Sophia’s – Luxurious Strip Club

  • IN A NUTSHELL: Sophia's was purchased by OG and has reopened under OG management. It's a beautiful club but it's still struggling to build a dancer and customer base.
  • GRADE OF DANCER: pending
  • SPW: pending
  • 3500 W Naples Dr, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 982-6777
  • HOURS: 4 pm - 8 am daily
  • TOPLESS OR NUDE: Topless
  • COVER CHARGE: $45 / locals free
  • FULL BAR:Yes
  • LAP DANCES: $20; VIP 15/160 (incl 2 drinks); 30/300 (incl 3 drinks); 60/600 (incl 5 drinks); private room 800 (incl bottle).

Sophia’s is back up and running under new ownership and management.

OG (Olympic Garden), a Vegas landmark topless club, has moved its entire staff and operations to the recently closed Sophia’s. OG is now closed.

This was a very fast and unexpected move. In fact, Sophia’s had just closed two weeks before OG bought the place and moved in. Sophia’s is the venue that used to be Badda Bing, though it’s been totally remodeled since then.

This is a two-level club. Downstairs is the main room with the big central stage, two bars, and a VIP room used for the 3/100 dances only.

Upstairs is another bar, another VIP room for the 30- and 60-minute dances, and seven private suites, for 60 minute dances. The VIP rooms are group VIPs. The private suites are plush and large enough for a few friends to be entertained by a few dancers. All have windows that overlook the main room downstairs, with curtains that can be closed.

The new main stage is low and surrounded by seats. (I mention this because Badda Bing had a main stage so high there were no seats on the rail.) If you like watching dancers close up and tipping them, this is an excellent stage.

A domestic beer at the downstairs bar cost me $7 (because I’m a local), but drinks for non-locals start at $15.

Lap dances are $20. 15-minute dances in the downstairs VIP room are $160 (price includes two drinks). Upstairs, 30-minute dances are $300 (price includes three drinks). Also upstairs, 60-minute dances are $600 (price includes five drinks). There are also private rooms with curtained-doors, about one step down in elegance from Sapphire’s Skyboxes for the same $800 Sapphire charges—that includes a bottle at both clubs.

Cover charge for out-of-towners who arrive by cab is $45. Locals free. Out-of-towners who arrive in their own transportation will have to pay a two-drink minimum.  The amount of that charge seems still in flux.

OG had male strippers in their upstairs showroom five nights a week, but Sophia’s has no upstairs showroom, so that feature of OG is now dead. Sophia’s is now offering food.

Other Vegas Strip Clubs You Might Enjoy

Sapphire (club review / club website)offers busty, long-legged beauties by the hundreds (400+ during peak evening hours).  This elegant club is a babe bacchanal, with the wildest lap dance scene in town.

Deja Vu Showgirls (club review/ club website) is offering the best private show deals right now among the high-mileage topless clubs.  The elegant rooms are furnished with large sofas or beds where you can stretch out with the dancer of your choice, and start at 15 minutes for $150.  That’s only $10 more than most clubs charge for 10 minutes in the group VIP.


14 Responses to “Sophia’s – Luxurious Strip Club”

  1. David L.

    I have hopes but not a lot of expectations.

    Went here back in late ’11 when it was “Privilege” (time between “Bada Bing” and “Sophia’s”). Outstanding building, but dead as anything on a Friday night.

  2. JD

    Anyone visit since OG moved operations here? Headed to Vegas next week, and wondering if worth a try

  3. Inchains

    Can’t comment on other strip clubs as this was my first time in Vegas. Got $20 entry plus 2 x free beers from some fixer with a couple of mates. Venue is nice, not too big – good main stage with stools surrounding, lounge areas to chill and meet the girls. $20 (15min) area just to the side of stage (which my mate hit), $160 lounge area for a longer session and more private dance (which I and another mate hit). Good service, nice Looking girls. Offered the upstairs area for a price – $300…but that would’ve probably risen with certain extras – Couldn’t be fucked to be honest! (Although I was given a tour…which was obviously to tempt me I’m!) It was a nice area of private rooms, with balconys (with curtains) over looking the main stage. Decent strip club. Although I haven’t been to Sapphire or Spearmint….other worldly apparently, along with the prices I bet!

  4. Deeee

    I was considering going here to watch the Fight… What do you think Arnold? Any improvements since your most recent postings?

  5. James

    Im heading to vegas for a Bachelor party super bowl weekend with 11 guys. What club would you recommend? Last time we went to Rino it was a blast but looking for something different and not as crowded/ more attention if possible. Any ideals?

    • Arnold Snyder

      James, I recommend Palomino Club. The stage show is the best in town, and the dancers are gorgeous and will lavish attention on you. They have different bachelor party packages, including one where you can get the entire second stage to yourselves, or you can work out a custom package.

      It has a different feel than the major topless clubs like Sapphire or Rhino because it’s a nude club and a bit smaller (though with the same quality dancers and royalty treatment). You want to plan to enjoy the stage show and get some private-booth dances, which are fully nude.



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