*Sapphire Pool – Most Topless of the Vegas Topless Pools

  • IN A NUTSHELL: The hottest daytime topless pool party in town.
  • ANEI: 9
  • Sapphire Pool & Day Club
  • 3025 Industrial Rd, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: 1.702.869.0003
  • HOURS: April thru September; noon – 6 pm, Fri – Sun
  • COVER CHARGE: Usually free if you arrive by the club limo or your own car; $20 if you arrive by cab.
  • AMENITIES: Full bar, food
  • CATEGORY: American-style topless
  • FULL BAR:Yes
  • FOOD: Yes
  • LAP DANCES: VIP room dances are available through a back door to the club

Web Site: Sapphire Pool and Day Club

Sapphire Vegas Topless Pool – Where the Sapphire Dancers Come to Party

Sapphire topless pool Las Vegas

Now Fully Topless, No Pasties Required

If you’re looking for a Vegas topless pool, you’ve got about ten to choose from in this town where you can splash around in the water and lay in the sunshine and hopefully see some cute girls getting sun on their titties. Read my reviews and take your pick.

But if what you’re looking for is more in the line of a strip club in the sunshine, there’s only one venue in town that will fill the bill: the Sapphire Pool & Day Club (pool website). At Sapphire topless pool you are guaranteed to see topless girls and some of the hottest bods in Vegas, because not only do the female bartenders, cocktail servers and go-go dancers go topless, but this is the pool where the Sapphire dancers come to party, flirt, catch a buzz and work on their tans.

Gentlemen, need I say more?

Okay, I will.

The dancers are friendly and don’t seem to have any boyfriends or husbands hanging around.  If you’re alone at the bar they’ll often introduce themselves to you and you can buy them drinks and chit chat.  The pool also attracts Vegas showgirls seeking to avoid those pesky tan lines, so there’s a good ratio of men to women here — roughly one to one.

If you’re used to seeing strippers only in strip clubs, wait’ll you see them topless in the sunshine in their teeny little bikinis.  In the darkness of the strip club, where we always see dancers, we sometimes wonder if it’s all done with smoke and mirrors. We can’t help but conjecture that perhaps the dancers only look as good as they do because it’s so dark.

Then you see them in the light of the bright Vegas sun and they look twice as good as they did in the dark.

Gentlemen, need I say more? This is the Vegas topless pool from heaven, the topless pool we’ve been longing for since Caesars Palace introduced the first topless pool in this town some 20 years ago.

Plus, if you’re looking for just a great Vegas pool party, with celebrity DJs and porn stars and Hollywood types in the crowd, specials on shots and private cabanas and lots of laughs and drinks and great mingling, the Sapphire Pool and Day Club is all of that too.

Sapphire provides free limo transport to their pool party every day that it’s open, which is every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6 pm from April through the end of September.  To reserve the club limo, call 702-869-0003.

Sapphire also has great package deals, including a $92 package that gets you free limo transport from your hotel, free admission, a reserved lounge chair for the day, and a $75 beverage credit. See that and other package deals for bottle service, the VIP deck (more shade), daybeds and cabanas, groups and couples on the Sapphire pool website here.

The Sapphire Pool and Day Club Sunday Check-Out Special

You check out of your hotel room on a Sunday morning but your flight home isn’t until that night. Rather than waste your last day in Vegas, why not spend the day at the Sapphire pool party before your flight or ride out of town?

Sapphire will not only pick you up in their limo, but also store your luggage for the day and limo you to the airport when it’s time for you to catch your flight.  It’s a great way to stretch your Vegas vacation. Call 702-869-0003 to reserve your ride, or book at the Sapphire pool website.

Sapphire Pool and Day Club Las Vegas

Another Reason the Sapphire Topless Pool Is at the Top of My List — VIP Dances

Although the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club is located adjacent to the Sapphire pool and has no cover charge in the afternoon, customers of the pool cannot go back and forth from pool to club in their swimsuits. But the Sapphire dancers at the pool will let you know (if you ask) that there is a VIP area of the club where pool customers can go with dancers from the pool area.

SapphirePool C

How it works:  Just past the pool food concession seating area there’s a backdoor entrance to the Sapphire club where you and the dancer of your choice will be escorted by a pool host. This backdoor entrance leads directly to Sapphire’s VIP room. Since you can’t go into the main area of the club, you cannot just get a $20 lap dance from a dancer you meet at the pool. The VIP room has a minimum price of $100 for three songs, $200/30 minutes, etc., plus a minimum $50 bar tab—the standard Sapphire VIP room prices.

