*Sapphire Las Vegas – World’s Best Lap Dance Orgy

  • IN A NUTSHELL: The world's largest gentlemen's club and a babe bacchanal with 400+ stacked and slender lovelies at peak hours and the wildest lap dance scene in town.
  • GRADE OF DANCER: Fine and very fine
  • SPW: 85%
  • 3025 Industrial Rd, Las Vegas
  • RESERVATIONS: 702-869-0003
  • PHONE: 702-869-0003
  • HOURS: 24/7
  • VALET PARKING: Yes; lot is well-lit with attendants
  • COVER CHARGE: $45 (free admission if you take the club limo--$15 reservations fee waived if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon); locals, free if arriving in own vehicle; no cover 6 am – 6 pm
  • FULL BAR:Yes
  • FOOD: Yes, excellent Mexican restaurant on the premises (you can also order food in the club)
  • LAP DANCES: Main room, $20; VIP room 3 songs/$100 + 2 drinks@$25 each, half-hour/$200 + $175 bar tab, full hour/$400 + $300 bar tab

Sapphire Web Site

Hundreds of Stacked Dancers & High Mileage for Lap Dance Aficionados

Sapphire Dancer Oshun

Oshun Dances at Sapphhire

No matter how many times I’ve gone into Sapphire (club website) in the decade or so since it opened, I’m always amazed at the sheer number of gorgeous babes with big boobs walking the floor in platform heels and skimpy lingerie. If a selection of 300-400 slender, busty, beautiful dancers available for high mileage lap dances is enticing to you, buddy, you’ve come to the right place.

Sapphire markets itself as the “World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club,” and it may well be.  The main showroom is 10,000 square feet, and that doesn’t count the gourmet Mexican restaurant or the smaller showroom where the Monday Night Football and comedy shows are held.

To give the club a more intimate feeling, Sapphire uses a huge floor-to-ceiling curtain to cut the main showroom into more intimate spaces during all but peak hours. This squeezes the dancers working the floor into a tighter space, which increases the agreeable impression of a wealth of available female flesh.

sapphire-club-photoThe lighting is mostly Sapphire’s signature wall of small twinkling turquoise lights, which means it is suitably dark for a man to unwind with a beautiful woman in his lap.  There are three full bars and three stages, the center stage on a platform about 20 feet up. The guys on the main floor watch the dancers on the two small stages at either side of the center-stage platform.

The stage shows are among the best of the Vegas topless clubs, with erotic pole dancing, acrobatic dancing, and floor work, but the stages are too high for guys who like to sit on the rail and watch the show close up.  The stage shows here are more like a decorative bonus amidst the splendor of all the beautiful women around you.

Sapphire is a Tit Man’s Paradise

Arista Dances at Sapphhire

Arista Dances at Sapphhire

Sapphire has a preferred type, and if you like big tits, you’ll be a happy man here.  Most of the dancers are on the high end of the spectrum for both beauty and body, and even when there’s a big crowd, there are plenty of dancers working the crowd.

The lap dances on the main floor are probably the highest-contact in Vegas, priced at $20 per song like everywhere else. The dancers in this place work the crowd relentlessly when they’re not on stage, but if you turn down a dancer, she’ll move on to the next guy gracefully.  If you’re the shy type who doesn’t know how to approach dancers, you don’t have to worry about that here. Just sit anywhere by yourself and you’ll be approached over and over again by knockout babes looking for a comfy lap to dance in.

After a recent visit to the Sapphire comedy hour, I stopped in the club for a while.  There were women draped across nearly every available man.  I’ve never seen so many men in one room look so happy.

Sapphire VIP Packages

If you’re coming for the evening, check out the VIP packages at Sapphire.  There are packages for single guys, groups, guys who prefer a specific bottle, etc.

The packages include free admission ($45 savings), free limo transport, a line pass, host service, a reserved VIP table in the center of the action, and a discount on drinks if you buy online.  Even with the basic VIP65 package (suitable for the average guy going solo), you essentially get $69 in alcohol plus the royalty treatment at the most elegant club in town for $65.

The package is worth it for the value of the reserved VIP table alone.  At peak hours at Sapphire, this may be the only way you’ll be able to sit down.  Here’s how it breaks down:

VIP65 Drink Card Package Arrive by Cab
Free limo to club $20+ cab fare to club
Free admission to club $45 admission
Includes $50 free drinks plus free shot if you buy online = $69 value in booze No booze included
Limo driver escorts you straight to front of line Wait in line
Reserved VIP table waiting for you in the center of the action with a great view of the club’s three stages Wait for a seat on the rail to open up
Summary: $134+ in value if you buy online  plus reserved VIP table and royalty treatment for only $65 Summary: Pay $20+ for cab plus $45 admission = $65+ before you’ve had a single drink, plus no royalty treatment and no reserved VIP table.


The Sapphire Monday Night Football Party is the Best in Vegas

Sapphire Dancer Emily

Emily Dances at Sapphire

From September through December,  you can start the week at Sapphire’s Monday Night Football party (excellent man chow buffet, three drinks, three giant screens and a roaring crowd for $20), where you can sample the lovely dancers at half-time with their 30-second $1 topless lap dances (in my opinion, the best lap dance experience in Vegas). When the game ends you’ve already had three drinks and you have a better idea of which girl you’d like in your lap for a longer stay.

Sapphire welcomes couples and the percentage of couples in the audience has been increasing, so if you bring your wife or girlfriend on a busy night, she won’t feel alone or awkward.

The VIP Skyboxes

sapphire skybox3Sapphire also has 10 “skyboxes,” which are essentially private VIP rooms, some with multiple couches that accommodate a dozen people and some designed for 1-on-1 time with a dancer. The skyboxes are 25 feet above the main floor and have full-length one-way windows that overlook the main floor below; they also have their own controls for lighting and music volume and even a flat-screen TV.

Sapphire Las Vegas Dancer Bella

Bella is a Sapphire Gem

Skyboxes are $500/hour for the dancer, with a $300 bar tab. Check the Sapphire website for deals on larger rooms suitable for private group parties (bachelor parties and the like), with prices dependent on the number in the group and the number of dancers.

At $15 for a bottle of beer, Sapphire is in the middle of Vegas clubs for drink prices (a beer at the major clubs ranges from $12 to $18).  But at Sapphire, the drink price gets you a superior dancer selection.  Again, you can get more for your money by getting one of the drink package deals at Sapphire’s website.

Sapphire Free Limo Transport

You can also get free admission (a $45 savings) by calling for the free club limo. The $15 reservation fee will be waived if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon at the door (a no-brainer). Call 702-869-0003 to reserve your ride.

Sapphire is the only strip club in Vegas that makes its free limos available 24/7.  You can also call for free limo transport to the Sapphire Comedy Club (see below) or Pool and Dayclub.  If you’re going to take the free club limo to get free admission to the club without a package, I recommend you arrive before 9 pm in order to get a seat.

As a local, I go to this club for their terrific parties, or just to bliss out getting girls in my lap.  Plus the Sapphire Pool and Day Club (see below) is my favorite way to while away a summer afternoon, ogling the Sapphire dancers in their teeny bikinis and pasties, and watching the go-go dancers jiggle.

Sapphire Pool & Day Club

Sapphire Las Vegas Pool and Dayclub Dancer

The Sapphire Pool and Dayclub is Where the Sapphire Dancers Hang Out in Summer

Sapphire’s Pool & Day Club is open during warm weather (April through October).  It’s not completely topless, as pasties or body paint on nipples are required (due to a dumb Vegas law), but it’s the best pool party in town, with the largest number of gorgeous topless girls.  Read my full review: Sapphire’s Pool & Day Club.

Sapphire offers a special arrangement on Sundays for people who are checking out of their hotel room in the morning and would like to spend the day at the pool before catching a flight home Sunday night.  Take the free club limo to the pool (call 702.869.0003 to reserve your ride), and the club will store your luggage for free.  Then they’ll give you a free ride to the airport when you’re ready to leave to catch your flight.

There is normally a $15 reservation fee for the limo ride, but the club will waive that fee if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon or buy a bottle.  They’ll offer you the drink option when it’s time to collect the $15 fee.

The Sapphire Pool & Dayclub offers packages starting at $70 that include free limo transport, a lounge chair for the day, a line pass, and $50 in drinks (purchase at the pool website).

Sapphire Comedy Club

Every Saturday at 8 pm, you can see a comedy show with burlesque dancers in Sapphire’s showroom. The comedians range from open-mic quality to top pros; the pole dancer and burlesque dancer are superb and worth coming to see all by themselves.  The strip club audience is here to party and tends to be quick with comebacks if a comic says something lame.  See my full review: Sapphire’s Comedy Hour.

For transport to the comedy show in the club limo, call 702.869.0003 (return ride depends on limo availability).  There’s a $15 reservation fee for the limo, but the club will waive that fee if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon or buy a bottle.  Tickets to the Comedy Club are $20.

385 Responses to “*Sapphire Las Vegas – World’s Best Lap Dance Orgy”

  1. Anonymous

    Kind of a silly question, but these 2 drinks you have to buy in the VIP room do you actually get those in the VIP room? Do you take them out with you? I know I am not worry about drinking in a 3 song VIP dance.

    • Anonymous

      Was here a couple of years ago and had a great time. Unfortunately, VIP dances are more about the hustle for more tips, rather than the lap dance. Strippers here have become beggars. I’ll go to different club next time.

  2. Arnold Snyder

    Basically, if there’s a two-drink minimum in the VIP, you have to pay the house for two drinks whether you want them or not. The drink price in the VIP is often higher than the price of the same drink outside the VIP.

    A drink requirement in the VIP is basically a $20 to $40 house fee to pay the light bills, bouncers, etc. They give you the two drinks to make you feel better about it.

    After you pay the fee, you can refuse the drinks. Or you can accept the drinks and take them with you when you leave the VIP. You can even bring your existing drink into the VIP, but you still have to pay for the required two drinks.

  3. Chiliman

    I visited Sapphire for the first time recently. The review above was very accurate. Some things that surprised me: I was lightly searched for weapons upon entry; I found that all the tables bore “reserved” signs, which means guests are usually seated by a host; Many dancers worked with a “wing-woman,” probably due to the number of dancers at the club; Dancers occasionally (informally) hang out near the entrance (as you approach the bar) and greet customers as they enter.

  4. Bishop

    I’ll be visiting your home town for the first time in about a month from now.
    From the sounds of things, this is the right club for me. I love slim and stacked (to be specific: enhanced breasts) ladies. Any VIP experience I suspect will be a little too much for my budget, but having $20 dances on the main floor should be sufficient. That being said, how much contact can I expect? What I’d really like to know is, generally speaking, are you allowed to touch her breasts?

    If I understand your post well enough, costs I should expect are:
    $33 at the door.
    $20 per dance/song.
    A minimum drink spend?

    I’m eyeing the VIP60 package – are those okay for men going solo?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Sapphire is a super high contact club. The dancer and her breasts will be all over you.

      The predominant body type is perfect for you.

      There is always a little variation between dancers at any club, but when you walk into this club you will see hundreds of guys getting high-contact lap dances, and you will see hundreds of guys touching breasts. You should have no trouble finding what you’re looking for.

      This is a great club to get dances on the main floor, in the thick of the party.

      If you take the free club limo to Sapphire, your admission will be free. Might as well save that $33 and get an extra lap dance and drink.

      If you get the VIP60 package, the free limo and free admission are included in the package, as well as a pass to the front of the line and a reserved table in a location with a good view of the stages, where you’ll get lots of attention from the dancers.

      You will still have to take a cab back to your hotel, but there are always plenty waiting at Sapphire. Call 1-702-869-0003 to reserve the limo or book online.

      If you don’t get the VIP60 package, there is a $10 reservations fee for the free limo, but that will be waived if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon at the door.

      Correct, lap dances are $20 per dance/song.

      The VIP60 package is excellent for men going solo. The cheapest drink price is $14 at Sapphire, and you will likely not have any trouble going through the package and its free drink.

      I think you’re going to have a lot of fun.

      • Bishop

        Wow! Thanks for your quick reply!
        I can’t wait to go. Mid-April can’t come soon enough.


          • Bishop

            Well – if I go (the trip is still pending), I will be sure to report back with a Implant-loving Torontonian’s perspective of this club.

            Thank you for this web site, and all the detail and effort you put into this. I’ve been reading other pages of this site for details about etiquette and custom in Las Vegas. While not too different for Toronto strip clubs, there are things I’m glad to know before entering a place. Seriously, thank you!

  5. Jordan

    Have only ever been to the Rhino, How does this club compare with regards to the women? How is the sunday night crowd?

    Also, it was nearly impossible to find a place to sit at the rhino, (alot of reserved signs and no stage seats) is there somewhere I can just sit, drink a beer and get some floor dances without having to get bottle service? Is there a free limo here like other places?

  6. Arnold Snyder

    I’d expect Sapphire to be crowded on a Sunday night, and if you’re looking for hundreds of hot, stacked babes they’ll be there. Definitely same caliber as Rhino.

    Sapphire is big enough that you’ll usually be able to find a table and get floor dances without having to get bottle service.

    There are two best ways to go at Sapphire.

    1. If you’re going for the evening, you can get one of their drink packages (see here). If you buy it online, a $60 package for a solo guy would include $69 value in drinks, free limo, reserved VIP table, free admission (a $33 savings), and your limo driver escorts you to the front of the line, where you’ll be whisked to your table.

    2. If you’re only going to have a couple of drinks, call 1-702-869-0003 for the club limo. There’s a $10 reservations fee, but they will waive that at the door if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon (it was $18 or $19 last time I checked).

    They won’t limo you back to your hotel, though. You’ll have to take a cab, but there are always cabs waiting there.

  7. Steve

    Can you purchase packages here if you are driving yourself rather than taking the free limo? I would think that’s even better for the club.

    • Arnold Snyder

      I’m sure that won’t be a problem. Just be sure to purchase the package online (because you get a free shot that way, and you won’t if you purchase some other way), and when they call you about reserving the limo, tell them you’re driving yourself, and ask them what to do about your line pass.

      Normally the limo driver would escort you to the front of the line.

  8. Jordan

    Booked the VIP60 package for me and 3 friends online. How long does it usually take the club to call and arrange transportation. We are going saturday the 28th. Should I call them if I dont here back in another day or two or is it typical for them to wait until closer to the date or day of? thanks for you help. We are pumped about going.

  9. Arnold Snyder

    Jordan, you will get a confirmation email within about 24 hours and that will give you the limo dispatch phone number.

    When you get that email, you can either email back with your pick-up time and location or you can call the limo dispatch number they provide and make the arrangements. The limo dispatch number is 1-702-303-3430, just in case.

    But don’t everyone start calling that number for a limo. That’s only for people who have already bought a VIP package online. Otherwise use 1-702-869-0003.

    The dispatch office will also call you a few hours before your scheduled pick-up time to verify that you still want the pick-up, so be sure to have your phone handy and answer it, or work out an alternate same-day verification method in advance.

    I think you’ll have a great time.

  10. Winter Sport

    If you go into a skybox is it possible for “sex in the champagne room”? I know its taboo to ask but I am curious.

    Thank you

  11. Jordan

    Had a great time this past weekend, the guys and I are gonna make it a yearly event I think right around NCAA tourney start time. Definately enjoyed the VIP60 package, everything was set up just like they said, hope they keep doing it so we can get it again next year. Thanks again for all of the info. Just curious, we all tipped generously, but how much of the dance price money do the ladies get to keep? Thanks again, Highly reccomend this club to everyone.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jordan, I believe the dancers at Sapphire keep all stage tips and all lap dance money out on the floor. I believe the club takes 10% of VIP dances.

      A Sapphire spokesperson tells me that the dancers keep ALL cash paid to them, on stage, in the main room, the VIP, or even a skybox. The club only gets a percentage of non-cash transactions. The customer who only has plastic to pay with will have to purchase dance dollars from the club to pay the dancer(s) with. (Many clubs have similar systems. In my review of Hustle Club, I mention their “Beaver Bucks.”)

      So, if you guys were paying with cash, the dancers got every tip you gave them. If you were paying with dance dollars you purchased with plastic, they got the full amount of the dance dollars, but you got less than your money’s worth compared to what the cost to you would have been had you arrived with cash.

      Keep in mind that in addition to the house fees the dancers pay to get in the door in any Vegas strip club, they also must “tip-out” various employees before they leave, including VIP hosts, bouncers, bartenders, DJ, etc.

      Very glad to hear you had a good time and that the club treated you well.

  12. Giles

    Hi, thanks for the advice to date! Can I book for bottle service (ie the ‘starting package’) if there’s just two of us? I’m happy to pay the full amount of $325 but just wondered if they are fussed on how many actual attend as long as the minimum is met?

    Basically I’d like a table and get at least a bottle of vodka for me and my son and just trying to figure out the best way

    cheers for you help!

  13. Giles

    ps, I know you can buy individual drink cards but I suspect that bottle will exceed this a lot? thanks again

  14. Arnold Snyder

    Giles, you’ll have no problem with there being two of you. The $325 bottle package is for “up to” five guests, so two of you qualify. If you book online you should also get a round of free shots.

    • Giles

      Thanks Arnold for the swift reply!

      My guess from many of your excellent articles that your favourite club is Sapphire (I may be wrong!).

      If you had to pick one club to spend a few hours with a table and a bottle or two of spirits (irrespective of budget) what would be your pick? Good looking girls are important and being stacked a bonus. Not too high a hustle factor.

      I’m thinking either Palomino or Sapphire but would welcome your opinion.

      cheers mate

        • Arnold Snyder

          Giles, both clubs you mention fill the bill for what you’re looking for.

          If the stage show is more important to you, go with Palomino. If you prefer hundreds of dancers to choose from, Sapphire’s the place.

  15. Jim

    Can anyone confirm drink prices at Sapphire’s? I’m traveling to Vegas next week with a buddy and neither of us have been to a Vegas strip club so I’m trying to compare which club to go to.

    So far I have it narrowed down to either Sapphire’s or Deja Vu since they both seem to be high mileage. However is seems Sapphire’s has more, bustier girls, but Deja Vu has $3 drinks. I think we would use the VIP deal for admission, transportation, etc. to either club.

    • Jim

      Thanks for the quick reply Arnold…so Deja Vu is $3 beer/drinks? How much is Sapphire?

      • Arnold Snyder

        Jim, yes, all drinks at Deja Vu are $3. That’s for all beer and call drinks except super premium.

        At Sapphire, beer and well drinks start at $14. The average drink price is $19, but the average includes some pretty expensive drinks.

  16. Anonymous

    Hey Arnold, I plan on going with a group of 5 later in July (29th-31st). I’m 22, will be with a man and wife (late 20’s) and man and wife (mid 40’s). I’ve been stressing on what strip club to go to, because I’m in charge of picking a place.

    High mileage, low hustle, and hot girls is my priority. All of these, not just one of the 3. I’m guessing sapphire covers all of those (let me know if u have something else in mind that cover those 3 categories better)

    – Is buying a vip package the only way 5 people can sit at a table together?
    – If we buy 1 bottle (the $325) package and finish our bottle will the host tell us we still need to buy drinks to continue sitting there?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

  17. Arnold Snyder

    I think your group will have a blast at Sapphire.

    Buying a VIP package is not necessary to get a table together, but on many nights it might be the only way, depending on crowd conditions.

    Don’t worry about a host kicking you off the table if you finish your bottle. They’ll treat you well and leave you be until you’re ready to leave.

  18. Jake

    I’m really into the enhanced look (implants/fillers) and sapphire sounds perfect for me! I’m also really into older women (cougar/ milf), does this club offer that at all? Glitter Gultch had that which I liked but everything else about that place was horrible. Thanks for your help and love the website!

  19. Arnold Snyder

    Jake: Because of the sheer number of dancers at Sapphire on any given night, you can almost always find what you’re looking for. You’ll definitely find a number of hot older dancers there.

  20. Johnny

    Arnold….on other general review sites (Yelp, etc.), Sapphire has gotten the reputation as a place that will hold tables empty if you don’t buy a drink card or some other VIP package. They allege that during busy times you will be forced find a place at the bar or stand, even if there are empty tables available. Can you comment on that? I am taking my wife to see the guy dancers, but I plan to go to the main club when the show is over, but I want to be able to sit at a table and drink.

  21. Arnold Snyder

    Johnny: Many of the Vegas strip clubs will hold empty tables for customers who order bottle service or some kind of VIP package. This is especially true on weekends or whenever big crowds are expected. This is true in the most popular Vegas night clubs as well.

    Many Vegas strip club customers do reserve limo transportation and pre-order package deals specifically because they want a table available for them. The clubs prefer not to seat customers, then tell them later they have to move to make way for a reservation. So, they hold enough tables to accommodate reservations.

    If you’re wife is going to the 9 pm Men of Sapphire show, you’ll probably be able to get a table in the club without getting a VIP package. If she’s going to the late show (midnight or 1 am), you may be stuck at the bar or at one of the seats on the rail where you can watch the stage dancers close up, as the rail seats are never reserved and always open on a first come/first served basis.

