Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Las Vegas – Review

  • IN A NUTSHELL: One of the better stage shows of the topless clubs, dancers are a wide variety of body types, parties and good deals for locals
  • 5969 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 795-3131
  • HOURS: 24/7
  • FULL BAR: Yes
  • FOOD: Yes
  • LAP DANCES: Yes.

Larry Flynt’s Newest Strip Club Playground


Larry Flynt lends his name to the Hustler Club, but it is managed by the Déjà Vu chain. The Sunday night service industry party is legendary in this town and often gets wild (locals with a sheriff’s card only).  Hustler is also the only remaining Vegas strip club with a regular amateur contest. (See my review of  Hustler’s Amateur Night.)

Hustler also frequently has porn stars as featured performers, and sports events for watching football, basketball, boxing, and UFC fights, often with drink specials.  I’ve seen some high-flying pole dancers here.

The set-up of this club is on three levels, the top level being the rooftop, used for special events and parties, where there’s a separate bar, comfortable seating, and a 360-degree view of Vegas. The second level has a large L-shaped stage, as well as a couple dozen VIP rooms, including quite a few private rooms. The ground level has two large stages and two full bars.

Some of the private VIPs have windows that look out onto the stages below. Most have separate lighting and sound controls. The group VIP rooms are plush, but offer no privacy.

Hustler offers private VIP rooms too (see Vegas strip club private rooms), but at higher prices, and the decorating is — how to put it — eccentric (see the pics in the private room article).

You can also rent Larry Flynt’s private box at the rate of $10,000 for 3 hours.

Hustler Club is Female- and Couples-Friendly

The Hustler Club, like all the Déjà Vu-managed clubs, is women- and couples-friendly.


Sunday is Service Industry Night. From 8-12 pm, anyone with a sherriff’s card can drink for free, plus, weather permitting, there’s a free rooftop buffet. In inclement weather, the buffet is served on the second floor. On this night, locals who are not in the service industry will have to pay an admission fee, but that includes the free buffet and four hours of free drinks (domestics and wells).

It’ll cost non-Nevada residents $50 admission during Service Industry Night (which is really a party for locals), so depending on how much food you can eat and booze you can drink in 4 hours, you decide if it’s worth it for you.

The catered buffet is a cut above typical bar food, with three styles of chicken (grilled, fried and roasted) half a dozen sauces, mac’n’cheese, veggie kabobs. This is a popular locals’ event and you’ll find a mixed male-female crowd who show up to take advantage of all the free food and free drinks.

Opened in September of 2010, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club – Las Vegas contains a heady air of possibilities, starting with visitor-seducing sights and sounds from the minute you touch down at the club. The venue is comprised of 70,000 square feet of astounding elegance spread across three floors and a resident executive basement reserved for management and entertainers.

 Secondly, it is also a world-class event center and nightclub featuring five affixed bars and crowned with a year-round oasis of bliss on the rooftop. Adorned by a relaxing cyclone of breezy curtains and cabaret-style sofas, here, guests will find a comfortable escape from the action and address any special needs to suit the palate or the senses.

Commandeering the elevator down from the roof to the second floor reveals a VIP Bar and VIP Stage. The VIP Stage displays a see-through glass catwalk that can be viewed from floor two at eye level or on floor one, above the patron. 

Locals with Nevada ID can get a Hustler VIP card that will reduce your drink prices.

23 Responses to “Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Las Vegas – Review”

  1. RK

    While waiting to meet with friends, we popped in real quick Sat 12/4, around 1230a. Club was JUMPING! They improved their sound system and added more tvs around the center stage. But biggest improvement was they no longer have two main stages but a single stage, with four poles: Three (3) 12-14 feet high that surround a single pole that goes up the 2nd floor. This format draws all the attention to a single stage and improves the energy in the club. And that stage show has greatly approved from we expected over the last 3-4 years. We were so impressed we visited again this past Fri 12/10 after NFR, around 2a. Once again, lit with tons of energy. Sadly, no floor dances were allowed but did see some guys go to 2nd level (which was dead with bartender) getting dances. Girl mix still has a heavier concentration of Cubans but not as many as in years past but still good mix for all tastes. And still honor locals Hustler card. Will definitely repeat.

