Mandalay Bay’s Moorea Beach Club – Review

  • IN A NUTSHELL: A good topless scene, but overpriced for men. Check out Sapphire. This is usually the first topless pool to get going every spring, at least unofficially. I've seen people at the pool in parkas in March.
  • ANEI: 5.0
  • Moorea Beach Club
  • 3950 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 632-7777; (800) 632-7000
  • HOURS: Seasonal; 8 am – 5 pm or later
  • COVER CHARGE: All women free, all men $50
  • AMENITIES: Full bar, food, day beds, opium beds, massages, and pavilions are available; call for prices and reservations
  • CATEGORY: American-style topless

Mandalay Bay’s Moorea Beach Club is now open to the public, but it’ll cost you $50 to get in if you’re a guy, even if you’re staying at the hotel (all women are free).

Despite the high admission cost, on a hot weekend afternoon in the summer you’ll find the pool fairly crowded—maybe 100 guests on average, about half men and half women, mostly in their 20s and 30s. Perhaps a quarter of the female guests will be topless—relaxing in the long thin arc-shaped pool, sitting in one of the two spas, or sunning on the deck. On a typical day, half or more of the topless women would figure into the SGNC (stripper-grade nipple count). Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any titty-ball games here (no beach balls) or any other nipples in motion to speak of.

The music is the typical hip-hop/rock/house you hear at most nightclubs (and Vegas pools) these days. If you don’t rent a cabana or day bed, shade is hard to come by; you pretty much have to sit up by the bar if you want to get out of the sun. There’s a reasonably-priced sandwich/burger/wrap/salad menu.

The disadvantages of this pool for a strip-club aficionado are: 1) You can get a better show elsewhere, especially considering that 2) the admission price is so high. While I have definitely seen cute topless girls here, as well as quite a few more babes in bikinis, I object to the $50 admission fee for men. Thus, the CPN (cost per nipple) is high and that brings down the ANEI.

And they really ought to get some beach balls into that pool! This place is supposed to be hip and their pricing policy is definitely indicative of an American-style pool, yet they’ve never heard of titty ball? I also think they ought to make a few more umbrellas available out in the deck lounge areas. That Vegas sun is hot.

In any case, even if I had a room at Mandalay Bay, I probably wouldn’t pay fifty bucks to go to this pool, with so many better topless pools around for less.

4 Responses to “Mandalay Bay’s Moorea Beach Club – Review”

  1. Erik d

    Moorea beach remains itself post pandemic. I think it’s the most consistent topless pool in Vegas, rarely are you gonna have a blow you away day, big you are almost always going to have a good time and some descent eye candy to look at. Numerous topless women throughout the pool many 7-8s maybe a 9 here or there on a 1-10 scale,

  2. Erik d

    Nice change this year guys can get in free of admission if they agree to a chair with food and drink minimum 50 up top and 75 closer to the pool, I suspect it may be more on the weekends but I was there yesterday and was a good day. Plenty of tittles in their natural habitat the open air

  3. Whitey

    Here’s an update for you:
    Thursday April 5th 2018
    Arrived at opening at 11am, stayed till closing at 5pm.
    Slow day.
    Couple where wife was topless, nice but older.
    Single gal topless, definitely older
    Single gal with fake pair, bordering on too old. But boy did they defy gravity!
    Couple where wife was topless in pool but kept top on when sunbathing, not bad to look at for late 30’s/early 40’s.
    Older couple where wife was topless sunbathing, but put top on for pool, had nipple rings, but at late 40’s/early 50’s was not attractive. Gravity was not kind.
    Single gal, young and attractive, not stripper grade, but close. Had top on and off throughout day, didn’t see her in the pool.
    Single gal, came late in the day, thong bikini and she took her top off, but has the build of a man and while young wasn’t very attractive.
    Two young 20’s single gals. Small boobs, but stripper grade, and wore G string bottoms. Topless on the daybed, but wore tops in the water.
    Could have been a few I missed, as we were in a Cabana in the corner and couldn’t see everything.
    There were no beach-balls, but they did have 3 mini basketball setups in the main pool.

    Unfortunately there was a GM/Chevy convention that week, and the pool was overrun with dudes, mostly older car salesmen from the convention.

    Went with the wife, but couldn’t get her top off. Otherwise had a fun time, and wife enjoyed it too.



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