Girls of Glitter Gulch – Mercifully Dead

  • IN A NUTSHELL: CLOSED PERMANENTLY ON June 27, 2016. Over-priced tourist trap with too many over-the-hill dancers; high hustle factor
  • 22 Fremont St, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 385-4774
  • FOOD: No

[Note: This club closed permanently on June 27, 2016.]

GlitterGulch2Third-Rate Dancers Work the Downtown Tourist Crowd

Girls of Glitter Gulch survives almost 100% on the tourist trade and it does a lot of business in its prime Fremont Street location.

Two years ago I upgraded this club from Grade C to B, then last year down to B-, now it’s back to C. The premises were renovated a couple years ago and the physical upgrade is notable. They actually closed the club for a couple months, gutted it, and redid the entire interior. The new setup is pretty much like the old one, with the runway stage, parallel bar, small VIP area, and booths along the walls. But it’s new and clean and lots more comfortable.

One tip: The selection of dancers here is much better on weekends than weekdays, but lately, even on weekends, the dancers were old and tired compared to the dancers at the major Vegas strip clubs.  There are a lot of dancers here who can no longer work at the major clubs, but they can make money at this club because the downtown tourists usually don’t know better.

Of all the strip clubs in Vegas, this is the one where you’re most likely to fall into the clutches of a strip club vulture, and be unable to extricate yourself without physically leaving the club.

I know that if you went to this club a couple of years ago, right after their remodel, you won’t believe me, but things have declined since then.  You should realize your value as a customer if you go here, and feel free to bargain.  One dancer quoted me 3 songs for $100 in the VIP. When I said, “Maybe later,” she said, “How about 5 for $100?”

In the summer months when the downtown casinos are jumping with tourists, this club is always crowded. This club is also female-friendly as many tourists come in here in couples.

But I’ve also gone into this club on a Saturday night, especially in slow periods when Vegas wasn’t crowded with tourists, and seen not a single dancer I’d rate as fine or very fine.

So, my general advice at slow times is to forget this place, even if you’re staying downtown.  Instead, call up one of the best Vegas strip clubs, where you’ll find better dancers, better lap dances and stage shows, and better prices, and have them pick you up in the free club limo.

Girls of Glitter Gulch has Vegas’ Strictest Two-Drink Minimum

This club has no cover charge, but instead a two-drink minimum for all, and as soon as you get two feet inside the door, you’re met by a waitress who seats you, takes your drink order and waits for you to pay in advance before she brings the drinks.

Domestic beers and well drinks here are $9.25 to $9.75 each. A lot of Vegas clubs have a two-drink minimum, but this is the only one I know that enforces it with an iron fist. You will buy both drinks the moment you sit down or you’re outta here!

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7 Responses to “Girls of Glitter Gulch – Mercifully Dead”

  1. Big papa

    I barely made it out of there.. non stop harassment, I was there for about 30 minutes, I didn’t even get 5 minutes of peace the whole time. roughly every 3 minutes a girl would come ask me to go to the back room. even after I said I just wanted to chill for a bit and watch a dance first. I’ll never go back again.


  2. ScammedSammy

    Me and a group of 3 went in to check it out with the intention of spending about $50 a piece. The 2 drink minimum cost $20 and we were immediately bombarded with no less than 20 D list strippers. After a few girls employed the “divide and conquer” tactic I was down to 1 friend and no place to sit. The first top notch girl I saw “Catherine the Great” approached us and was friendly. She pulled us to a booth and said 3 songs would be $150. Somehow the total bill ended up being $220. My friend had enough and did the smart thing and left. “Catherine” pulled me into a back room and gave me the lousiest excuse for a lap dance I have ever had. She spent most of the time trying to phsycho analyze me and separate me from my money. There was a lack luster attempt to actually give me a dance. After hustling me out of $220 she tried to get me to give her another $100 for the rest of the night. I asked her if I could expect more of the same and she accused me of being an under cover FBI agent and proceeded to insult me and made me feel very uncomfortable. I left very angry about the whole experience. Based on this outing I think it will be a long time before I go into another club again.

  3. Arnold Snyder

    Glitter Gulch is the Vegas club least likely to be visited by locals. The club makes its money from both the tourists and the dancers. The hiring standard is below that of the major clubs in town. The club doesn’t closely monitor the dancers’ behavior. They give Vegas strip clubs a bad name and most clubs are not like that. There are some nice and friendly dancers working in that club, but you had to get the vultures. Luck of the draw. I’m glad you didn’t pay them. I’ve had similar experiences there. Read my post on Vultures:

  4. Trappedtourist

    Can confirm this place is crap. Went in as a couple for the first time. Ordered our $53 worth of drinks, sat for a few minutes trying to have some fun. I handed my wife the wad of cash and she seemed to enjoy herself. One of the ladies who worked there said “Im going to borrow your wife” and another came up to me and said “Oh we have to take you over here” – they literally grabbed our drinks and took us elsewhere. Not knowing what was going on, we blindly followed. We were pushed into a booth, then mounted. One asked who controlled the money and I said oh “No thanks we don’t want this” as she shoved her boobs in my face. Then she got up and got all pissed, saying it was $100 each, then pointed to a sign. I was trying to be nice, handing her a wad of 1s for the “few seconds” we were forcefully mounted, but she backed up and squawked. I picked up my money, she was visibly upset and said , “How about 50 each?” – I said no, thanks, we werent interested. We tried to go back to our seats which were now taken. Both of us were pretty shaken by the experience, so we ended up leaving after only about 8 minutes.

    Reviews on yelp tell a similar story. Scummy club. I think we’ll try something back home for a better experience.

    • Don't Blink & No means No for men too!

      I’ve always thought I was fairly savvy. Well, not this night in April 2016, Barely had a chance to sit down when one dancer grabbed my wife while I got drinks and 2 others grabbed me. We were then reunited in the private dance area & I said, OK, ho much? We’ll make your wife c*m & dance for you..”Maybe 30 minutes for $100?” I said, OK, sounds fair. The next thing I know, they were escorting me to the checkout / payment area. The girls said, “now, you need to tip all of us, and “Jean, the lady at the register…she’s so sweet, oh and we sure would like another drink…Jean, put that on his bill”…2 more girls came up to me so that I couldn’t see what was going over at around my wife. She doesn’t mind a bit of fun with girls, but gets very claustrophobic . I was whisked over there after signing 1 receipt. I had only 2 drinks. 6-8 women were taking turns “entertaining us for a few minutes, then walking out.” Maybe an hour of frenzied turmoil is what we got. I got furious and stood up. The women got pissed and said, “We have bouncers for a reason.” …I grabbed my wallet, receipts and wife and stormed out. Moral of the story…If you have to say no more than once, get the hell out. When I gathered myself, the owner and girls carbon copied my signature, drivers license and credit card for $6400!!!!!!!! I’m not that kind of person that would spend that kind of $$ on a car without deep thought! I hired a lawyer, called the credit card company…guess what, Glitter Gulch had closed down permanently.

  5. Quinn

    I don’t disagree with the dancers rating given, but I have had a good time at this club. If you tip, you will get attention and a visit from each and every dancer. Some will give strong motivation to get a dance. Mostly though, for those that spend a day downtown, it is the single most convenient and safe club in Las Vegas. No planning or transportation required as it part of the Fremont Street Experience, just a minute or two walk from each of the downtown hotel/casinos.



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