Puppetry of the Penis – Review

  • IN A NUTSHELL: Two nerdy guys twist their genitals into unusual shapes. This is a comedy show, not a sex show.
  • Jewel Box Theater, Erotic Heritage Museum
  • 3275 Industrial Road, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 794-4000
  • SHOWTIMES: 8 pm nightly (dark Tue)
  • COVER CHARGE: $45 - $49
  • FULL BAR: No

I took my wife to see this unusual show that has apparently been wowing audiences on five continents for 18 years.

A female stand-up comic warms up the crowd with some dirty jokes, then introduces the stars of the show, two guys who come out wrapped in capes. They tell a few more dirty jokes, then ditch the capes and stand there naked.

They do some warm-up exercises to get their dicks ready for the next hour of pulling, twisting, yanking, squeezing, and otherwise doing their damnedest to turn their dicks and balls into shapes that resemble things like hamburgers, eyeballs, birds, brains, hearts, Kim Kardashian’s rump, and the Loch Ness monster.

The show is nothing but silliness, but somehow it works (at least for everyone but me and my wife). It’s geared more toward women than men, as women seem fascinated to discover that dicks can be stretched and contorted into weird shapes. Guys just watch, scratching their heads, wondering how this can be so entertaining to women, who scream and applaud wildly throughout.

In fact, I’m sure most guys are sitting there thinking Jesus Christ, I can do that! People pay fifty bucks to watch this lunacy? My advice, guys: Don’t try this at home. Unless you’ve got a comedy act to go along with the dick tricks, your limp dick won’t be getting much applause from your significant other. The dudes on stage are professional comics and the show works because they’ve got charisma, funny facial expressions, impeccable timing, and need I say … balls.

“Puppetry of the Penis,” which bills itself as the “Ancient Australian Art of Genital Origami,” is a comedy show, not a sex show. The dick tricks are not erotic. Nor is there anything particularly “gay” about it, although it is kind of weird to be watching two naked men playing with their dicks for an hour. The comics aren’t hunks in the Chippendales sense. They look like a couple of skinny nerds. You can watch a video of the entire 50-minute performance (in Australia) on YouTube if you’re curious.

This show plays every night (except Tuesdays) at 8 pm and lasts about an hour. The Jewel Box seats about 150. There’s no drink service. While you’re there, check out the Museum (review), which is one of Las Vegas’ treasures.

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  1. Jeffrey W Compton

    Many years ago my wife and I went to this show in New York City and were bored out of our mind. Think of two charmless comics making bad imitations with their hands (this is a duck, this is a rabbit) and move the entire business downstairs and you get the idea. It’s not offensive, just dull!



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