  2. Aaron

    Went to Hustler Sat night after the fight. What a let down… the good news is the staff (managers, drivers, bouncers, waitresses) were all very professional and nice. Zero complaints there. The dancers were few compared to the number of guests and it’s not like the place was packed. It was busy, but there were open VIP booths and a few tables. The quality of the dancers was poor for a vegas club. 5s and 6s. Most of the waitresses were hotter. The prices for dances was high (300 for 15 mins). I did a few of the 3 sings for 100 which was the best bang for your buck. The quality of the dance booth was cramped and not good compared to little darlings and palomino. The dancers knew the ratio for customers was in their favor and didn’t want to sit and talk. We left earlier than we normally would have. Also the stage music was not to our liking.

  3. Aaron

    an enjoyable evening at Hustler club in vegas last night. Showed up at the door and gave them my package email and the host had to go back and discuss with management about it. Aparantly i bought a package that advertised as open bar without a time limit and they had pulled it for obvious reasons but not before i had paid for it. We compromised with them comping us a full bottle along with the bottle service. We showed up at 930 on a Thursday and the place was full of girls but very few customers. As the night passed on more customers and girls continued to show up. Im guess between 20 to 30 different girls were there. No duds mostly 7s and 8s a few 9s. No masks at the table, but when you got up they asked you to wear masks. No floor lap dances but side room dances were 40 for 1 or 100 for 3. VIP was 250 for 15 mins 500 for 30 1000 for an hour. We did several of the 3 dance options. Milage was good no masks durring the dance. One thing that was a little different was that you paid a cashier directly unstead of the dancer. You could also use debit or credit card if you wanted to. I imagine that is going to cause some guys to way overspend. Overall a very nice evening. It was a little sad to see the place so empty when there are three floors of dancing that could be done. I bet that place is awesome when it gets packed. Other not so great item was the quality of the stage show. Most girls did not even try. Granted they off so the guys cant get near it, but still not a highlight. Also, they did not require us to buy the girls a drink to sit with us. We had girls all over us all night with no drink requirements. We did buy some of the thirsty ones a bottle of water (11$) because im a gentleman not because its required.

  4. Jay

    I went to Hustler last night. The first floor is being renovated and the top is closed so only the second floor is in use. You have to drive around to the side door and there’s no signs stating that they’re open or to go around, and the front lights are off, so people probably don’t even realize they can go in.

    Inside, it was pretty sad. There was only enough seating for 3 or 4 groups, but there was never more than one other group on this Saturday night. The stage is cordoned off a good ways away; you can’t get close to the dancer. If you want to tip you might be able to catch her after she comes off. Dancers are not allowed to sit with you unless you buy them a drink, which costs $30. I don’t think there was a food requirement. You can still get a discount with your local card, but not for that $30.

    There are no lapdances on the floor. One dancer told me their minimum dance is the 30 minute VIP, another told my friend it was 15 minutes. The lineup wasn’t great but it wasn’t that bad. 8-10 girls, with one or two being very fine. Because of this each girl spent more time on the stage, which was nice.

    You’re not allowed to walk around, you have to stay in your seat. I won’t be going back until things change. It’s a terrible business strategy to charge people $30 just to speak with a dancer, before you know if you even want to spend time with her. I can’t imagine how the dancers are making any money.

  5. Raz

    Thanks for all the tips and your feedback. Looking forward to my March madness trip.

  6. Raz


    Would you consider hustlers as a good high mileage club to visit? Already set on going to treasures during March madness. Also considering going to hustlers either a Wednesday or Thursday as other comments have mentioned this club as having plenty of Latina dancers (huge plus for me). What would you recommend?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Raz, no Vegas topless club can be low mileage, but my experience has been that Hustler’s mileage is less consistent. For example, I’ve actually had dancers give me an air dance there, one after charging me $30 instead of $20 to move the dance to a couch. And too high of a percentage tried to tell me they could only give high mileage in the VIP.

      And if you like Latina dancers, you are in for a treat at Treasures, which has a very high percentage of Cuban girls. I believe they are the dancers who have raised the mileage standard so high there.

