Little Darlings Las Vegas – Review

  • IN A NUTSHELL: More dancers than at most of the clubs that admit guys at age 18, but the hustle over lap dance prices is higher
  • GRADE OF DANCER: Mostly average, some fine, some very fine
  • SPW: 70+%
  • 1514 Western Ave, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: 702-366-1141
  • HOURS: Mon – Sat 11 am – 6 am, Sun 6 pm – 4 am
  • VALET PARKING: Yes; dark industrial neighborhood, but within well-lit, high-traffic area
  • COVER CHARGE: Out-of-towners $35, locals free
  • FULL BAR: No alcohol served, soft drinks only
  • FOOD: No
  • LAP DANCES: Nude lap dance: Officially $20, but most dancers charge $30-$40; nude private room shows 15 minutes/$125; half-hour/$250, full hour/$400, but again, most dancers charge more

little-darlings-vegas-dancer-roxi-2-medbLittle Darlings is part of the Déjà Vu chain. The main stage here is a big three-pole affair, well-lit, where a good dancer can really move.  Because it’s a no-alcohol club, many of the dancers are under 21.

There’s rarely much lag time between dancers. On a typical set, a dancer starts out in a skimpy outfit and gets topless not long into the first song. She performs most of the second song nude. Most dancers do a lot of floor work on the second song, concentrating their teasing on the guys on the rail and tipping.

The mini-stage in the back of the room is good for guys who like to sit on the rail and watch dancers close up. The stage is small enough that the dancer is automatically close to every guy sitting on the rail, and because there are fewer rail seats, tippers get more attention than from dancers on the main stage. You won’t see the same high-energy pole dancing on this stage that you’ll see on the main stage, but the floor work is as close-up as it gets.

Little Darlings Private Dance Prices

Little Darlings and Talk of the Town (club review) are the only strip clubs in Las Vegas in which every lap dance is supposed to be fully nude.  At Little Darlings, a lap dance is supposed to be $20, and it takes place in an open-doored cubicle.  At Talk of the Town, a lap dance is only $10, but it takes place on the main club floor.

At Little Darlings, although the official price of a lap dance is $20, it’s difficult to find a dancer who will actually accept that price.  Most dancers quote a price of $30 or $40.  Or, if they quote a price of $20, they will suddenly let you know on your way to the room that the $20 doesn’t include touching.  Or it doesn’t include full nudity.

Even when you think you’ve got an agreement to spend $30 or $40, the dancer may start talking about extra charges for touching, or to remove their bottoms.  It’s like buying health insurance, and then arriving at the hospital and finding out it doesn’t cover anything important.

Little Darlings also advertises 15-, 30- and 60-minute private room dances.  The private rooms have open doorways, but the traffic in the hallway is low. The official prices are $125, $250 and $400 respectively, but again, most dancers won’t accept those prices.

Little Darlings Drink Prices

There used to be a cover charge for drinks at the door, but that has now been eliminated.  Buy whatever soft drinks you want at prices ranging from $4 to $20 (be sure to ask the price of the drink in advance, to avoid unpleasant surprises for energy drinks and the like).

If you can live without booze and can deal with the hustle over dance prices, Little Darlings usually has a number of attractive dancers at peak hours.

Other Vegas Strip Clubs You May Enjoy

Palomino Club–the only Vegas strip club with both a full bar and nude dancers–features the wildest stage show in town. Gorgeous dancers and $6 draft beers. 100+ dancers


104 Responses to “Little Darlings Las Vegas – Review”

  1. Steve

    Do those new private rooms with doors qualify for half price during happy hour? That would be a great deal.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Unfortunately, the club has ended the half-price happy hour deal on the rooms.

  2. Ras

    Busy weekend night and your taxi is already gone–you’re pretty much at their mercy unless you want to turn around and wait outside. Definitely could’ve just been a couple of doormen gaming the situation (he did refer with another guy)–cover was also bumped to $44.

  3. Ras

    They just said the coupon was no longer accepted–never even asked whether we came in our own car or not. These were the guys working the metal detector/door, not the guys at the cab stand outside.

    We did go in and paid $44 per person.

