Foxy Girls / Foxy’s / Centerfolds – Closed

  • IN A NUTSHELL: Used to be Foxy's, reopened under new ownership and with a new name, and closed again.
  • GRADE OF DANCER: pending
  • SPW: pending
  • 3013 S Highland Dr, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 929-2305
  • HOURS: closed
  • VALET PARKING: No; lot is private and well-lit
  • COVER CHARGE: none
  • FULL BAR: Yes
  • FOOD: No
  • LAP DANCES: pending

[As “Centerfolds,” this club never really got off the ground and now appears to be closed permanently. This club is not affiliated with the new Centerfolds Cabaret on Paradise Road that opened where Club Paradise used to be.]

Centerfolds is a new club in an old property. Most recently, it was Foxy’s, a small urban club that appeared to be doing well. Foxy’s had renovated the club when they took it over from Foxy Girls just a couple years ago, so the property is in good shape.

For most of this year, however, Foxy’s has been closed, sitting there dark whenever I drove by. There was an announcement of a reopening on Foxy’s Facebook page this summer, but when I went by to check it out some time later, it was dark again.

The property has recently changed ownership and has been rechristened “Centerfolds.” It doesn’t look like it will be an urban club.

I stopped in on Friday night around midnight. There were no customers and only one dancer, but the place was open. The sparse crowd didn’t surprise me as there has been no publicity for it yet. I suspect the only customers have been those who happened to drive by and saw the new marquee.

The manager told me the club would probably not have its Grand Opening until March, when it expects to get its permanent liquor license. Until then, there’s a full bar serving drinks on the temporary license. [Update: There was no Grand Opening in March.]

Expect no cover charge, cheap drinks, and a relaxed atmosphere. The dancer was cute.  I can’t do much of a review on a club I only saw once, especially when I was the only customer in the place. But I’ll keep checking it out and will update this review as necessary. For now, Centerfolds will only be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. [Now closed even on weekends.]

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8 Responses to “Foxy Girls / Foxy’s / Centerfolds – Closed”

  1. Loki

    Foxy’s is no longer! I heard it got sold because of the changes. The shoot out on New Years. Also the fines they got for certain things. Foxy Girls may have been mellow and not as wild as Foxy but at least it stayed open and didn’t havepproblems with the customers or the law. I’m gonna miss old Foxy Girls but I’m never gonna miss Foxys

    • thanks loki

      I feel the exact same way!!!!! Your frankie lee misses that place and working with a professional like yourself. We need some serious loot so we can run a club together,lets buy the old pussycats building lmao. Love ya and missvya bunches. R I P FOXY GIRLS!!!!!

  2. Loki

    Word around the campfire that the owner of Diamond and Babes own the club. And thinking about turning it into a new centerfolds.

  3. Derek

    Is there any other strip club in vegas that has the big booty sistas like foxy’s did? and good music..

    • Arnold Snyder

      Derek, you would love Club Lacy’s, open Thursday through Sunday nights.

      Doors open at 9 pm. The show starts at 11pm, and you want to be seated and sipping a drink then, because they bring all the dancers out on stage one at a time to demonstrate her unique twerking style.

      Heavy emphasis on curves and fine booties. A real party scene.

      Not to be missed.



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