*Sea Mountain’s One Love Temple — A Vegas Nudist/Lifestyle Oasis

  • IN A NUTSHELL: A luxurious 5-acre lifestyle resort and nudist retreat just minutes from the Vegas strip.
  • PHONE: 702-497-2936
  • HOURS: 24/7/365
  • COVER CHARGE: $39 for a solo woman; $149 per couple for a day pass; $179 per couple for a day and evening pass
  • AMENITIES: Massages are $129. Overnight stays are available. The resort also features a nightclub.
  • BEVERAGE SERVICE:Unlimited free coffee, teas and spring waters are provided
  • FOOD: Free lunch and free snacks are included in a day pass.
  • DRESS CODE: No street clothes permitted. Robes and towels are provided. Nightclub is lingerie or less.
  • http://www.spanudes.com

One Love Temple JacuzziFor a COMPLETE GUIDE to Vegas Lifestyle/Swinger Clubs in 2022 CLICK HERE

Sea Mountain’s One Love Temple is not a topless pool, but a five-acre nudist/lifestyle resort with numerous sparkling pools, spas, waterfalls, gardens, cabanas and play areas that may be of interest to couples who enjoy topless pools in Las Vegas.

No solo men are admitted to the resort. Solo women or women in groups are allowed, but guys must bring a gal to gain entry.  The resort has been getting a good crowd.  The typical age range of the guests on recent visits was late 20s to late 50s.  People of all sizes and shapes will feel comfortable here.  The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, in keeping with the Buddhas and Asian art and Zen temple atmosphere.  On a recent visit, about a third of the crowd was engaged in social erotic activity, about a third was laughing and chatting in the pools and spas, and about a third was couples off enjoying each other in the more private cabanas or meditation areas.

No street clothing is permitted on the grounds, but robes, sarongs and towels are provided by the club for the shy.  The resort’s nightclub dress code is lingerie or less.  There are changing rooms where you will be assigned a private locker for your stay.  Lunch is included in your day pass, and unlimited free coffee, iced teas, spring waters and snacks are available.

One Love Temple pool at nightThe grounds, pools, spas and clubhouse lounge, nightclub, and party rooms are immaculate.  There is a smoking tent (weed is permitted).  There is a small massage room big enough for two tables for a couple’s massage.  Massages should be booked in advance and are $129.  All massages are non-sexual and performed by certified, licensed massage therapists.

The resort is open year-round, but would be of particular interest to topless pool aficionados during the the spring, summer and fall months when all of the outdoor pools, spas and jacuzzis will be in use. They are open and operational throughout the winter months as well, and the water is kept heated, but off-season desirability will depend on the weather and your personal preferences.  If you go in the winter, don’t miss the wood sauna.

Overnight stays are available for $399 to $699, depending on the day and season.  Group rates are also available.

All in all, this is a great addition to the Vegas adult scene.

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3 Responses to “*Sea Mountain’s One Love Temple — A Vegas Nudist/Lifestyle Oasis”

  1. Benji

    Just called about the Vegas location (August 15, 2022) they said they are re-opening in a new location (“near the Wynn”) on August 19, 2022. Sounds like they will have a full-sized pool and 40-person hot tub. Sounds like the cost is now $159 per couple for the day-pass and $179 per couple for the day+evening pass. BYOB. They have lockers. Phone# to call is 702-859-9460

    • Arnold Snyder

      Shane: I have not heard that the One Love Temple has reopened yet. They posted on this site about ten days ago that it would be opening soon, but we’ve had no info since.



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