Peppermint Hippo

  • North Strip
  • 1531 S Las Vegas Blvd
  • PHONE: (702)473-9977
  • HOURS: 24 hours
  • CATEGORY: Topless
  • FULL BAR:Yes
  • FOOD: No
  • DRESS CODE: No gang clothing
  • LAP DANCES: Varies

In the building that was the former OG; it’s the only major topless club located right on the Strip. And lots of good-looking dancers show up to work the weekend crowds here.

This is the newest club in town … on Friday and Saturday nights, this place gets busy. Don’t expect an old club … the interior is modern and beautiful. The service team is professional and friendly.

The Peppermint Hippo’s management is bringing a new value strategy to Las Vegas. Designed to offer “more party for the price” … expect reasonable VIP packages, affordable drinks during daytime happy hours, and a management ready to satisfy bachelor parties. But because of their prime location, OG didn’t have to offer real value to get customers, and it showed before this new Peppermint Hippo team redid the club.

In the Spring of 2022, Peppermint Hippo is one of the few operations that is open 24 hours a day.  On TVO’s first visit a Jack Daniels on the rocks was $7 … and four high mileage dances cost $100.

If you’re coming here in the late afternoon, there’s no cover charge for anyone before 6 pm, so if you’re from out-of-town, get here at 5:55 and save yourself the cover charge.

When this club was OG they had video poker. TVO is interested to see if those licenses carry over in the next year to this new ownership and their sleek new club.

Other locations in Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin, Arkansas and California.

18 Responses to “Peppermint Hippo”

  1. seapac

    Scott, I went to this club during my last visit and had a pretty dull experience. Dancers were mostly upselling lap dances for $40. I tried a few but mileage was barely there. However, reading these comments and reviews makes me want to try this place one more time. Do you have any dancer name recommendations I can ask for?

  2. Nate

    My go to club is Palomino but curious about trying this one. Anyone know the VIP rates, VIP privacy, and how the mileage compares to Palomino?

    • Scott

      Sorry I missed your questions Nate. The VIP starts at $100 for 15 minutes. The privacy is excellent. They have several secluded nooks including the OG room. Speakeasy style, lower music, great service….. the hosts here take care of you.

    • John

      Decided to try the hippo Friday night. Call them up 10pm 10 minutes later I had a text from the driver telling me he’s on the way. Few minutes later I was on the way.

      Sat down at a table. Got one of their very nice beers. They have QR codes on menus which make it very easy for you to find out what drinks they’ve got on. As well as the prices though the waitress won’t give change unless you ask for it but I usually tip it anyway. Drink prices are fairly standard Vegas. Nowhere near what some of the other clubs charge.

      Enjoyed the most excellent stage show which included some standard dances lady with a hula hoop. Another lady on the table being very flexible. Found a very nice dancer who was just my type and went to VIP. Was amazed when the host told me how much I thought my hearing was off so I couldn’t believe how cheap it was. VIP room here for half an hour is less than what some other clubs charge for 15 minutes. Very high mileage at times the G-string was lowered or pulled to the side, wasn’t expecting it but was very happy. $50 for two drinks in VIP not including tip to the waitress. As well as tipping the dancer because she’s got to tip the host. The host keeps time and after checking my watch We went over by 5 minutes. Every dancer was quoting me the same price of VIP which is much better as my previous trip in May I got massively different prices from different dances. Using their free ride you also get free entry. They give you a piece of paper and you just hand that to the cashier cover is usually $50. The only thing to note is there a no taxis outside so if you need to get back you’ll have to take an Uber or ask if they can take you back though that depends on how busy they are. I stayed for a few hours. Club was fairly packed. They didn’t open the other side but was still very fun. Normally I try a few clubs but with how good the hippo was and how cheap the VIP rooms are I might be back soon.

      • Scott

        Thanks for the great report John! I was there yesterday from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. I’m probably going back tonight for UFC282. Only Peppermint Hippo and CH3 have UFC282.

        What did they charge for 30 minutes in VIP?

        • John

          $200 was the rate not including tips, a lot of people to tip. I made sure to ask host 1st but dancers also quoted the same price. Not sure yet which club tonight either crazy horse or hippo both would be late night but both open 24/7 so no worry about closing time.

        • Nunya

          Hey Scott,
          Probably a long shot, but if you make it back to Hippo, can you see if they have a dancer there named Charlie. Half Italian, half african american, about 5’9 or so but stands out due to stage dancing ability. Was at Sapphire last November but has not been there the three times I’ve been since then, including September MNF kick off. Thanks!

