Scores Las Vegas — Review

  • IN A NUTSHELL: Part of the national Scores chain, the Vegas club is newly renovated but small, roughly 1/4 the size of Sapphire. It has good deals for locals.
  • GRADE OF DANCER: Average, some above average, some below
  • SPW: 50%
  • 3013 S Highland Dr
  • PHONE: (702) 916-1499
  • HOURS: 8 pm - 5 am Sun-Thur; 8 pm - 6 am Fri/Sat
  • TOPLESS OR NUDE: Topless
  • COVER CHARGE: $50 / locals free
  • FULL BAR: Yes
  • FOOD: No
  • LAP DANCES: 20; 3/100 (+40); 30min/300 (+100); 60min/400 (+200)

The Las Vegas Scores is Small but Newly Renovated

Scores is the Vegas outlet of the national chain.  The club is located on Highland Drive where little locals’ dive Foxy’s used to be, but put Foxy’s out of your mind as the space has been renovated. There’s a big central stage with two poles.  The stage is low to the floor, a good height for guys who like sitting on the rail.  The overall look is Vegas high tech gentlemen’s club.  The club is maybe 1/4 the size of Sapphire.

Scores Offers Good Deals for Locals, Not So Much for Out-of-Towners

Scores’ cover charge is $50, but free for locals. Drink prices are typical for major Vegas topless clubs at $15 for a domestic beer, but locals get drinks for half-price. (Be sure to tell the bartender or waitress that you’re a local when you order.)

Lap dances are $20. The VIP room is a row of small booths with curtained doorways, so all VIP dances are private, one-on-one shows. VIP dance prices are 3 songs/$100 (+$40 bar tab); 30 minutes/$300 (+$100 bar tab); 60 minutes/$400 (+$200 bar tab).

There’s also a Champagne Room that’s larger and could be used by a few customers and dancers for a small private party, as well as a single customer who just wants more room to stretch out with a dancer. The Champagne Room is 60 minutes/$800 (and includes a bottle of champagne). The Champagne Room is a step down in size, elegance and luxury from a Sapphire Skybox, but comfortable and totally private.

This club is well supported by locals because of the drink deals and free admission for Vegas residents, so there is always a good number of dancers.  But for out of towners, who must pay full admission and full price for drinks, this club is not competitive with Sapphire or Treasures for dancer selection or quality.

Other Vegas Strip Clubs You Might Enjoy

Sapphire (club website) offers busty, long-legged beauties by the hundreds (400+ during peak evening hours). This elegant club is a babe bacchanal, with the wildest lap dance scene in town.

Treasures (club website) is the most luxurious of the high-mileage Vegas topless clubs, populated with stacked 9s and 10s who know how to pamper a man.

14 Responses to “Scores Las Vegas — Review”

    • Arnold Snyder

      JD, they’re still trying to get up and running. I stopped in a week ago at peak hours on a Saturday night and there were about 8 dancers and the same number of customers. I’ll take another look soon.

  1. David L

    Trip report for Friday 10/5/2018

    Got there near midnight. Valet parking only, but no fee charged (I tipped the guy a few bucks.)

    Entry was $20. Club looks good, furnishings don’t seem worn that much.

    Two connected round stages in the middle, somewhat crowded collection of tables surrounding. Smaller stages by the back wall and bar.

    Fairly good sized crowd (although this is apparently a UFC fight weekend or something.) Guys were tipping at the rail, but not at the every seat filled rate.

    Good selection of ladies, three or four dozen. All body types thin to thick, A-cup to D (both natural and enhanced.)

    Stage/rail work varied from involved and fantastic to perfunctory and ignorable.

    Drink service was a bit slower than I like. Jonnie Walker Black Label was eighteen dollars (not the most expensive I’ve ever paid), bottle of Guinness was fifteen bucks (ouch!)

    Floor dances in a regular club rolling chair are posted at $25, but I was told there was a $5 fee for “the clipboard guy”.

    Three for a hundred are on more comfortable couches against the far wall.

    Privates are done in curtained booths at the other side of the club. Rates shown to me (and listed on the club’s sight) started at three bills for three songs (includes a couple of drinks), six hundred for thirty minutes (with house champagne or two “Premium Drinks”) and $900 for the hour (with better hooch.)

    I did not partake of these offerings.

    Got a meh level dance on the floor, a pretty good three for a hundred spoiled by hustling for tips, and a fantastic one off that would have easily upsold except she was called to the stage and it was pumpkin time for me.

    As always there is a huge variance depending on dancer’s mood, customer’s mood, individual dancers and the connection you build, you know the drill. YMMV.

    Don’t know if they’ll keep this level up or if it’s different on week nights vs. weekends, but this is looking like a strong, if pricey addition to the scene.

  2. Jon S

    Will be in town next week and was wondering if you had any updates on Scores? Have been to most of the clubs in town and wanted to know if Scores was worth a visit. Thanks as always for all of the great info on this site. I never plan a trip to Vegas without it!!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jon S, I stopped into Scores about a week ago. My review above was updated then. My view is the club is good for locals, who get in free and get drinks for half price. If you’re stopping in on your way home from work for a drink and a dance, it’s a good deal.

      If you’re an out-of-towner paying full price, Sapphire or Treasures are a better bet for the same price.

      But they’ve got a good manager at Scores. He brings in good dancers and has plans to expand the club. I’m keeping my eye on it.

  3. AG

    Came in here a week ago on Friday 1/17. It was my first time. Place was full and there were a lot of dancers. I’m local so half priced drinks and free cover. As soon as I walked in girls were already asking if I wanted a dance. One of them even quoted me $50 a dance. VERY HIGH hustle factor. The club is very small. They said they’re in the middle of expansion so maybe once they expand I’ll try it again. Hopefully the hustle factor won’t be as high.

  4. Davehat

    My favorite dancer moved from Treasures to Scores, so I followed. The club is clean/new but girl quality is very very low. Literally nobody I would want to pay for lapdance (even during peak hours). I tried the club 3 times and then gave up.

    I returned to Treasures or Spearmint for future dates. They give me free entry and/or half price drinks, where Scores gave NO discounts. Goodbye scores.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Davehat, thanks for the review of Scores. I’ve been in there but could never get a good feel for the place. But what you say is right.

  5. RK

    Arnold, wife and I wanted to finally give this place a try Friday 12/10, end of NFR. Parking lot is tore up due to the remodel and it is valet only. Met nice valet attended, tipped him $5 and we walked up to front amidst many potholes or even ground. The front host knew we drove ourselves and saw we were locals, but said cover was $50! Rubbed me wrong seeing how supposedly locals are free. Likely due to NFR or door man trying to make extra income, but we opted out and decided to drive down the block to the Rhino that had a $43 cover (posted right at the register!). We will go back to Scores to give it a shot…but again hard to pay a $50 cover when CH3, Treasures, Hustlers and Pal are free for locals and Rhino (an international club) is less for cover.



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