Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas – Review

  • IN A NUTSHELL: No longer the top strip club in Vegas, but dancers are mostly 7s and 8s and the hustle factor is lower than it used to be. The admission charge has been raised to $54
  • GRADE OF DANCER: Average to fine.
  • SPW: 65%
  • 3340 S Highland Dr, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 796-3600
  • HOURS: 24/7
  • VALET PARKING: Yes; well-lit lot with attendants and usually waiting cabs
  • COVER CHARGE: $54.50
  • FULL BAR: Yes
  • FOOD: Yes
  • LAP DANCES: Main room, $20; VIP room 3 songs/$100 + 2 drinks, half-hour/ $200 + 2 drinks, full hour/$400 + 4 drinks; Private booth, full hour/ $400 + $375 bottle

Spearmint Rhino is Still One of the Plusher Clubs in Vegas

spearmint-rhino-dancer-reviewSpearmint Rhino is getting older but it’s still one of the plusher clubs in Vegas, having eschewed the typical high-tech look for something more opulent and flattering to skin tones. Think English country manor with lots of comfy seating, fake paintings (nudes, of course), muted lighting, and big ceramic vases in the passageways.

For many years, Rhino was the best gentlemen’s club in town, packed wall-to-wall with tens.  It used to be that a dancer had to be thin and movie-star pretty with big breasts to work here.  Now that’s no longer the case.  Rhino has aged gracefully into a second-tier club, after Sapphire (review) and Palomino (review).  The dancers at Rhino are mostly 7’s and 8’s, but Rhino is no longer getting enough dancers to stick to its former body-type standards.

On the plus side, as the number of dancers has declined the hustle factor has gotten lower.  And mileage remains decent even out on the main floor, though I’ve been finding higher mileage at Sapphire, which has the wildest lap dance scene in Vegas.

Rhino has one main and two smaller stages, but this is primarily a lap-dance club–the dancers don’t do much on those stages. The VIP rooms are small spaces with multiple booths.

There are separate VIP rooms for the hour, half-hour, and three-song dances. The hour-long room is more elegant with comfier roomier couches, though it’s not any more private. If you want a real private space with a dancer, the only such booth in the club is often available, as you must pay a $375 bottle fee in addition to the $400 charge for the dancer’s time.

Happy Hour at Spearmint Rhino

Spearmint Rhino serves food 24 hours a day (except for Sunday, the cook’s day off). The selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items includes steak and eggs for $10; most sandwiches, salads, etc. are in the $6–$10 range.  As of January 2015 there is a lunch special again from 11 am to 7 pm daily, with a burger or chicken club with fries and water, soda or any Bud product for $5 (switch a steak sandwich for the burger and the price is $7).

The lunch special draws a crowd, and that crowd draws dancers, and that means the Rhino happy hour scene is the best afternoon gentlemen’s club scene in Vegas right now (except for in the summer, when the Sapphire pool is open).  I saw a few dozen guys and roughly 18 dancers the last time I went at 4 p.m., and the dancers could have worked at the club in the evening.  There were lots of lap dances going on.

A domestic beer is $4.40 until 7 pm, then the evening price goes to $12 (unless they make you pay at the door for the two-drink minimum, in which case the drink vouchers cost $11 each).

Other Vegas Strip Clubs You Might Enjoy

Sapphire offers busty, long-legged beauties by the hundreds (400+ during peak evening hours).  This elegant club is a babe bacchanal, with the wildest lap dance scene in town.

38 Responses to “Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas – Review”

  1. anthony

    I’ll kick off this show. Just had the awesome Rhino lunch special. Choice of cheeseburger, steak sandwich, or chicken club with fries and a beer for $4.95. Wow! All really good, but steak the best. Got the fries replaced with celery and carrots. Almost no one there (huh?), except about a dozen good-looking dancers, none of whom were overly aggressive, especially when I told them I was there for lunch. Runs till 3 pm daily.

  2. anthony

    Checked out times and this one is really flexible. The “lunch” special runs every day from 6 am (really) to 3 pm. Then drink specials extend to 7 pm.

  3. Cheo D.

    Arnold, I understand that the Rhino has recently set up a new structure of “room” charges for VIP on top of the drinks/tab requirements?

  4. Cheo D.

    Hey, no, thank YOU for all the good work. I too am puzzled by it, as I’m hearing it from people returning from there and we know how reliable such testimony can be.