But the pool is not a hustle scene. You will not be accosted by dancers and you may sit around for hours without a dancer ever approaching you. If you want to meet a dancer, hang out in the pool or the glass-sided wading pool or by the bar or food concession and don’t be shy about introducing yourself to any really hot babes who just seem to be hanging out there.  The knockouts wearing pink wristbands will all be Sapphire dancers.  Say, “Hi, are you a dancer here?”

Pro tip: If you see a hot girl at the pool who’s wearing a pink wristband (and you’ll see a lot of them), that means she’s a Sapphire dancer and you can buy her a drink, invite her to share your cabana, or ask her for a private dance in Sapphire’s VIP room (there’s a secret back entrance to the club she can lead you to).

Now Fully Topless — That Weird Vegas Pasties Regulation is GONE

When the Sapphire Pool first opened, it wasn’t technically a topless pool, but a “pasties pool.” Because of local regulations, topless sunbathing was legal at public pools only if the pools were not used for parties.

You’ll be happy to know that this dumb regulation is now gone.  Dead.  Kaput.  The Sapphire pool is now fully topless for anyone who wants to go fully topless.

No more Metro cops on 24-hour nipple patrol.

Sapphire was still the best topless pool in town, even when it was “topless lite.” Now that it’s fully topless, it’s got by far the best scenery in Vegas.

If you’re looking for a pool where you can lay back with a cold beverage and enjoy the view, there is no pool with more topless babes who truly ought to be topless.

More Sapphire Vegas Topless Pool Details

SapphirePoolHandstandThe Sapphire pool tends to get good crowds, partly due to Sapphire’s wise decision to allow everyone in for free (as long as you don’t arrive by cab or rideshare). That’s what brings in the Vegas showgirls and other cute locals and it makes for one of the best daytime parties on the planet.

The DJs are top-notch. The music never stops. People are dancing in the water and on the decks. The pool is divided by a volley ball net and the beach balls never stop flying.

You don’t have to be there to meet dancers — lots of couples are coming. There are girls doing hula hoops on the deck. There’s a beer pong table and complimentary squirt guns available at the cashier’s booth just in case a squirt gun fight breaks out, which happens with some regularity. The go-go dancers are so sexy I’ve been thinking of applying for a job as a towel boy just so I can go to work there every day and watch them.

Now that I can finally post an ANEI (adjusted nipple entertainment index) rating, I’m going to give it a 9.9 (out of a possible 10 points).  The place is bursting at the seams with exposed female flesh. It’s a great afternoon show.

In addition to the aforementioned complimentary squirt guns, free sunglasses are also made available to guests.

For now, I’m listing the cover charge at this pool as usually free, or $20 if you arrive by cab or rideshare. I have seen a two-drink minimum a couple of times when there’s been a special DJ.  Sometimes for topless night swim parties there’s been a $30 cover (on the 4th of July).

The Sapphire pool website will list special events at the pool, celebrity dj’s and hosts, special cover charges, and excellent drink/limo/lounge chair packages (recommended).

The pool itself is medium-sized and rectangular — it looks a lot like Mirage’s Bare Pool, though there’s a waterfall fountain at one end that bathers can stand under and get drenched — a great spot for girl-watching. There’s also a wading pool with transparent sides (about waist deep) at the other end of the pool, near two raised go-go platforms where the dancers perform in 20-minute shifts (another great spot for girl-watching). There are also dozens of beach balls for titty-ball aficionados.  There’s even a private topless pool at one end of the main topless pool that you can rent for private parties of up to 16 people.

If you’re not renting a lounge or cabana, the only convenient shade you’ll find is at the bar, which is close to the fountain shower. You can order food from the gourmet Mexican restaurant at Sapphire, as well as bar food like wings, burgers, sandwiches, salads, pizza and desserts, all moderately priced.

With guest DJs, you’re liable to hear everything from classic rock to cutting-edge hip-hop, rap, techno/house/EDM. You might hear “Fly Like an Eagle” and “Fly Like a G-6” back-to-back, but the emphasis is definitely on the more modern beats.