    If I were going to Sapphire at peak hours and I really wanted a table, I’d pre-order the VIP60 package for $60, which covers your limo transport, cover charge, and $50 in booze (plus a complimentary shot if you purchase it online), plus it guarantees you a reserved table. Your wife can join you after the men’s show and you’ll have the table locked up for as long as you stay.

    • Johnny

      Arnold, as always, thank you for your quick and thorough reply. I appreciate it.

  22. Amanda

    Are women allowed to go to Sapphires? My friend and I are going to Vegas and we want to experience a gentlemen’s club. There are just two of us and we would be going on a Monday night. Can we attend and would you recommend we purchase the VIP60? Thank you!

  23. Arnold Snyder

    Amanda, Sapphire’s general policy is no unescorted women allowed (unescorted by a man, that is). Many gentlemen’s clubs have similar policies in order to keep prostitutes from soliciting their customers–which could lose a club its license if there was evidence the club condoned or encouraged this.

    I sent your question to the club, however, for clarification, and this is the response from Sapphire:

    “Yea. That’s fine but they normally like a man to escort. If they prepay there shouldn’t be a problem.”

    So, I would recommend that you purchase a VIP package online, and you should have no problem getting in.

  24. robbie

    So regarding the lapdance: you can pick the lady with the biggest boobs and you are allowed to take a firm grip on them ??

  25. robbie

    always gentle. i had the idea that the chicks were not so picky when they are riding yur dick

  26. Kylie

    Hi there! Thanks for this awesome, informative website! I’m going to Vegas at the end of the month with my boyfriend and we’re purchasing one of the couples VIP packages (really awesome deal!!). It includes:
    Complimentary transportation to Sapphire
    Front of line admission
    No cover charge
    VIP table on the main floor
    $140 Drink Card

    I’m just wondering how tipping works, both for the drinks and the dancers. Do we tip per drink like at a regular bar– will they deduct from our “Drink Card” or can we pay separately with cash?
    And I know each dance is $20 (hoping to get separate dances & maybe one together!), do we tip on top of that? What’s the standard?
    Thanks again for all of your help!!

  27. Arnold Snyder

    Kylie: Tip per drink. Tip in cash. It’s not necessary to tip over and above the $20 lap dance cost, but dancers appreciate it, especially if you get multiple dances and they’re hanging around drinking and talking with you.

  28. Carlos

    I keep seeing on yelp reviews that the dancers in sapphire are 40 years old and not as pretty as in other clubs…. and it is not only 1 person it is like most of them saying that. I mean, 1 person can be wrong but 10 or 20? What is the percentage of very good looking ladies on Sapphire and how old they really are on average?

  29. Arnold Snyder

    Carlos: Off the top of my head, I’d say about 85% of the dancers at Sapphire are in their 20s. Most of the remaining 15% are in their 30s. I’m sure a few are in their 40s. One of the problems with Yelp reviews is that competing businesses often put up phony reviews of their competition. This is true not only for strip clubs, but other night clubs, restaurants, etc.

    The overwhelming majority of dancers at Sapphire are very beautiful.

  30. Finn

    Is it possible to purchase 4 separate VIP60 passes and get one table? One of my friends is super stingy and is against strip clubs – my other two friends don’t want to pay for him so we have decided to buy separately.

    Thanks for the help,

    • Jimmy

      @Finn, if he’s against strip clubs and needs a crowbar to open his wallet I’d leave him behind. Sounds like a big anchor to have while you try to have fun. Drop him off at a bingo hall or keno lounge while you have your fun.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Finn: Yes, you can buy four VIP60 packages and all sit at one table. If you purchase online, just mention that you’re doing this in the comments section of the order page. You’ll also all come together in the same limo.

  31. Ryan

    I’ll be heading for Vegas over Halloween, and was wondering if Sapphire is the best strip club party.

  32. Arnold Snyder

    Ryan: It’s too early to know what any clubs will be doing for Halloween parties. Most won’t provide any details till a week or so in advance. Halloween falls on Saturday this year, so it’ll be a crazy weekend in Vegas. I’ll cover the Halloween options here as they’re announced.

  33. Matt

    Hi there Arnold.

    I went to Saphires with my girlfriend last night. We had a great time! We did find it hard to get a seat (11pm Friday night), but understand maybe we should have gotten a VIP spot. Even front row on stage we were moved along when a hostess placed a champagne bottle in front of us for another couple that wanted to sit where we were.

    One thing we found strange was the $15 fee we were each charged to get in, though we took the limo. She told me the fee was a processing fee. I couldn’t be bothered reading into it too much. Just thought you might be interested in finding out what that fee is, and if it supposed to be charged.



    • Arnold Snyder

      Matt, that’s the limo reservation fee (which used to be $10–I’ll have to check and see if they’ve permanently changed it), but they were supposed to offer you a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon and waive the reservation fee if you bought it.

      In other words, they make you pay for a drink at the door, but then they give you two drinks for the price of one and waive the limo fee.

      Didn’t they offer you the drink coupon?

      • Matt

        Hey Arnold,

        No they didn’t. I even asked them about it, and she just shook her head. Its no issue, just thought you might like to know!

        I am heading to Little Darlings tonight!

        • Arnold Snyder

          Matt, I’m sorry this happened to you. I checked with management at the club and the limo reservations fee has been changed to $15, but the girl at the door was supposed to offer to waive the fee for the same old buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon.

          I’ve been told that policy hasn’t changed, and that the matter would be addressed with staff. Thank you for reporting it.

          I will follow up with management to let them know you asked for the coupon and weren’t allowed to buy one. If this happens to anyone else, you should ask to speak to a manager.

          I’ve changed TVO to update the $15 fee and will report on any further response from management.

  34. Cancon

    OMGosh, OMGosh – My wife and I finally made it to Sapphire last Saturday on our 32nd trip to Las Vegas. We had always been scared away by the $30 cover and $15 beer – but no more. We paid $11 each for the Comedy Show which included two drinks. Price probably reduced as there was no burlesque dancer and only 18 people in the audience. The show wasn’t worth much. The headliner was a total waste of time. But it got us in the main room basically for free. To say that Sapphire is full contact is an understatement. My wife and I had our hands full, maybe because we had decided to go with only “artifically enhanced” girls for the night. Beer was still $15 but we only had to order one and then keep our laps full for $20 a dance. We left at 10:30 and the line up was out the door. No more low end clubs for us, get your money’s worth at Sapphire. We’ll be back at XMAS and will go with natural girls for the night just for a change of pace.

  35. Cancon

    Hey Arnold, my wife thinks you and I must be twins separated at birth and she would like us to get together for a beer when we’re back in Vegas the last week of December. She says I should do volunteer research work for you but I think she just wants to go to the clubs more often. How lucky am I to have a wife that insists we check on the girls every trip to Vegas? I guess we’re both “touchy-feely” types, LOL.

  36. Chris

    Arnold, your website is very educational to an ignorant person such as myself and –

    1. I went to Sapphire once a few months ago and had probably the best night of my life. I used a credit card and had absolutely no problems, but ever since then have heard horror stories about people using credit cards. Was I just lucky, or is it overblown? Or is it I think, guys getting way too drunk and spending out of control?

    2. I do not know anything about the skyboxes. How does one get one? Do you have to know someone? Can an average joe like me get one for an hour? Or is it for high-rollers only? Or is it a first come first served? It seems as though it would be a lot of fun and would like to experience it at least once.

    Sorry about the long questions.
    Thanks in advance, Chris

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, first, Sapphire is an honest club and believe me, the businessmen who own it don’t want credit card problems.

      The only way you’d run into a credit card problem at Sapphire is if you ran into some crooked dancer. Dancers move around a lot, they are independent contractors rather than club employees, and clubs don’t always know every one of their dancers very well. If a dancer spiked your drink and charged you for a 60-minute private dance, the club wouldn’t think the charge unusual.

      Also, you never want to use the card to get a cash advance, because the clubs charge outrageous fees.

      So you probably wouldn’t run into any problems using a credit card at the club, but still, personally, as a general rule, I bring cash to any strip club, in Vegas or elsewhere.

      Regarding the Skyboxes, all you have to do to get a Skybox dance is ask a dancer for one. You don’t have to know anyone, you don’t have to reserve in advance, and there will almost always be one available, even on busy nights.

      Just ask a dancer for a Skybox dance, and a club host will immediately be summoned to take care of you properly. It’s fun to be given the royalty treatment at a club like Sapphire. I think you’d have a great time.

  37. jimmy

    To me the problem with using a credit card is it’s way too easy to spend way too much money. Especially if you’re drinking. I bring the amount of cash I’m willing to spend for the evening. I usually don’t spend it all but I know what the max is that I might spend.

  38. Jordan


    I’m planning another trip out to Vegas and the guys wanna go back to sapphires. We are gonna be going on a Friday night and all getting one of the VIP60 packages. I have a few questions, one somewhat stupid probably.

    1.what time do you suggest getting there to have the best selection of ladies roaming around
    2.(stupid question) when I’m booking online if I want to go Friday night at say midnight or 1:00am Saturday morning do I still put Friday as the date for the reservation even though technically it’s Saturday morning? Confusing I know.
    3. Have any names of dancers that we should be on the lookout for that give great high mileage dances? (Ie. Do not miss this one opportunities to look for)

    Thanks in advance and thanks for all the info on the website.


    • Arnold Snyder

      Jordan, any time after 10:30-11pm the full contingent of Sapphire’s top dancers will be at the club, emerging from the dressing room and roaming around.

      I believe the Sapphire online booking only asks the date, not the time. If you want to go at Friday midnight or Saturday at 1 a.m. I’d put down Friday’s date. Then when they email you about the time you want the limo, clarify that you actually want the limo Saturday at 1 a.m.

      I have some favorite dancers at Sapphire, but the club is so big that depending on where you’re sitting and what they’re doing when you arrive, you may never see them. Just watch the dancers on the floor–it’s easy to see who is giving high mileage dances and pick someone who turns you on.

      Have a great time.

  39. Chad

    My buddy and I will be in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks and are looking to visit Sapphire’s on a Sunday night. Do you recommend that we order bottle service or just get the VIP60 drink card package? We plan on arriving around 9:00 PM and staying for at least three hours. Thanks,

  40. Arnold Snyder

    Chad, depends on how much you think you’ll want to drink. For two guys and at least three hours, I’d probably go for a bottle package. Check out the different bottle packages at the club website. They’ll save you $90 to $130+ and get you the royalty treatment at the club.

  41. Arturo

    Great info. Was leaning towards Rhino for my one night Vegas business visit flying solo. After reading, leaning now to sapphire. I don’t drink much and prefer to spend $$ on a grinding lapper from a slender hottie. Best bet sapphire or Rhino? How does one avoid having to spend $$ on drinks? Thank you.

  42. Andrew

    Went solo on a tues night – called for limo pickup no problem (nice guy), but got charged $12 service fee at the door. I asked about the buy one get one coupon, she said none available, and no way to waive the service fee. Just wanted to let you know.

  43. Kelly

    Got the same result as Andrew. Was told they no longer offer the 2 for 1 unless going through a host and that there would be a $12/person booking fee. Thankfully the limo driver told us we could ask to buy two prepaid drinks at the entrance for $18 a pop to still waive the booking fee. Worked out to be $72 for the two of us, which is likely double what it was before.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Kelly: I contacted Sapphire management about Andrew’s comment, and they say the 2-4-1 is always available. (It’s technically 2 drinks for $18). They are investigating to find out who it is that works the door that doesn’t know the policy.

      For now, my advice for any TVO reader who is misinformed by someone at the door is to ask to speak with a manager.

      Until then, Kelly or Andrew, if you have a name or description of the person at Sapphire who incorrectly overcharged you, please email the info you have to:

      snyder (at) toplessvegasonline.com

  44. wolfie

    I want to thank you Arnold because based on information here and word of mouth I am no longer a strip club virgin when I went twice last week to Sapphire. I would suggest to everyone to get one of their package deals, dealt with Angie over there and everything went perfect. The girls were very nice and the only thing that through me off was how many of them were waiting at the entrance to the sitting area I guess for new meat coming in. Luckily for me got two that sat with me for a long time just talking, letting me relax a little so never felt any pressure for anything. Also what was interesting is when I did do the VIP thing the price that was quoted on here was exactly the price the girls were giving me. There was like no upsale except for one and it was like $20 more than mentioned here.

    Would like to point out in my experience, the only time I was asked for a tip was for a waitress in the VIP area. I did tip the girls however and tipped the bouncer I guess you call them which made them both smile. When I went back after that first night, one of the dancers there recognized me, ran over and gave me a hug. I was like holy crap didn’t think made that much of an impression.

    Hopefully will be going back next time in Vegas but now that Palomino has that single deal, which I hope they still have on my next visit, want to check that place out also because of how high you have it.

  45. Eric

    Hi Arnold,

    A quick question: if I want to go to their MNF thing, shall I still purchase the VIP packages?

  46. Arnold Snyder

    Eric: You won’t need a VIP package in the showroom where the MNF games are screened. But if you plan to visit the club afterwards and you plan to drink and want a reserved table, then a VIP package might be a good idea.

  47. cancon

    Arnold, Are the Monday Night Football drinks and food for $20 only available in the Showroom? Can we go into the main club after half time without paying another cover charge?

  48. Todd

    My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Vegas and she is extremely eager to check out some strip clubs. She likes both men and women and I like watching here with men and women. Is there a club for us where she can get “high contact” dances with men and/or women???

  49. Arnold Snyder

    Todd: Your best bet is Sapphire on a Friday or Saturday night, where there’s a male strip show in the Showroom (that lasts about an hour), then you go out into the regular strip club for the female strippers. Both the male and female dancers do high-contact dances for women. The male show is at 9 & midnight on Friday, and 10 and 1 am on Saturday. The male show has a separate $20 cover. I’d advise calling the club and reserving a package. Tell them what you want and they’ll set you up for a fun night. Take their limo as it’s free and will save you cab fare and cover charge.

  50. Jordan

    Getting ready for our anual guys trip to vegas, last time we went to sapphire and had the best time. Any big changes there in the last year or so? I noticed the VIP60 is now the VIP65 which is still a great deal. And didn’t the “grade of dancer” used to say “some average”? Have you noticed an increased quality of dancer? We are most definately going back, probably on a friday night aroud midnight. Any suggestions for the new year?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jordan, Sapphire just keeps improving. The handful of marginal dancers I used to see are gone at peak hours, which is amazing in a club with this many dancers. The mileage is higher than ever. I’ve been in there several times this month and every guy with a girl in his lap looked like a couple on their honeymoon.

      A package remains a good idea, especially at peak hours, not only because they’re a good value but also because otherwise there’s no place to sit.

      Have a good time.

  51. Shane

    Visited Sapphire with my wife based on your review. Purchased a package as suggested, piece of cake and made it simple to get in and have a reserved table. Picked one near the stage thinking it would result in more action. Took a bit of effort to actually get girls to stop with my wife there, as soon as she went to the bathroom I had a girl in my lap though with zero effort. Not a single one offered to take me to a quieter nook though. Overall it was excellent and I will visit again.

  52. FJR

    I noticed this note at the bottom of all the package deal pages on the club’s web site.

    *20% Service fee will paid by guests upon arrival.

    Each guest in the package pays 20% of the package price?

  53. Jordan


    Is that 20% upon arrival fee new in the last year? Or does it not effect the VIP65 packages. We didn’t pay anything on arrival last year when we did 4 of the VIP60’s. Or is this what’s included along with Nevada state tax when you checkout online? Just want to know what to be prepared for. Thanks .

      • Arnold Snyder

        Jordan, I contacted Sapphire with your question. Here’s the answer:

        “The tax changes did affect our online pricing. The 20% service fee is new for 2016. It is due upon arrival once you redeem your package.”

        I’ll update the information at TVO to reflect the change.

  54. Jordan

    Thanks Arnold.doesnt change us get that package or going there just like to know what to expect before hand. Can’t wait!

  55. Jason

    It was my first time in Vegas and I went to Sapphires with the VIP 65 package during UFC 194 weekend back in December after the fight with an extra couple hundred bucks thanks to McGregor.Thinking that there should be tons of great talent available from thanks to the popularity of the fight I would have a wonderful time as I read this page before going to Sapphires as a boob-man. Inside was impressive but the hustle game from the dancers and the mixed mileage made it for an interesting night.

    I was hoping to see a lot of well-stacked ladies there but I was hounded by a petite dancer as soon as took a seat. I politely turned her away and began trying to get dances but it seemed to be pretty hard to get a dance if you’re a solo guy not in a suit and tie or white (I’m Hispanic/Asian, but born in the USA). I had to start waving at the dancers to get their attention and I was sitting in front of my table!

    Another glaring thing was that I had one of the suited bouncers lead me to a a “reserved for VIP” table only to have a group of 4 people come sit next to me and drink at my table for some reason.They were pretty rowdy and spilled drinks twice near me. I decided to move and sit near some couples on the opposite side of the floor.

    Anyway, after spending about $400 on main floor dances of varying quality and $100 in drinks, the petite dancer from earlier brought a friend who was just like her and started hounding me. After a bit I gave up and let them have a dance each. It was okay but I’ve had much better.

    Not long after, ladies in minidresses were showing up offering VIP-only dances saying “they don’t mess around” on the main floor. It felt more than a little condescending and I declined quite a few ladies who offered this service. After trying to get the attention of some friendlier girls, I decided to visit the VIP backroom before heading out for the night.

    I found a dancer who was slightly pushy but was friendly enough to go into the VIP room for the $140 10-minute dance. Once inside, I apparently had to buy the girl a drink which costed me an extra $22 according to the waitress.

    At this point I just wanted to get some mileage and paid the waitress for some very expensive whiskey. After toasting McGregor for the night with the dancer, I stumbled out and dodged the taxi drivers while I waited for an Uber.

    All in all, I was slightly disappointed with the girls I encountered that night as they weren’t as attractive as the California clubs I’ve been to and quite a few of the dancers I’ve encountered were kind of small in the chest area, but they were very high mileage and the good ones were enthusiastic in comparison.

    Maybe I’ll visit Palominos next time.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jason, I’ve had a similar problem at strip clubs, not at Sapphire where I seem to get approached by my type, but at other clubs that tend to have older dancers. I’m in my late 60s, and at some clubs the oldest dancers in the place seem to lay claim to me so nobody else can approach.

      I don’t necessarily mind older dancers if they’re my type, but if I’m getting monopolized by someone who’s just not my type, and she won’t take a hint, I leave my table and take a seat on the stage. It’s best to do this when someone you’re attracted to is on the stage. Even if every seat on the rail is taken, move over to the stage and start tipping the dancer you’re attracted to.

      She’ll come over and dance for you and talk to you, you tell her you’d be interested in a dance when she leaves the stage, and now you’re not only free of the dancer you don’t want, but every dancer in the club gets a feeling for your type.

      You could also go out of your way to talk to a dancer of your type who’s just finishing up a dance with someone else. Do anything to get the ball rolling with a dancer of your type, and maybe get a few dances from her.

      Dancers seem to form stereotypical ideas of customers just like many other people do, and you have to change their idea of you.

      Also, I understand why you relocated to near the quiet couple, but be aware that in a high-mileage club like Sapphire, the high-mileage dancers tend to avoid approaching couples. They seem to be afraid of the reaction of the female in the couple.

      So if you’re looking for high-mileage laps, that was the worst location you could have picked.

      When I take my wife to Sapphire, if we want a high-mileage couples’ dance, we usually have to use the technique described above of tipping and talking to dancers on the stage. Then, once we’ve actually had a high-mileage couples’ dance, we get approached by more dancers who give laps like that.

      • Jason

        Thanks for the tip! It was my first time in Vegas, but not a strip clubs, so I read this site extensively before getting the VIP package and heading out. I considered going to the stage but I spent most of my one dollar bills on drinks so I decided to just tough it out.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Jason, I carry as many ones as I can fit in my pockets when I head to a strip club for just this kind of emergency.

          You get an image quickly. I’m older, so older women figure they’ve got a shot with me, which is fine unless I get monopolized so that no one else can approach. You’re Asian, so girls with little titties probably think they’ve got a better shot with you. They move in, you buy a dance to be nice even though they aren’t what you’re looking for, and now you have an image in the club as a guy who’s looking for little titties.

          Think of it as a party–if you get trapped with the wrong group, you have to bust out.

          And if, for some reason, dancers just aren’t seeing you, believe me, they’ll see money. Just start splashing some dollars on the stage and you’ll start getting a lot more attention.

          • Jason

            Oh yeah I learned that very early on in life: Money talks. I’ll use what I learned here next time I’m in Vegas.

  56. Jordan

    Is the show me sapphire events every weekend with different feature dancers? My boys and I have a few vip65 packages booked on the 26th, just supposed to call that day to confirm pickup time. just wondering if there will be some added “bonus” entertainment on the stage.