          • Scott

            The Marketing Director there, Shai Cohen, believes she’s there. He said she’s very hot. Worth pursuing Nunya.

          • Nunya

            Thanks. Next I am there I will ask. Based on my past time with her, definitely worth it!

  3. Doug P

    Forgot to mention in my review of my trip to Peppermint Hippo that the club does not pay cab drivers for bringing passengers to the club like other clubs in Vegas do. Because this club does not pay cabs no cabs to take you back to your room at the end of the night. Call an Uber or Lift. I did get a ride back to my hotel by the clubs limo service. So if you call the club for a pickup by their drivers they will take you back to your hotel. Guess their policy of not paying cabs is not stopping people from going to Peppermint Hippo as it was packed on a Thursday night. So good nights to go would definitely be Thu,Fri,Sat & maybe Sun. Word of mouth must be getting around how good this club is & the terrific floor dances for $20 a song. Remember to always ask manager/floor person walking you to your seat if the club sets the dance prices & how much they are. This way you are not over paying for dances if the club sets the price. Since the pandemic has ended some clubs are allowing dancers to charge what they want, & some clubs are still setting the dance prices. I’ve heard some of the other clubs the dancers are charging $40 to $60 per song, to try to recover their losses over the last couple of years due to club closures during the pandemic. I think I ran into a couple of these girls as 1 used to work at Sapphires & another one use to work at Hustler & both tried to charge me $40 a dance. AS soon as I mentioned the manger walking me to my booth told me the dances are $20 on the floor they both charged $20 a song. The dancer that said she use to work at Sapphires I did 7 songs with her for $140 as the dances were so good. Wish I had of taken her into the private room for 15min for $100 lol. I’ve also noticed there are NOT a lot of recent reviews of all the Gentleman clubs in Vegas since the pandemic ended. A lot of reviews are a couple years old. If going to the clubs in Vegas write reviews on your experience as it’s good to have updated recent reviews of your experience, as this helps when deciding what clubs to try for other people going on a trip to Vegas & want to go to a strip club.

  4. Doug P

    Was in Vegas 10 days ago for my 1st trip since 2019, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Use to go to OG’s a lot when I was in Vegas, & now Peppermint Hippo is in the old OG’S building. Had to give this club a try so went in on a Tue afternoon & met manager Joey. Took me & my buddy on a tour of the club, then took a dancer in to the 15 min private room for $100. Had an outstanding dance, & for $100 VIP room probably the best deal in Vegas. Booked a limo & bottle service for Thu night. Was surprised how busy it got around midnight & had several dances for $20 each song in a booth. Great dances , however some dancers tried to get $40 per dance but AS soon as I told them management said dances are $20 a song on the floor all dancers then did $20 dances. Typical for some dancers to try & get more. Dances at this club are really good & you won’t be disappointed. Good party atmosphere later in the evening, good management. Definitely give this club a try when your in Vegas , it will probably be your new favorite club. I can’t wait to go back in Sep. If you ever visited the old OG’S dances are the same at Peppermint Hippo.

    • Scott

      Thanks Doug. Your experience has been my experience. They are open 24/7 now in part to get their approval for gaming like the old OG had. They also need to bring in food soon to make that gaming happen. TVO wishes them well as they help revitalize the north end of the strip. The owner has brought in a strong staff and very good dancers. They have an aggressive happy hour … and a fun LATE Night on weekends with top DJs after 3am!

      Ask for dancer Persuasion during the days!

      And check out the OG Room… and luxurious speakeasy in the back.

  5. Qeast

    Information, please : Does anyone know if this club has free entry for locals; if there are drink discounts for locals; if this club has a frequent visitors card for locals (eg CH3 has it’s “black card”)?

    • Scott

      I’ve been there 6 times as a local and never was charged.

      They don’t have a card.

  6. Nunya

    Peppermint Hippo Trip Report: 5/20/22

    So about 10 pm I text a dancer I met last trip at Sapphire to see if she is working. She tells me she has changed clubs and is working at Peppermint Hippo and will be there around 12:30 am. We agree to meet there so I call the Hippo around 11:45 to ask about a ride. They say yes, they will send the car to pick me up around 12:30 but the person on the phone also says it will still be $20 cover. Oh well. Guy calls to say he is close and picks me up right around 12:30. Easy ride over from Ballys – I tip him $10 and one of the guys out front that looks like a host gives me a yellow paper to take inside. I go to the window and give them the paper – no cover charge. Someone gave out some incorrect info on the phone. Another host lets me through the rope and tells me to let him know if I need anything. First girl hanging by the rope latches on to me and I have to escape to the men’s room. When I come out, she is there waiting – not my type anyway and I tell her I’m meeting someone.

