OG Las Vegas – CLOSED

  • GRADE OF DANCER: Mostly fine and average, some very fine, some below average
  • SPW: 60%
  • 1531 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 385-8987
  • VALET PARKING: Yes; well-lit lot on heavily trafficked street
  • COVER CHARGE: After 6 pm $45; locals, if arriving in own vehicle $30 (covers your 2-drink min)
  • FULL BAR:Yes
  • FOOD: Yes; pizza, sandwiches, etc., ordered from nearby restaurants
  • LAP DANCES: Main room, $20; VIP room, 3 songs/$100 + $40 bar

[OG IS NOW CLOSED. Venue will be reopening soon as Peppermint Hippo. Review below is for the old OG.]

OG Primarily Works the Tourist Crowd, for Good and for Bad

On Friday and Saturday nights, this place gets busy. When the town is bulging with tourists, the visitors always find OG; it’s the only major topless club located right on the Strip. And lots of good-looking dancers show up to work the weekend crowds here.

But because of their prime location, OG doesn’t have to offer real value to get customers, and it shows.  The club charges out-of-towners $45 admission (instead of the Vegas standard $33), and enforces a two-drink cover at $30 even for locals. It used to be that only Glitter Gulch, a notorious tourist trap, enforced a two-drink minimum at the door.

OG also charges more than any other club in town for a comparable VIP dance, and its overlit VIP room is below standard among the Vegas topless clubs in terms of privacy.

Even worse, the club has a new “no-touching” policy for lap dances out on the main floor–a serious violation of the Vegas norm. A bouncer will warn you if he sees you touching a dancer’s breasts.  I can already hear a giant sucking sound as everybody who knows the score abandons OG for the other Vegas topless clubs.

There once was a time—not too many years ago—when this club ruled the Vegas gentlemen’s-club scene. Every night it was packed to the rafters. It was big on tits, and any dancer who didn’t have natural bigguns had a boob job. All the dancers were young and beautiful with not an ounce of fat on them.

But OG has lost its premier standing.

OG’s Prices Have Lost Them the Vegas Locals and Informed Visitors

I think what’s happened is the local guys have defected to Sapphire, Deja Vu, Palomino, and Hustler, among others. It’s not only the drink prices. The cost of a half-hour in the VIP room in any of these other clubs, including the bar tab where applicable, is between $240 and $280. The cost of a half-hour in OG’s VIP room, including the bar tab, is $400. That’s a big difference and locals tend to notice these things when they go from club to club.

OG does cut everyone a break during their 12-hour Happy Hour, so the club has some local fans in the daytime. The happy hour lasts from 6 am to 6 pm and during these hours all domestic beers are only $3.50 ($4.50 for imports). VIP dance prices are also lower, but the VIP room is closed. I recently tried to buy a VIP dance at OG in the afternoon, but I didn’t want it out on the floor and the daytime manager wouldn’t budge. I found that strange.

Normally $280 with a $120 bar tab, during the day the half-hour is only $200 with a $30 bar tab. Unfortunately there are very few dancers available at OG at that time. You can get the same deal at Cheetah’s with dozens of dancers to choose from and a higher-quality strip club scene.

If you’re coming here in the late afternoon, there’s no cover charge for anyone before 6 pm, so if you’re from out-of-town, get here at 5:55 and save yourself the $45 cover charge.

OG’s Monday Night Football Parties

OG’s Monday Night Football parties with their $1 half-time titty blizzard are a Vegas tradition, but even this attraction was long ago surpassed by the MNF parties at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club.

At OG the dancers basically walk by during half time, push their titties in your face for a dollar, then move on to the next customer. At Sapphire, the MNF dollar dances are full-fledged, high mileage lap dances with 400 of the most beautiful, stacked dancers in town. And at Sapphire, if you get the perfect girl in your lap, you can keep her there through half time simply by continuing to feed her dollars.  Paradise!

17 Responses to “OG Las Vegas – CLOSED”

  1. Arnold Snyder

    JY, I have tells that I use to determine which comments are from real customers and which are from club personnel themselves. Yours didn’t meet the qualifications for an honest comment from a customer.

  2. Doll

    I disagree with some of the comments about OG.. Both my husband, and I visited this past Sunday (5/29/2016) and enjoyed ourselves..We had one particular dancer who was very cute, and polite swarm to us.. This particular dancer said she saw us from afar, ams said we looked bored and wanted to just chat with us.. After some small talk, I initiated a lap dance, and got one.. I gave tips even though it seemed liked she was coming to us just to chill as no price was stated regarding a floor lap dance.. So she for sure was broke off.. I didn’t get any issues from bouncers.. She returned to us again during the night, and my husband got a lap dance from her.. Not a local.. Was in Vegas for the extended holiday weekend..

  3. TD

    Read TJ review on OG’S from August and was a little worried the club has changed big time with the new owners. I’ve been going to OG’S for 10 yrs and have always had a good time as mileage is very high in fact the best I’ve had at a strip club in Vegas. The previous management always gave me a $100 bottle of kettle 1 with a private booth by the stage, free limo pick-up & free entry, and was never bothered by bouncers. So $20 tip to limo driver, $20 tip to manager taking me to booth, $20 tip to waitress, & $100 for bottle & $20 cab ride back to hotel & about $260 on dances for a total of $440 for a 7 hr good time.Not bad for a single traveller. I wasn’t going to go to OG’S on my next trip because of TJ’S review, but decided to contact 1 of my regular dancer’s at OG’S. She did say what TJ said in his review was true when new owner’s first took over, but club is now back to the way it was before. She also said new owners will give me the same bottle deal. Will be heading to OG’S in December & if the club isn’t the same as it was with the previous owner’s I won’t go back. Will give an up-date after my trip. Arnald seems to like the Palomino I may have to try that club. I did fire off an e-mail to the Palomino from their website but never got a reply. The other club I go to is cheatah’s they have a $100 bottle special on Sundays & includes any bottle & dances are $10 in the afternoon till 7pm so cheaper than OG’S. I usually go there for Sunday football. Mileage is very good but OG’S was still the best.