    • Arnold Snyder

      There was no VIP “room charge” at Rhino last night. I suspect whoever informed you of the “room charges” was confusing the required bar tab you have to pay in addition to the dancer’s time. Two drinks are required for a half-hour and four drinks for a full hour, and these drinks must be purchased at the VIP room price of $20 each, so it may as well be a room charge, but Rhino–like most topless clubs in Vegas–has had this VIP room drink policy for a long time.

  5. Cheo D.

    Outstanding — that’s a relief. Was afraid the plague of resort fees would invade the strip joints as well. I know that by now in many clubs even the 3×100 offer gets a drink tab attached but that’s different.

    Meanwhile the deal with the prepaid minimum being at the manager’s discretion is going to make for some confused people.

  6. anthony

    The excellent lunch special here has been discontinued. There’s a cheeseburger for $9 and that’s it. The lunch deal had run for years. Even the doorman was surprised to hear it’s done.

  7. Jordan

    2 questions

    1. How is the crowd on a sunday night, are there still as many girls(quality girls)?
    2. I’ve been once before but it was very crowded, no stage seats, and all of the other tables/seats said “reserved” How do I get a seat ? Not interested in bottle service, just a place to sit, dirnk my beer, and get a few floor dances with 2-3 buddies.

    Any suggestions? Going again at the ned of march.

    • Arnold Snyder

      1. Even on a Sunday night, the place will be packed with quality girls.

      2. Good luck, that’s Rhino.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Will have to get back to you on that. It was $40 last time I was there, but it’s been a while.

  8. Jordan

    Thank for the info. If you do get a bottle service package how does that work when you show up? Do you prebook it? it there a time limit on the table or can you hang out for a while? We are debating whether to go to Rhino where we have been before or to somewhere like sapphire where seats may be more plentiful without getting bottle service. Not looking for VIP dances, just regular floor dances and hanging out with friends for a few hours. Any suggestions? Thanks again for any guidence/input and you quick responses.

  9. Arnold Snyder

    I just had a group of friends in town for a party. They have been to both clubs many times. They wanted to go to Sapphire.

    Imagine a large, dark elegant club where hundreds of guys have babes in their laps snuggling and bouncing in their laps and pushing their titties in their faces.

    Let’s say you get the VIP60 package at Sapphire. It’s $60 per guy. You want to prebook online because it’s a better deal (instead of $50 in alcohol, you get $50 in alcohol plus a free shot).

    The club limo picks up you and your friends. At the club, the limo driver escorts you to the front of the line. They do the required metal detector wand, take you to Will Call for your drink tickets, and escort you to your reserved VIP table. There is no time limit on the table.

    (If you reserve an actual room, which is not what you’re talking about, there may be a time limit.)

    You and your buddies hang out as long as you feel like it, girl watching and getting high contact lap dances on the floor from beautiful topless women.

    If you want to make sure you can get a table together without having secured a reserved table with a drink package, go a little early. There will be lots of beautiful dancers there at 9-9:30 pm, maybe even a little before 10 pm, and there will still be tables. Order drinks and settle in to girl watch and get dances on the floor.

    I have usually been able to get a single seat at the stage at Rhino as late as maybe 10 pm or a little earlier, but I doubt you can get a table for a group of friends that late. They have a $300 bottle package for up to five guys that would get you a table, free limo, and free admission. But the website says clearly that time restrictions on your table may apply.

    But Rhino is smaller, so sometimes even if you have a table, it can be hard to get a decent lap dance just because it’s so packed. Sapphire is big enough that people are not so packed in.

    Both clubs have an incredible selection of dancers.

  10. Michael

    Anyone know if the VIP drink min rings true if you have a VIP table with a couple bottles?

  11. bsmith

    Is the spearmint a safe walk from the fashion show mall during the afternoon? is the cover still $40 if you walk?

  12. Bill

    Are there usually decent looking ladies in the afternoon? 3-6 timeframe?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, yes. You’ll see a few first-rate dancers in the afternoon that could dance at the club any time, and most of the rest of the afternoon dancers are still above average.

      I didn’t see any low-end dancers when I was there a couple weeks ago at roughly 3:30 p.m.