How does the Sapphire Pool compare to the other topless and party pools in Vegas? This is a great pool, and may be the best in Vegas, for watching girls. There are dozens of Sapphire girls running around the decks in those skimpy little string bikinis, most topless sooner or later, and the female guests who show up are all in bikinis too, with many opting to go top-free once they’ve had a drink or two. (Topless girl-watching just gets better and better as the afternoon wears on.)

Many girls get in the water. Some play titty-ball and a few get under the shower. The go-go dancers doing 20-minute high-energy sets out in that Vegas sun are obviously chosen for their athletic bodies and stamina.

SapphirePool G

The Sapphire Pool & Day Club is a great way to while away a summer afternoon in Vegas.  Add it to your bucket list.

79 Responses to “*Sapphire Pool – Most Topless of the Vegas Topless Pools”

  1. Chris

    We may have hit an off-day: Friday, we arrived around 1:30, closed the place down. We’re two couples, mid 30s. One server and 1-2 dancers were topless, and that was pretty much it for staff. A few big fake tits on guests in their 50s. And then the gorgeous, younger tits on both of our wives rounding out the topless mix… we were providing at least half of the show around the pool that day.

    We had a VIP daybed, and they put us on the corner overlooking the main pool. The girls had a great time “overlooking” the main deck and chilling in the top pool. The VIP corner daybeds are the best by far, they get a lot of extra space because they have a potential neighbor on only one side, and on the other side is a small astroturf lawn space and glass railings to see and be seen. Girls didn’t get hit on at all. Dancers never approached, but very few were around. Lots of fun glances and impressed wow-faces for the ladies every time they’d walk around the pool ; the girls enjoyed the attention.

    What I wanna know is… if we’re bringing all the entertainment, where’s our comps and discounts? We paid full price, but my wife did more to drum up business than any of the dancers…

  2. Bob

    So my question is, if there is a VIP entrance for pool customers to get a private dance, do customers get a dance while still in their pool clothes or do you change first?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bob: Good question … Being that I never got in the water there, when I went from pool deck into the club, I was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sandals. I’ve never been in the pool, and I never wore a bathing suit there. I’m pretty sure they won’t let you go into the club dripping wet. You’re going to have to be dry and wearing a shirt and something on your feet. Would you really want a lap dance in a wet bathing suit? Maybe someone else here can describe how it works.

      • Bob

        Thanks Arnold!

        I typically dont go in the water either. My real question was, can I get a VIP lap dance with shorts on (im assuming since its VIP, touching is generally allowed and its not an air show). I thought maybe you had to put pants on before getting a lap dance. I never had a lap dance before with shorts. This will be interesting. June will be a very good month. hee hee

        • Nunya

          Anytime I am in Vegas and it’s not cold, I wear shorts to Sapphire. No issues at all – never mentioned by anyone – dancers, bouncers, hosts, etc.

    • John

      Trip report.

      Visited 27th May. I had a package pre-booked on the website was offered complimentary transformation but declined as I was at resorts world which is just across the road.

      Got there. Opening time one thing has changed slightly is the lounge chairs reserved before covid it was you could pick any lounge chair so the other you got there the better spot you could find. I had a very good spot though.

      Almost all the female servers at topless, my server wasn’t but she was wearing a see-through top that hid nothing. Bartenders are also topless.

      That’s a very nice lady walking around offering boob shots where you can touch her boobs and try and finish a shot from a test tube in between her boobs without using your hands.

      The dancers some are topless some aren’t. They will offer back massages and these are a perfect way to relax.

      The drinks are typically Vegas priced. But I would recommend you get a 32 oz refillable cup and if you need water to rehydrate there’s water fountains near the bathroom where you can refill the cup or you can just buy water.

      The food is very reasonably priced and very nice.

      They had a guest DJ on and she played a good set but I miss Hardnox.

        • John

          The crowd took a while to get going. I got there at opening and was the first customer after about an hour. Pool was fairly packed both with dancers and customers.

          Thankfully the dancers wear pink wrist bands so it’s easy to tell then from customers.

          Most of the female customers went topless some took their time others were topless as soon as possible.

          Very relaxed crowd as everyone was on holiday enjoying themselves.

          It certainly a very fun pool and worth visiting at least once.

