M Resort Daydream Pool Club – Review

  • IN A NUTSHELL: No longer topless, but nobody ever went topless here anyway.
  • ANEI: N/A
  • Daydream Pool Club
  • 12300 Las Vegas Blvd S, Henderson
  • PHONE: (702) 797-1808
  • HOURS: Sat/Sun only, 11 am - 6 pm
  • AMENITIES: Cabanas, day beds, full bar, food
  • CATEGORY: American/pasties

Daydream Pool is No Longer Topless, But Nobody Ever Went Topless Here Anyway

Daydream Pool is M Resort’s adult pool/party pool.  I went to check it out on a hot Saturday afternoon because I got the word that, like Sapphire’s Pool, Daydream allowed female guests to wear pasties instead of swimsuit tops. After visiting Sapphire, I had been hoping the idea would catch on and all the Vegas party pools would soon become topless-with-pasties.  From Vegas I hoped it would spread to L.A. and New York, and from there to the rest of the world.

It was late afternoon when I got there and the party was raging. The pool was filled with guests slamming beach balls around and enjoying the sunshine. There were lots of young people, lots of girls in bikinis, and the music was pounding.

But there wasn’t a single pair of pasties in sight. I walked the length of the pool and back to the bar, looking more carefully.  Nope.

Sadly, I went and talked to a staff person. I said I’d heard that Daydream was topless-with-pasties. The staff person verified that it was. [Note:  As of 2019, the pool officially requires tops.]  I asked if the pool had complimentary pasties available for the guests. He said yes, they were available for any female guests who wanted them, but that no one ever seemed to want them.

Now here’s the problem.  Nowhere on Daydream’s website is there any mention of the pool being topless, nor of pasties being available to guests.  And in the hundreds of photos of guests posted on the M Resort website, none of the females in the photos are wearing pasties.

Also, I saw not a single notice posted of pasties being allowed or available—not at the entry to the pool, not at the bar, and not at the towel station or anywhere else, and none of the female serving staff were wearing pasties.

So how would the female guests even be aware that pasties are allowed and available? Since this is not an amenity available at other Vegas party pools, it’s unlikely any guest would even inquire about it.

The Vegas Topless Pool So Secret that None of the Pool Guests Know About It

Right now it looks like M Resorts would like people to think they offer a topless pool, without actually overcoming their squeamishness about offering it. So they have a PR person out there talking up pasties, while nobody actually informs any of the guests about them.

There are still some dark and backwards corners in this town.

I’ll check this pool out again later this summer, but I doubt there will be many girls wearing pasties here unless the pool starts letting their guests in on the big secret.

There’s a live DJ, a drinking crowd, beach balls, daybeds, cabanas, a good bar food menu (burgers, wings, salads, etc.), and no kids allowed. Domestic beers are $5.50 and $6.50, imports $7.50, all available at a discount in buckets of five, with lots of tropical cocktails in the 12-$15 range. The Daydream party pool is only open on Saturday and Sunday.  It’s free for M Resort hotel guests, but $20 for all others, including locals.


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