strip clubs.

      I’d feel safe using a credit card at the clubs on our best Las Vegas strip clubs page, but many guys feel it’s never safe to bring a credit card to any strip club because of rogue dancers who may be passing through to work the scam discussed in the article.

      Plus, most Vegas strip clubs add a hefty surcharge if you use your credit card to buy dances.

      To play it safe, just bring the cash you intend to spend.

  4. Jay

    The Diamond Cabaret website says that they’re under new management. Anyone been lately? My favorite dancer just switched to there and said I should come see her, but I’m not too keen on living out one of these horror stories… Looks like they still charge a cover fee for locals after 10pm.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jay, I heard about new management at Diamond Cabaret a couple of years ago, before recent bad reviews by commenters. I haven’t heard about another change in management and am skeptical.

      But ultimately the reason for the hard sell and gouging is the business model. I don’t see how that could have changed.

  5. Jade Andrews

    Having been a dancer at the Diamond Cabaret and it’s sister club in Boulder, Colorado (The Bus Stop which is now closed.) I would point out that it has new management now. The owner is retiring and it should be a more professionally run club. There is also a possibility that VCG may be buying it to get into the Vegas market.

      • Jade Andrews

        I will be taking over their social media and helping with marketing. A lot of changes. Ownership was too extended and let a lot of things go. They sold the Bus Stop in Colorado which is where I started dancing 9 years ago.

      • jadeandrews

        I recommend coming back after Labor Day as all of the changes will have been fully implemented. 3 song stage sets and a small area for private dances.

  6. Jade Andrews

    I will be taking over their marketing and social media. The owners sold the Bus Stop in Colorado to developers which is kind of sad because I started dancing there 9 years ago in college.

    A lot of positive changes. They have better on site managers, a full renovation and new dancers. Labor Day Weekend will be a huge kickoff for that.



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