  4. Steve

    Thanks for all the work on this Arnold. We are renting a car in town and plan to drive to each club, including LD. I see they have a free admission coupon good for the whole week of your birthday, hopefully they still honor that as it will be my birthday week when we’re in town.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Unfortunately, the birthday free admission coupon is about to be removed from the website.

  5. Alex

    What a disappointing my friend with this club my friend. I went to this club last Saturday March-14th based on your review . I printed the birthday pass they have on their website to take my wife there for her birthday and took a picture of your free pass. I arrived there before 10PM and the first thing they told me was that they were not accepting any type of promotion because the club was under new management. First, there was a black guy and an Asian kind of looking guy at the entry desk who tried to charge me $44.00 per person and when I told them that everywhere says that the cover charge is $33.00, they accepted the $33.00, so I was already there and didn’t want to ruin my wife’s birthday. Second, I was greeted by “Phil” (the manager or owner – I didn’t ask him) who offered me a $120.00 private red couch for the whole night – again their website was promoting the same couch for $100.00, so he came up with the same excuse that the new management had increased the price and the website needed to be updated, but he honored the $100.00 charge. Third, most girls where either extremely skinny or overweight, except a few of them like “Daniel” ( a white girl with a nice ass ) . Fourth, I asked Daniel for a private VIP dancing for my wife and I just wanted to watch and she told me that the “new management” requires that I pay $125.00 as well even for watching (this is not the case at Palomino) So, I decided not pay for more shit and left the club at around 1:00AM – The club was almost empty at that time, yes, on a Saturday night at 1:00AM. Lesson learned.
    I still appreciate what you’re doing here and I had a great time at the Palamino club, which I went to also based on your recommendation.

    • Alex

      Thanks Arnold for your prompt response and kindness!

      I knew that by arriving in a cab I was not going to be able to use your coupon – I tried anyway. But, the coupon they have in their website for birthday celebrations only requires that you get there before 10:00PM, So, because we had dinner at a restaurant called “Lindo Michoacan” on Dessert Inn I believe, we took a cab to make it there on time. As I said, I feel like those guys at the door were trying to make some money out of me and probably not report it to the owners – I read in one of your previous post that they were going to honor whatever is in their website until taken down but that wasn’t the case in my experience.

      Phil is the guy with a long beard that was in charge that night. He was probably trying to make some money out of me as well trying to charge me $120.00 for the sofa and $250.00 ($125 x 2) for a VIP dance. I can tell you that the girls I talked to about it were not happy with that ’cause they didn’t care about me watching – they just wanted to make some money because the night was very slow.

      Yes, it was slow when I left and I can tell you that half of the red sofas never got filled as well as many seats close to me – I was on the far right side of the club.

      Like I mentioned before, I got there before 10:00PM and the girls that were dancing at that time were way too naturally skinny, but anyway, like you said they are fine and the girls were not my concern.

      Arnold, I had $600.00 with me to spend that night with my girl and they did nothing to make me spend it, except “Alicia” ( the waitress) who was extremely nice and always on top of everything.

      If I’m a guy with a gal and we pay $100.00 for a sofa and ordered a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne (that’s all we could ordered) don’t you think they were supposed to be smart enough to know that I was there to spend some money instead of trying to rip me trying to charge me extra for everything?

      Thanks again and I’ll get back to you soon on my review of Palomino.


      • Arnold Snyder

        Alex, thank you for this update.

        In my opinion, the club blew it with a potential good customer. I am sorry that happened to you.

    • Jose

      Me and my wife just visited LD last night and we did a couples lap dance and were charged 20 per person I thought that was normal I should of done my research

  6. Steve

    Thanks for staying on top of things Arnold. Alex’s report that he was asked to pay double for VIP concerns me because my GF and I intend to do the exact same thing. But I won’t pay double.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Steve, the club price is supposed to be based on the dancer’s time, not the number of guests in the room. I’d find another dancer.

      • Alex

        Arnold, the dancers wanted to honor the $125.00 price which was on my table, but Phil told them and told ME in my face that if they allowed me in the room, then they had to charge me as well.

