Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection — Vegas Ultra-Luxe Black Strip Club

  • IN A NUTSHELL: The first Vegas ultra lounge black strip club, with a collection of beautiful big booty dancers hand-picked by Mayweather himself. This club is a party. Imagine dancing in the aisles and twerking between the tables.
  • 2580 S Highland Dr, Las Vegas
  • RESERVATIONS: 702-410-9999 or 1- (844) 447-5758
  • PHONE: 702-410-9999 or 1- (844) 447-5758
  • TOPLESS OR NUDE: Topless
  • FULL BAR:Yes
  • FOOD: Full restaurant menu includes appetizers & sandwiches to filet mignon and Oscar-style steak with jumbo crab
  • DRESS CODE: Business casual, nice jeans are fine
  • LAP DANCES: Yes.

Girl Collection is the Kind of Topless Club a Billionaire Designs for Himself

Girl Collection Las Vegas stripper photo

Vita Dances at Girl Collection

Floyd Mayweather’s new Las Vegas gentlemen’s ultra lounge, Girl Collection, celebrated its Grand Opening with four days of blow-out parties over Memorial Day Weekend hosted by hip-hop stars, famous models, and Hollywood stars.

Imagine the kind of topless club a billionaire strip club aficionado and all-time boxing champ would design for his own pleasure.  Girl Collection is that club—a hip-hop party and sensual playground in plush red and black upholstery and drapes, lit mainly by a ceiling of twinkling starlights, populated by a collection of beauties from around the world twerking on the tables and boogying in the aisles with guests.  Ladies are welcome with or without male companions, and I’ve seen plenty of couples and girl groups here.  That definitely adds to the party.

Floyd often hangs out at his club and hand-picked every girl in his Girl Collection himself.  Mayweather’s taste seems to run to plenty of booty and pretty faces.

Floyd Mayweather's Girl Collection waitresses

Girl Collection Private Rooms

There are two large private party rooms for groups, including Floyd Mayweather’s private room (see the photo gallery below).  Floyd’s room is located on the second floor, with a spectacular view from a balcony overlooking the main club showroom.  It is furnished with a private bar stocked with premium liquors and has its own rest room.

Both private party rooms have their own TV monitors, there are multiple large monitors in the main club for sporting events, and there are even TV monitors above every urinal and wash basin in the decked-out men’s room. No more missing the best play of the evening.

The club also features nine private VIP rooms where you can get focused on a girl.  The private-dance rooms are furnished with a small red leather couch and marble cocktail table, with plenty of mirrors for your viewing pleasure.  The door is smoked glass.  The rooms are located down a private, guarded hall.

The club has its own kitchen and offers everything from hors d’oeuvre, pizza, wings, and sandwiches to Oscar-style steak with jumbo crab and filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes.  The food is excellent.

Like Sapphire, this club has host service—the guys in the suits are there to make introductions and keep you happy.

Every Guest’s a VIP

Girl Collection Las Vegas dancer

Sophie Montana Dances at Girl Collection

Like Sapphire and Palomino Club, Girl Collection takes security seriously.  Don’t show up at the club with your lucky pocket knife on your key chain.

If you want to take your girlfriend to a wild party, or you want to throw the bachelor party to beat all bachelor parties, or it’s just time for some me time, this is a place where every guest will be a VIP.

Recommended for millionaires and billionaires who want to feel at home, or guys who want to be treated like a billionaire for the night.

Check out our Grand Opening photo gallery of the club below.  (Click on pics to enlarge.  All photos by Hew Burney).

Photo Tour of Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection

13 Responses to “Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection — Vegas Ultra-Luxe Black Strip Club”

  1. David L

    Trip Report – Friday, September 17

    Didn’t get there until after midnight. In the past this club sometimes wasn’t really engaged until later.

    Valet charged forty bucks, entry was fifty. Out nearly a c-note just to walk onto the floor.

    Masks for staff and dancers (dancers mostly ignored it). Customers needed a mask to walk in but could immediately drop it.

    Drinks still in the twenty to thirty range.

    Stage had a dancer near constantly, with no more than a five minute break to clear and get set up again. Good sized crowd, but mostly wallflowers. The vibe at Sapphire and the Rhino where you almost need to throw an elbow to get rail time not how things work at GC.

    On this night there was a wild card element. Three or four groups were making it rain at INSANE levels. Forget purses, the ladies were scooping bills up in garbage bags. These folks were throwing bundles and bricks around. I’d remembered the pricey nature of this club an brought a little extra, but a solo customer with five or six hundred is not going to compete for attention when a couple thousand dollars are being tossed in the air. At times, the stage and areas of the floor were carpeted with portraits of ol’ George.

    Did settle down as the groups broke up and wandered away.

    Stage work by the ladies varied from going through the motions to off the hook.

    On the Girls in the Collection: GC is still a major booty Mecca, but there was a lot more up top than when I visited a few years. More often than not it was pneumatically assisted, but that’s not a deal breaker for me.

    Never got a floor dance, basic VIP is in an open shared room. $157 for three songs and two drinks.

    This corner of Skin City is definitely back in full operation.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Holly, I’d go in around midnight and ask to talk to the manager. If you’re not in town, I’d send the club a letter and include your photos.