  57. John

    Well I would say to anyone who wants to visit sapphire , be prepared to drop some serious cash, and that’s only on the drink. Me and my wife were looking for a strip club and we saw one of the promoters in the street offering free admission and a limo pick, yet after reading your reviews Arnold we decide to buy the VIP65 package. Now to our surprise that once we got into the club they charged another $26 for what they called a service fee, so before we even sat down we had already spent around $160. The package states that it comes with a $50 drink card, but that’s part of the scheme, as the waitress apon sitting demands her $26 service charge, asks you want you want to drink, in which we order voda redbull, brings them back, and I had to ask her how much credit we had and to our surprise they were charge $25 a drink and even $15 per beer. So needless to say for $160 we received two vodka red bulls and two and half beers. I have been to many stripclubs and the pricing structure that sapphire runs is horrible. Me and my wife finished our extremely overpriced drinks and left. This is for sure one of the strips clubs to miss in my opinion , yes some of the girls are hot, but in comparison to then another stripclubs out there you are pretty much throwing your money away here.

    • Cancon

      Don’t go to Sapphire to drink at regular price. Go for Monday night football, 3 drinks and buffet for $20 and no cover charge.Or comedy night $20 and no cover. Buy one beer and then spend $20 on lap dances.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Every strip club in Vegas–even the worst dives–overcharge for Red Bull. No one should ever order Red Bull at a nightclub or strip club in Vegas without asking the price in advance.

      My review makes clear that a beer is $15 at Sapphire. But in addition to your $100 in drink cards, you should also have received two free shots if you bought the packages online.

      You should also have received free limo transport for two, free admission for two, a line pass for two, and a reserved VIP table.

      I consider this a good value for a club of this caliber. The club offers a fantastic high-mileage lap dance scene with 400 of the hottest dancers in Vegas, and the lap dances are the same $20 as everyplace else in town.

      But I also explain in the review cheaper ways to do Sapphire. In addition to the ways Cancon mentions, people on a budget can get free admission to the club just by calling for the club limo. You’ll be charged a $15 reservations fee, but that is waived if you buy a two-for-the-price-of-one drink coupon for $19.

      By doing that, you are in the club for free, after being transported to the club for free, and you both get two drinks for $19, or less than $10 a drink.

      That means you’re in Sapphire, one of the top clubs in town (and probably in the world), with two drinks each at less than $10 a drink.

      The only problem with doing it that way is that you are unlikely to be able to find a place to sit down once the club gets packed at peak hours. If you’re going to do the club without a package that gets you a reserved table, you have to go early enough to find a seat at the stage.

      It’s a very popular club.

  58. Jordan


    The guys and I had a blast at sapphire again this weekend. I am in total agreement that the talent keeps getting better and better. Wondering, in all of your times there have you ever had the pleasure of hanging out with a dancer going by Sunny? Tall, blonde and busty….she was completely amazing, best dances I’ve ever had both in the VIP and on the floor. And probably the hottest dancer (to me anyway) that I’ve seen in the club. Ever think about doing interviews and shoots with the some of the sapphire girls?

    Any tips on getting the girls you want to approach you for dances? I love , love blondes, but it seemed like until Sunny came over all I was getting approached by were dark haired ladies,some of which were really hot but I was on a mission haha. My problem is that the hot blondes would walk by and not ask or walk straight by to another guy, or kept getting shuffled around by a host to other tables. After my first few dances with sunny(I had many over a 2 day period, did I mention she was epic), more started coming by and asking. What can I try in the future to get this going a little faster?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jordan, you know why those blondes kept getting shuffled around by a host to other tables? Because the guys at those other tables were asking the host to bring over some blondes.

      You guys were all there at a reserved table on package deals. You had every right to ask a host to go and bring over some blondes to you. Note: Sometimes bottle service makes this easier. A bottle on the table makes it easy for hosts and dancers to tell you’re a VIP.

      Or, if a host isn’t handy, the best thing to do is just think of the club as a big party. If you see a girl you think is cute at a party, do you pray for her to approach you? No, you just walk up to her, tell her she’s gorgeous, and ask her for a dance.

      Then after your dance, if you’ve got your eye on another blonde, ask your current dancer if she can get you an introduction if you’ll tip her a ten or twenty. Believe me, she’ll get you the introduction.

      I do know Sunny, and I agree she’s epic. I hope to get into Sapphire someday with Hew Burney for pics.

      I’ll put up a post tomorrow about dealing with hosts, what they can do for you, etc.

  59. Jordan

    Thanks Arnold, didn’t really know what the host was for other than to walk you to a table. Is there any minimum expectation when they bring a girl over? I noticed the girls staying for a while at a lot of the tables. Would it be ok just to get a couple dances and make way for another?

    Can’t stop thinking about Sunny, hope she’s there when we go back next time could be a little while though.

    Thanks in advance for the poet about hosts.

  60. SapphireNewbie

    First off, wanted to thank you for all this info. Just got back to the East Coast after a friend’s Bachelor Party at Sapphire, planned with a lot of help from TVO. It was a big success.

    While we were there, I spent some time (but not as much as I would have liked) with an entertainer named Avalon. There’s a chance I’ll be back in LV later this year, and would love to see her again at the club. So my question is: Is there any way to know when she will be working again at Sapphire? Do LV dancers typically work the same clubs regularly? She mentioned she previously worked at Spearmint Rhino. Complicating things, she told me she flies down to LV from San Francisco every weekend to work.

    • Arnold Snyder

      SapphireNewbie, there’s a great chance if you come on a weekend that Avalon will be in the club.

      The one time of year when the regular dancers tend to take off is the 2nd half of December, right after the National Finals Rodeo ends and before the New Years Eve crowd starts to arrive.

  61. Arnold Snyder

    TheTrutj: “i find it dishonest to not disclaim that it is obvious you receive advertising dollars from this club”

    Actually, Huntington Press receives advertising dollars from this club. I’m not Huntington Press. I’m a Huntington Press writer. Anybody can look at this page and see two banner advertisements for this club (above), and similar ads for this venue and others on other pages. Isn’t it kind of obvious that this club advertises here?

    Disclaimer: The ads for Sapphire on this page and others are ads Sapphire paid Huntington Press to publish on this site.

    • Arnold Snyder

      One last response to your comments. Huntington Press, the owner of TVO, has received offers from establishments to advertise on the condition that I rewrite my review of the establishment.

      Huntington Press turned down these offers.

      I stand fully behind my recommendations and the content on this site.

  62. Ben

    I would be interested in any reports from Arnold or anyone else about the feature performances that Sapphire has been bringing in on the weekends recently. How are the shows? How were the crowds? What do the dancers think of the feature performers? Think Sapphire will make this a long term thing? Will other clubs copy? I’m wondering if a trip during a feature performance would be worthwhile, so any comments appreciated.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ben, I can tell you that the crowds have been big, with long lines for autographs and a good number of guys signing up to party with the star at her VIP table, so Sapphire seems to intend to keep this going.

      The stage shows vary by the feature performer, but they all get topless in one way or another, dance, and flirt extensively with the crowd. Sometimes they do little (partial) reenactments from their films. You can flirt or even get a lap dance from the star.

      The club’s regular dancers generally seem happy with the whole thing because feature performers bring more customers into the club.

      In general, how much you’re going to enjoy this kind of thing depends on how much you are into a particular performer. If you and all of your buddies went nuts over the Oregon State Library Girl, you’d probably have fun seeing her and flirting with her and getting a lap dance from her next weekend at Sapphire. It’s a lot of fun to talk to a performer you’ve enjoyed.

      If you have no idea who the porn star is, then it’s a night at Sapphire with 400 gorgeous lap dancers.

      One of the best celebrity events I ever went to was at a casino, rather than a strip club. The casino brought in a bunch of high rollers, including me, to meet Muhammad Ali and receive a gift of a limited-edition LeRoy Neiman print of Ali, signed by both Ali and Neiman.

      I got to go up to Ali, shake his hand, and tell him he was one of my heroes, and he said something surprising to me that I will never forget. Cherished memory.

  63. Jalee

    My husband and I are heading to Vegas in May. We are a open minded couple in our 40’s and have never been to a strip-club (odd, I know), we don’t drink (even odder) but really want to go to Sapphire’s. What do we need to know? Will we stand-out like a sore thumb?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jalee, you’ll be fine. You don’t have to drink, and couples are common at Sapphire.

      Either get a seat on the stage and plan to tip the dancers there or plan to enjoy the lap dance scene–get some couples’ lap dances or VIP dances.

      Dancers may be a bit shy about approaching you until you get things rolling–they may worry that you are uncomfortable with the scene. You can overcome that by approaching a dancer to ask for a dance. Or tip the stage dancer and ask for a dance when she gets off stage, or ask a host to send your favorite type of dancer over (be sure to tip him if you go this route).

      If you are tipping a dancer on stage, make sure that plenty of tips come from you, not all from your husband. That let’s the dancers know you’re comfortable with the scene and enjoying yourself.

      You might want to reserve a couples’ package or a couple of solo packages to get the reserved table, limo, and line pass, and use the drink credits to order soft drinks or juice or water.

      If you get a lap dance or VIP dance, the dancer will tend to focus her attention on you to start, to make sure you’re happy and comfortable. Just give good feedback to her and you’ll have a great time.

  64. Cancon

    Are they breaking the law? Not a scam – just money for the best looking entertainment. There are 15 other places that don’t charge as much so I’m sure you’ll find one in your price range. Whether it’s 3 songs or 10 minutes – about the same.

  65. Arnold Snyder

    An inaccurate comment was posted on this page about credit card fees at Sapphire. I had never experienced any credit card fees at Sapphire when I’ve paid for admission to parties or used my credit card to buy drinks, but I have double-checked with the club.

    There are no fees whatsoever added for using your credit card to purchase drinks, bottles, or admission to the club, comedy show or parties. There is no additional fee for using your credit card to purchase packages, though there may be a service fee to cover city entertainment taxes–if there is, it will be mentioned in the package description.

    If you use the club ATM to withdraw cash from a bank account or get a credit card cash advance, there are high ATM fees at every strip club in Vegas, including Sapphire. Last time I checked, the standard Vegas strip club ATM fee was 20%. That’s why, throughout this site, I advise people not to use Vegas strip club ATMs.

    If you want to use your credit card to purchase lap dances or VIP dances at Vegas strip clubs, you can’t pay for the dance directly with your credit card. Instead, you have to buy “dance dollars” from the club and a fee is charged for those at every major strip club in Vegas, including Sapphire. That fee too was 20% at every strip club in town last time I checked. That is why throughout this site I advise taking cash to Vegas strip clubs to pay for dances.

  66. Peter

    I’m keen to get the Sapphire VIP65 package. But I’m uncomfortable getting picked up by an obvious strip club limo at my hotel. How discrete is the transport? If it is covered in Sapphire signage, could I get the pickup from another location to avoid being seen by people from my conference?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Peter, the limos I’ve seen have the Sapphire logo on the sides. There won’t be a problem getting picked up from somewhere else on or near the Strip. Just specify that when they contact you to make arrangements–within about 24 hours after you buy the package.

      Or ask to be picked up in an unmarked vehicle–I’ll bet they’ve had many requests of that type.

  67. Xenu

    Had a question about the “Show Me Sapphire” porn star extravaganza they’ve been having on weekends.

    I saw that the stars do private dances. How much are they? Also, how is the mileage? I really want to come to Vegas for the Darcie Dolce and Asa Akira weekend.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Xenu, it’s $140 for 3 songs (includes a $40 bar tab), half hour for $375 (includes $175 bar tab), full hour for $700 (includes $300 bar tab).

      The bigger stars seem to be selling a lot of half-hour and full hour private dances.

      The mileage is going to vary by the star, but in general, these are not shy women. I’ve seen Asa Akira all over a fan even at the AVN convention.

  68. Johnny


    Do you have any guesses on how busy Sapphire will be on the evening of Memorial Day? I will be in town for a few days starting on Monday and I only like to go to the topless clubs when they are busy. I find that the selection of dancers is much worse on slow nights, so I usually don’t go during weekdays. I am wondering if Memorial Day will be more like a weekend than a weekday.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Johnny, Memorial Day Monday is into the summer vacation period already, so the crowd should be pretty good–especially at Sapphire. I’d go at peak hours, meaning arrange to arrive at 11 pm to midnight. Sapphire will have a good and large selection of dancers working then.

  69. Ty

    For a couples private dance I keep seeing 3 songs for $100… Does the $100 cover us both or is that price per person?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ty, that covers the couple–both of you.

      The clubs allow this for male/female couples. A couple of guys would have to pay $100 each.

  70. Jon

    Just went to sapphire this past Saturday. It was a phenomenal time! Do you know Emily with dark straight hair? Unbelievable lap dances!

  71. Ken

    Do you know how they do the ufc screenings? Also if i’m a local should i still buy a package deal for the vip table? And if your more than 1 person do each of you have to purchase a vip package to sit together at said table? thanks.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ken, the UFC screenings at Sapphire take place in the Showroom, which has the three largest HD screens in town, plus smaller screens wrapped in a row all around the room.

      There’s usually a pretty grand buffet–barbecue, grilled chicken and maybe brisket, something Alfredo, hors d’oeuvres, Sushi, salads, big dessert table, taco fixings–everything served at the proper temperature by a catering staff.

      They usually have drink specials, or a special fight package that gets you a break on the buffet and drinks. Dancers wander through the Showroom looking for any guys who would like a lap dance.

      After the fight, you have free admission into the gentlemen’s club.

      If you’re coming to see a porn star, and you’re a local, it depends on how you want to party. If you’re mainly there to see the star on stage and even get a private VIP show from her, you can do that without getting the package for her vip table.

      The VIP table is for if you’d like to actually spend some time partying with her. I did it once, and the actress really spent time with us, coming around the table flirting, sitting in laps–it was fun. And it made it easy to reserve a private show with her.

      If you’re more than one person, and you want to sit at the porn star’s private table, each of you need the package for that.

      So it kind of depends on how much you like the actress. If you’re just mainly into her tits, you can enjoy them on stage and in the VIP without the package.

      But if she’s also struck you with her personality, and she’s one of your all-time favorites, it can be fun to hang out with her and flirt and get to know her a bit, and it tends to also make the VIP private show better if you go ahead and get one, because it’s almost like more of a date.

  72. Kevin

    I am a local partially disabled Veteran in a power wheelchair 2 ?’s

    Is there space to get around in my Wheelchair

    I don’t drink and I can get myself there by bus and then wheeling myself any suggestions on packages etc??

  73. Arnold Snyder

    Kevin: The club is wheelchair accessible with ramps and elevators to allow complete access to all areas. Getting around the main floor might be a challenge at peak hours, due to crowds, but a host can seat you where you will have easier access to getting in and out of the room. I would call Sapphire at 702-869-0003 and explain your situation and ask about package deals. Most of their packages are built around drinks.

    • Kevin

      Hey Arnold

      Thanks for the quick reply. Is there a list somewhere too where I can find who the feature dancers are that are coming?? thanks again for the info as a strip club guy it would be nice to see Sapphire I have wanted to go there for awhile.

      • Arnold Snyder

        Kevin, I’m keeping a list of the coming feature dancers updated here, but at the moment the list stops with this weekend.

        I’ll hit the club up for an update and post it on Sunday night. They usually know the next 4-6 weeks in advance.

  74. Mike

    Wife and I are heading to Sapphire next week. Last time we went we showed up in a cab, got lucky with no line, got lucky again when a “bouncer” grabbed a table for us (I slipped him a $20 after he seated us, wasn’t expecting that) and had a great time in the private area for 30 minutes.

    This trip I think we will do the couples package for $165. I’m not sure we really want to take the limo though. The idea of scheduling it seems counter to Vegas. We’d like to show up when we are done dancing, but if we show up in a cab can we still skip the line?

    Also last time we got a private dance we were shown what at the time appeared to be a mostly private room for an hour, and we went for the group private room for 30 minutes. We are thinking about upgrading to the hour room option, but I’m also tempted by the skybox. Any suggestions there? Is the 30 vs 60 in the regular area that different? Big difference between the sky box and the 60 minute area?

    Thanks for this great resource.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Mike, the problem with taking a cab there is that the club will have to pay the cabdriver $75 each for you and your wife. That means they’d have to pay out $150 of the $165 you pay for your package just to get you through the door.

      That’s why they want you to take the club limo.

      If you come in your own car, so that there’s no driver to pay a head fee to, that’s fine. You could skip the limo and still take advantage of the line pass and everything else.

      But Sapphire has more limos and drivers than any other club in town. You can probably work out a deal with your package where you can call for the limo when you’re about ready to head over instead of committing to a time. Let me double check on that and get back to you.

      The 30 vs 60 minute VIPs with private open-doored booths aren’t hugely different.

      But there’s a big difference between the Skyboxes and the 60-minute VIP area with the open-doored private booths. The Skyboxes are completely private rooms, almost like hotel rooms, with a door you can close, and you will be treated like royalty by a club host if you get the Skybox.

      The Skyboxes are larger and more comfortable, with elegant furnishings. The Skyboxes are $100 more for the hour, but they are the highest-end gentlemen’s club VIP experience in Las Vegas.

      They’re a nice treat, especially when you’re entertaining your wife.

      I’ll check on how flexible the club can be about sending out a limo for you and get back to you.

  75. Mike

    Thanks for the info.

    Someone reached out to me today and said:

    “You can call anytime to provide your pick up time and location, and I would give them at least an hour or two notice so you’re not left waiting for the driver.”

    They even said I could handle it via text message 🙂

    Thanks for your help. Your work here deserves to be recognized.

  76. Jordan


    Do you know if sapphire will be continuing the show me sapphire series through the fall and winter as well, or Is it just for the summer ? Thanks!

  77. Jordan

    That’s excellent news. The star the night that I last was in Vegas wasn’t my cup of tea so I’m looking forward to next time. Thanks!

  78. Anonymous

    When the feature dancers come in the show me sapphire series and it says they are available for VIP dances is this the 3 for 100 area and up or is it just the skyboxes???

  79. Arnold Snyder

    Anonymous: It’s not just the skyboxes, but I don’t know if the feature dancers do the VIP dances for the same rates as the regular Sapphire dancers.

    • Anonymous

      I will have to call the club and ask when a lady is there that I’d like to meet. This is a great site for info

      • Rax

        How many dancers do you think they have during their slow times, say Thursday 3pm?

        • Arnold Snyder

          Rax, only a few dancers will generally be in Sapphire in the afternoon. Right now the afternoon scene is at Spearmint Rhino, because they’re offering a lunch special.

          When they stop offering the lunch special, the situation will probably change again.

  80. Rax

    So you think Rhino has the most dancers in the afternoon? My plan was to go on 2 afternoons and 1 evening to Palomino, Sapphires and TOTT. I guess I need to reconsider my plans?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rax, another alternative in the afternoon is the Sapphire pool, which is open Fri. through Sunday. There would usually be dozens of Sapphire dancers at the pool, as well as go-go dancers, etc., and any of them wearing pink wristbands are available for private dances in the VIP.

      Otherwise, on a Thursday afternoon at 3 pm, I’d hit Rhino. I’d spend my evening strip club time at Sapphire and/or Palomino.

      I’ve had a nice time at Palomino right after the club opened at 5 pm. There were 6 dancers in the club, each of them put on a full stage performance even though there were only a few of us in the club. By the time the first 6 dancers had completed their time on stage, a few more dancers had arrived.

      Every dancer was first-rate.

      Enjoy fine nude stage dancing with some drinks and a trip to the VIP–a fine way to spend a late afternoon.

  81. Billy

    Hi Arnold,
    will be in town during the day Aug.15th and flight leaves the 16th. You’d recommend Rhino for an afternoon meal value, so when would it be a good early mileage time to head over to Saphire?
    Sorry, second question if I got the 65 Saphire package would the limo pick me up from the Rhino? Any features specials on a Monday night into a Tuesday, seems like I’m hitting potentially a slow night. Thank you Arnold,

    • Arnold Snyder

      Billy, Sapphire will pick you up anywhere you want, including at Rhino. I’d plan to head over to Sapphire at 10 p.m.

      Monday’s not the biggest night at the club, but there is no bad night at Sapphire. You’ll still find a lap dance orgy and a club filled with beautiful women.

      You’ll see the club keep filling up with both customers and dancers well into the early hours of the 16th.

      If you want a good meal in between Rhino and Sapphire, the gourmet Mexican restaurant (El Dorado Cantina) at Sapphire is terrific. It’s located in the same building and you can access it from inside or outside.

      • billy

        thank you Arnold,
        is there a no cover charge at either Rhino or Sapphire before 6:00 and if so can you stay in the club after?
        plan is to eat lunch at Rhino and head over to Sapphire later on.
        much appreciated

  82. Geoff

    So when you say the vip room is $400 for an hour with a $300 bar tab the total cost is $700? Does a vip package purchased in advance count towards that bar tab? Or do you have to pay that in addition to say bottle service if you ordered that online in advance? Thanks for your time

    • Geoff

      Also is it separate for each dancer you go to the vip room with? Or does your $300 bar tab carry over from one dancer to another but the $400 per hour doesn’t

      • Arnold Snyder

        Geoff: If you get a VIP package deal, what you pay for the package will no count toward any required bar tabs or bottle fees in the VIP room, unless you get a package that specifies VIP room drinks are included, as with Sapphire’s “dinner date” package with their featured performers. Drinks you buy out in the main room of the club don’t count toward the VIP room bar tab either.

        I’ll find out if a 300 VIP bar tab can carry over to a second dancer. Not sure.