          • Nunya

            Thanks for the report John. Did you see any dancers going into the VIP with customers? I know the dancers don’t try to sell like they do in the club but do they mingle a lot? My plan when I get to go is to talk with a bunch of dancers to find some good chemistry and then make arrangements to meet up in the club when I’m not in a swim suit and covered with sunscreen.

          • John

            The dancers vary.

            After 3 days of the pool, only one dancer approached and was trying a quick sell for a VIP.

            Almost all dances will mingle chat and relax. Most will also offer massages which are amazing. Some after the massage will even offer discounted VIP rooms.

            Not every dancer who works at the pool will be at the club that night, but you can ask them whether or not they’re working.

            The only thing that can be a bit strange as I was talking to one dancer who seem to know me but I couldn’t recognise her. She wasn’t wearing makeup and had a different hair colour. But eventually it tweaked that I met the night before in the club.

            If you talk to the waitresses or the bartenders they can put you on the VIP list for the club any night. Free limo free entry!

          • Scott

            I was at Sapphire’s pool on Saturday and was lucky to get a lounge chair. The crowd was a mix of young partiers, bachelor parties and middle age lifestylers. The dancers were plentiful, engaged and beautiful! There was one guy who seemed like a “fugazy” Pitbull…in a Louis Vuitton swim set and rhinestone teeth! He started to make it rain singles for two dancers in the pool. The bills floating towards everyone in the pool. The dancers scrambled to gather up the soaked singles.

            The managers seemed pleased with the turnout. Morgan is a top notch waitress! The shrimp cocktail was amazing.
            $65 for a bucket of 5 Coronas.

  3. John

    I am heading to Vegas next month and I think I am going to reserve a lounge chair. Has anyone been there since May 1st? Are they able to go fully topless or is everyone still required to wear pasties? Also, Do you think the “VIP” lounge chair is worth the extra price?

  4. Davehat

    DARAN: Was at Sapphire several times May/June 2019. Typically the girl at the cash register & girl selling merch & bartender were topless. A few girls wandering around the pool too. Maybe you arrived too early? Vegas tends to run late. For example Wetrepublic/Encore headliner DJs don’t showup until 3pm (or 1am in nightclubs). Late. I don’t arrive at Sapphire until 2 and stay til 6pm (peak hours).

    As for photos I was advised to keep my phone in my pocket. I ignored that advice & read email at the bar. Fortunately nobody scolded me.

    • Joe

      Was at Sapphire pool party on Saturday August 22, 2020. Sadly the pasties rule is back in force all day. Too bad cause we had four hot 22yo girls who wanted to go topless but were told they couldn’t. Still a great time though after quarantine. We think they said they were applying for a permit to go topless again, may have been a covid related restriction.

      • Arnold Snyder

        Joe, thanks for the report.

        Definitely Covid-related. Bars can be open but not “party pools”. Exact same situation is fine without nipples, prohibited with nipples.

  5. ND

    Was at pool today 8/9/19 when opened at 12:00 noon. All bartenders and servers topless. At approx 1:00pm they ALL put their tops on. I got same answer from 2 girls and a pool attendant…. they didnt know why just told to do so. I was very disappointed and left. I will stick to regular hotel pool where alcohol is half the price.

    • Arnold Snyder

      ND, never seen that happen before. They must have been taking publicity photos or something. I’d recommend waiting it out if it happens again.

      • John

        The state may have stopped the toplessness possible issue with regulation. According to social media it’s not the club’s decision, but no details on why.

        • Arnold Snyder

          John, I just called Sapphire. The pool is still fully topless.

          No new regulation. You just ran into a photo shoot or something like that. You can’t have nipples in photos for social media.

          • Daran

            Spent Sunday 8/11 at the pool, arrived at noon, left about 3:30pm. None of the dancers were topless, they either kept their tops on or were wearing pasties, this includes the go-go dancers. None of the wait staff were topless either. The only people that were topless were patrons and very few of them were topless despite there being a big crowd, VIP was a bit better, but not much if nipples is what you’re after.

  6. Nunya

    Thanks. Sapphire’s website is now showing the lounge chair package as $92 with $75 food/beverage credit included. Without a package, your sitting options are pretty much at the bar, correct?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Nunya, you’re right, they must have just changed that deal. Yes, without a package you’re limited to free seating at the bar or sitting on the edge of the pool or in the wading pool. It’s very easy to spend $75 in food/beverage credits there though.