    I order a beer at the bar and expecting a charge similar to Sapphire ($17), I’m pleasantly surprised when they tell me $12. Not too bad really. Another girl comes up, asks me if I have a tab but I tell her I’m paying cash. She asks for a drink and I politely decline, telling her I’m meeting someone. So I sip my beer, stroll around a bit trying to figure out how all the old OG stuff was oriented. The place seems smaller than I remember – a stage in front room and back room, chairs around all the stages, some booths for VIPs I guess. My dancer is late and I spend the next 45 mins+ fending off approaches, telling them all I’m meeting someone. A couple of them come by twice and don’t believe me at this point – ha ha. A few of them I might have taken at least one dance with but I didn’t want to get tied up just at the moment my appointment showed up. The place was fairly crowded but ample number of dancers (40+) – maybe more than customers. I didn’t even ask the price of a dance because at that point I wasn’t planning to take any of them up on it so didn’t want to waste their time.

    So she finally arrives and we take a little tour of the OG room. Walls and walls of liquor in glass shelves – not really sure exactly what goes on there as we just strolled around and left – I don’t think we went all the way in as on their website it looks like more of a private bar – not sure. We decide to get a drink first before dances – beer and a liquor drink/red bull was $30. We find some seats near one of the stages and the lap dances begin. I don’t know how many but after a while I gave her $100. More dances, some chatting, then a couple shots of tequila -$30 for 2. My dancer says ‘Give her a great tip’ so I give the waitress $20. Their drink prices are very reasonable for a Friday after midnight. I ask why she switched clubs and she says something like Sapphire is having issues, losing girls, not yet open 24/7 etc – don’t know if that is the case or not.

    The chairs around the stage on the floor are not that big, not as big as Sapphire, but ok for lap dances. At this point I’m looking around for a more private area and I mention we should go back behind us as I thought there were rows of chairs there – really couldn’t see it all. I did not know it was the VIP and behind some mirrors I think but we end up in there, which was ok. Host tells us it’s $100 for the girl and $25 for 1 drink. He says give the $100 to the dancer and waitress will come by. This room had basically sofa type cubby holes – small wooden partitions dividing up the long cushion lining all the way around the perimeter of the room – not that great a set up to me. It was 10 minutes, maybe a little more, and the host came and reminded us that time was up – so $125 for 10 minutes and some change in the VIP. Headed back out into the Gen Pop.

    Had more dances, gave her another $100, not a lot of counting going on as far as number of dances. She got some 1s for herself and made it rain a bit on a stage dancer that she liked. Then she gets up, sits in a chair across from us, and asks for a dance from me so I oblige on her lap. Probably not the best quality but I gave it a shot, much to the enjoyment or amusement of those sitting around us. We had checked the time a couple times, 4:30 am or something once, and next thing I know it was 6:15 am. Time to go, ha ha. We walk over towards the door and discover it is light outside – déjà vu all over again from the OG trip back in the day. I call Uber and chat with the doorman while I wait. I ask him how busy they are during the day and how many girls – he says 5-10 maybe in the afternoons. I asked if they had anything planned for football season and he said they would definitely be doing something. I do like going in the daytime and getting buckets of beer so Hippo might be on the agenda again next trip but maybe happy hour.

    I did get a text on Saturday from the VIP supervisor inviting me and my group (ha ha I was solo) back that night. No cover, reserved table, and first round of drinks on the house – they would send the limo. I was leaving that afternoon so I replied and thanked him for the offer. He said keep his number – same deal applies next time I’m in town.

  7. John

    This club does look fun to visit.

    But my problem is they don’t seem to have drivers 24/7 I’ve tried to visit twice this week only to be told both times they have no drivers and I’m going to have to make my own way there. Don’t really want to have to pay for a taxi or Uber to get to the club when others will pick me up for free.

    Does anyone know when they have drivers available for pickup?

    • Scott

      If the Hippo lacks drivers…. Dino’s is a 24 hour bar across the street if you need a Drop-off without triggering the door charge for a taxi.



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