  83. alex

    hit sapphire on mon nite
    its a cool club and there were a lot more girls than customers it seemed like.
    a lot of girls standing or sitting around waiting on customers.
    had a nice time with a high mileage dance with 2 girls.
    as I stood outside waiting on my uber driver I couldn’t help notice that 4 cabs dropped off customers on my short wait. I cant imagine how many do on a entire night but would think more would take advantage of the free limo, I sure did. oh, and one waitress named kaitlyn I think it was, was soo cool. I actually thought she had a better personality than most of the dancers. lol

  84. Jordan

    Those two girl dances are excellent. Had one my last time there. Seems like it’s fairly rare that I ever get the offer from two but great when it does. I’m a fan.

  85. DLVNG

    Hey Arnold,

    Just purchased the VIP 65 package, with tax and service it totals around $84. Is there still a $26 charge for the waitress like I’ve read above? Also what drinks should I order with the $50 drink coupon? 2 beers and (what drinks are $20).. Also must I order them all at once, or can I do it once I’m done with each drink? Also since I’m heading solo, if I get up to go to the bathroom or walk around.. Do I lose my seat/table?

  86. Steve

    Arnold… first trip to vegas, wavering between Palomino and Sapphire (sounds like I can’t go wrong). Which would you recommend if I prefer natural full (good sized but not huge) breasts to enhanced. Also, what’s a proper tip for: 1) limo driver; 2) a great high mileage lap dance; 3) a great 30-minute private dance?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Steve, you’ll find girls of your type at both clubs, but more at Sapphire. And don’t hesitate to ask a host there to send over girls of your type. If you’re asking him to keep you supplied all night with a steady supply of your type, slip him a twenty.

      Tip amounts are flexible, but $5 would be nice for the limo driver, $5-$10 for a great high-mileage lap dance, $20 for a great 30-minute private dance.

  87. David H

    Hi Arnold! I am a big fan of Sapphire (and your site!) and will be visiting again in September. Since my trip there (and there were several in the 10 days I was there!) I have grown a beard, a trimmed one at that. It has met with Universal approval from friends, family and women I’ve been dating in the months I’ve had it (over 3 months now) and I would say my attractiveness has increased by 20%.
    How well do beards fare in the clubs in you experience Arnold? Obviously in Sapphire the mileage is there, and I can report some fantastic times in and out of the VIP. Obviously the contact is significantly less than with a full on sexual encounter (one woman had red marks on her breasts who I was dating though the beard wasn’t as soft and in its first full month after foreplay but this is all I have to report as negative here).
    I’m wondering if it simply depends on the dancer, and/or whether my increased attractiveness (I’m not a bad looking guy anyway) is worth keeping the beard and road testing it when I get there?!
    Any insight you could provide would be most appreciated!

    • Arnold Snyder

      David H, at the moment I am sporting a beard myself and look a lot like the Unabomber. My beard is at the longer, softer stage, and I have not had a negative reaction from any club or dancer yet.

      Obviously if you have a three-day growth with hairs as sharp as needles don’t expect motorboating.

  88. David H

    Lol! Thanks, I’ll keep it on the longer side then for sure. Extra beard oil too to cope with the climate!

  89. Jared. F

    Love your website and have loved the two times we have visited Sapphire! We will be going to Vegas the end of August to party with another couple for his birthday.

    We want to have an awesome experience together at Sapphire with the 4 of us wand were looking at the ROCKSTAR STATUS package which offers ROCKSTAR lounge seating (3hr). Do you know what this is? Is it worth it?

    Which package would you recommend if we were looking for some private time with some dancers for the 4 of us?

    Thanks again!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jared, the Rockstar Lounge is a special lounge area in the middle of the action at Sapphire, beneath the elevated transparent center stage. It’s separated from the rest of the room by draperies. You can leave the drapes pulled back to be part of the club’s lap dance scene or you can have them closed for privacy.

      You can see a picture of the lounge about 1/3 of the way down the page on our bachelor party page here.

      Instead of the usual club chairs and a small table, there are supremely comfortable sofas, etc. Getting the Rockstar package will get you not only the champagne, etc. listed in the package, but in general the super royalty treatment at the club and a lot of attention from the dancers. You should feel free to ask a club host for anything you might want, including asking him to introduce you to a specific dancer or keep you supplied with a particular type of dancer.

      You might also want to consider going with a Skybox party. The Skyboxes overlook the main room and about half of them are a nice size for four people (see Skybox photos here near the top of the page). They are the most elegant gentlemen’s club private rooms in Vegas.

      The Skyboxes are $800/hour, but that includes a dancer to entertain you for the hour and $300 in drinks. In the Rockstar Lounge, you pay the dancers separately.

      In the Skyboxes, you can get a different dancer every hour, if you like, and you can arrange for more than one dancer at a time (there would be an extra charge for that–I believe it’s $500/hour for every dancer more than one). In a Skybox, you control the music and volume and lighting.

      In a Skybox party, a club host will be assigned to you. He’s there to make every effort to make sure you have a great time.

      You’d reserve a custom Skybox party here.

      Both would be a fantastic way to enjoy this club. The Rockstar Lounge would be the choice if you want to be more in the center of the lap dance scene and have a greater variety of dancers in to entertain you with lap dances.

      A Skybox party would be better if you want more privacy, control over the music and lighting, and the concentrated attention of a dancer or dancers there to entertain you for a full hour or longer.

      When Floyd Mayweather or movie stars go to Sapphire, they tend to book a Skybox party for their entourages.

      There’s also a karaoke room at Sapphire, if the four of you would enjoy singing karaoke with dancers in between getting them in your laps. If you guys are into singing, let me know and I’ll get the rate for you. It was a little higher than a regular Skybox, if I remember correctly.

      I go to Sapphire mainly for lap dances out on the main floor, but when I want to really treat myself, I go for a luxurious hour with a dancer in a Skybox.

  90. Chad

    Hi Arnold,

    You’ve been giving some great suggestions and reviews about sapphire. When I look at the Yelp reviews for sapphire, they have really bad and negative reviews from customers. How accurate do you think these negative reviews on Yelp are? Is it mostly just a bunch of BS? Thanks.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chad, there was an expose not long back that showed businesses had to buy advertising with Yelp to keep good reviews online. Plus, I know for a fact that the Vegas clubs have employees writing bad reviews about the competition and good reviews about their own club.

      When people on Yelp write an honest complaint, it’s usually about using their credit cards to buy “dance dollars.” There is no extra fee for using your credit card for drinks, admission, etc. but if you buy “dance dollars” it is a cash advance and there is a huge extra fee (20%, last time I checked). So be sure to bring cash for lap dances.

      But this is the case at every strip club in Vegas, not just Sapphire.

      I’ve also seen a complaint about a girl at the admissions desk not honoring the posted admissions price, or something like that. If that should happen to you, just ask to speak to a manager, and it will be corrected. This is an honest club.

      Also, if you read my review, you will see that drinks are expensive at Sapphire — $15 for a beer or wine, average drink price $19. So, this is probably not the club to go to if your budget for the night is $40. A lot of promoters work in Vegas and get paid for just getting guys through the door, even if the guy really doesn’t have the budget for this club. That can lead to disappointment.

      I believe the price is worth it for this club. It’s the highest-end club in town, with literally uncountable hundreds of gorgeous dancers. It has the best special events and parties in town. And the lap dance scene really does have the feeling of an orgy. When I first took my wife to this club, she thought it looked like the Hieronymous Bosch painting Garden of Earthly Delights, the panel where everyone’s having sex, before the panel where everyone goes to hell.

      And they know how to take care of their customers. If you’re sitting there and longing for the beautiful blonde across the room to come over and offer you a dance, just ask a club host for an introduction–that’s what he’s there for. If you want the host to keep you supplied with a steady stream of girls with big titties, he will help you with that too. Just slip him a tip if you appreciate that kind of service.

      So, it’s all about the right club for the right guy. If you’re on vacation and want to spoil yourself, I highly recommend Sapphire.

      • Chad

        Thanks Arnold! Will probably use the rock star package for a friends bachelor party!

  91. Jimmy

    Arnold, my girlfriend is a lightweight drinker, only one or two a night. So the couples package here makes no sense for us. If we just walk in with no package (we’ll be driving ourselves) and pay the cover what are the chances of getting a decent table on a Monday or Tuesday night? We love sitting at the rail at clubs but it looks like the stages at Sapphire are pretty small and therefore have very few rail seats, is that true? One final question, will clubs pick you up in a limo at another club to take you to theirs? Or is it only hotel to club service…

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jimmy, Sapphire and most clubs will pick you up at another club in the strip club area around Industrial, though not at a club out in the boonies like Babes.

      The problem with going to Sapphire any night without a package is pretty much every table will be reserved. If you go a little earlier than peak hours, though, you should be able to get seats on the rail. You should be okay arriving at 9:45-10 pm or earlier.

      Another option is to get two of the VIP65 packages. That would save you money off the couple’s package but get you the line pass and reserved table without drowning you in booze you won’t drink.

      You might even try this: If you’re driving yourself rather than taking the club limo, buy one VIP65 package. That gets you a reserved VIP table. Then just pay the admission for your wife and take her with you to your table. If the host is uncomfortable with that when he seats you, slip him a $10.

  92. Jordan


    If I wanted to go to sapphire one night but hadn’t planned ahead would I still be able to get a reserved table via the VIP65 package. For example, say I hit the club on a Friday night in with my boys and then one or two of us decide the next night (a Saturday) we want to go back, maybe we have more cash left to blow than we thought. How late would be too late to decide to go and still be able to do the package (i.e. Get a table) because without a table we all know a Saturday night for dances would be tough. Would I be able to call at 9-10pm for a midnight -1am pickup and still be able to do the vip65 for 1-3 people? Thanks for all you do on the site. I hope the pornstar thing is still going on this winter.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jordan: [Edited reply]: My misunderstanding. Sapphire says if you reserve a package, the table is reserved in your name and you can only cancel the reservation up to 48 hours prior.

      • Jordan

        Yes, i guess I’m more or less talking about if it’s possible to just call up on a Saturday night a couple hours before we want to go and be able to still get a table. Without him booking it several days in advance.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Jordan, as long as it’s not a big fight weekend or concert weekend or 3-day weekend, you’ll probably be okay. I’d plan to be there before 11 pm if you’re making arrangements last minute.

  93. jon D

    Is there a formal wear policy? Are T-shirt, pants and sneakers ok? Belt-less pants if possible, lol. Because it seem belts get in the way of lapdances lol

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jon, you should be okay as long as it’s not gang wear, ripped jeans, or a sleeveless t-shirt. To be safe, maybe wear a shirt with a collar, like a polo shirt.

  94. Jon D

    Thank you for the quick response. I don’t think nike pants and shoes are gangwear yet (cross fingers). I need to wear somewhat of a gym attire because that’s what I’ll be telling the wifey 😀

    One more question though, this is a high-mileage place, right? Mostly? Can I massage and bury my face in boobies?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jon, you’ll be fine in nike. And Sapphire is the mileage capital of the universe. Take a moment to look around you when you get to the club and you’ll see uncountable hundreds of gorgeous girls offering what you’re looking for.

  95. Rick

    Hi Arnold,

    Can the VIP65 to reserve a table be purchased with cash? I don’t like the idea of doing it online – ie credit card charge… thanks

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rick, you can get the package and pay for it with cash at the club the night of your visit, but you lose out on the free shot that comes with it if you purchase online.

      Just call the club at 702-869-0003 to reserve your limo ride and tell them you’ll be wanting the package.

  96. Rick

    Thanks Arnold. Do I get to choose reserved table, (I’ll go early). I want the girls to have easy access for lapdances. Do you have any recommendation for the best areas in the club. How much should I tip the host?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rick, yes, the package will include a reserved table. As you are handed over to the host for seating, have a $10 ready to slip to him and tell him you’d like to be seated in the middle of the lap dance action, near the stages.

      When the club gets really crowded, it can be difficult for dancers to make it through the tables to the edges and corners of the room.

      Also, if you’re towards the middle of the room near the stages, you can see the dancers near the entrances to the room and wave one over if you see a girl you like.

  97. David

    Trip report:

    Went on Saturday, Oct. 8.

    First, traffic. There is (or was at least), roadwork on Sammy David Jr./Industrial right in front of the club. Bollards, barrels, k-rails and signs shifting the lanes. Fairly easy to follow and it didn’t interfere with entering/exiting the lot, but be aware.

    Into the club. $45 cover. Got the obligatory latch on and headed to the back bar. Bought myself and her a drink. $45. Plus tip, I’m twelve minutes into my night and $93 into my budget.

    A few minutes of tour with the lady and ask about a dance. “Ten minutes or half hour?” Ask about floor dances. “I don’t do those.” Personally, I find that ladies who don’t do floor dances are no great shakes in the VIP.

    Another few minutes of wandering around and I find a different gal. Ask about dances. “Did you want the half hour or just the ten minutes?” Floor dances? Scrunches up her face and shakes her head.

    Not a great beginning.

    Stages are small, with fewer seats than the Rhino. It is possible to get some standup time railside, though. After a bit, I’m approached by a dancer going by the name “Mia Moore” (see what she did there?). She does floor dances, and very well, I might add. Finally back in the groove.

    Was recommended to a couple of dancers by Monroe at Striptease. Finding them was easy enough. There’s a bouncer/host at a podium right near the front desk. Give him the name and he’ll call it in to the DJ who’ll put it over the sound system. Delilah and Foster showed up and were a lot of fun.

    Feature dancer Alexis put on quite a show, got a lap dance from here ($100 per song, but I enjoyed it).

    At the end of the evening I did take one lady into the VIP for a three song set.

    Cons: Two drinks are $53, about a third higher than the $40 other clubs charge. No couches or booths, just the same high sided rolling chairs used out on the floor.

    Pros: Lighting is dimmer than the main club, but bright enough to still clearly see your dancer. When the door closes sound levels drop thirty or forty decibels, allowing for a closer kind of conversation.

    Will probably go again, maybe try on a weekday.

    • Arnold Snyder

      David, you’d save money with a package. $65 (and mandatory tax) gets you free limo, free admission, a VIP table, a line pass, and a $50 drink card, plus a shot.

      You paid $45 for admission alone.

      If you’re ever here on a Monday during football season, try the Monday Night football party. $20 gets you a catered buffet, two drinks, free admission, and there are dollar dances at half time–when a great dancer lands in your lap, just keep feeding her dollars for the best lap dance in town.

  98. Tim F

    After giving up on TOTT and trying Club Platinum last month, I finally went to Sapphire Monday 11/7/16 for MNF. $22.00 for 2 drinks and surprisingly good food. Also 2 raffle tickets. I won 2 prizes. The half time $1.00 dances were pretty wild. It is a great place to watch MNF. I bought a third beer for $7.00 thinking hey not bad for a strip club. Then I bought one on the main floor after the game, $15.00. WOW what a shock.
    When I arrived I was about 20 minutes early for the MNF party. The doorman said sit wherever you like with a lighted sign which was most of the floor at that time. I didn’t even make it to a seat and was “welcomed” by a dancer. I explained I was there for MNF and it was my first time to Sapphire. She gave me a tour of the different rooms for the various price VIP dances. She asked if I would like a dance(no pressure for the VIP). She said it was happy hour if I would like to buy a drink first. Great deal for HH. $5.00 for a mixed drink from 4-6 pm. We sat and talked for a few minutes and then proceeded to get 2 very good dances. Great start at Sapphire.
    Then right before half time as the girls started making their way into the room I had two Russian girls plop down in my lap. Karina was new and was being shown by the other what to do. I wouldn’t even come close to the spelling of her name. She was nothing but hard sell. wanted to do $20.00 dances during the $1.00 half time. Or she said she would sit with me and I could “tip her $5.00, $20.00 or whatever” I said No thanks, maybe after the game. 1 minute to go and she shows up again. After the game she escorts me to the main room. I figured ok, let’s do a dance and I’ll be done with her. We went into the back corner and got the worst dance ever in a strip club. All the while trying to sell me on “how much better it would be in the VIP”. NO thanks and I moved on. I had a few more great dances and then there was another who said she “did not do floor dances” I said I wasn’t interested in the VIP and she stormed off in a huff. As I was walking out the Russians stopped me again to push the VIP. Again I said NO THANKS and out the door I went. Overall a great place for “High mileage” dances. I will go back. Just know when to say NO.

  99. Cancon

    Went to Monday night football on December 26 with my wife. A bit short of half time lap dance girls as many had gone home for Christmas. Had two great hands on lap dances in the main room after the game. My wife, lucky me, loves to watch knowing that the excitement will climax once we get home.

  100. Jack

    Hello Arnold,
    I plan to go to Sapphire with my wife on a Friday night. The idea is to go for the Men dancer show and then move over to the main room for the Female dancers. We are not NV locals and we will be arriving in our own vehicle.
    If we are not interested in purchasing a pre-paid drink package nor in necessarily getting a reserved VIP table, would you know what cover charges we can expect to pay at the door? Will there be two separate charges for each of the Men and the Female dancers sections? Would getting a “buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon” be a good option for us? Would we get any $ benefit by requesting the club limo rather than arriving in our own car?

    Thank you in advance for your responses.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jack: It’s always 20 each for out-of-state visitors, but if you arrive in a cab, you will have to add 45 each to get in the front door — so don’t arrive in a cab. If you arrive in your own vehicle, you won’t have to pay anything extra to go into the main room after the men’s show. You will probably be subject to a 2-drink minimum each and drinks at Sapphire start at 15. If that’s about your drink limit, then you probably don’t need a package. If you drink much more than that, then consider a package deal. The “buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon” (actually 2 drinks for 18) may only be available to those who come in the house limo. Ask them about it when you get there.

  101. Lama

    I’m looking to come to sapphire in about a week. I’m coming with my wife and I’m looking to get a private lap dance with my wife being included in the dance for about half an hour preferable in private. What type of room should I be looking for.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Lama, at Sapphire even 30-minute dances ($375, includes $75 in drinks) are in the group VIP. The dancers will still give you a great high-contact couples show, very erotic.

      You have to go for the 60-minute dance to get a private room. For $700 (includes $300 in booze), you get the dancer alone with you in a private booth with an open door. For $800, you can have the dancer alone with you in a Skybox private room, where you can shut the door behind you. Skybox dances include $400 in booze and full host service.

      You can check out Sapphire Skyboxes on our Vegas strip club private rooms page.

      If you’d like a private bedroom show but you really only want 30 minutes, I’d recommend checking out the Palomino Club private rooms directly below Sapphire on that same page. They have 30-minute private bedroom shows for $350 (though some dancers may charge more) and the dancers at Palomino, as at Sapphire, are terrific with couples.

      Sapphire’s Skyboxes are the most luxurious in Vegas and the private couples’ shows are as hot as they come. You can go about as far as you can go without actually going to a brothel.

  102. Bia

    Hello Arnold!!
    I’m sorry, I’ve already questioned… but I have one (actually two) more doubt!!!

    Me and my boyfriend are going to Vegas in march/2017 and we are planing to see Men of Sapphire on a Thursday. When we’re done there, we plan to move over to the main section with female strippers.

    My question is: We will be abble to acces the main section or we will have to pay another cover charge? They are in the same building but, do they have separate cover charges??

    Can I if get the Men Of Sapphire included in some package? The Men Of Sapphire review is is only half full at best and every couple that they can get in there who may buy a drink or get a lap dance is a bonus. We would have already paid for the limo and the cover at some package and I don’t think that we should have to pay the cost again.

    Oh! Where can we buy the cover charge saving money? We should buy online like almost everybody or should we looking for tix4tonight or some promotion??

    Thanks you, and I’m sorry I am so confused! I’ve looked for this answers on internet but people say different things about it all the time. It seems we have to have lucky. hehe

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bia, no, you will not have to pay another cover charge. Once you pay for Men of Sapphire you’re in the club and you can go from Men of Sapphire into the main club without paying again. Men of Sapphire admission was $20 last time I checked if you arrive by your own car or the club limo–I will confirm that for you later today.

      You can buy Men of Sapphire packages here: Men of Sapphire packages (bottom half of page) but I don’t love the packages. I think it makes more sense for you and your husband to call for the free club limo and just pay the $20 admission fee for Men of Sapphire at the door.

      If you arrive by cab, the club will charge a higher admission fee so be sure to either drive yourselves or arrange to take the club limo.

      Sapphire will charge you and your husband an extra $15 reservation fee each for the limo and you can get the fee waived by each buying a two-for-the-price-of-one drink ticket at the door ($18-$19 last time I checked, which is a deal for this club).

      That would mean you’re paying a total of $36-38 for four drinks and a total of $40 admission for the two of you, or $76-$78. The cheapest Men of Sapphire package would be $80 for the two of you and doesn’t include any drinks.

      The only exception to this would be if a reserved table is important to you once you enter the main club after Men of Sapphire. Men of Sapphire ends just as the main club is in full swing, and it can be hard to get seats without a reserved table.

      In that case, you might want to get a couples’ package on the club website here.

      The package would give you the free limo transport, line pass, club admission & a reserved VIP table in the main club, all for the price of the drinks included in the package. Then you’d have to pay the $20 each admission to Men of Sapphire separately.

      So, to summarize, I’d call for the free club limo, get the 2-for-1 drink tickets at the door, and pay the $20 admission to Men of Sapphire if you think 4 drinks will be about enough and you’re willing to scout out and perhaps wait for seats on the rail in the main club after Men of Sapphire.