  7. Nunya

    So if you are at the pool in the afternoon, can you check a backpack with clothes so you can go into the main club when the pool closes? Do they have a changing area or something?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Nunya, definitely. A lot of guys do that. You change in the men’s room, but you can check a backpack or suitcase in the pool security area.

    • Davehat

      Nunya: I went directly from the pool to the nightclub, still wearing swimtrunks, shoes, and a T-shirt. I didn’t get bounced. Later (7pm or so) I asked the frontdesk if I could goto my car, and they said “Sure.” I swapped my shorts for jeans & dress shirt. Went back in.

      Sapphire pool has lockers and showers if you need to refresh.

  8. Jade Andrews

    I should point out that a lot of showgirls go here plus just about everyone from the X shows. X Country, Rock etc. It’s the go to place for just about every dancer in Vegas.

    • Casey

      So I plan to be out at the Pool on The last Friday in August for a bachelor party. I saw that the pool might not be topless anymore? Also I have never been there yet I wanted to know if you have any tips and or advice we have a vip cabana there. Also wanted to know what the scene would be like – should we plan to be there early at opening or wait a bit to hopefully be there with more people?

      • Arnold Snyder

        Casey, it’s still a topless pool. John is reporting below that it’s back to topless waitresses, bartenders and go-go dancers again as well as topless guests. Great news!

        If you have a VIP cabana there, the key is just to get word out if you’d like girls to join you. You can always ask a host to send girls over. Once the girls find you, you’ll have company all day.

        With a VIP cabana, you can arrive whenever you want. But the more time people have had to drink, the more the party gets jumping and the more girls get topless. Generally that’s after 3 pm. You probably want to start your own party around 2 pm.

  9. Douglas

    Hey just had a silly logistical question. Ummm…. what do you do with your wallet and keys? lol. I’m used to hotel pools and I usually leave them in my room. Or will I never get in the water? 😉
    Also… what’s the difference between the main deck lounge and the VIP deck lounge? Shade?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Douglas, if you bring some kind of backpack or little suitcase, you can put your stuff in it and check it at the pool security area where you can check luggage. If you’re going into the club after the pool, remember that the pool security area closes at 6 pm when the pool closes. So be sure to get your stuff in time!

      The VIP lounge area is a raised area near the DJ, behind the transparent wading pool. It’s an open area, not enclosed, but there’s a covered area there with shade, so frequently that’s where the porn star hostess hangs out.

      The main deck lounge chairs are right along the edge of the pool (no shade). But you can escape to the shade at the bar area.

  10. Ryan Souza

    I’ve been to the pool twice last year, and never had any issues. Enjoyed the people watching, the music, and the food wasn’t bad at all. All the employees that I dealt with were great and some even sat with me talking since one of the DJ’s was from the Bay Area so we sat for a while talking about the A’s and other things before he left. The dancers were nice had a couple come over and talk for a bit seeing if I wanted a dance but compared to going to the club, didn’t fee any hussle or anything

    I think sometimes people, when I have been reading reviews, are expecting one thing from the topless pool than what actually happens and get disappointed. In a few ways I enjoyed the pool more than the one at the hotel I was staying at.

    Overall the people watching is fun, especially with the guys hitting on the dancers. They are funny sometimes. And even though I am older than many at the pool, one visit I swore I was the oldest one there until about 3 in the afternoon, it was still fun. The host I had even set up a return to my hotel for me and made some arrangements for me to come back to the club that night.

    I would defintely try to get one of the deals if you can and at least for me, they let me pick out my lounge chair when I got there, thinking possibly it was because it was Friday. I am thinking of maybe making two trips to the pool this year and possibly upgrading to a daybed or cabana just for the hell of it.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ryan, a daybed or cabana and a couple of bottles is a great way to get all the dancers to come over and party with you.

      And thanks for reporting on the host’s extra services for you. I always have the feeling that guests aren’t taking full advantage of the services offered by the club hosts.

      • Ryan

        As some people have been telling me, you only live once so as I get a little closer to my trip time will check on both the daybed or even cabana. I mean with some of the deals Sapphire pool offers, it’s really an incredible bargain with what you are getting compared to going to a hotel pool and getting a lounge chair or higher.

        You’re welcome Arnold. Yes both times my host was top notch, even though she even said I was kind of laid back. Being polite and tipping might help as well.