  2. Juan Flores

    Could you explain the “hosting service” that you mentioned that Sapphire and this club have? Cost too please.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Juan, take a look at our post on Vegas strip club hosts. At a club like Girl Collection or Sapphire, this will be the guy in the suit or sports jacket who escorts you to your table. He’s also there to make introductions, look after your table if you leave for a private dance, etc.

      Let’s say you’re in the club and you see a girl on stage who’s exactly your type, but some other guy snaps her up as she leaves the stage. Just ask a host (your host or any guy in a jacket) to send her over to you when she’s available. He’ll be happy to help.

      Or let’s say you get to the club and you’re seated at a table you don’t like. Talk to the host about getting a better table, perhaps with bottle service.

      Host service is free. If a host is really looking after you (maybe you’ve asked him to keep you supplied with blondes all night, and he’s doing it) it’s considered good form to slip him a twenty. If he’s simply making a single introduction, no tip is necessary.

      Or let’s say you’ve gotten a basic package and a host is escorting you to a table far off in a corner. Slip him a ten or twenty and ask for a seat closer to the stage–you’ll either get it or he’ll turn down the money and explain those tables truly are booked.

      Or let’s say the table next to you is getting rowdy. You can ask a host to calm the table down or move you away from the problem. Hosts at these high-end clubs are there to keep you happy.

  3. Captain Comic

    Trip Report:

    Went on Sunday, August 13.

    As reported on this site, twenty for parking and twenty for entrance. Didn’t kill me that much, as I’ve paid $40+ for admission alone, w/o valet at some clubs in Vegas. Valet was quick and courteous both with arrival and leaving.

    Never did get to this place when it was Sheri’s, so I can’t comment on the newness.

    Having said that, it seems that Monsieur Mayweather dropped a ton on the build-out for his namesake club. Medium sized room, but a major club design/vibe. Long stage and as many tables as could be reasonably (three or four more, actually) fit into the space. Very nice upscale materials and furnishings.

    Got there about eleven PM and it was quiet, but with a few customers. Talking with some staff, they said on Thursday and Sunday it’s almost like an after-hours joint, picking up at 3 in the morning (I left about a half hour before that).

    Even with the low customer rate, there was always a dancer onstage, although sometimes the rail was empty.

    I you’re a fan of the Rhino style buxom dancer, your odds are about 50/50 (maybe 40/60).

    Booty? This place could give Lacy’s a run for their money. Apparently a certain billionaire boxer is a big fan of the backside.

    My standard drink is Jonnie Walker Black Label on the rocks.

    $24 I’ll write that out so there’s no confusion: twenty four dollars. Ouch. I thought the $20+ rates at Sapphire put a hurt on.

    When recycling my alcohol purchases, I found something strange. For the first time in an upscale Las Vegas gentleman’s club, there was NO MEN’S ROOM ATTENDANT. Odd, pleasant surprise.

    Stage work by the dancers ranged from lovely to going-through-the-motions. I wear glasses and one of my tricks is to fold a single sticking out along my earpiece or in my shirt collar. Dancer after dancer ignored it, although one lady mentioned it later, calling it “cute”. After a couple of hours, one gal (stage name of “Red Rose”) leaned over and grabbed it with her teeth. I actually threw up my hands and said “Thank you!” She seemed surprised that no-one else had come across the rail for that tip.

    Lap dances on the floor (as mentioned by Mr. Snyder) are forty instead of the twenty at most places. I still got a few as a preview measure. As with the stage dances, they ranged from fairly good to “meh”. Almost thought I’d leave without hitting the private area. But I’d met the aforementioned fun Red Rose and gotten a dance on the floor from her so off to finish my night with some fun.

    Didn’t hit the heavier VIP area, just the three song room. Open VIP design, with a long bench pretty much around the entire room except for the door and attendant booth. Paid out $157 total for the dances and drinks. Waitress was polite and non-intrusive. Ms. Rose was VERY nice. I actually gave her my highest lap-dance compliment: Dancers like you are the reason I don’t bring credit cards to strip clubs.

    Over all, a pleasant if pricey few hours of fun.

    (I apologize if this all seems a bit too detailed/long.)

    • Arnold Snyder

      Captain, I’ve been starting to post photos of Red Rose around TVO, and she’ll be a future dancer of the month. I’d go to Girl Collection just to spend as much time as possible with her. I agree she’s not only gorgeous but fantastic in every way.

      I’d just add that the dancers were right–at around 3 am on Thursdays and Sundays the club turns into a fantastic party. On Fridays and Saturdays the party gets going earlier–a little after midnight, full swing by around 1 am and continuing full swing until the club closes. Twerking in the aisles, two or three girls on stage, and a club filled with girls like Red Rose (although Red Rose stands out even in a crowd like that).

      Every Saturday night the parking lot fills up with Bugattis, Ferraris, and Jaguars. Thanks for the report.

  4. Alicia

    I would like info on reserving a table on August 24th for my girlfriends birthday. How do I go about that?

  5. Patricia Proctor

    I would like to reserve a table for 10 people for November 2, 2017. We are coming in from Washington DC to celebrate my son’s 21st birthday. He really wants to celebrate at Girl Collection. Can someone please help me with securing table reservations. Thanks!


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