      If you think the two of you can drink more like six drinks plus a couple of shots, and a reserved table in the main club is important to you after Men of Sapphire, I’d get a Sapphire couples’ package for the two of you & pay the Men of Sapphire admission separately. You can use the couples’ package drink credits in both the main club and Men of Sapphire.

      You might be able to get a custom couples’ package that gives you a break on the Men of Sapphire admission if you call 1-702-869-0003 but I don’t think the odds are good because the Men of Sapphire dancers probably control their own admission fee. It might be worth a try. Just know you have the other options if the person on the phone gets confused because they probably don’t hear this request often.

      • Bia

        Oh! Thank you for a great and value information Arnold!
        We will do what you’d do.
        We want to call for the free club limo, get the 2-for-1 drink tickets at the door, and pay
        the $20 admission to Men of Sapphire because 4 drinks will be enough. I’m just a little insecure about it because I read on YELP some recently reviews that Saphire is not giving up the limo fee when people want to purchase the 2-for-1 drink tickets. People are paying for the fee limo + cover charge admission. I didn’t find the information about the fee limo waver on saphire’s website. Is still on??
        Oh, and on Las Vegas Oficial Website the tickets for men of saphire are $40,00. It must have increased.
        Basicaly If we pay for Men Of Saphire we dont have to pay another charge to see the girls, but if we pay to see the gitls (VIP packadge, Couple Packedge or take the free club limo and get the 2-for-1 drink tickets at the door) we will have to pay another charge. It dont make so much sense, but I think that once we will be there it all will be more easy to understand.
        I’ll wait for your answer to really decied what to do because If Saphire isn’t giving up the fee limo and is chargig people to get in, I think that buying some packedge online would be better because at least we will get the free shots.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Bia, you’re right, the price of Men of Sapphire has gone up to $40.

          That means I would do this differently. I would get the $40 package for each of you at the Men of Sapphire website. That gets you to the club by free limo, gives you a line pass, and gets you into Men of Sapphire for the same price as tickets to Men of Sapphire alone.

          You buy whatever drinks you want. If they offer you a 2-for-1 drink ticket at the door, obviously it’s a good value.

          After Men of Sapphire, you’re already in the main club. Just head out the door and turn right to enjoy the female dancers. You won’t be charged a second admission.

  103. Donal

    Hello Arnold, thanks for providing great info on these reviews. I’m planning on going to LV in a week or so and would Sapphire be a good first LV strip club to go to? (I’ve never been to vegas)Also what times would you say it’s rather calm and packed in the club? Thanks.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Donal, Sapphire would be a great first Las Vegas strip club to go to if you think you’d enjoy being immersed in 400 scantily-clad and beautiful women and you think you’d enjoy close contact lap dances with them.

      If you’re more of a visual guy into watching a hot stage show, I’d recommend Palomino Club. Palomino Club has 100+ gorgeous dancers.

      The dancers are charming at both places.

      Sapphire is topless, Palomino is fully nude. Both clubs serve alcohol so you need to be 21+ to be admitted. Let me know which sounds more appealing & I can give you some tips on the best time to go and the way to get the most for your money.

  104. Ferris

    This is all great research. Thank you. I saw your earlier comment about skyboxes for couples. It sounds like you recommend it. My girlfriend and I were at Sapphire in November. She got some great lapdances from “Monique” but other guys were just ogling the action. I’d rather just have this for my eyes only.

  105. Jordan

    Arnold, any tips on how not to lose your reserved table when you go to the stage or bathroom or VIP when your a single guy going alone to the club? Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jordan, that’s what Sapphire’s hosts are for. Talk to a host, tell him you paid for a package with a reserved table, and ask him to save your table until you get back from the stage, VIP, or whatever.

      Slip him a ten the first time you ask. Be sure to ask him to save your seat every time you leave, but you don’t have to slip him another tip.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rob, Sapphire is a great choice for going solo any day of the week if you’re looking for the best lap dance scene. I’d recommend the VIP65 package if you’re going at peak hours (after 9-10 pm), which is a nice time to go.

      If you think you’d like the nude stage show and VIP dances at Palomino Club, you can get a Flying Solo package for $60 that gives you free round-trip transportation and two drinks. That’s virtually the same deal, because although the package gives you two drinks instead of roughly four, you can buy the other two drinks for the money you save on cab fare back to your hotel.

      The Palomino Club Solo package is only available Sunday through Thursday though. On Friday or Saturday the play would be to have your cab drop you off across the street at Jerry’s Nugget casino. Then walk across the street to the club and tell them you arrived by your own transportation. That gets you in for $10. Draft beers are $6, so you end up in the same ballpark.

      So, get the right package or arrive the right way and go to Sapphire if you’re into a high-mileage lap dance orgy with 400 first-rate dancers or Palomino if you’re into a nude stage show & nude private dance with 130+ first-rate dancers.

  106. Dean

    Hey Arnold,

    I appreciate that you have all this info out for us! Quick question my girlfriend and I are going out to Vegas next month and she wants to spend money on a private skybox, I’m just wondering is it worth it compared to palominos 30-minute private dance show? I saw that you replied to some that it’s as close as you can goto a brothel experience? She’s looking to
    Have a fun experience so any info would
    Be greatly appreciated thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Dean, the Skyboxes are more elegant, both are roughly comparable in privacy. So what it really depends on is what you and she are more into before and after your private show.

      Sapphire is a high-mileage lap dance orgy. Think of a large dark elegant space lit only by turquoise twinkling lights and the glow from the bar and three stages, filled as far as the eye can see with beautiful women draped over smiling men. Awesome.

      Palomino has the wildest stage show–think 2-4 girls getting naked on stage, flying around two stripper polls, doing crazy striptease acts out of leather or satin, one girl crawling across the stage to undress another.

      They are both outstanding clubs with high standards of service. Both have hosts to look after you and make sure your evening goes well. Both have charming dancers that are experienced at entertaining couples. And these are the clubs that get the first pick of the best dancers in Vegas.

      My wife loves both. I love both. You can’t go wrong with either.

  107. KJ

    My husband and I will be in Vegas June 2-4 and we want to experience the best strip club for couples. We both love large breasts and we would love to have high mileage dances. Any suggestions?

    • Arnold Snyder

      KJ, for what you are looking for, go to Sapphire. Get two solo packages or a couples package so you have a reserved table, because the club gets packed on weekend nights. That will also give you free limo transport, a line pass, and host service at the most elegant gentlemen’s club in Vegas. You get the best deal by reserving your package at the club’s website, because they throw in some extra drinks.

      Sapphire is like a breast wonderland and the high-mileage dances actually shocked my wife the first time I took her to the club. The dancers are great with couples. There are three stages to watch between couples’ dances, and Nikki Delano (Friday night) or Kissa Sins (Saturday night) will be doing special shows while you’re in town. That tends to make for an especially great party.

      Don’t hesitate to ask a host or cocktail waitress to introduce you to a particular dancer you’re attracted to, or send over some blondes, or whatever. They are there to help you have a terrific evening.

      It’s a great erotic date for a couple.

      • KJ

        Can I expect the ladies at Sapphire to offer me high mileage dances as well as my husband? Also, what can we expect to pay for private dances? Do private dances offer more contact? I love as much contact as possible and I would love it if some of the dancers wanted to play with my large breasts as well! Thanks so much!

        • Arnold Snyder

          KJ, you can get the Sapphire dancers to give you the high mileage dances or you and your husband can get couples dances. Either way, same charge.

          In a couples’ dance, the dancers generally focus on the woman first, making sure you’re happy.

          For the degree of contact you’re seeking, I’d recommend a private dance. In the group VIP, private shows start at $140 (that includes $40 in drinks) for 10 minutes. A 60-minute private show starts at $700 in a private booth or $800 for an hour in one of the Skyboxes (photos here) You can also get 30-minute private shows for $375.

          The 60-minute private show puts you alone in a private space with a dancer and that loosens things up.

  108. KJ

    Also, which package do you recommend for us to purchase at Sapphire because I would also like to go to the male revue and of course see the ladies side as well? Any recommendations for us as a couple as to how to get the best high mileage dances? Sorry for all the questions and thanks again for your help.

    • Arnold Snyder

      KJ, no problem. The best package depends on whether you want a bottle or champagne and strawberries, or whether you want a more economical package that still gets you the VIP treatment.

      Two solo packages (the VIP65) are $130 ($65 each) and get you over $138 in drinks, plus free limo, line pass, VIP table, etc. Couples packages start at $165 and get you around $190 in drinks. There’s a champagne & strawberries with whipped cream package for $225, if you’re into that.

      The male show tickets are $40 per person, and that’s separate, but that includes free limo too.

      I’d probably work out a custom package with the club here: Custom packages.

      Tell them that you want to include the male show but also have a reserved table inside the main club after. They’ll help you work out the best deal.

      To get the best high mileage dances, just watch the dancers around you and let the highest-contact dancers know you’re interested in a dance (or let a host or cocktail waitress know which dancer you’re interested in and they will send her over).

      Or watch how a dancer approaches you. If she stands 3 feet away and says “Want a dance?”, she’s probably not a high-mileage dancer. If she puts her arm around you and your husband, or sits with you and touches you as you’re talking, she’s probably into contact.

      Or walk up to the stage and tip a dancer on stage and watch how she reacts to you. If she comes up to you and reaches over the stage to hug you or put her titties in your face, you know she’s into high contact.

      If you find dancers are shy about approaching you at first because you’re a couple, you go ahead and make the first move so they know they don’t have to be shy.

      I think you’ll have a great time.

  109. Fred

    Do the women at Saphhire wear that hideous powder/glitter perfume? I have a couple hours to kill before I meet up with my girlfriend who is flying into Vegas. Is there a strip club you could recommend where gals are mindful of wearing too much perfume?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Fred, it’s dancer by dancer. But a lot of dancers here are aware that guys don’t want to get perfume on them.

      You’ll have a good selection of non-perfumed girls just because of the sheer number of dancers at Sapphire.

      I haven’t noticed glitter at Sapphire.

  110. Jason

    Hi Arnold, generally sapphire pool is busy on friday or saturdays? and where to check the pool events (hosting) for the coming July 4th weekend? Thanks in advance.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jason, yes, it’s usually busy on Fridays and packed on Saturdays. July 4th weekend it will be packed every day.

      I’ll be posting the pool hosts/hostesses here as soon as I find them out, which will be within hours of the hosts being booked. I’ll also do home page posts on them well in advance of the July 4th weekend so people can reserve a place.

      Right now, the only firm name for the July 4th weekend is Natalia Starr, July 2013 Penthouse Pet. She’ll definitely be on stage at Sapphire the night of Saturday, July 1. Usually she would host the pool party the day after but that could still change.

      I expect to know the other names any day now.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jason, I have more info on the porn stars coming to the Sapphire pool the July 4th weekend.

      Abigail Mac will be in the club Friday, June 30 and the Sapphire topless pool on Saturday, July 1.

      Natalia Starr will be at the club Saturday, July 1 and at the Sapphire pool Sunday, July 2.

      Still not sure about Friday of that weekend. Check back here for updates: Porn Stars Hosting at Sapphire and Sapphire Topless Pool.

  111. Andy

    Hi Arnold, I will go Las Vegas Strip Club for my first time. I am planning to go Sapphire solo on Tuesday night and I just want few lap dance, watching pole dance, one drink maybe, arriving by free limo.
    Should I go in by buying the VIP65 or buy-1-get-1 (how much does it cost actually?)
    Will VIP package reserve a better table for pole dance?

    • Andy

      Plus what time should I go in order to save money and meet the better and hotter dancers?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Andy, if you get the VIP65 package, you can go at peak hours when there are hundreds of dancers. If you get the free limo with the buy-1-get-1 without the VIP65 package, you have to go very early, when there are maybe 40-60 dancers in the club.

      So, the question is whether you want to pay a little more for the prime time experience.

      If you get there before 9 pm, you can find a seat on the rail (on one of the stages). The buy-1-get-1 ticket was $19 last time I checked (roughly six weeks ago). You can get lap dances there, but you can’t see the stage show very well because the stages are pretty high up.

      If you get there at 10:30-11 pm, it’s prime time. You need the VIP65 package at that time to be able to sit down and get lap dances. From the VIP tables you can see the dancing on all three stages. You can get 3-4 drinks, depending on what you get, and you’ll get a free shot (normally $30+). Plus you get free host service, which means you can ask a host to send over your type of girl for a lap dance, or maybe a dancer you’ve spotted across the room, plus a line pass. Either way, you get the free limo and free admission.

      Just depends on whether the extra for the package is worth it to you for the better view and the prime time selection of dancers.

  112. Joel

    If I go solo and purchase a VIP 60 package, will I get a table all to myself and not be kicked out? I’m not a drinker so I probably wouldn’t be getting anything from the bar, I just want my own seat .

    • Arnold Snyder

      Joel, I can’t guarantee a full table all to yourself (Sapphire gets filled to standing room only). But I can guarantee you’ll own your seat at the table for the entire time you’re at the club and your table will have a reserved sign on it.

      If you leave for the bathroom or VIP, just be sure to tell the cocktail waitress or host that you’ll be returning.

      The tables are very small. If someone else is seated at your table, he’ll turn his chair to face the stages. He’ll just be resting his drink on the table you share.

      Get yourself bottled waters or soft drinks and use the rest of the drink vouchers to buy drinks for dancers.

  113. james

    How much reservation fee a couple has to pay going to sapphire with free limo service? Would it be 30$?

    • Arnold Snyder

      James, for a couple you’d pay $30. That would be waived at the door if you purchase two 2-for-1 drink tickets for $19 each.

      But if you’re going with a wife or girl friend, I’d strongly recommend getting two VIP65 packages so that you get a reserved table for the night.

      If you don’t want to do that, make sure you get there by 9 pm, otherwise you will not find a place to sit down.

  114. james

    Please also let know any mandatory entry fee at Sapphire for MNF half times or the usual free limo transfer will apply with 15$ reservation fee with a waiver condition.

    • Arnold Snyder

      James, the Monday Night Football parties at Sapphire have a $20 admission. That includes two drinks and a terrific catered buffet. See here: Vegas Strip Club MNF Parties.

      To get the limo, you pay a reservations fee of $15. They will waive that at the door if you buy a 2-for-1 drink ticket at the door for $19.

      Then the half time lap dances are $1 each.

  115. Tred

    Bish, you keep talking about the pool parties but you never mention the chance to be a DJ (For a price) at sapphire. It’s on their website. $2440 (With a $2000 cabana/food/drink credit.)

    It’s called the “60 minutes of fame”.

    Not my cuppa, (I would tak 3 skyboxes, myself, or the dinner date and skybox with a porn star). But some guys might be interested in it.

  116. Upforit

    Hi Arnold.. My wife and I are going to Vegas and she always goes with me to the strip club to see the woman. (God love her! Lol!) Anyway, I thought I’d surprise her and take her to the Men of Sapphire in addition to seeing the women at the same time.

    How common is it for men to accompany women into the Men of Sapphire show? Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against gay men, I just don’t want to look like one!????

    • Arnold Snyder

      Upforit, go for it. I’d be surprised if you didn’t see a few other guys there with their wives or girlfriends. Doing the male show and then the gentlemen’s club is getting to be a popular date.

  117. Newb in Vegas

    Coming from Canada all the clubs are full nude here with booze…needless to say we’re a bit spoiled and my wife and I love going out for some private dances here at home. Well, we’re headed to Vegas and we want to hit up Sapphire and get a private room. My question is, do the dancers go full nude in the private rooms or are they only topless? Is there a different set of “rules” behind closed doors?

    Best to have some floor dances to get wound up and find our favorite girl and then head up?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Newb, at Sapphire the girls can only get topless in the private rooms. There is truly not much g-string there though. At Palomino the girls can get fully nude.

      The dances are definitely looser and higher-contact in the private rooms. You’re making that dancer’s night and they tend to show their appreciation.

      It’s not a bad idea to start with some floor dances, kind of check out your chemistry with the dancer, see whether she’s smooth and has some moves or just looks better from a distance. There are some gorgeous dancers at Sapphire who don’t do floor dancers though. If one of those girls really appeals to you, use your judgement based on her approach. Does she seem warm? Does she get close and flirt and make physical contact with both of you? If so, she’s probably a good choice.

      I’ve never had a disappointment in a private-room dance at Sapphire.

    • Cancon

      Actually, not all of Canada are nude clubs. Newb would have to narrow it down to a city or province where the rules are made. Alberta has only topless with a minimum distance between the dancers and patrons so touching is not allowed.

  118. Arnold Snyder

    I removed a comment that had bad recommendations and inaccurate info. But here’s some advice for all.

    Peak hours in the Vegas strip clubs are Friday and Saturday nights, especially from 10 pm on. Some clubs don’t hit peak hours until midnight or 1 am. Thursday nights can get crowded too. Week nights, it depends on holidays and what conventions are in town. If you’re going on a particular date, ask and I’ll let you know if the club is likely to be crowded.

    When I give dancer numbers for each club, I always specify “at peak hours.” A club that gets 130+ dancers at peak hours on Saturday night may get roughly half that on a slow week night with no conventions in town. Same for a club that gets 400+ at peak hours on a Saturday night. You will never have the full number of dancers all on the floor at the same time–you’ll have roughly 2/3 of them on the floor, with some off in the VIP or dressing room.

    A large percentage of the club’s dancers don’t even show up until midnight or 1 am or 2 am. If you arrive at a club at 11 pm and stay until 3 am, you’ll see most of the 11 pm dancers replaced with new dancers before you leave the club.

    At Sapphire you need a package if you’re going after roughly 9 pm pretty much any night of the week. That’s because there will be no seats left on the rail and all tables are reserved for packages or bottle service. The club will be standing room only on Friday and Saturday nights, sometimes on Thursday nights, and whenever there is a convention in town. But I recommend a package at Sapphire any night after 9 pm because you get both a discount on booze and a table, and you won’t be able to get a seat without one even if the club isn’t packed. This is standard at popular nightclubs in Vegas.

    Know in advance what to tip: How Much to Tip in a Vegas Strip Club. $5 is generous for the limo driver. $3 is acceptable. $10 is rape. There’s no need to tip the host for guiding you to a VIP table included in a package. Only tip a host if he does something extra for you, like taking you to a better table upon your request, or lining up a particular dancer for you.

    Vegas people make their livings selling things to tourists and getting tipped by tourists. They will conspire to get you to tip each other, often to get special favors from each other. They hustle. Again, read our article on tipping so you don’t get run over, and read our article on Dealing with the Vegas Strip Club Hustle. I literally never feel hustled in Vegas strip clubs anymore because I nip it in the bud without even thinking about it. Here also are my top two tips on this subject.

    Don’t let a dancer you don’t like monopolize you. See our article on Strip Club Vultures. I’ve never run into a vulture at Palomino, but they’re at every other club and even at Palomino you could run into a clingy dancer you personally don’t like.

    Watch the lap dance action around you before you agree to a lap dance. Wait for a girl who’s been giving good mileage, if mileage is important to you. Watch for stage dancers who are getting physical with the guys on the rail–they are advertising their high mileage. Ask a host or waitress to send over a dancer you’re interested in. That kind of request is worth a tip.

    Take your time at a Vegas strip club. Don’t let the dancers rush you. Watch the stage show a while, scout the dancers, get the lay of the land before you spend any money over the cost of your package or first drink. You will often find your first dancer contact overly aggressive–that’s because the pushy girls move in fast to try to empty your pockets before anyone else gets a crack at you. Get rid of that first hustler and maybe the second and you’ll find you’re approached by the softer girls who take their time and flirt with you and are a pleasure to deal with.

  119. Harry Hart

    Hello Arnold,

    First of all, let me say Thank You. Your website, reviews and comments section are by far the very best I’ve seen for this type of entertainment in Vegas.

    My wife and I visited Sapphire yesterday. We are in Vegas for a few days celebrating a few things. Based on your reviews and comments section I thought it was the place to go. I must admit that I am a planner — so in order to get all things lined up and avoid some hustling while at the club, I paid two VIP65 and a skybox private room in advance by calling the club the day before. We were picked up by a friendly limo driver and upon arrival promptly we were walked into the establishment where a VIP host was waiting for us. As he personally was walking us to our table in the main floor, he introduced us to a girl who he said has worked quite a bit with couples before. She was cute; so I didn’t immediately mind. My plan actually was going to follow your advice and “test” girls’ attitude and interest until finding the adequate one. But by the VIP host ‘placing’ a girl with us from the start, my plan felt apart. And on top of that, this girl then brings a friend of hers. So, suddenly we find ourselves with two girls right off the bat! I wasn’t that happy at that point. But, I decided to trust that the VIP host knew what he was doing.

    During our time in the main floor, I looked around and I couldn’t agree more with you about the quantity and prettiness of the girls that you mention in your review. There are lots of really hot girls over there.

    In any case, these two dancers stayed with us at our table in the main floor and I bought one lap dance for my wife from each girl. These girls knew that we had a skybox reserved and they were trying to upsell and get us all four to the skybox after just a couple of minutes of being in the main floor. But, we said that we wanted to stay in the main floor instead for a little bit at least. Let’s say about 20 minutes or so after we sat down, I finally told the first girl that we had reserved the skybox for only one dancer. So, the second girl proceeded to leave; but I did give her an extra $20 as a tip for her time.

