Sin City Comedy – Review

  • IN A NUTSHELL: Big laughs from professional comedians plus burlesque dancers that look awfully damn good in their skimpy underthings
  • SPW: 11%
  • Planet Hollywood, Sin City theater (on Mezzanine)
  • 3667 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas
    Showtime: 7 pm nightly
  • RESERVATIONS: (702) 785-5629
  • TICKET PRICE: $52.36/$63.36
  • SEATING: General Admission

This show makes a valiant effort at bringing back burlesque as it was in its heyday—that being longer ago than any of us can remember. The original burlesque shows were raunchy comedy shows—sort of like adult vaudeville—where comedians and dancers took turns doing sets, with the dancers performing striptease.

SinCityComedy4This is another show that’s gone through significant changes since I saw it last summer. For starters, it moved from the Harmon Theater in the Miracle Mile shops to its own theater inside Planet Hollywood. Everything about this show has improved since I saw it at the Harmon Theater. The new venue is more attractive and more comfortable. The small size (seats about 250) is perfect for both stand-up comedy and striptease. There are no bad seats. There’s beverage service throughout the show and it’s fast and efficient. I paid $9 for a glass of cabernet. I think a beer was $7 or $8.

The MC was funny as hell; both comics were excellent; and the burlesque dancers were delightful. I’d seen both comics before, though I’d never seen the MC. His name was Tim something. (I find it irritating that the Sin City Comedy website fails to identify any of the performers. If you go to their website and click on “Comedians,” the page says that no acts are currently booked! So, sorry, Tim, I couldn’t find your name online.)

SinCityComedy3The MC does a 20-minute warm-up set, very funny, then introduces the first dancer. She strips. Gorgeous body. The MC introduces the first comedian. He does a 20-minute set. Big laughs throughout. MC introduces the second dancer. She strips. Very sexy and cute. MC introduces the second comedian (the headliner). He does a 30-minute set. Has the audience in stitches. The end. The whole show’s about 90 minutes.

Reviewing the individual comedians and dancers may be a waste of time anyway, since the show is continually changing. But if the quality of the performances is always as good as the night I saw it, you won’t be disappointed. I first saw Greg Vaccariello at Sin City Comedy last summer at the Harmon Theater. I liked his act then but I laughed even harder this time around. Dennis Blair was George Carlin’s opening act for many years. He has a droll delivery style that works well with his frequent bantering with the audience. He’s also a talented guitar player and does musical impressions that are inspired.

The burlesque dancers were a joy to watch. They don’t remove tops or bottoms, but they look awfully damn good in their skimpy underthings. Veronica started out in a French maid outfit, but by the time she was down to her bra and panties, she’d traded her feather duster for ostrich plume fans and finished with a traditional fan dance.

Dar started out in a cop’s uniform (well okay, it was a cop’s hat and some kind of Victoria’s Secret ensemble). Both dancers had the old burlesque moves down. I love this style of striptease and I’m glad to see it coming back with the neo-burlesque movement. Sin City Comedy is presenting some of the best burlesque today.

But keep in mind that this is more of a comedy show than a striptease show, so if it’s dancers you’re more interested in seeing, try X Burlesque or even Pin Up. But I like good stand-up and this show features some of the best stand-up comics working today. If you’re in a mood to laugh, this show will do the trick.


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