  7. Alex

    If the general manager wants to confirm what I’m saying, they can talk to Daniel or a girl that goes by Coconut and they we’ll tell him that they couldn’t dance for us because I was not in agreement to pay $125.00 for only watching – I had been fair if I had sent my wife first for 15 minutes and myself afterwards for another 15 minutes (don’t you think?)

    • Arnold Snyder

      Alex, I’m sorry you weren’t treated properly. I am monitoring the situation, and may have to change my review of the club.

  8. Alex

    Arnold, you may be changing your review soon if they continue with this bad practice. Go here –> and see all the reviews for this year including mine.
    They currently have a 2.5 rating on
    It’s a shame that a place with so much to offer is doing all these type of things to tourists and even local clients. Perhaps, the owners don’t really know what’s going on there and those working there don’t give a shit about the destiny of the club. If I had been treated differently, I’m pretty sure I had had a great time there – Coconut even gave me a tour of the place and I saw how nice the VIP area is.

  9. Derek

    Hi Arnold myself and wife are traveling to Vegas from over seas in April and she is keen to experience her first lap dance, little darlings seem to be couple/female friendly club, are there any dancers at darlings more experienced towards females/couples

  10. Arnold Snyder

    Derek, sit on the rail, have your wife tip the dancers on stage (it can be a modest amount) and watch how the dancers react to her.

    You will quickly find an excellent choice that appeals to your wife.

    If you’re at a table together instead of the rail, any dancer who approaches you will be up for entertaining you as a couple.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Arnold for speedy reply, great website, full of excellent information especially for first timers or out of towners.

  11. Steve

    Derek, you will be there a bit before we will so I expect a full report please 🙂

  12. TJ

    First timer here planning visit for myself and wife – what’s a decent tip on a $125 private dance?

  13. Aaron

    I’m not sure why, but they would not accept the coupon for the $13 admission for non-locals tonight. Kind of bothered me, as I was already skeptical about going based on recent terrible reviews on yelp and other sites.

    The girls were great and the dance prices were worth every penny, but pulling that bait and switch bullshit just leaves a sour taste in your mouth that ensures I wont go back.

  14. Jimmy

    The last few times I’ve tried to view their stage cam it’s been down. Maybe it’s a technical glitch or maybe they don’t offer it anymore. That would be a shame.

  15. Jimmy

    As Arnold said above Little Darlings took down their cam but the link he provided has cams for other clubs (not in Vegas). Those work fine.

  16. Anonymous

    FYI, the header for the section called “Free Limo, Free Admission, No Strings Attached” needs to be updated from Free Admission to Discount Admission. You updated the content below, but left the header alone.

  17. Andrew

    Hi Arnold,

    Thanks for all your hard work, must be a tough gig to review strip clubs, I will be traveling to the US for my first time in May and Vegas is my second stop, as somewhat of a connoisseur to adult entertainment in my home country I am surprised at the many differences to the strips clubs in your fine country.

    Thankfully I have learnt a lot from your reviews and survival guides.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jeff, there may not be a cab waiting, but one of the guys at the door will call you a cab. LD is on strip club row, so one would be there in a minute.

  18. lvchulo

    Great site! Here is my recent experience, Came her on April 14th (tuesday). They were still doing the blue light special 2 for 1 dances about once per hour, but not offering 2for1’s beyond that And just like they always do, the girls were quoting $40 for the 2 for 1’s. When it wasn’t 2 for 1, I would still get quoted $30, $40, & 1 girl even quoted $60 per song with touching, none said $20. This place is a headache to deal with. It totally kills the mood when you start walking back to get a dance and she rambles off some wild price structure that doesn’t adhere to the posted prices, and it’s never a good idea to haggle over a dance.
    Furthermore I was quoted by a few dancers that the $125 15min was the club price, but each of them said they have to charge on top of that for themselves, one said $50 more the other said $75 more. These girls think were all stupid, I declined everyone of them. The best price I got was 15 min for $150 from the older Jackie dancer, even she wouldn’t honor the $125. This place has not changed… until mgmt cuts the games out of the girl’s pricing, I’ll stick with Palomino.

  19. VegasGuy

    Great website Arnold! Love all the info. Quick question… so it sounds like you have to pay extra ($30) for touching during a lap dance. what about the 15min and 30 min private room sessions? Do you have to pay extra for touching in those? Or is it included in the price?