    When the three of us finally went to the skybox, I made yet another mistake. I trusted that the dancer was going to keep tabs on the time being spent and ‘reserve’ a good amount of time to heat things up. But instead, we ended up using the first 35-40 minutes for small talk. We went to Sapphire because my wife has been intrigued about doing some touchy feely boobies time with another girl, and of the sort; and I was all too happy to oblige. By the time when things were getting somewhat interesting, the dancer says time is up and that we had even passed like 15 minutes the hour. She tried to upsell another hour but at that point I was too disappointed; so I said ‘No, thank you’. The dancer proceeded to say that it is typical to get $100 to $150 tip; but that it was up to me. I gave her $100 to just end the situation quickly and without an incident (I guess that was dumb of my part). The whole thing looked like a total ripped off.

    We did enjoy the VIP treatment from the start (very friendly VIP host, cocktail server and limo driver) and the VIP host gave us the same limo driver to get us back to our hotel. Though, certainly the dancer that the VIP host provided to us was not what we needed. So, the overall experience at the club left a serious bitter taste. We had spent money freely while we were there trying to fulfill a unique experience that I thought Sapphire would provide. But certainly it was far from it.

    We are planning to come back to Vegas in a few months. What should we do differently to increase the odds that the experience we are looking for actually happens? Call the VIP host next time (I do have his card) and make sure he understands what we need?? I’m disoriented and disappointed. I’m feeling right now like giving up the whole thing.

    Thank you for your insights and advice.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Harry, I wrote up an answer to you first thing this morning, then the more that I thought about it, the more I realized I was wrong. So here are my thoughts.

      First, any VIP dance or private room dance or Skybox dance at any strip club in Vegas starts the minute you enter the VIP or private room door. I’ve never had a dancer start chitchatting instead of dancing, that’s a new one. But if it happened, I would take charge. I would say something like, “You look so hot. Come here in my lap.”

      Now to the heart of it. At first I thought you might have run into hustlers. But the more I thought about it, the more I don’t think so. The tell is that the dancer spent time with you at your table before heading to the Skybox, and in the Skybox she added 15 minutes to your time to make up for a portion of the chitchat. Hustlers don’t do that. Also, you say that the dance had really started heating up. That doesn’t sound like a hustler either.

      I think this dancer honestly considers herself an expert on entertaining couples, and feels there needs to be lots of warm-up time in the VIP. Every dancer has a horror story she’s heard about a woman guest who freaked out in the VIP. This dancer wants to avoid that.

      That means she’s probably developed a reputation in the club as a dancer who doesn’t have women guests freaking out on her. So the host was probably trying to do a good job too.

      The biggest problem is that you and your wife got rushed into the Skybox before you were really ready and you didn’t get to choose a dancer for yourselves. That’s a bummer. That’s like getting married three weeks after meeting the first girl you’ve ever dated. You needed time to play the field in the club.

      For what you are looking for, I would go right back to Sapphire because it’s a terrific club for the experience you want. I’d probably give that same host a call and tell him exactly what you told me in your comment. You want more time watching the show and scouting dancers and getting lap dances before you choose a girl for the Skybox. Make up your minds that you are not going to accept any dancer for the Skybox until you have had time to enjoy a drink and you’ve scouted the room and know who you want.

      If you go back to the same host, you are now a repeat VIP customer, which is a host’s dream. That means this host is going to do everything possible to see you get what you want.

      By the way, a $100 to $150 tip for a Skybox dance, even if the dance has been terrific, is extremely generous. It’s perfectly fine not to tip, $20 is a nice gesture, with maybe $40-50 for an exceptional experience. If everything about the dance has been perfect, and you know you’ve got memories to relive for years to come, then you decide if you want to make a special gift of $100.

      The first time I took my wife to a strip club, she got us railroaded into the VIP with the first dancer who saw us come through the door. This is not an unusual experience. I’d try again if I were you. This time you’ll be in control of your evening and I think you will probably have an evening to remember.

  120. Harry Hart

    Dear Arnold,

    Thank You. Your thoughts make a lot of sense.

    I hear what you are saying about the dancer. You make valid points, which I actually agree with once I read and re-read your thoughts. Specially, your comment that the dancer “probably feels there needs to be lots of warm-up time in the VIP.” when it relates to couples, given women guests freaking out horror stories. I get it.

    You hit the right points. In my mind the issues were that besides certainly the point that we didn’t get to choose her, it’s that from the get-go the dancer tried to get her friend involved (instead of asking), rushed us to the skybox and finally stating that the typical tip is $100 to $150 when $20, or $40-50 is what’s right. I kind of had the feeling that this amount could not be the typical tip; but I just wanted to avoid any chance of a conflicting or uncomfortable situation. At the end of the day, we go there to get beautiful fun memories — and not the other way around.

    In any case, again, you’re right. It was learning experience. And it was indeed the first time I’ve visited a strip club with my wife (we’re newlyweds). I really appreciate you sharing what happened when you and your wife went to a strip club for the first time together.

    I will follow your advice and visit Sapphire again when we are back in Vegas next year (including calling the same VIP host). This time with more experience and better control of the evening. Thank you.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Harry, the first dancers who approach you in a Vegas strip club, including if sent over by a host, tend to be more aggressive sellers.

      Next time, just tell the host you want to watch the show and play the field for a while. Get rid of the first dancers who approach you quickly unless one of them really happens to be your type, in which case you’re going to have to deal with a harder sell.

      The girls who drift to your table after the most aggressive sellers give up are usually softer. This is for any Vegas strip club. And remember, if you know they’re not really your type, don’t waste their time. They have to earn back a stage fee of around $100 just to break even for the night, and that doesn’t include their special lingerie, transportation, etc. Many fly in for the weekend to work at Sapphire, and they have to cover those costs too.

      If you want to take time with a dancer to make sure she’s your type, you kind of have to feed the meter (keep getting lap dances, or just tip her for her time). Otherwise, let her know it won’t happen so she can go make money elsewhere.

      One last thing. You have to have a thick skin in Vegas in general over tip requests. Everyone in town lives off tips, so they’re not shy about asking for tips and suggesting a high amount. If a limo driver or dispatcher tells you $10 is the normal tip, you don’t have to give him $10. Give him $5 unless there’s some special reason he deserves $10 (like you’re going to the Sapphire pool for the Sunday check-out special, and he loads all your suitcases into the car for you and helps you carry them in to security at the pool.)

      It’s the same with dancers. Just because a dancer suggests an outrageous tip, doesn’t mean you have to give that. Just hand her what you feel is appropriate. If you don’t feel any tip is appropriate, just say, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t budget for that. But thank you so much for the dance.”

  121. BrandoJM

    Hi Arnold, I’m a fairly new local and I’ve never been to sapphire. As far as self transportation goes, Is it self parking or valet only?

  122. Finn

    Hey Arnold,
    quick question on skyboxes..is it 500 with a 300 bar tab totaling of 800? or 300 bar tab goes towards that 500?

  123. Bob

    Hi Arnold, first off thank you so much for all the great information you put here. I appreciate it and I learned so much from your pages. I went a couple months ago and had a great time. I am new to strip clubs (it was my first time in one in 30+ years when I was a dumb sailor). I did go to Sapphire and it was everything you said about the girls Wonderful girl selection and all I talked to were very friendly. I did a few very high mileage lap dances and even did the 30 minute VIP with my favorite. My only complaint was the way I was treated going solo and after doing a few lap dances and VIP and even bought a few girls drinks we were kicked out of our seats by a group and put in the back. It wasn’t even crowded yet. When I was asked to move I was okay with it but before we could even pick up the drinks we were pushed out of the way. I just felt because they see a person going solo I was tossed aside. I was not too happy and I finished my drink and left… The girls were awesome though. I will be back in Vegas in a few days for a week and I will go by your thoughts as well and maybe this time check out one of the other clubs you suggested. Thanks again for all the great info!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bob, if you had a package with a reserved VIP table that should not have happened to you. If you went to the club without a package, this will always happen.

      If you had wanted to stay, and you wanted a better table, remember that a $20 to the host always goes a long way. Just say, “Is a table a little closer to the stage (or wherever) available?” while you circumspectly hold out the twenty. It always turns out to be available.

  124. Cancon

    My wife and I love this place even when it’s empty at 5pm on a Monday. $5 beer and 4 dancers doing laps. I had a go with Katrina – OMG – she didn’t stop me from doing what I wanted 20 feet from my wife who says next time it’s her turn to get her groove on.

  125. Chris

    I always have a great time at Sapphire regardless of day, time, or money spent there. However, I still have not gone into a Skybox. Every dancer has always sold me on regular VIP booth and always tells me those are better than the Skybox. I’ve never questioned them to date, but can’t help wonder why the regular VIP would be better than a private room? It sounds like a room with a door would be better? Not to waste time with a personal anecdote, but my last time in VIP, the pair that took the booth across from us, the customer ended up making a cellphone call and talked to his mom for an hour. The dancer and cocktail waitress was incredulous. Having to listen to it took some of the fun out of my experience and was a major distraction, and I couldn’t help but speculate if we’d been in a Skybox that wouldn’t have happened? Any thoughts on that?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, the reason the dancers sell you on the booth rather than the Skybox is because a host is automatically assigned when you get a Skybox and so the dancer has to tip the host.

      The Skybox is a far better experience. Go for the Skybox. If you feel inclined, tell the dancer you’ll help cover her tip to the host.

      • John

        I’m thinking of a skybox on my visit to sapphire soon. But just have some questions, i know there is a bar tab of $300 to pay. I’m not a fan of bottle service when it comes to drinks i like a bottle of beer. Can i use the bar tab on a bottle of beer or 2 instead of bottle service? If so does that cost extra?

  126. YG

    Hi Arnold,

    Thanks for the detail and info on your site, my wife and I visited Vegas in September for a long weekend and what was meant to be one night of adult entertainment turned into 3 nights (and days) of fun! We visited Hustler, Sapphire (x3!), Deja Vu, Palomino, Lacy’s & Spearmint Rhino. I’ll review those on their respective pages.

    The free limo rides was perfect for us and clubs were too happy to pick us up from another establishment – obviously free advertising at a competitor’s site but I often told the driver to meet me slightly away from the entrance just out of respect. Usually tipped the driver $5-10.

    Sapphire was an amazing experience and the biggest draw was the number of girls. There’s definitely someone for everyone. Our first visit to the club was interesting, we just tried to take in the size of the place and the fact that dances took place on the floor initially felt a bit intimidating (we’re from the UK and they don’t do that here lol). It was a Thurs night yet the place was very busy, we stayed from about midnight-5am

    Once seated and after a couple of drinks my wife decided she wanted to find a girl to give me a lap dance (that’s why I married her!). She found a buxom ebony however before she began told me that it’s $20 for a dance $40 to touch – that set off alarm bells in my head because I’ve been to strip clubs in the US before and I had never heard that so I thought I was being hustled. I didnt want to offend my wife by rejecting a girl she picked for me so I received the dance but kept my hands firmly to myself! Thankfully it was a one-off and no other dancer mentioned that nonsense. I got 4/5 dances that night and so did my wife. The girls loved that we were there together and loved to entertain my wife. There was a lot of mutual boob fondling which was incredibly hot and we built a rapport with a number of girls which was really nice.

    We came back the following night (Fri) and had a similar experience but with new girls, a couple girls recognised us from the night before and we got dances from them again. By the third night (Sat) we were still seeing new girls and felt like we wanted to take it up a notch so we went VIP with a hot girl which was very pleasant. The only thing I’d say regarding VIP is be prepared to have more cash than you’re told it will cost. I can’t remember the figures but you basically pay for three drinks, a pre determined tip for the host and the $100 or so for the dance (for 3 songs) itself. We were given a rough estimate but it ended up being around $40 which cleaned the rest of our cash. To be fair it was 8am by this point so prob best!

    All in all a great experience and we’d definitely go back. 5 stars for fun, choice of girls and general atmosphere.


  127. JDD

    In town formhe holiday weekend…how is,the club on Xmas weekend? Is it worth going, or not enough ladies working?

    • Arnold Snyder

      JDD, there won’t be 400 dancers but there will definitely be enough dancers to make going worthwhile. Probably a dozen early, I’d estimate 25-35 later on Christmas, but they will be Sapphire’s usual high quality and the lap dances will be high mileage.

  128. Ryan S

    Hey Arnold.

    As a research nerd who over analyzes everything I want to say thank you for all you’ve done. This is a fantastic website that I’ve spent hours scouring reading all I can. So thanks again, sir.

    My wife and I will be going to Vegas soon and she is very bi-curious. We have had talks of trying the swinging scene and we want to start with the strip club.

    My wife is a very attractive 20 something and I’m an overweight 30 something. We are looking To spend in the neighborhood of $300 a night when we go. Given this information we have narrowed it down to sapphire and paolomino. We will take the limo and will pregame with alcohol so I don’t know we need a $150 bar tab. What would you recommend with our budget and interests? Thanks again for everything. Truly a wonderful site.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ryan, if you’re interested primarily in the high-mileage lap dance scene, I’d go to Sapphire. Get two solo packages for the reserved table and discount on booze (also free limo, free admission, & line pass) and you’ll have enough booze. Then spend the rest of your budget on lap dances. Your wife will be able to caress the dancer and the dancer will caress your wife.

      If you’re interested in a terrific nude stage show, I’d go to Palomino. Take the free club limo and go an hour or so before peak hours to get decent seats together. You’ll be charged a $30 cover each, but that includes three drinks each. Spend the rest of your budget on private booth dances, which start at 3 songs for $100. The dances are fully-nude, usually high-mileage and great for a couple with a bi-curious wife.

      In this situation, you might want to sit on the rail (at the stage) at the club to find the best dancers for your private dances. Tip a couple of bucks to each dancer and watch for dancers you like who come up close and pay special attention to you and your wife.

      I think you and your wife will have a great time.

  129. LS

    First timer at a Vegas club,for the $100 private dance at Sapphire, plus the $40 for drinks, do you tip any additional? hopefully not a dumb question.


  130. LS

    Thank you for the info, one more question, I’m taking the limo to Sapphire , can I get a limo back to the hotel downtown instead of a cab?

    • Arnold Snyder

      LS, not usually from Sapphire. You could always talk to a host. In Vegas, money talks and they may have a limo heading in your direction to pick someone up.

  131. Bill

    Just booked 2 of the $65 deals for next week. My son just turned 21, and it’s my excuse to go to Vegas. I chose Thursday night, is that a decent night to go? I could change to Friday, but we leave but crack early on Saturday.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, Thursday night at Sapphire should be good. There will be a couple of good-sized conventions in town with the weekend leading into a giant convention.

      I think you and your son will have a great time.

  132. Bill

    Just wanted to say your Sapphire review was pretty much on the money. However, it’s $100 for the songs in the VIP plus $50 for drinks (not the $40). Most of the girls were 9’s and 10’s all the way. Early on , the $20 dances at the table were full contact, but the rule is “you need to behave out here”. But as the night went on, you could ask for something a little more private behind the stage, where you didn’t have to “behave” so much…or at all for that matter. It was like the dancers flipped a switch at some point, and people started heading to a more private area (not vip) to the back side of the stage.. They work real hard at upselling. A simple no thank you, and they understood. No one was very pushy. As per usual, my waitress was the prettiest girl in the place, with the best body and an incredible attitude. I forget her name, but wanted to give her a shout out. Melissa maybe? Oh, and I would definitely recommend pre paying on their website. Once they send the SUV to get you, they take pretty good care of you. I was waiting for a surprise $200 charge at the end of the night (the free drink thing can get confusing), but after a half dozen beers on the tab, coupled with the $50 in free drinks…my bill was like, $28. A pleasant surprise.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Hey Bill, glad to hear you and your son had a good time. Your description is perfect–you got the details exactly right.

      I’ll update that VIP drink charge to $50–thanks for the heads up.

  133. SDman

    Hey Arnold, It’s SDman. I wrote the couple’s review in May, 2017, for the Palomino Club. You ended up making it a link for others to access. Well, I’m happy to report the wife and I are headed back to Vegas in May, 2018 for our annual trip, and visiting a strip club will definitely be on the agenda!

    We were both thrilled with our experience at Palominos, but we figure it makes sense to branch out and try Sapphire this time. We’re thinking with that many gorgeous women walking around, providing high mileage lap dances for both my wife and I, it will be pretty hard to go wrong. Plus, my wife is interested in checking out the male review, and I figure since she’s such a good sport, fair is fair.

    We’re going on a Thursday during the Cinco de Mayo weekend, so I figure it should be somewhat less crowded, then Friday/Sat nights.

    It sounds like the lap dances on the main floor are out of this world, and I think I read the dancers are often good at finding a nook or cranny that might be provide a little more privacy, away from others.

    Question: What is the motivation for paying substantially more money for the group VIP room, as opposed to just linking back to back lap dances on the main floor at $20 a pop? We will be getting the couple’s package, which gives us a decent bar tab (the couple’s package worked out great at Palominos last year), so we probably don’t need the extra drinks in the VIP room. It doesn’t sound like the group VIP room offers much privacy. Thoughts?

    The only thing that bums me out about Sapphire is the high cost of the private rooms. That’s really more than I want to spend, and I’d prefer a 30 minute private or semi-private room, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.

    Incidentally, the wife and I hit Cheetah’s club in San Diego a few months back, and it was actually pretty awesome. It’s topless only, and they don’t serve alcohol, but we hopped next door to a convenient bar periodically, and it was no big deal. The girls were fantastic once they realized my wife was cool with the whole process, and considering San Diego is technically a ‘no touching’ city in the clubs, we sure didn’t find that to be the case! That being said, it doesn’t compare to the clubs in Vegas, which are off the hook. It’s time to return, and cause more trouble!

    Thanks, SDman

    • Arnold Snyder

      SDMan, good to see you. You can get through-the-roof mileage for you and your wife on the main floor at Sapphire. There are definitely nooks and crannies that the dancers can and will take you to.

      The only difference is that some of the very top dancers don’t do $20 lap dances. If you get your heart set on one of these dancers, you will have to do the group VIP. (If you do, be sure to let your cocktail waitress know that you’re returning. Otherwise, they’ll give away your seats.)

      But most dancers do the $20 dances and are happy to do dance after dance with you.

      You may have to make an extra effort at first as a couple to let the dancers know you want them to approach. Ask your cocktail waitress or host to send over dancers you’re interested in if you have to. Or walk up to them and introduce yourselves. Don’t be shy. Go for it.

      I think you’ll have a great time. It’s a fun, elegant club just to hang out in and watch the scene, and the girls are gorgeous.

      Thursday of Cinco de Mayo weekend ought to have a good crowd without being packed to standing room only. A good choice for a date with your wife.

      • SDman

        Thanks for the feedback, Arnold. Oh, we won’t be shy! My wife has quickly found her groove in these clubs. She gets dressed to the nines, wears a low cut, revealing sexy dress, puts on a sexy choker, dons the heels, and sexy makeup, so she fits right in w/the girls. She now feels comfortable walking right up to a girl, and telling her she wants her to spend time with her husband. I just sit back in all the glory, and soak it in. Lol.

  134. ls

    Taking wife to Sapphires, her 2nd time, less shy now, for a back room dance, how do I ask if the dancer is high mileage wife friendly?

    • Arnold Snyder

      ls, it would actually be difficult to find a dancer at Sapphire who’s not wife friendly. I would scout the mileage around you for a while, then get a couple’s lap dance from a girl who looks promising. If that goes well, go for the fun in the VIP. You’ll find you have a lot of choices.

      Have fun!

  135. Tim

    Trip report – 2/20/2018

    Called and got a free ride. Picked up in a Tesla. Sweet ride. Driver was great, gave him 10 bucks and he gave me his number for a ride home. Don’t know if that is normal but worked great for me.
    Club layout was nice, about half the club was open, slow night. Grabbed a beer (15 bucks) and got a place at the main stage. Tipped for a while and then approached by Kat. Best girl of the night. Smart and hot. Gave me tour which I gave her twenty for. I connected with her later for a long back corner dance. Fantastic.

    Overall, women were very attractive to ok. High mileage with all floor dances. A couple of vamps, but they were easy enough to say no to. All and all the descriptions on this site are accurate and very fair. In general, be cool and you will be treated cool.

    One nit pick. Had 4 or so Beers got 10 or so dances and tipped well. When I asked for a water to wind night down they wanted 11 bucks. Wow. Just wow. Left me with a bad taste at end of night. All and all a good time!

  136. MB

    Hello Arnold,
    Thank you for the information about Deja Vu. I thought while I am in Vegas I would try another club. I’ve been looking at Sapphire. High contact and mileage sounds great and the large dancer selection plus the VIP rooms sound really nice. What’s the hustle like? Reviewing the Sapphire website they have a lot of attractive and sexy dancers. I saw a very attractive dancer name Emily. Does she still work there and is she a good dancer? Sapphire allows customer to create their own custom VIP bottle package. Do you have any thoughts on that?

