*Live Burlesque in Las Vegas

  • IN A NUTSHELL: Amateurs performing the art of classic striptease and nailing every sidelong look and shimmy
  • Boomer's Bar
  • 3200 W Sirius Ave, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 368-1863
  • SHOWTIMES: First Saturday of each month 8:30 pm
  • TABLE RESERVATIONS: not needed
  • FULL BAR: Yes
Cha Cha Velour of Live Burlesque in Las Vegas

Cha Cha Velour

The best exotic dancers in the world are in the Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs and production shows. We’ve got sylph-like pole dancers, erotic floorwork, and stunning, athletic beauties on stage.

But the one thing I’ve always wished is that our exotic dancers better understood the art of tease.

Last night at Full Moon Burlesque, I saw dancers who understood to the nth degree how to bring tease home.

Full Moon Burlesque was this month’s performance of Live Burlesque in Las Vegas, Cha Cha Velour’s ever-changing, ever-improving troupe of students and devotees of the art of traditional striptease.

Some of the dancers in the show looked like they’d just stepped off the stage of a production show on the Strip.  Other dancers looked like my mother’s friends from church, but damn if it wasn’t exciting to see each of them nail the perfect sidelong look and shimmy right before the next garment dropped.

Lou Lou Roxy of Live Burlesque in Las Vegas

Lou Lou Roxy

Miss Boom Boom the stage kitten was a doll and a master of comic timing.  Lou Lou Roxy fit traditional burlesque moves into an aggressively modern, high energy,  and humorous routine.  She walloped her number.

The  Count of Monte Disco was a modern version of a classic burlesque baggy pants comedian/MC, and he kept the crowd laughing with bad jokes… Two guys walked into a bar.  That was dumb, because the second guy should have seen it coming, har har…

There was a sexy fan dance, a bodacious charleston, an erotic feather boa dance, and corsets and bustles galore.  There was lots of glitter up and down, and beautiful, elaborate coiffures and gowns.

I wish Las Vegas gentlemen’s club strippers would go take a class or two with Cha Cha.  I kept imagining how great it would be if some of my favorite strip club dancers would stop and throw me one of Cha Cha’s classic burlesque looks or moves.  Cha Cha’s doing great work keeping this important erotic art alive. I saw traditional burlesque in Detroit in the 60s. She gets every detail right.

In any case, this was an enjoyable show, great for couples.  Live Burlesque performs at 9 pm (cocktails at 8 pm) the last Saturday of every month in the Boom Boom Room of Boomer’s Bar and Grill at 3200 Sirius, in Las Vegas.  The Boom Boom Room holds an audience of about 100, and the January performance was standing-room only, so get there early.

For classes in classic burlesque, see Cha Cha Velour’s dance studio. Keep up to date on Live Burlesque in Las Vegas on Cha Cha’s Facebook page.


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