    • Arnold Snyder

      In the current environment at this club, I strongly recommend you read How to Negotiate Prices in Vegas Strip Clubs. When a dancer offers you a dance, and you would like to take her up on it, your answer should be, “Would the price be the official club price of $X?”

      This is one of those rare situations in bargaining where it is definitely to your benefit to be the first to name the price. If she says, “Would you like a private dance?” and you say, “How much?” she may quote you the moon. Now your starting price for negotiations is the moon.

      Remember that the vice index shows that spending on things like gambling, booze and sex is at its lowest point in years. You have some real bargaining power as a customer.

  20. DallasGuy

    I was at this club on Monday. After being there for about an hour or so I was approached by one lady who offered me a lap dance fo 40 (which I know was wrong) or she offered to ‘to play with my wee-wee until I came real good for 200. I said no to both. I actually told the manager at the door as I was sure he valued staying in business.

  21. Rob

    Worse strip club experience ever. This club was pathetic and seems very shady. Went last night with a few friends. Called to get the shuttle and all was good. Vinny picked us up and we went over there. I showed them the coupon and was told it was for VIP entry and it wasn’t $15 to get in but rather $54. It was the normal $35 plus he $15 VIP but they didn’t have the computer set up for the coupon and it was $19 for the VIP and we got a drink. But the VIP got us a 2-for-1 dance and access to the other clubs. Also a BIG note is that little darlings shuttle service is only for pick up and not round trip. Rick the manager said that they only honor what is on their website and all the other websites are just BS and don’t mean shit. Well that is where it all started down hill. We go in and blaze comes around. I let her know I have the 2-1 coupon and we go to the back. She says for touching and in the back room it will be $40. I oblige since there are signs everywhere if you are charged more to see a manager. So I get done and it was a wonderful dance and would have tipped her nicely if I didn’t feel scammed. I get Rick the club manager and he comes talks to me and gets the situation cleared up. The VIP 2-1 is for participating dancers only even though they don’t let you know that at the door when they are upselling it. Rick said you have to ask the dancer to make sure they accept. They should at least let you know that. Rick did at least make it right by giving me $20 back. My friend had two other dancers come over but neither of them were accepting the VIP coupon either. We finally found one and then our group decided to move on from this place.

    This is where the night finally started going in the right direction. It just took us leaving little darlings and I will never step foot in that strip club again. The night before we went to sapphire and the roundtrip service was perfect and got us in free no strings attached.

    That is my overall review and I would recommend sapphire way over little darlings. This new management is horrible.

  22. Rob

    Thanks for the response. Amanda was working the door. I just wanted to put this out as an fyi to others. Little darlings dropped the ball big time in my opinion.

  23. Anonymous

    Another bit of housekeeping… The coupon on this page says $13, but the same one on the home page says $15. I am assuming the $15 is current.

  24. DallasGuy

    After reading all of this it sounds like a place to stay as far away as possible.

  25. Wayne

    I went on Tuesday 5/5. I didn’t have any issues at the front desk getting the coupon accepted. I was, however, disappointed in the high hustle factor. About half the dancers were pushing the higher rate of $40. I fully understand why the dancers are trying to get more, but it also feels like the management is saying it is $20 while turning a blind eye to reality. Besides the higher price option “for touching”, I also had a disturbing issue when I went back for a dance. The first thing she asked me back there was if I was police. This led to the inevitable, “Do you want a girl for your hotel room?” Yikes, and no thanks. I had been looking forward to this visit, but I was disappointed and only stayed for a couple of hours. I don’t know if the behavior caused the management change, or is a result of the change. Either way, they need to straighten up their act.

  26. Jim

    Went on 5/19/15 and it was a VERY BAD showing. The front desk gives you BS about the coupon, trying to get you to pay more even when you take their limo. We got her to let us pay the $15 in the end but still annoying.

    There were only MAYBE 4 girls working. They would rarely get fully naked when they were on stage and about 50% of the time the stage was empty. Place is a joke. Maybe its better on the weekends when there are more girls, but I definitely do not recommend. Go elsewhere.