    • Arnold Snyder

      MB, Sapphire is the perfect other club for high-mileage lap dances. The hustle is not bad here because the customer-dancer ratio is good. In other words, the dancers don’t have to hustle hard to make money.

      In any large Vegas strip club, the first 2-3 dancers to approach you will be the hard hustlers. Just politely get rid of them and you won’t have a problem after that.

      I’m not sure if Emily still works at the club, but you don’t have to worry. You’ll see 120-150 Emilys here on a week night or 400+ on weekends. It’s easy to find high-mileage dancers just by looking at what’s going on around you. But dancers don’t survive here long unless they give high-contact dances. Too much competition.

      Yes, you can build your own custom package here. Do it! Get what you like. This is a club that prides itself on customer service.

  137. MB

    Arnold, I plan to visit Sapphire on a Friday night. What’s the best time to arrive Friday night? What’s time is considered peak time for the club? Thanks.

    • Arnold Snyder

      MB, be sure to get some kind of package. The club starts filling up around 10 pm, is in full swing around 11 pm and just stays in full swing with more dancers and guests arriving constantly until 2 or 3 in the morning.

  138. TGB

    Went to sapphires on Wednesday March 7th at about 1030 pm.
    Host said since it was Wednesday and early he would get a table for me if I wanted. Took him up on his offer.

    Girls we hot. Very high mileage dances. Spent an hour upstairs at the end of the night with a hot blonde with retainers “named” Fabiola. Amazing time.

    One tip. Bring cash. ATM service fee is 20%. I would have gladly spent more money but I am too much of a cheapskate to pay a 20% service fee.

  139. Tred

    Arnold, as a non drinker the cost of the table, or package really bothers me.

    If I order off the menu, do I get a “free” table?

    Or do I eat standing?


    (never been to Vegas, just doing some research)

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tred, if you get there before 9 pm or so, you can get a free seat on the stage. If you go at peak hours on a Friday or Saturday night, you will not get a seat. Even if you order from the menu, you will likely eat standing (they have tables for people who are standing).

      If you’re there on a week night when the club isn’t packed, no guarantees but you may be able to get a table by tipping a host (think $10-$20).

    • Arnold Snyder

      MB, Thursday nights are great. Not as packed to the rafters as Friday and Saturday, so the dancers can take a little more time with you. Same high standards for the dancers, same high-mileage lap dance orgy. Maybe 150 dancers in the club at any given time, but you’ll see over 220 if you arrive anywhere near peak hours and stay for a few hours.

  140. Cancon

    Hi Arnold, My wife and i, on our way back home after a month in Palm Springs, stopped in at Sapphire on Tuesday at 4:30. Happy hour beer and 10 or so dancers giving lap dances. I always to try to have a lap dance with any girl who will approach us. Alexia was first – shook her butt in my face a lot but couldn’t really get my hands involved. Then a girl with tiny titties but 3/4 inch nipples that fit nicely in my mouth. I think they’re surprised that i would be so bold but they just giggle and go with the flow. Must be my grey hair and the fact that my wife is watching from 20 feet away. The 3rd girl, smokin body, was trying to sell me the VIP room with my wife. She moaned like a porn star and even put her hand on my privates. I can only imagine that there are a lot of young guys who must have to clean up a sticky mess with some of these girls grinding in your lap. Will be back in October for Monday Night Football.

  141. Mike C

    I see a ton of negative and 1 star reviews online (google mostly) for Sapphires lately, has it changed in the last while to more hustle than previously?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Mike C, first, be aware that the strip club employees in Vegas attack each other’s clubs on the online review sites. And sites that get high grades at places like Yelp often get those good marks from locals who get exceptional deals in the club that out-of-towners don’t get.

      When I see a bad review of Sapphire that seems written by a genuine customer, it’s usually written by someone who doesn’t know how to do the club right. They hop in a cab and ask the cabbie to take them to a strip club. That means they start the night out with a big cab fare and a $45-$55 admission fee.

      After paying that fee, they find there’s no place in the entire club to sit down because the free seats are gone by 9 pm. They go to order a drink, find a beer costs $15 to $18, get pissed off about that, stand around drinking it, then leave after a beer or two, having spent $100 for nothing and completely frustrated with their visit.

      Don’t make that mistake. If you go to Sapphire, I strongly suggest you get a package. The solo guy packages start at $65 and get you a drink discount, free limo transport to the club, free admission, a line pass, a reserved VIP table for your stay, and host service. Now, you arrive at the club without a hefty cab fare, you get in for free after getting whisked past the 20-30 minute line straight to your host, and get escorted to a VIP table in the thick of the lap dance scene.

      If you prefer a table closer to the stage or the bar or wherever, the host will try to arrange it. If you want an introduction to the redhead you see across the room, the host will arrange it. If you want a steady stream of stacked blondes sent to your table, the host will send them.

      You get more drinks for your money, you’re in the thick of the action, and you settle in to watch the stage show and get the highest-mileage lap dances in town from uncountable hundreds of girls.

      This is the way to do Sapphire. If you do it that way, I guarantee you’ll have a great time. Also, always keep in mind in a major Vegas strip club that the first couple of girls who approach you at your table are likely to be the most pushy girls in the club and often the least attractive. Don’t let them hard-sell you. Get rid of them and settle in so the better girls can get to you and you can have a great time. Sapphire is actually one of the lowest-hustle clubs in town (because the girls have so many customers with money who want them) if you get rid of those first 2-3 girls.

  142. Hontom

    If there is a particular feature dancer I’d like to get lapdances from, what is the best way to get that to happen short of the VIP skybox dinner option? Can I request a dance when I reserve the VIP package or do I ask the host?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Hontom, the best way is to ask the host. They can only reserve the Skybox dinner option in advance. I would let the host know when you arrive and if he hasn’t gotten back to you, remind him when she goes on stage or you see her at her private tables after her stage set.

      If you have trouble spotting the host on a very busy night, ask a cocktail waitress to send the host to you. Let her know you want to book a dance with the featured star.

      Have fun. Those porn stars are a treat.

  143. A.W.

    Arnold, let me start by thanking you for your work! Well done good sir; this site has been my go-to when researching where to take my wife for her first strip club experience.

    We were in Vegas May 24-28, and decided to work a visit to a topless and/ or nude club into the itinerary. Because we were there with family, pre-planning an exact time for a club was nearly impossible, which meant we needed to call ahead instead of booking online. We decided on Palomino Club on Saturday night. My wife was hesitant, and the night almost was derailed by a bad experience trying to set up a limo to the Palomino. The man on the phone promised a limo within 30 minutes to an hour. After an hour, I called back and inquired again about a limo. The man said he would call their driver, and that he or the driver would call me back. Another 30 minutes and no response. I called back 3 times and no one answered.

    My wife was ready to bail, but after a quick call to Sapphire, we had a limo in less than 30 minutes. The driver was courteous and professional, and the Tesla he picked us up in was a nice touch. At the club, the women were gorgeous and plentiful, but not pushy. We sat on the rail for a while and my wife began to loosen up. We moved to the bar and she was obviously nervous about a more intimate encounter. A young woman hovered near by, but was never pushy.

    We moved to a table, and after a few moments the woman approached us. She was really friendly and very kind to my wife. We talked for a bit and she put my wife at ease. Then we negotiated a lap dance for my wife and all three of us had a blast! The other girls took note, and we were approached a few times, but we were never made to feel uncomfortable. Everyone was very nice and respectful.

    Then Monique stopped by. She was a Czechoslovakian bombshell with a slight accent. She was flirtatious but respectful, with a 10/10 for a body and a personality to match. We wound up negotiating a 1/2 hour in VIP. The staff in VIP were great, and we even got extra shots with our drinks for free without even asking! Monique was so much fun, and had a great personality that put both of us at ease.

    In VIP, we moved between dancing and talking, and a few other extra-curricular activities (ladies, if you’ve never had your nipples sucked by a man and woman at the same time, go to Sapphire!). My wife was so excited, and Monique was so much fun. My wife and I loved every second, and Monique seemed to have a great time too.

    After the VIP experience, we moved back to the rail for a bit and called it a night. My only issue was leaving the club; the hostess at the front said to call our original driver (they couldn’t provide that service for us?), but he was on another trip. We wound up getting an Uber. Beyond that, Sapphire was great, with an SPW of 100% (for me and my wife!), and a bustling atmosphere. When I was away from my wife, more than one young lady approached me, and a few even grabbed my crotch, so for single men, this is the place! But couples shouldn’t be intimidated either. Everyone was great with my wife and I, and we saw several other couples too who seemed to be having a great time.

    As far as Palomino goes, I was disappointed in their customer service, but I also acknowledge that it was a busy holiday weekend and they can’t appease everyone. I would like to try them another time, but I’ll definitely use their online system and skip the phone call. Sapphire on the other hand was accommodating, professional, and fun. 4.5 out of 5, with the only complaint being the return trip. If anyone is on the bubble, I suspect you would have a great time at Sapphire. Thank you again Arnold for your research and recommendations. You saved my ass with my wife, and this site allowed me to have a plan A, B, C, and D to show my wife a great time. Bravo!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Thanks for the great review, A.W. I’m happy to hear that you and your wife had such a great time.

      I will definitely start recommending Sapphire (and Monique) more to couples.

      Palomino is fine with a last-minute call on a Sunday thru Thursday night, but on Fridays and Saturdays they get to standing room only, with a long line at the door waiting for people to leave, and you just can’t call last minute for a limo. You need to reserve at least a few hours in advance or get a package. Every limo is in action and they’re a bit farther from the Strip than Sapphire so the wait times tend to be longer when it’s so busy.

      I wish they had been more accurate about the wait time. I’ll let them know.

      Thanks again for the detailed review, which I’m sure will be helpful to others.

      • James

        Really enjoy your website. As a local who works graveyard is Sapphire going to be my best option for stage dancing during the late morning hours?

        • Arnold Snyder

          James, the best option for stage dancing during the late morning hours is Little Darlings. They have a good stage show every hour they’re open and so they usually get customers too.

          So if you’re into cute nude girls dancing for you, that’s the place unless you’re looking for booze. Little Darlings doesn’t serve alcohol.

          If you want alcohol, I’d go to Sapphire or, if by late morning you mean getting close to lunch, Spearmint Rhino. Rhino gets a lunch crowd which tends to mean dancers on stage. Be sure to tip the dancers on stage if you go there, because they will literally come over to your table and chew you out if you don’t.

  144. Jay

    I really enjoy Sapphire, and now that I’m a local I can imagine myself going here pretty often. I’m pretty sure they expect you to pay to actually sit down at a table, which is a policy I hate, but I’ve just kind of ignored those “reserved” signs each of the three or four times I’ve been. Maybe I’ll get in trouble at some point, but I’m not going to a strip club to stand next to the bar for a few hours.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jay, exactly. But you’re a local, so if you lose your table, it’s no big deal. You can come back another time. Also, as a local you mostly get free admission.

      For people from out of town, I strongly recommend a package for the reserved seat, free admission, free limo, and drink discount. It’s a better deal, gets you a better seat, gets you better service, etc. And there’s nothing worse than arriving at Sapphire at peak hours and finding there are simply no tables available.

  145. Funtimes

    Hi Arnold, thanks so much for all the awesome info on your site. It was such a help for my wife and I on our first visit to a strip club last year in Vegas (which was Sapphires and was AMAZING). My wife loved the high contact lap dances and left the VIP room very satisfied if you know what I mean. We are going back to Vegas in a couple weeks and have already booked the couples package at Sapphires. This time around, my wife is really hoping to find a girl that is open to kissing. Do you think that is a possibility? Could it ever happen on the main floor, perhaps in a quiet corner or would we need to go to the group VIP area or a private VIP? Thanks again!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Funtimes, as you know, kissing isn’t standard, but you may be able to find it. I’d ask about kissing with a girl whose lap dances you’re enjoying. Say you’re hoping for kissing as part of a VIP dance to give that extra incentive.

      • Funtimes

        Thanks for the quick reply Arnold. One more question, we are planning on visiting Sapphires on a Wednesday, what time would be good to get there? We would like to arrive before it gets too crowded so we can settle in a bit and relax. We have a couples package booked so we will have a table reserved. Thanks again for the great site.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Funtimes, I’d go around 10 pm on a Wednesday night. The club won’t be packed yet but you won’t be alone and there will be an excellent selection of dancers, with more dancers arriving at 11 pm and midnight.

  146. Chad

    Hi Arnold.

    Thanks for the great info on your website.

    I keep hearing reports that sapphire has been denying entry to black customers.

    I’m a young black guy who had planned to visit this club in a few weeks.

    Is there any truth to this?

    When was the last time you where at sapphire?

    Did you see any black customers inside?

      • John

        It’s definitely a false report.

        You will be fine.

        I’ve seen people not get in and moan to the door staff but if you are wearing sandals, plain white t shirt and sweat pants you are getting into any club.

        If you go to sapphire you will have a fun time just book directly with them or their promo team they will set you up.

        I did and they set everything up easy and simple. Skin colour won’t be an issue at either the club or pool. PS check out the pool if you get a chance it’s really worth it.

  147. Chad

    thank you for the quick reply Arnold.

    I hope that you are right and I wont have any issues getting in because im young and black.

    I have a few more questions for you:

    I’ll be in Vegas for 10 days and I have $2500 to spend.

    I do NOT like going into a strip club with less then $1000 to spend so I will almost certainly split my budget over a maximum of only 2 or 3 visits.

    My #1 criteria for enjoyment in a club is the hotness of the dancers.

    Before their renovation, I was a regular at rhino and I still cannott believe how hot the average girl working there was back then.

    Unfortunately, when they started renovations everything fell part and the hotness of the average girl working there dropped completely.

    I pretty much stopped visiting Vegas clubs when rhino fell apart since I assumed they had the best girls.

    Lately, I’ve been hearing more and more reports that sapphire might have a talent level that rivals rhino pre-renovation.

    Is this true?

    Does sapphire currently have the same quality of girls that rhino had before renovations?

    A few more questions for you:

    Given everything I’ve read on your website I will almost certainly buy a package when i test sapphire.

    But I do have a few concerns about these packages since I only go to clubs alone.

    Should i expect to get a table alone with the solo guy package or the most likely scenario is other guys will be seated at my table?

    Would buying a bottle guarantee I get a table alone during my entire visit?

    I saw that they offer a couples package called “sapphire champagne for 2” that is only $225 and comes with a bottle. I’m considering buying this for me alone if it can guarantee i get my own table alone.

    Also, I usually stay 4-5 hours when i visit a club: will buying a bottle get me a table alone during this entire period? what happens when i get up to go to the washroom?

    Thanks again for this very informative website.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chad, you will not only be welcome at Sapphire, you’ll be appreciated at Sapphire. The most important color at Sapphire is green.

      Yes, I would say that Rhino lost their best girls to Sapphire during their renovation, and they have stayed at Sapphire. Sapphire now is what Rhino used to be.

      With a $65 solo guy package, you’ll likely be seated with other guys at your table. Yes, a bottle would guarantee a table alone, reserved for you through your entire visit. And it will give you booze to pour drinks for thirsty dancers.

      Be sure to use your host and cocktail waitress and let them know that you’ll be returning to your table when you head to the VIP or washroom. Sapphire can get packed and mistakes do get made, but not if you use your host and waitress properly.

      Also use your host to make introductions to dancers you like across the room, or to get you a table in a preferred location, etc. With a bottle on your table, you can expect extra attention from your host and a lot of attention from the club’s best dancers.

      With your budget, I’d start the night off right with a modest tip to your host. Find a subtle way to let him know you’ve got money. For example, ask if you can have that table in a better location as you’re slipping him a ten. Or, if he takes you to the best table in the house right off the bat, you might ask about the club’s Skyboxes, just some question like, are they really private? Let him know you were a regular at Rhino and heard all their best dancers moved to Sapphire.

      In other words, for the best service, establish a relationship with your host right off the bat. Then use him as needed to make your evening perfect.

      One last tip. You will always be treated better at a major Vegas strip club if you wear a sport coat, especially since you’re young. I’ve had hosts say this openly to me. It gets you a better table, gets fees waived, etc. Even if you end up hanging it on your chair for the night, it’s a universal flag to hosts and dancers that you’ve got money even though you’re young, especially if you also have a bottle on your table.

  148. Chad

    wow you really are amazing with the quick reply

    Thanks a lot.

    A few more things:

    Do the days i pick to go matter for enjoyment given my budget?

    Back when i was a regular at rhino I never went on weekends as I assumed there would be so much money in the club I could not compete.

    For this upcoming trip my gut tells me i would be wise to avoid Friday and Saturday nights.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Given my budget am i better off avoiding Friday and Saturday night?

    I imagine there’s a lot of high rollers in the club on the weekends.

    Also, I’m still unclear on something; when you buy a package you will also need to still pay $26 at the entrance?

    Also, do you think they will mind that a solo guy is buying a couples package?

    And lastly, what are your thoughts on the daytime vegas scene in 2018?

    Before renovation at rhino their daytime girls where also super hot; daytime back then where (significantly) hotter then their night shift after renovation started.

    Is there anywhere you recommend for daytime that might approach that level of quality during the day?

    Thanks again for all the help.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chad, it’s similar at Sapphire. There’s a ton of money in the club on Friday and Saturday nights. You get dancers on those nights who won’t even consider doing lap dances. Their minimum is the VIP.

      On the other hand, your planned budget is serious money and the dancer selection on Friday and Saturday nights is outstanding. There are spectacular women filling the club.

      Still, you’ll likely get better service and more attention other nights of the week, when the club isn’t jam-packed, and the dancer quality is still very high.

      I’d say it partly depends on when you’re coming. August is a relatively slow month in Vegas, so if you’re coming in August, a Friday or Saturday night would still work. If you’re coming in September over Labor Day weekend, or the big fight weekend of September 15, the club is going to be filled to standing room only, there will be huge money in the club, etc.

      If you buy a package, you pay nothing at the door. Your limo ride, admission, line pass, VIP seating, drink discount and host service are included in the package.

      They won’t mind a solo guy buying a couples package. Bottle packages always specify a maximum number of guests, but never a minimum.

      Rhino is one of the better daytime clubs, but a lot of the guys are there for the lunch deal and don’t spend much on the dancers. So the dancer quality is not what it was, though it’s not bad. I had a bad experience there recently in the afternoon though. I was at a business lunch at the club and one of the dancers on stage started yelling at everyone for not tipping her. She really would not shut up. If you go in the afternoon, be sure to tip the dancers on stage!

      You might also consider Sapphire’s topless pool on a weekend (Friday thru Sunday) afternoon before October. The club’s dancers are a big part of the scene and you can get VIP dances from them.

  149. Chad

    hi Arnold,

    Following your advice i just purchased a package online but unfortunately it seems there are some hidden charges.

    On the “thank you” page after i paid it says:

    ” *20% Service fee will paid by guest upon arrival.

    what is this all about?

    so even after just paying when i get there i need to pay more?

    and it’s 20% of what?

    I’m a bit annoyed by this and im worried i might have made a bad decision as I bought a pretty expensive package and now it seems i will need to pay even more.

    Please get back to me asap

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chad, believe it or not that’s the Vegas strip club sales tax. The government gets a huge chunk of your admission fee, etc. But you won’t pay a sales tax on lap dances, VIP dances, or more drinks in the club.

      Huge taxes on tourists are a big part of what makes Vegas so expensive and why the hotels are always resorting to tricky new fees.

      If you want to switch to a less expensive package to save on the tax, give the club a call and they’ll work with you.

  150. Chad

    hey Arnold,

    I’m not talking about taxes.

    I’m aware of the 8.25% Nevada sales tax.

    They said on top of that i need to pay another 20% to my server when i get there.

    I told them they should have told me this before I bought bottle service and they said its displayed on all their web pages.

    so what is this all about?

    so basically all their prices displayed on their website you need to essentially add 28.25% to all of them.

    This is putting a bad taste in my mouth and I’m already feeling scammed.

    is this 20% service fee something you where aware off or this something new?

  151. Tony

    Hi Arnold,
    If I go into Sapphire around 4 pm with a VIP65 package, do I get to keep my reserved table as long as I am there, even if I stay until it gets really crowded? How many dancers will be there around 4 pm? Just curious, since they are open 24/7, how many and what quality dancers are there in the a.m, like a Friday morning 10 am? How many customers would be there? Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tony, yes, you would get to keep your table as long as you stay, even if it gets really crowded. There might be 5 dancers in the club in the morning. Maybe 8 to 10 around 4 pm or soon after.

      These are not the dancers you see at 11 pm on a Friday or Saturday, when women fly in from around the country to work at Sapphire. But they’re still quality dancers.

  152. Ras

    Hi Arnold,
    I’ll be in Vegas late August for work. Planning on going to sapphire and getting the vip65 package. Does the limo pickup have a bunch of advertising on it? I’ll be in Vegas with mostly female coworkers so I’d like to be discrete if possible. Also, how do the main floor lapdances work? Do I get the dance at my reserved table or does the dancer take you somewhere a little more private on the main floor?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ras, Sapphire will send a limo with no advertising on it if you ask. Let them know when you reserve.

      At Sapphire, lap dance location will be at your reserved table when the club is packed. When the club is less crowded, the dancer may take you to a more private nook or cranny.