    • Bob Gray

      Directly from the front page of the website:
      “Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon from noon to 6 pm, Sapphire’s topless pool is where the club’s scrumptious dancers come to party, get buzzed, work on their tans and kick back, supplementing their stripping income by luring guys into having fun with them in an air-conditioned VIP room. You’ll know which girls they are because they wear pink wristbands.”
      Then tries to say they’re just there to party. I was just to the right of that photo on the front page too. I want the job of that portly fellow taking those pictures. LOL.
      And don’t worry about me Mr. @JDD. I’m never going to grow up ha ha ha…

  11. Bob Gray

    OMFINGG @Arnoldsnyder!!!
    I just had one of the worst Vegas experiences in my Vegas life let alone at a strip club. I went to the Saphire pool thinking it would be great this time but boy was I wrong. First lower your ANEi rating because Caesars was way better Labor Day Weekend. Not concerned about that so much but NO ONE promoted the club. Might have liked a lap dance but no one offered. Then I got a bad girl “Sarah”. She talked a lot but didn’t act like an employee at all although she did have a pink bracelet. I understand that happens but she actually asked me for cab money so she could leave instead of a lap dance. She even said she had no money for rent. A walking cliche. So needless to say I was disappointed BUT when I told my server about it she just smirked at me and said “Well what do you expect? They’re strippers?” REALLY. Then I told a manger what went on and he could have cared less. He just said we’ll take care of it. No incentive to get me to stay and actually enjoy the club. Nothing. I just don’t get it because you prop them up a lot and I never would have expected this.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bob, the pool is not really a strip club. It’s a topless pool. The girls are there to party, but are available for private dances if they’re wearing a pink wristband. They’re not going to hustle lap dances.

      • Bob Gray

        I like the non-hustle atmosphere but that doesn’t excuse the treatment I got from the serving girl, manager, and I didn’t even mention the valet guy. I was just trying to let them know maybe this is not the kind of “contractor” they want representing their company. I’m not even going to complain to them because they don’t deserve a chance to get me back I’m just going to pretend they don’t exist. You know me a little from other posts on here I’m pretty laid back and easy to please. I just hope they’re paying you because I’ve never seen you post a negative thing about them.

  12. Greg MacDougald

    Hi Arnold.
    I will be in Vegas next weekend, and I’m considering a Cabana at Sapphire’s honestly, is it worth the extra money for a single 50 year old?


    • Arnold Snyder

      Greg MacDougald, it’s a great way to throw a party and attract all the prettiest girls at the pool to it. Let the host help make introductions.

      • Greg

        Thanks, That is all I needed to know. I’ll let you know how it goes

  13. Bob Gray

    Arnold. I was chatting with a host this morning and they said this pool has gone topless now. No pasties required. Can you confirm this please!!

      • John

        Has anything changed at the pool because i thought they couldn’t go topless because of some law that prevents party pools and topless?
        I’ve been to the pool a few times and had a great time, now if its the same atmosphere with topless ladies its going to be even better.

        • Arnold Snyder

          John, I can personally now confirm that the Sapphire pool is fully topless. No pasties required anymore. I’ll be updating all the pages on the site that talk about this. Change in the law or in the interpretation of the law.

          • John

            Thanks, that’s excellent news.

            Can you run up a tab at the pool?
            If so are there any extra charges, some places charge extra for credit cards over cash.

          • Arnold Snyder

            John, no extra charge for using your credit card for admission, food, drinks, or t-shirts/souvenirs. If you use your credit card to buy dances, there’s a 20% surcharge (it’s essentially a cash advance to you from the club).

            If they have your credit card, you can run up a tab against it.

  14. Chris

    I checked their website and it says opening Spring 2017. Any idea when the pool is supposed to open this year? I would like to try the pool for the first time this summer. What is the valve of getting a cabana vs. daybed vs. chair? I’m be solo so I assume that plays into it. I like pools, but don’t like being in the water. I want to girl watch and hang out for the afternoon, meet the dancers and come back and enjoy the club with them later that night. Is the food any good? Do they give you a comp ride back to your hotel? at night I’ve always been able to get a ride back to my hotel, of course after being in the VIP area. Appreciate any insight.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, the Sapphire Pool and Day Club opens Friday, April 21.

      A lounge chair is included with free limo, free drinks and free admission for roughly the price of just the drinks in one of the pool packages. It’s a lounge chair out in the sun along the edge of the pool.