  7. RK

    Second to Treasures, Hustlers was our go-to couple’s spot. First time was SNF in Oct 2018. Wanted to see how they hosted a NFL game and see what this Sindustry Sunday was all about. The hosted NFL was meh…two or three TV’s behind main floor bar, small projector screen (small for a club that size) that was offset to the main room. Decent free food and prizes from KOMP radio. Overall forgettable. But Sindustry Sunday was popping! Crowd filled in just before 8p and when the game ended – wham! Like flipping a light switch, dancers came out like cockroaches…they were everywhere, music got cranked up and the party started. We only stuck around for another hour, but we both got high mileage dances from two sexy Central Americans on the main floor. We were impressed and couldn’t wait to come back.

    Next visit was Sat Jan 19th. Did $250 couples package online. No hidden fees or taxes. One of the best full bottle VIP values in town. Arrived around 1030p and main floor was packed. If you’ve never been, Google maps to see the main room. VIP booths are tiered, two levels, overlooking main floor and stage. To us, one of the better layouts in town. We were seated in a booth on main floor along walkway from entrance to the bar. We had dancers (vultures) “squatting” in front of us, blocking the view of the stage. Asked busboy Rich (fantastic dude) about moving. He grabbed our host, who we tipped $20 to move us across the room, top level, corner booth. What a fantastic birds eye view of the club! We were removed from the action but felt like royalty sitting in those white high back booths. Utmost privacy. And it didn’t stop the ladies from identifying and hunting us down! The numbers were lower than if we were in the pit by the stages, but we still got approached quite a bit, especially considering we were a couple and the only ones in that VIP area. Good number of dancers, mostly under 30, 8s & 9s, not many below 7. No true 10’s in our opinions. But mileage was high! We were getting accosted by three dancers at one time when our friends joined us around 1a…look on their face was classic. Think their bottom jaws are still on the floor there! We left around 5a and while slowing down, it was still a party.

    Went back two weeks later with the same couple, and again had a blast. Same setup: online couples package, tipped host and got VIP booth at the top level. Stage show was lots of fun. A gorgeous and sweet Cuban remembered us from prior visits/dances. She got on the stage and we went down to give her some love, and lo & behold…she pulled my wife up on the stage! Wife was wearing a red mini dress and Ruby went to town on her. Pulled up her dress and showed wifes ass & thong to the many men in the crowd. Then laid her on her back and did a full body freak as if no one was around. IT WAS SUPER HOT! Guys were cheering on my wife and got more men throwing singles. That dancer made out big with antics, but it was a great time. Again partied to almost 5a and still popping when we left.

    Next couple of visits were Sindustry Sunday. No VIP due to the open bar. First was Valentines Weekend (Sunday when it snowed) and the club was jumping when we arrived at 10p. We split time downstairs in the pit and upstairs on 2nd level. Upstairs is a different vibe, different music, sound level was lower. More like a lounge to hang out with a dancer vs party on the first floor. Good to take a break. I think dances are supposed to be higher ($40?) up there, but we never got dances upstairs. But we mingled with a few dancers for a solid hour…maybe more. Both enjoyed our time and declined our $$$ for their time; they even bought us drinks after open bar was open. No VIP hustle but we insisted and they of course gave in. If it’s busy enough, they’ll rotate dancers to stage upstairs. You’ll see guys getting private dances in the unattended VIP booths. Energy stayed until about 2a when we left. We went a couple more Sundays in May and June, arriving at just before 10p (last hour of the open bar) and swear, by midnight the club just died, so we left both times around 1a.

    On all trips the dances were always high mileage, in booth or in the pit. From our visits, a good number of dancers (30-40) regularly dance there. The club leans HEAVY to Cubans, probably 80% of the Latin women are Cuban, and they make up a good third of all dancers. Beautiful bodies and faces, but straight to the point “Hey papi want a dance” with little hustle or interaction. Even the more memorable ones (Ruby – both of them, Victoria, Penelope) while gorgeous and a lot of fun, our inability to hold conversation was a turnoff. And this sucked because we both want to do VIP there but it’s a hard sell when there’s no connection. We also noticed some dancers have animosity towards the high concentrations of Cubans. You can sense tension at times and we overheard comments more than once. Just interesting observation.

