Legends Room – Las Vegas’ First Bitcoin Strip Club – CLOSED

  • IN A NUTSHELL: Legends Room has closed as of May 2018.
  • GRADE OF DANCER: Average to fine. A variety of types.
  • SPW: 50-80%
  • 3750 Valley View Blvd (at Twain)
  • PHONE: 702-824-7176
  • HOURS: 6 pm - 6 am daily
  • TOPLESS OR NUDE: Topless
  • COVER CHARGE: $45 (free if you arrive by free club limo); locals w/NV ID free
  • FULL BAR: Yes
  • LAP DANCES: In nonmembers area $20; in curtained booth 15 min/150 (+2 drinks); 30 min/300(+2 drinks); 60 min/600 (+2 drinks)

Cryptocurrency Users Get 20% Off Admission, Drinks and Dances

Legends Room Las Vegas stripper

Mandy Dances at Legends Room

The Legends Room is Las Vegas’  first cryptocurrency strip club.  If you’re currently into bitcoin or ethereum and you’ve been wondering where you can spend some of your massive profits, Legends Room is the place.  But it’s also an excellent club for the crypto-curious or for any guy who’s in the mood for getting turned on. [Note:  Legends Room has closed as of May 2018.  Will post on any prospects of it reopening.]

Legends Room not only accepts bitcoin, ethereum and LGD (the Legends Room cryptocurrency) for all club products and services from drinks to lap and VIP dances, it also features benefits for LGD token users. LGD users receive a 20% discount on all purchases.  You can purchase LGD tokens at the club with cash or credit cards (starting at a single token) to take advantage of the discount.  There’s no transaction fee for exchanging cash or other cryptocurrencies for LGD tokens.

If you’re new to cryptocurrencies, don’t worry.  The club will help you download a free app onto your phone for storing LGD tokens.  It was easy even for a technical dummy like me.  You can spend the tokens on dances, tips or drinks by simply waving your phone over a dancer’s or waitress’s temporary tattoo.  Welcome to Vegas in the 21st century.

The front half of the club is open to the public and accepts credit cards, cash, and cryptocurrencies. There’s a bar, a large central stage that’s the perfect height for guys who like to sit on the rail, and small private rooms for VIP dances, with opaque curtains you can draw across the door. Lap dances are $20, and private room dances start at $150 (+ 2 drinks) for 15 minutes.  A 30-minute private dance is $300 plus two drinks, and a 60-minute dance is $600 plus two drinks.  That’s a deal in Las Vegas—both for the price and low bar tab—and it’s an even better deal at $120/$240/$480 (20% off) if you pay for the dance with LGD tokens.  See our complete Vegas strip club VIP room price listings to learn what a good deal this is.

A domestic beer is $10, or $8 with LGD tokens.  Again, this is a deal for a major Vegas topless club.  Other clubs are charging as much as $18 for a domestic beer right now.

There are large HD screens located strategically throughout the public area of the club for sports-viewing parties and the like. Legends Room is going all out for these kinds of special events with drink deals, free food, and UFC and porn stars hosting events.

Pro Tip:  Whether you’re into cryptocurrencies or not, take a few seconds and buy some LGD tokens when you arrive at the club.  There’s no transaction fee and it gets you a 20% discount on everything you buy there.  A no-brainer.  (Note:  There is a 10% transaction fee for converting LGD tokens back to cash when you leave, so buy only what you need or save for your next trip.)

The Legends Room Members’ Area

Legends Room Vegas has Only Private VIP Rooms

Legends Room Private VIP Room

The back half of the club is reserved for members only.  The members’ area has its own bar and stage, larger HD screens for sports-viewing parties, plus a much larger and plusher VIP area with about 20 private rooms, each with an opaque-curtained doorway and each furnished with a video monitor, sofa and chair. Dance prices in these luxurious members-only rooms are the same as for the smaller private rooms in the non-members area.

LGD tokens are the only currency you can use in the members’ area.  You can get a membership by purchasing 5000 LGD tokens at the Legends Room website. These LGD tokens get you into the members’ area and can be spent on drinks and dances throughout the club.  Plus, again, they get you a discount on all goods and services at the club.

You must maintain holdings of at least 5000 LGD tokens to remain a member.  LGD tokens may go up in value and buy a lot more drinks and dances by the time you sell them or use them (they may also buy less, so do your own due diligence).  You can also rent a membership for the night at the door.  The price at the door has varied from $75 on a recent Saturday night to the market price when a major special event is going on.

The club was packed with cryptocurrency millionaires from around the country for Mayweather-McGregor and intends to show all MNF games, Thursday and Sunday night NFL games, UFC fights, boxing matches, and other PPV events. Over a thousand memberships have been sold already, many to UFC stars including UFC Hall-of-Famer Stephan Bonnar, so UFC viewing parties in the members’ area are likely to be fun.