      If you get a lounge chair or lounge chair package, the best seats are near the transparent pool at one end of the large pool or the shower fountain at the other end. The $70 lounge chair package deal includes a $50 beverage credit and a free shot (if you order it in advance online).

      The daybeds and cabanas are more expensive and the deals online are all for multiple guests. They provide shade and a place to entertain women at the pool. Daybed packages start at $305 on Fridays and Sundays (includes $250 in food and drinks) and $430 on Saturdays (includes $350 in food and drinks).

      So if you’re by yourself, you can girlwatch in the lounge chair and go to the bar when you want shade or to actually meet a dancer. And of course there’s always shade in the club VIP if you ask a dancer for a dance. (The Sapphire dancers wear pink wrist bands.)

      Sapphire has great food, both from the club grill and the gourmet Mexican restaurant on property. There will also be drink specials all day.

      You can probably get a comp ride back to your hotel, but you may have to wait until they’re heading out to pick up someone. If you’re spending money on any VIP package, ask a host to help you out.

  15. Bishop

    Arnold, we were in on Monday-Tuesday a couple of weeks ago. Had a blast at the club. Didn’t get to hit the pool. Thinkin about coming back in mid September. I wanted to know if the pool would still be open. Thanks bud and I love the site.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bishop, last year the last weekend for Sapphire pool was the weekend after Labor Day weekend. I’ll double check with the club, but right now I’m assuming the last weekend will be Sept. 9 through 11th. Hope that works for you.

  16. MH

    Hey Arnold,
    I am heading down to Sapphires Pool Party in a week. I was wondering if there is a decent ratio of women to men? Specifically is this going to be a sausage party?
    Thank you and I’ve found this website to be very helpful.

    • Arnold Snyder

      MH: If the scenery you’re most interested in is young hot babes, Sapphire’s topless pool is probably the best in Vegas. Quite a few Sapphire dancers party at the pool in addition to all of the cocktail servers, go-go dancers, etc. Plus, some women who are not dancers also come to this pool, often in couples or groups. The dancers wear wristbands so you know which girls you can ask about doing private shows. There’s a good ratio of women to men, probably close to 50-50 when I’ve been there.

      If you’re trying to hook up with a girl for something more like a relationship, then this is probably not the pool for you, since such a large percentage of the women are “at work” so to speak. You’ll have better luck at one of the casino party pools.

  17. Cancon

    Hi Arnold, If my wife and I (in our 50’s) rent chairs on the $70 per person package and will be arriving in our own vehicle on Sunday June 19 when it opens at noon and want to sit in a “quieter” spot a couple of rows away from the pool mainly to enjoy the people watching (girl watching), which area should we rush to. Or are our chairs pre-determined or should I tip the host/hostess for a specific location? Thanks.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Cancon, the lounge chairs are all right up against the pool. In back of the lounge chairs are all of the cabanas and bungalows.

      So the main choice is whether to be close to the bar or the DJ booth. The bar is nice if you want to get out of the sun and into the shade sometimes. There is also a waterfall/fountain/shower set-up on the bar end of the pool where the girls go to get wet. That’s good girl-watching.

      The other end of the pool, near the DJ booth, is where the go-go dancers are–excellent girl-watching.

      There’s also a chest-deep pool near the DJ booth with plexiglas sides, so you can see the girls’ bodies underwater–a definite attraction.

      The chairs are not pre-determined, so you can tip the host to get chairs at the pool end of your choice as long as you’re there early.

  18. Cancon

    If my wife and I don’t rent a chair does that mean we’re standing up all afternoon, other than sitting at the bar or on the edge of the pool.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Cancon, yes. It’s the bar, the edge of the pool, or rent a chair. You’ll see me talking to the pretty girls over at the bar.

  19. John Sanderson

    I have, perhaps, a silly question about logistics. I’m going to head over to the Sapphire pool for the afternoon on Sunday but might then like to experience the club later. Do they have lockers? Do guys just show up in bathing suits or are there change-rooms? Sorry if that’s a silly question. Thanks for the great site, Arnold.

    • Arnold Snyder

      John, the way it works is there is a pool security area where you can have your stuff stored while you’re at the pool, but it closes when the pool closes at 6 pm.

      But after 6 pm you can check your luggage at the club coat room while you enjoy the club.