    • JJ

      I concur with TD. I have gone here before and after the new ownership (July 2016)….had some great dancers during the day. Great mileage back in the booths….but around 6pm, the booths suddenly went astronomically expensive! Whatever….not a big deal for me….but have it on your radar!

  4. Jimmy

    Great info TJ. There really is no reason to ever go there again, so many other (better) options.

  5. TJ

    Okay Arnold, I just read your section on strip club law. So the old ordnance is still on the books and is not unconstitutional, but it is pretty much unenforceable as long as the activity is confined to the club (appropriate time and place) and the “fondling and caressing” itself is communication protected under the 1st Amendment in the context of the artistic expression of the dancer. Also there is no newer and better muni code on the books to allow any further harassment by the authorities. Would you agree with that synopsis?

    If this is all so, why do the girls still do air dances when they think undercover vice are in their establishment?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Dancers still get afraid because vice cops can still bust you even if they know they would lose in court.

      Then a dancer loses the night’s earnings, probably has to post bail, and will probably pay a fine unless she has the resources to challenge the case.

      The cops can still make you miserable and both they and the dancers know it.

  6. TJ

    Here’s part 2 of my comments on the “new” OG.

    Bouncers (or one in particular)
    I was enjoying myself with one of my favorite girls when this bouncer came over and told us there was no touching. At first, he said no touching breasts. As you know there are lots of ways to hide that, so we did just that. He came back again about an hour later, I think, and said very loudly that there was no touching at all. I told him I had been coming here for 12 years and there had never been a problem with it before. I then said the dancer didn’t object either (believe me, I know she didn’t) and he said (get this) that it isn’t up to her, that it’s the LAW!!! He actually said that I’m not allowed to touch her and she’s not allowed to touch me. I proceeded to tell him that touching in clubs like this is considered by a 2006 Nevada judicial ruling to be protected under the 1st amendment. He just repeated his daft statement and left. We cooled it down for the rest of our dances and he didn’t bother us anymore. During breaks I took a couple of turns around the floor and noticed that the crowd was way down and what few laps were happening were the kind you could get pretty much anywhere outside of Vegas (no hands on the girls at all). If so, why come here???

    My girl did some checking with other staff and said that this was the new owners idea to “clean the place up”. She was told that Metro was going to “shut them down” if it didn’t happen. Apparently naughty things had been happening in VIP (no, say it ain’t so!!!) like blowjobs and even outright sex (Really? Their VIP is brighter lit than the main floor with no privacy at all. How can that happen? It’s one reason I don’t ever do VIP dances there). If things are happening in VIP then watch that, don’t penalize people on the main floor! I was getting some hands on boobs, is all, standard Vegas mileage like always. It now appears that any touching is off limits. The girls looked confused and the customers did too.

    Bottom line is if these practices continue, the new owners won’t have a working business for long. Nobody is going to want to come to a place in Vegas that’s just like where they came from. The word will get around and soon there won’t be any customers. I’m already scouting for another place. I know a number of girls and some of the longer-tenured staff are looking at moving on.

    BTW, Arnold, what exactly are the local ordinances regarding touching in the clubs, anyway? If I hear, “It’s the LAW!!!” again I want to be able to rebut. If they have a club policy, then so be it. It should be posted (it’s not) and that’s their right as owners. And it’s my right to move on and take my business elsewhere. I’m going to go in on Saturday night and see how they cope with a whole roomful of people getting dances and groping. My girl and I were the only “violators” last night so it’s no wonder the guy homed in on us.

  7. TJ

    I’m going to separate my comments on OG into two parts. The first will be about prices and the second about staff behavior. Also note that I’ve been an OG regular for at least 12 years.

    New Prices
    Everything is higher now, and I won’t be surprised if they try to raise the lap dance price in the near future. Domestic beers after 6 PM are now, get this, $11.89 cents. Yup, you read it right. I didn’t bother to check other prices since that’s what I drink. I’ve had a loyalty card for OG and some other places for a number of years that got me a discount after 6 pm, making that formerly $10 beer $7. They don’t accept the card anymore. (NOTE: when I moved down from the bar to the floor for dances and ordered drinks from down there, I offered the card again and this time they accepted it with the same $7 (actually 6.89) price as always. Go figure.) I don’t know of any increase in cover charges but wouldn’t be surprised if there were. I’m local and have never paid cover.

    The dancers are being charged more as well. I was in there last night to see one particular dancer. She told me that her usual $70 charge that she used to pay is now up to $105. She got to the club at about 10 PM, maybe a bit later. All these changes I’m mentioning have all happened since last weekend.

    They’ve also started playing these old videos of strippers from the 60s, in black and white on all the video screens starting at 10:30 PM. This includes the bar, so if you were watching a game or something up there, too bad for you. They’re considered to be “vintage” so that makes it a good thing, I guess.

    Next part will be about treatment by staff.

  8. TJ

    I just had an annoyingly bad time at OG tonight due to both the new ownership and a new employee (bouncer). I’m gonna sleep on it and then come back to this in the morning to post what happened. I’m too pissed off and tired to do it objectively right now.

  9. Jay

    Just wondering if this club is still open? I read about it being for sale but is it still open for business now? I like to go early afternoons when it is very quiet and will be visiting next week. Thanks.



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