Membership is a way of getting special benefits as a customer of the club while potentially profiting from the club’s success through appreciation of the value of LGD.

Legends Room is Plush and Dark, with a Sumptuous Man-Cave Feel

Is Legends Room worth going to if you’re not already into cryptocurrencies?  The private dance prices are a deal.  And the club has a sensual, masculine feel that I like—high style, yet somebody smart paid attention to comfort.

It’s newly refurbished in browns and blacks, richly textured in glass and leather and suede, and perhaps the darkest club in Vegas (much darker than the photos on this page, as we had to light the club to get the pics). That’s nice for relaxing with a girl in your lap.  Another particularly nice touch is the leather and suede sofas—so nice to sink into—and, in the members’ area, the big black leather easy chairs with full backs and padded arm rests.

The club has had only a few dancers at peak hours on a recent visit.

The Porn Stars of Legends Room

Legends Room also features porn stars for special appearances in the club.  So far I’ve seen Tasha Reign, Jesse Jane, London Keyes, Kenna James, Rachel Starr, Kat Dior, Edyn Blair, and Brenna Sparks.

All of the porn stars dance on stage and all are available for VIP dances in both the main room and members’ area.

Another fun thing about this club is some of the unusual acts.  For example, one of the club’s lap dancers is a beautiful blue-eyed blonde acrobat fresh from the Russian circus.  She does a topless sword-balancing act on stage that is both sexy and awe-inspiring.  I can tell you the dollars were flying for her.

Cover charge is $45 for non-NV residents and free for locals, but out-of-towners can get free admission by calling for the free club limo at 702-824-7176.

Other Vegas Strip Clubs You May Enjoy

Sapphire (club website) offers busty, long-legged beauties by the hundreds (400+ during peak evening hours). This elegant club is a babe bacchanal, with the wildest lap dance scene in town.

Treasures (club website) is the most luxurious of the high-mileage Vegas topless clubs, populated with stacked 9s and 10s who know how to pamper a man.

Legends Room Photo Gallery

Below are photos of Legends Room and some of its dancers so you can get a better feel for the club’s style and comfort.  All photos by Hew Burney.  Click to enlarge.

10 Responses to “Legends Room – Las Vegas’ First Bitcoin Strip Club – CLOSED”

  1. Jack

    Has this place been verified as being closed? Website it still up. I wanted to check it out and spend some crypto if it’s still open. Arnold?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jack, it’s closed as of right now. I believe the owners are doing some rethinking of what they’re doing with the club (it’s a nice property), so it may reopen as more of a nightclub. I’m keeping an eye on it.

      In the meantime, the owners have a piece of the Hyde Nightclub at Bellagio for Legends Room members only. You can spend crypto there. Here’s the website: More Las Vegas.

  2. Frank

    Legends has closed. I really liked that place. I wish they would’ve been able to make it. Just not enough business. The owners have now opened a crypto club inside the Bellagio.

  3. Frank

    I went to Legend’s back in March. The club is super nice. It was on a Wednesday night and it was really dead. They don’t open until 9pm now and are closed Sundays and Mondays. Looks like they are struggling a bit to get business but I really liked everyone that worked there. Everyone was super friendly and though there weren’t many girls they were high quality. I’ll definitely go back and hope they take off. The good thing about it being dead the night i went was I got all the attention. 🙂

  4. shaplappy

    Best place in Vegas to spend your hard earned crypto.
    Top-tier services, with ahead of the game services.
    The only place for any BTC millionaire or as we call are selves, the 150 BTC club.

  5. John

    I happened to be in Vegas last week and spent some time at Legends Room. Arnold, your description is spot on. The place is really high end and everything is first rate. That being said, I was there on Tuesday night and it was VERY slow. Went back on Friday and it was definitely much busier. I would also mention that the management, staff and dancers are all very friendly and accommodating. They go above and beyond to make sure you have a great time. My guess is they will build a good following quickly. If you’re looking for a wild scene during the week, this is not the place for you…yet. But if you want an upscale experience with great service it might be right for you – it was for me.

  6. Tim

    The reviews for this place are really strong. If you rent a memebership do you get 50% off services? Also, how is this place during the week?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tim. If you rent a membership you get access to the membership area, which has bigger private VIPs, big leather easy chairs for watching the stage instead of traditional strip club chairs, and a lot more time with the resident porn stars.

      If you convert the money you intend to spend in the club (cash or using your credit card) into LGD tokens, you get a 20% discount on everything you buy. So, renting a membership for the night would be $52 instead of $65, a beer would be $8 instead of $10, a lap dance would be $16 instead of $20. A 15-minute private-room dance would be $120 instead of $150, and so on.

      The club’s members tend to hit the place most on the weekends, so that’s when the porn stars and guest DJs are there. That’s also when the club has the most of their other dancers showing up.

      Right now on week nights the club is still building a customer base. So you might find only a handful of dancers and customers in the club. I’ll check week nights out again soon.



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