  27. Scott

    Is 7pm during the week an OK time to go here solo? Not looking for a crazy experience but I do want to see dancers on stage and in my lap.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Scott, at 7 pm on a weekday you’d usually see roughly 8 to 12 dancers, mostly average. There is usually someone on stage, with a few minutes gap between dancers.

      There would usually be other customers there but you’ll get a lot of attention for modest tips if you sit on the rail.

  28. Graham

    Went to this club last night. Took the free limo which took over 45 minutes to pick me up, and upon arrival was word a cover charge of $44. I showed them the coupon off your site and they let me in for $15, but said the two for one deal was handled by the dancers and not the front.

    I barely had a drink in hand when I got pounced on. I’m a shy guy and I was able to fend off the first one hoping to get comfortable before thinking about getting a dance. As soon as I sat down however I had another girl in my lap who reddit not take no for an answer.

    She was cute and once I got over the initial discomfort I decided to get a lapdance. She instead lead me to the VIP area and started the hard sell for a 15-30 minute private dance and quoted me double the listed price. Unable to remove myself I agreed to her persuasive argument and got the dance.

    The dance itself was great, lots of grinding and touching and a lot of fun, but the feeling I was being ripped off put a damper on things. After I declined extending the dance further she asked if I wanted her to bring in her friend to give me a happy ending, which I also declined. With tip the dance cost me $300.

    After turning down the extension I was finally able to get away and talk to the front of house staff about it. They confirmed the correct price then after I pointed out the dancer they pulled her into the office for a chat and refunded me the extra $125.

    The overall experience was nice but the girl I got stuck with was shady as hell. I would certainly go back next time I’m in town but I would be much more assertive about the prices and not allow myself to get nabbed.

  29. Jim

    I am heading out to Vegas in a few weeks and I know that my buddy I’m traveling with really wants to hit up a strip club. I was reading all the comments on the site (great site BTW) and people seem to be having bad experiences at LD. I’m used to West Virginia strip clubs where they get fully nude and serve alcohol. I don’t much care if they have booze or not, it’s the women that make it good lol.

    That being said, what is considered “touching”? In WV, the dancers typically touch you a bit…head, chest, etc…but stay away from the no no places, but you aren’t allowed to touch the dancers at all. So I wasn’t sure if when you payed extra for touching if that meant they would get more handsy with me or I’d get to touch the dancers.

  30. Arnold Snyder

    Touching goes both ways in the Vegas strip clubs. For a thorough understanding, read all of the articles listed in the left sidebar under the heading “LAP DANCE AFICIONADO.” Then, under the heading “STRIP CLUB SURVIVAL GUIDE” read the articles on Strip Club Law and Strip Club Etiquette. Then, you’ll be a Vegas strip club pro.

  31. John

    Does the limo also take you back to your hotel? Or do you have to make your own way?

  32. Danielle

    Hey my name is Danielle. I’m 17 in a couple if months I will be 18, so I was wondering how do I audition to become a dancer at your club. Like what things do I need? What type of outfit to bring stuff like that’s. So please let me know Thanks so much

  33. James

    Hi Arnold,
    I was wondering what time of day on a Monday the club would be at its most lively, and how many girls there would be? I assume Sapphire & Rhino have tons of girls pretty much every night – are these other clubs going to feel “dead” on non-weekend nights?

  34. Arnold Snyder

    James: Monday night at Little Darlings is one of the deader nights. On weekday nights, your best bets are Sapphire, Palomino Club, or Spearmint Rhino–always an abundance of first-rate dancers at each.

    • Greg

      Hi Arnold. I am also interested to know what you find out about Monday nights. I’ll be there with my wife around midnight and hope to have a successful first time couple’s experience there. We are still discussing what to expect, so more information is better than less!!!

  35. Rick

    Just got back from here. Took the wife as she’s never been to a full nude place nor had a lap dance. Used the limo service, which was very convenient.

    They gave us the entry price with the coupon.