      You change in an area of the pool men’s room before storing your luggage or after picking it up again.

      No lockers. 6 pm is also the cut-off time for the free Sunday limo to the airport.

      So, basically, you can carry out your plan as long as you’re willing to change and transfer your luggage from the pool security area to the club coat room by 6 p.m. Also, remember you’re on your own for a ride to the airport unless you catch the club limo by 6 pm.

  20. Arnold Snyder

    I think for just two of you, the cabana makes more sense. The cabanas are more “in the middle of the action.” The bungalows would be better for a larger group that wanted more privacy.

  21. Sven

    Hey Arnold,
    very nice review!! And if its ok…I have a question
    2 guys of us come over to Vegas from Germany.
    We want to spend 1 day at Sapphire Dayclub and take a cabana or bungalow package.

    Is the higher price of the bungalow worth the money?
    What are the advantages?

    If I look at some pictures around the internet, it looks like the cabanas are more in the middle of the action?!
    What do you think?

  22. Jimmy

    Just to add a bit more, the pool parties like Ditch at the Palms definitely are geared toward the younger crowd, we don’t go to those. Yeah there are some hot chicks but they are all “princesses” and those pool parties get so packed you can’t even move. No thanks. If you want a nice “adult” pool that isn’t filled with posers you can go to Wynn. Topless and a nice place.

  23. Jimmy

    Definitely us “older” guys (I’m 49) are treated great at the clubs. Especially the nude clubs like LD’s. 18-21 guys can only get into the nude/no booze clubs so obviously they have to frequent those clubs and they aren’t going to have the cash to spend that some of us have. My girlfriend and I both tip every dancer and the waitresses and not always just with singles if the dancer and dance are hot enough. We haven’t been to the Sapphire pool yet but may stop in next weekend.

  24. Anonymous

    Have you heard of these types of pools, Saphires and other “adult” pools in Vegas, “frowning” on people over 50 years of age attending in order to maintain a youthful vibe, or is my money just as welcome?

    • Arnold Snyder

      For older guys, Sapphire is the best topless pool because it’s essentially an extension of the strip club. Not all of the women are Sapphire dancers, but there are always many that are.

      Older guys are generally the guys in strip clubs who have and spend the most money, so they tend to be treated well by dancers, staff and everyone else. It’s the same at the Sapphire pool.

      I’m 67 and I’ve always felt welcome there. And I’ve always seen other older guys there.

      At many of the other “adult” pools in Vegas, I felt more out of place. The staff and other guests will still be polite to you, but you won’t see anyone else there your age. The other pools are more pick-up scenes.

      Still, even at the pick-up pools, your money will definitely be welcome, and if there’s a dork detector at the door placed there to keep out the uncool, he’ll probably be so befuddled to see you that he’ll just let you in right away.

      There won’t be anyone screening for the uncool at the Sapphire pool, but it stays cool anyway because of all the gorgeous dancers there.

  25. Joe Schmoe

    Nice review. Thanks for putting it together. Some friends of mine and I are putting together a Vegas trip some time in June and will be enjoying much of the Vegas scenery you have described on your site.

    I do have a question though and that is what is the policy at this pool (and other pools as well) when it comes to bringing a camera and taking pictures. Is there a particular etiquette to follow, or is it same kind of rules that apply when you go to the beach?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Joe, a lot of people bring their cell phones to the Sapphire pool and take selfies that they post on social media.

      Sapphire encourages this. Every Saturday last year they gave free shots to people who did this.

      As for taking photos of other guests (such as dancers), the etiquette is to be courteous and ask if it’s okay before you shoot photos of people you don’t know.

  26. Arnold Snyder

    I regret to inform you and your cohorts that the Sapphire Pool is closed and will not resume operation until mid-May. All the tantalizing ta tas and bubblicious booties have moved indoors. It doesn’t snow much in Vegas, but believe me, you don’t want to be outdoors in a swimsuit in mid-November.

  27. Edju

    Visiting Vegas in mid November with the gang from Chicago South Side. What are the chances this highly touted, potentially amazing, exotic destination has the perfected pastie show running at full throttle so that we, whom are slightly aged in body, increasingly gifted in mental fortitude, and completely decadent in virtue, may indulge in the flowing of lascivious libations, trembling of tantalizing ta tas, and bouncing bubblicious booties?



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