Pussycat’s – Review

  • IN A NUTSHELL: This club is now closed - Nov 2016.
  • 3525 Procyon St, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 255-7777
  • VALET PARKING: No; well-lit private fenced lot with attendant
  • FOOD: No


The Smallest of the Vegas Nude Private Show Clubs

This is a hard club to write about because it’s not easy to be anonymous here. I can walk into any regular strip club in Vegas and just get a drink and sit down somewhere and enjoy the show. I can get a feel for the place from observation and talking to the random dancers who approach me, or by chatting with the bartender. But at Pussycat’s, I’m often the only customer in sight (or one of very few).

There’s often not a show going on but a dancer will do a show if I want to watch a show. She may be dancing for me alone, which means I should be prepared to tip generously. There’s a public room with a two-pole stage (very low, like maybe six inches off the floor) where dancers will perform if anyone’s in the room to watch. The seats are the typical comfortable strip-club easy chairs and you can pull one right up to the edge of the stage if you like watching close-up. Dancers get fully nude.

But no one should come here just to watch dancers.

This is a club you come to specifically for a private show with one of the dancers. The VIP rooms are comfortable and private, and you’ll definitely be alone with the dancer of your choice. The club itself is small and pleasant, having gone through a redesign of the interior last year, upgrading of the VIP rooms, and refurbishing of the upstairs area.

I only go to this club about once every six months and it seems every time I’ve gone there’s been a different manager. I was last here in January (2014) so things may have changed. The most recent manager I’ve met, Heather, is friendly and easy to talk to. I’ll get in here soon and will update if necessary. (Your comments on this place are welcome.)

Pussycat’s Offers a Shower Show

The public room also has a shower in one corner enclosed in Plexiglas. For a two-girl shower show I was quoted a price of $200 for a 20-minute show and was told I could not get into the shower with the dancers. (I had to ask.) I have not seen a shower show here. Technically, paying $200 to see two dancers taking a shower together sounds like a pretty damn good deal. (Wet women–yet another of my fetishes).

I’ll report on it here if I ever do it.

The dancers in this club are attractive, but not top-of-the-line by Vegas strip club standards. Expect the selection of dancers to be small, maybe two to four on a typical night.

The way this club has worked most of the times I’ve come here is you rent the room from the club and negotiate separately with the dancer(s) for your private show. You can ask a dancer you’re interested in to give you a tour of the private rooms and she’ll take you into a room to talk business before you pay her anything.

This club is under the same ownership as the Green Door, a Vegas swingers’ club, and for a while, the upstairs here featured swingers parties. Those have been discontinued, though the upstairs can still be rented for private parties.

Though I haven’t watched a shower show here, I have tipped dancers to dance for me in the public room, and I’ve had a private show here and have no complaints.

If you’re looking for a small, friendly, and very private club, Pussycat’s may be for you.

Another Vegas Nude Club You May Enjoy

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2 Responses to “Pussycat’s – Review”

  1. Tommy

    Hi Arnold! what would be the reasonable price of 30 mins private show here for couples? I want to know if I decide to give it a shot for the coming trip in 2 weeks

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tommy: My advice: Don’t waste your time. I admit I haven’t been in this place recently, but over the years I’ve been reviewing it (since 2009), it never changes. There are rarely more than three dancers (and sometimes one or two), so unless you really click with one, there’s not much of a selection. This is one of the reasons the clubs with lots of dancers are often better than the small locals joints and this place is exceptionally small. But thanks for reminding me I have to stop in here again soon. If I see anything that changes my opinion, I will report it here.



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