  13. Cancon

    Hi Arnold, My wife and I love the comfort level, great looking girls, low hustle, good mileage and drink prices at Palomino and the fact that at 9pm we can sit on the rail and then have a private couples dance for $100 before we leave at 11pm. We also enjoyed Sapphire after Comedy night and Monday night football for the free admission and drinks although we tend to let one beer last 2 hours in the club at $15 each. The girls are top notch. These will continue to be our go-to clubs but still want to try others. Babes, Cheetahs, OG, Deja Vu, Talk of the Town, Play it Again, Lil Darlings – just average in comparison. Would you say that our next trip to something new should be Spearmint Rhino? A bit higher hustle factor and expensive drinks at 9pm or try earlier in the evening?

  14. Kyle

    I was in town with a couple of friends last week and hit the rhino on Thursday and Friday night. We planned Thursday much better as we arranged for a pick up by the club limo. Friday we decided to go back for another visit but got no answer when we called to arrange a pick up. We got a ride from the SLS for free but knew we’d have to pay cover. Didn’t expect $54.50 (yes that’s a 5). There were 3 of us so we basically left 8 lap dances at the cashier vs on our laps. Speaks volumes about using the club limo!

    Thursday we arrived around 10:45 and the club was busy but not wall to wall. We got seated at a table very easily. We were in a good spot by stage 2 and had plenty of girls stop by our table. All were friendly and I found the hustle factor to be quite low. Lots of very attractive women. Mostly 7 or 8 out of 10 with a few 9s sprinkled in. We got a bunch of lap dances but resisted vip until I got an offer I couldn’t refuse. Maybe the girl (can’t recall her name) was having a slow night but she offered me a deal in the 3 songs for $100 (plus 2 drinks at $20 ea) room. She did 6 songs for $100 plus drinks. It was my bday so she said it was the birthday discount. Unfortunately mileage was only avg for the rhino and I felt I got better dances in the main room. But $100 for 6 lap dances was too good to pass up.

    Friday was a bit more crowded but still got another table pretty easily. We arrived around midnight. Similar situation in terms of no hard sell on vip room and we had a few of the same girls come by that we got dances from on Thursday. There was one girl who went by Shah who was our favorite. Middle Eastern with a body that’s not quite thick but has some meat on her. Great booty and stacked. Fantastic lap dances with high mileage.

    We had a great time both nights!

  15. billy

    I’m wondering between Spearmint and Sapphire which of the two would you say has more dancers of different nationalities. I’m equally drawn to exotic women of different backgrounds.

  16. Arnold Snyder

    Billy, you’ll find all types of women at both clubs. In the evening, especially as you get closer to peak hours, Sapphire has about twice as many dancers as Rhino–literally uncountable hundreds, so you’ll also find twice as many exotic women of different backgrounds there.

  17. Mark

    Last time I was in Vegas (June) the club was under construction and a pain in the ass because of it. Is the construction still underway? did this club ever decide to get private VIP or will it when the construction is finished? This was my favorite club a couple of years ago but when i was there in the summer it was just ok.

    • James

      The Rhino has finally finished the complete remodel and construction. Club looks beautiful and is back running smooth the way it was before but new and improved. Awesome new private vip rooms

      • Mark

        thanks for the update. I will be back in Vegas in a few months and was wondering about the status. The club last time seemed really compartmentalized and did not feel very comfortable to me. Glad to hear about private rooms finally as well. Any idea of the costs? I presume they are comparable to sapphire but would be interested in knowing more.

  18. Jake

    Good Afternoon! Can anyone comment on the hustle factor for lunch Happy Hour? I’m hoping you can grab a bite, catch some stage show, and maybe a lap dance or two without too much hassle.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jake: I haven’t had lunch there since the remodel, but I’ve had lunch there numerous times and never had a problem with being hustled. Dancers will approach you and offer dances, but they’ll be low key and polite. That’s my experience.

  19. TD Brydai

    Can you comment on Playground, Las Vegas? We are in town for the week and want to check it out, but it’s very difficult to find much info online. We understand it’s on Russell Rd either near or at Crazy Horse III but beyond that there’s nothing to be found on Google and the website re-direct is in Chinese…. 🙁

    • Arnold Snyder

      TD, that’s just the name Crazy Horse III gives to its whole complex. It’s a gentlemen’s club with a sushi bar and sometimes they have bands in a separate room.



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