    Another knock on the club is I’ve never seen a main stage so disorganized. Every trip we saw dancers argue, right on the main stage, no matter how busy the club was. Not violent, but pretty tacky or ghetto at times. Some were asked to stay beyond their time (punishment from DJ?) and danced with no desire, just stood around bitching on a pole with a friend. Other times, a dancer didn’t want to give up the stage, fighting for time and dollars. Not rampant but again frequently enough on each visit to notice. That said the stage show is one of the better ones in town due to open air layout of main floor. Right dancer can light the club up in an instance.

    The club leans local. Music is mainly hip hop and booty shaking music…it’s a high end Déjà Vu club and it shows. There were other couples and women, some just came down from the mens show, all having fun and getting attention. Hustle factor can be high at times. One of the cheaper bottle deals in town, considering the private booths you can land. Great party vibe that’s a step or two below CHIII and Sapphires. Lack of true GFE is a turn off but the super high mileage more than makes up for it (how far they’ve gone in front of my wife…or even with her, tops all clubs so far). Good to try for couples, solo, few friends or large parties. We needed a break and fell for Treasures as its best for couples, but we’ll be heading back to Hustlers in the near future.

  8. Bryson

    Arnold, thanks for the great updates. We are headed back to Vegas this weekend. Last year we went to Sapphire based of this site and had a great night. This year we are hitting up the Valentine’s day special at Deja Vu’s three clubs. My question is if we were going to all three clubs (Deja Vu, LD’s, Hustler) what order would you attend and what time would you plan on starting? Any advice on moving from club to club on Friday or Saturday nights? We plan to go either night or maybe both. Thanks

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bryson: Hit Little Darlings at 10:30 pm, Hustler at midnight (to catch Reya Sunshine’s stage set), then Deja Vu at 1 – 1:30 am.

      If you’re going very early, remember Deja Vu has an open bar till 9 pm, so you might want to start there, then Little D’s, and finish at Hustler.

      Have fun & good luck!

      • Bryson

        Thanks! We will let you know how it goes. Looking forward to it. Rainy day is a good day for a stripper…of course most days are

  9. Jay

    I don’t know if it’s new, but you can now purchase a package for $100 that includes entry, 2 drinks, and 2 dances. Without the package, that would be $50 + ~$35 + $40 = $125, so it’s a good deal.

  10. Jay

    Went to Hustler last night, Sunday. Service Industry night now runs from 7 to 11 pm, and the buffet is located downstairs. The men dance upstairs on the weekend.

    HL is right, locals pay a one-time $10 fee for a Hustler card. Entry is free thereafter, even on Sundays.

    I really enjoyed it. Very friendly dancers and a fun atmosphere with great, multi-person stage shows. The arrangement of the tables is well done so that there’s no bad seat in the house, and lighting is at a good level where you can see what’s going on. I got the feeling that dancers like to work there, which shows up in their stage dances and interactions with the customers.

  11. HL

    Just moved here from Cali and went to try it out. As a local now, you have to buy a local pass for $10 and then it’s free each visit afterwards. I believe drinks are $7-9 with the card.

  12. Anonymous

    This place blows. Total ripoff. Their all about scamming the paying client. This includes the douchebag managers.

  13. Arnold Snyder

    Lucie, no package will include a dance. Most clubs offer a package that includes limo transport to the club, admission, sometimes a VIP table, and some kind of drink or bottle.

  14. Lucie

    Does Hustler offer packages at the door that include admin, drinks and a dance? Could someone get a $100 package for an hour or so of fun? It would be late at night (early morning) stop on a bar hop night? Mid week – if it makes a difference.

  15. AMANDA

    Rip off shit hole. Men were skinny and couldn’t dance, woman not much better. The dick ride coolest thing about the place didn’t work. They wouldn’t honor drink tickets that cost me $30 and margarita tastes like shit. When I talked to manager about honoring the tickets he was a complete and total asshole and walked off while talking to him. Very disappointed in club, felt ripped off and fucked over. Ruined my first night in Vegas



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