    Place is nice, clean and not sleezey. Great for a woman. However, the girls sucked. We sat not far from the main stage and had NOT ONE girl come by. We moved back and still nothing. One of the guys working there tried to help. Wife asked for a girl who is a little shy. This girl was more than shy. First week on the job as well. She left and the guy asked what he could do then ran off. Still no attention from the girls. They were standing around waiting but nobody ever stopped by. We finallc left. I mentioned it was horrible experience because the girls didn’t seem to want to work. The guy tooK me to the office to tell the owner. They were apologetic but no offer to refund our cover–he told me to cal, hI’m if I came back. We told him we live in FL so not likely we’d be back.

    Too bad this place sucked. It’s a really nice place. The girls just sucked.

  36. James

    So, I had gone to LD last night after much convincing and I have to say that I had a decent time, but was also very disappointed. Some of the girls there are sexy, but each one that came up to me and took me back was basically asking me to empty my wallet for her. Now I’m only in Vegas for a few days for my 21st birthday, and I figured I’d never get this kind of opportunity again. I had saved up my winnings from gambling and decided to treat myself. I spent nearly all I had on me which was a decent amount. I never paid $20 for a dance. It was always more, and it seemed that once I got done with a dance, I’d be brought back again. I’ll admit I was excited and am still new to this, but I keep feeling like I was ripped off big time. I paid $125+ and didn’t even get into a “private room” or have at least 15 minutes.

  37. TJ

    Went to LD last night 8/5/15. Spent a while at the stage, watched and tipped. There were some good performances.

    I’ve been an OG regular for a long time (10+ years) and am looking for something new in case the new management makes the place worse instead of better. There are a few girls there that I like so I keep coming back and I know the place so I don’t put up with being hustled. However, the first dance I had at LD the girl told me it was $20, then when we got back to the private couch she told me it was another $20 for her bottom to come off. I declined. Finished the one dance and done. Her name was Angel. And yeah, I get it, they can charge whatever they want, but I don’t appreciate the bait and switch on the couch. The girl also had no understanding of what slow and sensual means. I felt like I had a floor buffer on top of me.

    Gabriella told me up front her dances were $40 and I asked why since a dance was supposed to be $20? She said she was worth it. I declined but with a smile and told her to look me up later. She was quite the looker, though.

    Sage was sweet but when I did the 15 for $125 she took me to a couch instead of a bedroom. Decent dancing, just a little too young for my taste.

    Now the highlight. I think you have her picture in your review as Tori, but I’m sure it is the same dancer and she is now going by Victoria. Lovely, funny, talkative and good non-verbal communication. She came to my table, sat on my lap, put my right hand on one boob and squeezed it. So we were off (to the bedroom this time) for another 15 min. She gets it, the experience was great, and I’ll be back for her.

    Club staff was okay. Just the hustle from some of the dancers is something I’d rather not have to deal with. At least Gabriella was honest about it up front and I could decline before getting to the VIP area. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a nude club with no alcohol. Didn’t really miss the booze because there were a lot of other nice looking distractions and it does take another hustle factor off the table (overpriced drinks).

  38. Jimmy

    Thanks for the review. My girlfriend and I have been there a few times and will be back the first week in September. It’s usually a good time. I agree, the bait and switch AFTER you get to the couch is b.s. Tell me up front what it will be and I’ll decide, saves us all time. We’ll have to look for Victoria 🙂

  39. Dave

    Was planning on going here with my girlfriend in a couple of weeks on a Wednesday night. On paper, it seems like a perfect place. Young and fit dancers, nice venue, young and fit dancers. All the stories about poor service and dancers ripping people off are really putting me off going though. I’m coming from England for my birthday and have been planning the trip for a year. I really don’t want bad experiences to put a downer on the trip. Is this place worth the risk, or would you recommend a different club for a breezier experience?

    • Arnold Snyder

      The hustle factor may be getting out of hand at this club. I’ve been spending more time at Palomino Club and Sapphire lately, and those are the clubs I take friends to.

  40. Dave

    That’s really helpful, thank you. One more query if you don’t mind… We were planning to go to two, one big one like Sapphire/Rhinos probably on my birthday (Saturday) and then through the week a smaller one like Darlings. We were thinking Darlings on Wednesday for Amateur night. Is this a good idea, or is better to hit the smaller club at the weekend for a better time, and the bigger club through the week as it’ll probs still be busy enough to have a good time on a week day? Is there a club you’d recommend for someone’s birthday or do none of them offer anything special?

