Erotic Heritage Museum

Erotic Heritage Museum

Harry Mohney’s Passion


3275 Industrial Road, Las Vegas

(702) 794-4000

11 am – 10 pm, daily

Cover: $30; $15 seniors, students, military, locals

I spent an hour wandering through this place during their grand reopening and I could have spent a couple more hours just browsing through the wall of female teachers who’d had sex with their underage students (there have been dozens of them!), the Larry Flynt shrine, the classic pin-ups  and Playboy covers,  and mannequins dressed in fetish gear.

FlyntQuoteThe Erotic Heritage Museum is on Industrial Road right next door to Déjà Vu Showgirls. It initially opened in August 2008 to display the erotic art collection of Harry Mohney, who founded the Déjà Vu strip club chain, and Ted McIlvenna, an international collector of erotica. This is a serious museum and if you have any interest in erotic art or the history of human sexual obsession, you should visit. The museum had been closed for a few months but it has just reopened with many new exhibits.

The exhibits in the 24,000 square-foot museum change regularly. The current display includes everything from fine-art drawings, paintings, photographs, and fertility sculptures to books about sex, old movie posters, sex toys, costumes, and dozens of video monitors exhibiting the history of sex on film.

Some of the displays, like the life-size bondage and discipline dioramas, may be disturbing to some viewers, but the expressions of human sexuality across different cultures and times are fascinating.  You’ll find yourself contemplating the complexity of our erotic lives and sexuality’s critical role in our social structures.

The general-admission charge is $30, or $15 for seniors, students, military, and Nevada residents. The museum’s new website is still under construction so I don’t have any information about the coming classes and events. Prior to closing there were regularly scheduled events and classes on everything from nude yoga to bondage etiquette and I suspect there will soon be a new schedule.  Some of these events were pretty wild.

The Erotic Heritage Museum is a Las Vegas Treasure

The Erotic Heritage Museum is a Las Vegas treasure.  It contains the human artifacts you can’t see at Chicago’s Field Museum or New York’s MOMA.  The establishment museums aren’t going to touch female pedophilia with a ten-foot pole (so to speak)—they support the existing power arrangement, while Harry Mohney’s museum lifts its skirt.

[Note:  Nude coed yoga classes are now every Thursday night at 7 pm. Classes last about an hour.  Bring a yoga mat and water.  The instructor is now Miss Monika. See review. Admission: $20]

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17 Responses to “Erotic Heritage Museum”

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jerry, yes, naked yoga classes happen every Thursday night at 7 pm at the Erotic Heritage Museum.

      The teacher is now Miss Monika.

  1. Max

    I will be in Vegas for a week from Aug 27th. Is there any schedule for Naked Yoga during that time?

    • Arnold Snyder

      I’m pleased to report that the Art of Naked Yoga classes are resuming tomorrow, Thursday, August 4, and will be held every Thursday evening at the Erotic Heritage Museum at 7 pm. It’s a new instructor. Men $20, Women $10.

  2. Taylor

    My husband and I will be traveling to Vegas in Mid June and we are interested taking this class are you still having classes on Thursdays at 7?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Taylor, the nude yoga classes are suspended right now. I’ll post when they resume, but I don’t think it will be by mid June. I’ll look around and see if nude yoga is happening anywhere else, but I don’t think so right now.

  3. JD

    Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions. I will check out the video and photos. I hope to take a class soon!
    Thanks again!

  4. Tasia

    Hi JD,
    My name is Tasia. I am the Naked Yoga instructor.
    1. Yes, it is really a yoga class. Nothing to do with swingers. I do not swing either.
    2. All levels of experience in yoga are welcome. I usually will show 3 levels with each pose.
    3. You probably will be able to most. Anything you can’t or don’t want to do, you can just relax till the next pose.
    4. The ratio of men to women has been really even thus far. I usually bring an adult model girlfriend with me for your inspiration to exercise.
    I plan to have a video up of the class this week on my Dailymotion account. I will post pictures of the class right now on twitter for you to see on my page Tasia Lockran twitter
    I hope to see you in class, JD.
    Love, Tasia

  5. JD

    I’m interested in the nude yoga class at the Erotic Heritage Museum, but have some reservations.
    1. Is it really a yoga class, or just an excuse for swingers to get together? I’m not interested in the swing scene.
    2. Can a beginning student take the class? As an older person, I need to increase my flexibility. But I have never taken a yoga class.
    3. What if I can’t do all the poses due to a lack of fitness?
    4. What is the ratio of men to women in the class?
    As far as social nudity is concerned, my experiences have been limited to nude beaches. I just want to know what I would be getting into. I would like to read about anyone’s experiences in this class. Thanks for any info.

  6. Tasia

    Thank you, Topless Vegas, for the update on The Art of Naked Yoga at the Erotic Heritage Museum. My name is Tasia and I am the yoga instructor.

    One note I wanted to post was that the class was moved to 7pm on every Thursday.

    Hope to see you guys at a class and feel free to bring a reporter and you can can shoot publicity photos of us naked!

    Thank you for the write up!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Thanks for the note, Tasia. We’ll get the yoga info updated for the Thursday time.

      I’ll come and check out the class so I can write more about it.

    • Rudy


      I wanted to stop by and say hello and ask if you did any type of dates or meetings with gentlemen.



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