  153. Ras

    Which night would be better to go to sapphire…Wednesday or Thursday? Most likely will be getting there around 10pm. I’m also planning on going to deja vu on Tuesday night. Can I expect lots of very attractive dancers that night? Basically don’t want it to be mostly customers and few dancers.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ras, Thursday is closer to the weekend, so that’s the better night. With the bigger crowd comes more of the club’s top dancers.

      Deja Vu will have plenty of quality dancers on $2 Tuesday. It’s a big night for them. Recommended.

  154. JJ

    My husband and I are planning to visit Sapphire for the first time next month. We will be there on a Tuesday night and usually like to arrive somewhere between 7-9 pm via club limo. We have been to strip clubs 3 other times together. I am hoping you can help give some guidance on how to make our time most enjoyable at Sapphire. It is important to us that we have a table/booth out of the action…preferably somewhere on the edges where we can share a booth or bench together. This way we can watch the show and then not be on display if and when we choose to have a lap dance. We don’t want to purchase a package because we do not see the value in it based on how much we drink. Thank you!

    • Arnold Snyder

      JJ, if you don’t want to buy a package, the only seating will be along the stages or at the bar. There are also some small sofas/benches scattered around the edges of the club.

      If you go that way, you want to get there before 9 pm but pretty close to 9 pm while the free seats are still available. Getting there at 7 pm is a little early. Maybe arrange for limo pick-up at 8 pm for arrival around 8:30 pm. They will charge you a $15 reservations fee each for the limo, but waive that if you both purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink ticket at the door (a great value).

      Be sure to take the free club limo so you don’t have to pay an admissions fee. If you find dancers unsure of whether to approach you and there’s a dancer you want to meet, be sure to ask a host or cocktail waitress to introduce you.

      I think you’ll have a great time.

  155. JD


    How is Sapphires on a Sunday daytime during NFL games? Been there for MNF and had a ball, but never during day on weekends.

  156. Greg L

    Arnold – – boobs yes, but is generous but polite butt-massaging a part of “high mileage”?

  157. Greg L

    Arnold – – I don’t drink. I have no interest in alcohol; only interested in naked women banging me. So,am I right to feel screwed that all these VIP private room packages are discriminatory against me – meaning charging me for all kinds of drinks I’ll never drink?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Greg, there’s no charge for drinks in the private rooms at Little Darlings or the private booths at Palomino Club. At Deja Vu on Tuesday nights, the private bedroom drinks are only $2 each ($4 total for 15 minutes in a private bedroom).

  158. Greg L

    do dancers allow kissing in VIP or private? at Palomino, are the totally nude lap dances somehow any sexier than the lds at the topless clubs?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Greg, no on the kissing. At Palomino, lap dances are topless. You have to go for a private booth dance at 3 songs for $100 to get a fully-nude dance. They’re very sexy.

  159. Greg L

    Arnold – – what about the NFL playoffs? I see there are two games on January 20th. Will Sapphire’s have a similar MNF experience for both these Sunday playoff games on Jan 20, 2019?

  160. Greg L

    Arnold – – is it true that Little Darling’s lap dances are 4 minutes long for $20? If so, seems that a full-nude 4 minute lap dance is quite a deal in itself!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Greg, Little Darlings lap dances are one song. That tends to be 3 to 3 1/2 minutes. They’re a good deal because they take place in a private booth, not the main floor, and are fully nude.

  161. Greg L

    Arnold – – thinking I’ll be in LV from Jan 15-21 for the strip club experience plus maybe Cirque etc. what low-cost strip hotels would be nearest to the 4 clubs – Palomino, Deja Vu, Sapphire and Little Darlings? hotel quality/amenities is not my prime consideration, I’m guessing.

  162. Greg L

    A – – thanks again for all the attention you give to my plethora of questions!

    …So what you’re indicating re options for hotels in relationship to the 4 strip clubs mentioned – is that staying at a low-cost hotel downtown would work just as well – now? (Didn’t used to be that way?)

    • Arnold Snyder

      Greg, yes. In fact, downtown is the best location for Palomino and it’s very close to Little Darlings, not much farther to the other clubs. Just remember the clubs can’t pick you up on Fremont St., so you have to go to the pick-up location for your hotel.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Mike, it’s still free cover for locals and they usually don’t hit you up for drinks at the door. If it’s a packed weekend night, though, that could change.

  163. Greg L

    still wondering about NFL playoffs on Sunday Jan 20, games are late afternoon and then evening. that said, if I want the best Sapphire’s experience that week, should I plan on a Thurs, Fri or Sat instead?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Greg, Sapphire will have some kind of party for the playoff games, but it will be small compared to their MNF and Super Bowl parties. Go on a Thurs, Fri or Sat night for the full Sapphire experience.

  164. Chris

    Can you pre-buy things at Sapphire? For example, you can buy a package, which is essentially pre-buying your drinks before you get to the club, but can you pre-buy things such as time in the VIP dances or a Skybox?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, yes, you can pre-buy pretty much whatever you want at Sapphire. Just fill out the form for a custom package at the club website or give the club a call at 1-702-869-0003 and they’ll work with you.

  165. Greg L

    Arnold – – is Sapphire, say, on a Sat night in Jan, going to be heavily represented by the painted and decorated and enhanced girls, or, rather, employ so very many girls in total, that the more naturals and minimally-made ups are also well represented?

  166. Anonymous

    Hi Arnold,

    Wanted a quick bit of advice – is it going to get crowdy today & tomorrow night on Sapphire ? If so would try next week.

  167. Cancon

    Arrived at 5pm for happy hour with my wife. Had another fantastic lap dance from a mature Russian girl closer to 30 than 20. Those Russians, they really work hard for the money. There were only 5 or 6 girls there but they were keeping busy.

  168. AC

    Hello, so I’m planning a bachelor party for early November, there will be 15-20 of us (lol big group). How would the free limo service work in our case? Is there any minimun purchase required, with such a large group? Pretty much, what charges can we expect per person, in our group?

    P.s. I might be copying and pasting this question to other strip club reviews, please don’t mistake it for spam lol.

    • Arnold Snyder

      AC, the only difference in the free limo service is they’d likely send a small bus or van for you. But you’d want to reserve your ride early to make sure you can all get there when you want to at the same time. No minimum purchase required that’s any different for a group. There would be a reservations fee for each of you (it’s $15 or $19 per person) that would be waived at the door if you buy a 2 for the price of 1 drink coupon for $19.

      You’d likely save money overall by reserving a group package. It will be very difficult to find seating together unless you reserve a group package, especially at peak hours and especially on weekend nights.

  169. AC

    Thank you for the prompt response. Do you know what kind of group packages are offered? For Sapphire or any other clubs in general?

    • Arnold Snyder

      AC, you can check out the bachelor party packages here. That will give you a general idea. But you’ll see on the website that there are also custom packages available, so you can get whatever you want. Most of the top clubs have similar packages and will work with you on a custom package, if you prefer.

      • AC

        Thank you for the information. Just to clarify, the 2 drinks for 1 option includes alcoholic drinks?

      • AC

        Also I’m a little confused. As mentioned earlier, we would be a group of about 18. If we have a limo/bus sent for us, you said we could get the 2 drinks for 1 coupon, but would we also need to pay for entry? I was under the impression that for $34-$39/person, we could get a ride to, 2 drinks, and entry. But now I’m doubting my own understanding of it lol. If you could please break it down for me, it would be very helpful.

        • Arnold Snyder

          AC, you get free admission at Sapphire by either getting a package or by arriving by the free club limo. So no, you would not be paying for admission. That means, essentially, if you take the club limo but don’t get a package, that your ride is free, your admission is free, and you’re getting two drinks for $18.

          The one thing missing from that is seating together. This club fills up at peak hours and you’re bringing a large group. It may be hard to find seating at all, let alone for 18 to sit together, without a package.

  170. Ron

    If we go to Monday night football is the 20 dollar package it. No extra cover? Also, what is suggested attire for my gf. She will be getting lapdances.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ron, there’s no extra cover for the $20 MNF package. Your girlfriend can wear pretty much anything she wants. Sandals are not advised, though. Have a great time!

  171. Winston

    Hi Arnold, amazing comprehensive website on Vegas strip clubs. Took your advice and visited Deja vu, Sapphires, and Palominos in October.
    My next Vegas trip will be first week of December. What are the prices for 15 min and 30 min VIP at Sapphires? Are they group VIP or private VIP like at Deja Vu with closed doors/curtains? Also are there drink minimums for 15/30 min VIP at Sapphires? And are Monday Night Football still worth going with the amount of girls present during first week of December?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Winston, three songs in the group VIP at Sapphire is $150. That includes $50 booze. Thirty minutes is $375 and includes $75 alcohol. That’s the group VIP as well.

      An hour in the group VIP is $700 and includes $300 alcohol.

      The fully-private, luxurious Skyboxes, with a door you can close, aren’t available for under an hour for $800. That includes $300 booze.

      By the first week of December, the MNF parties have definitely slowed down but you’ll still have a couple dozen dancers for the lap dance tsunami. It’s still a lot of fun.

  172. Evan

    Taking my wife in a couple months but neither of us drink alcohol. She wants to do private dances. I get that alcohol is how the club makes money but the two drink minimum or the bottle or half bottle at other places just is a total loss for us. We see the couples packages for reserved tables all have bottles involved. What’s the best strategy for value for a no drinking couple looking for a table and some private dances. I get that we have to give the club some money! Just wish we got some value for it in return.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Evan, at Sapphire, I’d recommend two solo packages. That gets you the reserved table, free limo to the club, free admission and line pass for less than the price of a taxi and admission. It includes two free shots and $50 each in drinks. Treat some dancers to the shots and use the drink coupons for bottled water or soft drinks or to buy drinks for the dancers.

  173. Tim

    Arnold, my friend and I are looking to go dejavu on a Monday night and take our chances, but if the scene is dead we will probably end up at Sapphires. Do you know if Sapphires will pick us up in their free limo at dejavu? Or should we arrange to have the driver to pick us up at the trump hotel across the street?
    Or do you have any other recommendations to get into both strip clubs without having to pay for cover because we are also fine with walking as it’s very close. Thanks in advance.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tim, yes, Sapphire would be willing to pick you up at Deja Vu. I’d use that option if you decide to go, because that way you get the two-for-1 drink ticket option and guaranteed free admission. If you walk, you may not get either.

  174. Billy

    I have a rental car. Can I buy a package and drive myself and my girlfriend? Will we still get the VIP entry. We tried Palomino last night and it was slow, kinda low energy and not what she was hoping for dancer selection.

  175. Art

    Had an amazing time here with my girlfriend. Thanks for your site. A couple notes. We booked a couples package online but did not receive the promised 2 free shots for prepaying. Our host, who I tipped 20 bucks when we got there, disappeared on us after an hour. We were there for about, including much time in VIP. Security on the floor was awesome and dealt swiftly with an overserved guy near us. Tip. If you go to VIP, your prepay tab can follow you there. This doesn’t lessen the amount you owe the house but if you’re there awhile it is good to know.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Art, glad to hear you had a good time but sorry to hear you didn’t get the free shots. Next time ask your host right away about how to collect them. If you forget to ask your host, ask your waitress and she’ll take care of it.

  176. Big Rob

    Part two of three. Arrived just before midnight on a Saturday in August, with no major events (i.e. fights, conventions) that weekend. Like dummies we took an Uber from Babes, so even though we’re locals we were each taxed a $50 cover. When we got inside, the club was in full force with all three stages exposed. The atmosphere was akin EDC with lots of pounding “electric” music and strobe light effects. We walked the room first to peep the scene. The front bar was PACKED at standing room only, so we strolled to the bar in the back, where most of the dancers congregate. There were at least 15 unused VIP tables corralled towards the back stage. I asked a host (bouncer) if we could get a VIP table. He didn’t hesitate to set us up near the 3rd stage, about one or two tables/rows back. He only cautioned that to keep the table we’d have to keep buying drinks which run $20+. Upon being seated we immediately met our server for the night. Forgot her name but for the most part she was fantastic, and hotter than half the dancers too!

    I’d estimate there were over 250 girls, with 30-40 being what I’d consider 10+/11s. Decent ethnic and body type mix, albeit skewed with a higher number of blondes and brunettes. Probably 80+ Latinas, most of them natural, with a concentration of Mexicans and Cubans, and a few Colombians and Venezuelans sprinkled in. Maybe 30-40 Asians, some “F.O.B” and about 30 Black girls. Outside of a handful of 6s that snuck into the club, the girls were mainly 8-9s. And contrary to what people think, it wasn’t a silicone warehouse. As expected at Sapphires, the hustle factor was an 11! Non-stop solicitations, even with my wife beside me and us not making eye contact. Every time I walked to the bathroom, I would get approached 3-5x (twice I had girls grabbing my crotch, trying to sell me on VIP dances). And if my wife went to the bathroom…it was sharks to a drop of water. Unfortunately, this results in a rather cold and quick hustle, with most girls not willing to waste more than two minutes to talk or hangout.

    Attending as a couple was neither a pro or a con, although she did hit it off with a couple of dancers. The lap dances were absolutely high mileage with lots of contact, with some ladies placing our hands onto their asses and breasts, and most were ok with us slapping their asses. Hell, we even had a couple girls that were outright taunting us by rubbing their nipples across our lips. One Venezuelan was on wifes laps rubbing her arms, necks and inner thighs. Super hot! Later in the evening my wife got what seemed to be a 10-minute massage from a masseuse. Highly recommend one. Having been the 2nd club of the night, it was a long first night for my wife, so I didn’t want to push a VIP dance. Partied until 430a and when we left it was still packed but for obvious reasons the girls were looking tired. Absolute must for large groups or if you prefer a party-atmosphere. I wouldn’t go so far to say that it was couple’s friendly, but our next excursion to Crazy Horse proved otherwise (see Crazy Horse III review page for our experience).

  177. Kevyn

    Arnold. Was at Sapphire last week and hit it off with a nice girl. She gave me her number without me asking. I know she sees me as a client and that’s cool by me. Do you ever reach out for your favorites or do you just let fate dictate your nights.

  178. Roland

    Hey. Thanks for the great site. To the last commenters point. If I get ahold of a favorite and know I want to head to VIP what’s the best entry deal. We rent a car and drive ourselves. So packages add up. Sometimes my girl tags along too. We don’t need a table if we go VIP room.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Roland, Sapphire has a deal where if you take the free club limo you get free admission and the option to buy a 2-for-1 drink coupon. That’s the best deal if you don’t need a table. You save $50 admission plus the price of a drink.

      I’d call them and ask if you can get that deal if you drive yourself. They’ll probably say yes unless the club is packed. If this is a night when they say no, drive to within walking distance and have Sapphire pick you up there so you can get the deal.

  179. Oscar

    If you’re a regular, can a dancer ever get you a deal on admission or bar charge for VIP. Or is that up to a host. My last host at Sapphire sucked. I tipped him well and dropped decent cash too.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Oscar, that’s pretty much set by club policy. Your best bet is to work out a custom package in advance that includes exactly what you want. You can fill out an online form for a custom package at the club website. For example, if you reserve a VIP dance in advance, your odds of getting free admission go way up. The bar charge for the VIP will be a tougher negotiation.

  180. Craig

    Hi Arnold. The Monday night football special mentions raffles and prizes? Any idea what those are about?

  181. Paolo

    Hola Arnold. You have a great site.
    When I go back to a VIP booth at Sapphire for an hour what do I tip the staff back there. The waitress and the doorman. What if I extend for a second hour. Do I tip again? Also. I had a dance tell me to order a bottle of champagne so I could extend for the second hour. I was kind of confused.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Paolo, tip the waitress what you’d tip her anyplace else in the club, a few bucks. You don’t have to tip the doorman, but it’s considered a nice gesture to give him $20 so the dancer doesn’t have to pay that tip. You tip only once, at the end, even if you’ve extended for a second hour.

      The club makes its money on the booze in the VIP room. That’s why you’ll likely be required to order another bottle if you extend for a second hour.

  182. Paolo

    The doorman who brought the bill pressed hard for a 90 dollar service tip. I felt like if I tipped nothing I’d be in trouble.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Paolo, if there’s one thing everyone in Vegas is expert at, it’s pressing hard for a huge tip. Don’t feel you have to pay that much unless the guy did some amazing favor for you.

  183. Will

    What is the protocol and experience like for the Monday night football halftime dances. Is it a dollar each? Or Do dancers expect more? Will they stick around for more than a few seconds if you give them 3 or 5? What does a typical halftime dance entail? If I bring my girlfriend will they do dollar dances for her. What’s an ideal place to sit. That room looks super packed in pictures.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Will, the dancers expect only a dollar. Yes, they’ll usually stick around if you offer more dollars. In that case, I’d tip at the end.

      A halftime dollar dance is a fully-topless, high-contact 30-second lap dance.

      Yes, they’ll do dollar dances for your girlfriend. All she has to do is hold up dollars just like the guys.

      The dancers really cover the place. If you hold up dollars, you’ll get action.

  184. Nando

    Arnold. What is the best use of the bar tab in the hour VIP options here either booths or skybox. Can you do drinks as you go then take your balance with you back to the main floor? Or there any benefit or advantage (extra time or attention or options) to getting a bottle of something for your 300 bucks?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Nando, you can take any leftover booze back to the main floor with you. I don’t drink much, so I always get a bottle and then take it back to my table to pour drinks for dancers.

      • Nando

        Good idea. Is there any way to buy a certain bottle to get more than 1 hr in VIP. Or do you have to repurchase every hour.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Nando, usually you have to repurchase every hour but I’m sure if you were willing to pay the equivalent for a better bottle you could negotiate more than an hour. Just talk to a host. He’ll try to accommodate you.

  185. Kris

    Sapphire Trip Report:
    Arnold, I figured I would share my recent experience so others can learn from me. Was in Las Vegas for a big convention, and I went to Sapphire a couple days ago. I called about booked a drink package a head of time and was scheduled a pick-up. That experience was fine, however, I didn’t really like getting picked up in a very public front door at my hotel, so I think next time, I’ll schedule a pick at the hotel “next door”. There were so many people I don’t think anyone noticed or cared anyway.

    The quality of dancer seemed lower than normal at Sapphire, but I guess it was a week night in December. However, almost every girl there was definitely a “looker”. I didn’t take advantage of my host though, and before I knew it all the high quality dancers were off in the VIP area and I was waiting for what seemed forever before a really nice and friendly dancer won me over. Personality does matter. There was only one really pushy girl, and naturally she came at the one moment I was eyeballing a different one, couldn’t get ride of her in time, before I preferred dancer was off to VIP with someone else.

    The one friendly dancer did end up taking me to a Skybox. Was quoted at $600 per hour and the cheapest campaign bottle was $400. They tried really hard to get me to pay a more expensive bottle, but I wouldn’t. The time spent in a Skybox is a lot better than the standard VIP area. I really appreciate the extra privacy and lack of interruptions that the regular VIP area has. The host upstairs offered to get my phone number and the dancer offered to give me her phone number. I decline both. First time I had ever been in the Skybox and I think I will prefer going up there from now on.

    After it was over, the club gave me a ride back to my hotel in somekind of high-tech small car – Tesla? The driver drive back very fast and aggressively and truthfully scared the heck out of me.

    Overall, it was a good experience. It was not the orgy that I’m used to, because its December and was a week night, but the time spent there was still probably better than the other options in Las Vegas. Sorry for the long story, but hopefully this helps others.

    Arnold, I think the inform on this website is both helpful and pretty accurate. The Las Vegas club experience is a lot better when you know the rules ahead of time.

  186. D

    Just got back from a week trip. Had been to Sapphire many years ago so decided to go again. Was worth the trip. Tons of girls to choose from but they vary from 5’s to many 8’s, some 9’s and a handful of 10’s but plenty of good lookers of various races and cultures…average is probably 8’s and having gone to 4 strip clubs this trip by far had the easiest time finding “my girl” (looks and personality).

    First girl was a dud. She was a 8 in looks but when I asked for a lapdance she said she didn’t like giving lap dances on the floor and preferred to go to the private room. So I said I’ll give you $40 (double) for a lapdance preview here on the floor and then I’ll think about VIP. She wasn’t too thrilled at that so I thanked her for having a drink with me and politely told her I was going to look for another girl.

    2nd one came up to me was a super hot blonde Russian…good conversation, actually drank the drinks I bought her (she ordered tequila). I tipped her about $50 every 30 minutes to just sit with me and chat and flirt and did this for 3 hours or so. Got a few free lap dances within that period but I typically do not do private rooms and prefer to just find fun girls to hang out with, get their number and then ask them to go out with me to the casino/strip the next day.

    I had some fun times at other strip clubs this trip too but I was with a work friend and when you want to almost guarantee a decent strip club experience you usually can’t go wrong with Sapphire…simply because so many girls work there.


    I see many guys not know how to instantly get rid of the girl that’s soliciting them in a polite way so you’re free for the next hottie to come by that you’ll actually want to hang out with. You simply say “I’m looking for another dancer”. …You can throw in “You look gorgeous tonight but I’m looking for another dancer”. I see way too many guys sit with the first one that comes to them and don’t get rid of them because they don’t know how to politely tell her and spend the $ anyways.



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