    Thanks again, I really appreciate your advice.

  41. Arnold Snyder

    DAVE: I’d advise doing the smaller club on the weekend when dancer selection will be better, and the bigger club midweek. I’d recommend Palomino Club for the smaller club (60-70 dancers on the weekend, as opposed to 400 at Sapphire).

  42. jimmy

    Agree with Arnold, the smaller clubs can be pretty dead on weeknights but the big clubs will always have a nice selection.

    LD’s young dancers are definitely not jaded but some are very green and inexperienced and that can be a factor in private.

  43. Anonymous

    Can you give recommendations for any other 18+ strip clubs besides Little Darlings? Looking to go to multiple clubs.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Anonymous: The only other clubs that allow customers to be 18+ that I would recommend are Talk of the Town and Diamond Cabaret. You’ll find my reviews under Nude Clubs.

      Talk of the Town is a little hole-in-the-wall nude club that has $10 nude lap dances in curtained private rooms and most of the dancers are pretty cute. Small stage, but friendly and relaxed, no hardsell, no hustle.

      Diamond Cabaret will have about a dozen dancers on duty, usually all of them very attractive, but this club is more about private dances–there is only a token stage show. Be prepared to negotiate over private dance prices if you come here.

  44. jimmy

    My girlfriend and I are in town and we were planning to go to Palamino but there was some question about the cover charge (which Arnold has cleared up) so we went to Little Darlings tonight. We were there about 2.5 hours and the place wasn’t very busy but there were a lot of girls. We sat at the rail. My girlfriend got a lot more attention than I did lol. A couple of dancers were all over her. The blue light goes on about every half hour or so, 2 for 1 lappers.

  45. Anonymous

    Visited today. The prices appeared to be different. The girl told me that the $ 20 dance was no contact. Told me that I could get a three song, full contact dance on a bed (those are used when there aren’t many people) for $120. Since I don’t do this often, I figured I’d give it a chance. When we got there, she said to ignore the prices posted (which were the same as posted here) because they’re for no contact.

    Don’t get me wrong, she put on a good show. Now, if I could have gotten. 15 minutes with the same mileage instead of 3 songs, I’d have returned to LD sometime.

  46. Tj

    Arnold – does the coupon (this page) need to be printed, or can I am just show my phone at the door

  47. jimmy

    I used my phone last week. No problem. I told them we drove (we did). She questioned me a little about that but we got in for the coupon price.

  48. Anonymous

    Shout out to Tessa. Didn’t ask me for a dance, just kept me entertained by having a long conversation with her.

    • Mike

      Tessa is an awesome entertainer, definitely created a lifetime memory. Both wife and I enjoyed it immensely. I believe my wife enjoyed her as much as me.

  49. Chris

    Visited LD on a Sunday night in September. $35 to get in. Two very sexy girls approached me as soon as I walked in. They gave me a tour of the joint and showed me the VIP-red couch area. They said they would both show me a good time for $1000. No way. They tried to make me feel guilty by asking if they weren’t pretty enough. I asked what I was paying for and they just said “fun”. Being the simple, superficial guy that I am, this caught my curiosity. I “bargained” the price down to $300 total for both, which basically ended up being a hands-on lap dance that lasted 5 minutes. I got hustled, fine. My own fault. I went back to the stage area to watch the show. A dancer named Elena (spelling? tallish, Latina) approached me and we immediately clicked after learning we shared nationalities. She showed me a great time with a few $20 dances. We had good conversations throughout the night. We went to the VIP to conclude the night. Good experience overall. The negative experience with the other 2 girls wasn’t enough to sour the night. Shout out to Elena.

  50. Wayne

    I noticed that Little Darlings is no longer one of “Snyder’s Picks”. Has it been downgraded due to the issues documented in this thread or because a sponsorship expired?

    Also, something weird is going on with the comments in this thread. Some from March and April are now appearing at the end after October.

    Could you consider adding a “last time reviewed” date for your reviews. It would be helpful to know how current they are, especially for some of the smaller clubs.

  51. Craig

    So what IS the LD coupon situation now? Used to be pretty prominent on this website, but can’t find one now. Did they withdraw it?

    • Arnold Snyder

      18-year-olds can work at Palomino Club, Talk of the Town, or here. You’d make the most money at Palomino Club because they have the biggest crowds and the best policies toward dancers–they don’t take a big percentage of the money you make from lap dances and VIP dances, for example, as Little Darlings does.

      Also, there is no requirement to hustle liquor, or anything like that.

      But Palomino is also the most competitive to get into.

  52. Anonymous

    Went this past weekend to LD with my husband. I had never been to a strip club before. Was a little overwhelming to the senses at first lol sat at the main stage for a while where my husband placed tips in front of me. Several of the girls are super skinny and others on the bigger side. Cover was 20.00 each (which was haggled over, they didn’t want to honor a coupon that the driver gave us, but finally did.)the two sodas (2 drink min) was another 8.00. My husband wanted me to get a lap dance. It took a while before we were given any attention. Finally two girls came over and sat on each of our laps. One had braces her name was Emory and looked really really young. I wasn’t into her, but there was a pretty cute blonde named Jamie. My husband was quoted 20.00 for me to have my own private lap dance (60.00 if he wanted to watch) needless to say I went back on my own. Again, a little in shock for my first time. She was cute and sweet but, way younger than what made me comfortable she had just turned 18. She touched me ALOT! And she placed my hands on her several times, she even put her hands inside my bra. When it was over I handed her the agreed upon amount and she said sorry it’s actually 40.00. The sign right in the room says tell mgmt if asked to pay More than 20. Which I did not do. I was still getting myself together after the experience and was still pretty buzzed from what I drank when we got there. It was a good experience don’t get me wrong just don’t like the shady hustling part of it. I also would prefer next time to at least be able to have a drink regardless of it being pricey. I think our next visit will be to Palominos as it sounds like overall better reviews.

  53. Chris

    Love your site, super detailed & informative. My comment: Little Darlings used to be a club where you could bring your own booze, leave it with the bartender, and then refill your drink at your leisure. Of course that magical arrangement had to stop!! Thanks for the info.

  54. Jimmy

    Arnold, it seems as if your opinion on LD’s has gone down. Is this mostly because of the lap dance prices? My girlfriend and I had a good time there last fall and will be in town again in a week and were planning to go back. But maybe we will consider other options. We enjoy nude and have never been to TOTT, how is that place for couples? One last thing, you used to have an online coupon here for LD but I don’t see that anymore. No longer available? Any other online coupons on this site (I don’t see any). Thank you. Jimmy

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jimmy, ever since a change in management at the club I’ve had problems with LD’s not honoring their posted admission price and not honoring coupons, in addition to the lap dance price issue.

      In my opinion, the club’s policies have also resulted in dancer quality issues.

      It’s still the best choice for guys under 21 who want a larger selection of dancers than you can get at TOTT, but for guys and couples over 21 I recommend Palomino Club as the best nude club in town.

      First and most important, they’ve got 80+ gorgeous dancers at peak hours and the most erotic stage show in Vegas. Their drink prices are a deal, with drafts at $6 and bottled beer starting at $8. They have a brand new VIP with all private booths for fully nude 30- and 60-minute private shows, with no bar tab requirement–another great deal.

      And you and your girlfriend can get free admission (a $60 savings for the two of you) just by calling for the free club limo.

      So, in summary, it’s a well-run full-nude club with good management, fantastic dancers, good mileage, a full bar, and the most erotic stage show in Vegas.

  55. Rick

    Arnold, what you recommend on a Thursday night at 10:30pm. I’ll be staying at the Wynn (I went to the Rhino last year). Is it worthwhile to travel to Palomino or should I go to Sapphire? Is the Rhino still good with the construction?

  56. Arnold Snyder

    Rick, Palomino is just minutes from Wynn, so that shouldn’t be a consideration.

    Both Palomino and Sapphire are terrific clubs. I go to them regularly myself, and take friends from out of town to both.

    I’d go to Palomino if you want a nude club with the best stage show in town. I’d go to Sapphire if you’re more deeply into a high-mileage lap dance scene.



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