• IN A NUTSHELL: Closed. There are rumors that the club will reopen, but no hard info.
  • GRADE OF DANCER: pending
  • SPW: pending
  • 3750 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 253-1555
  • HOURS: Club is currently closed.
  • COVER CHARGE: 20 to 30 (if you arrive by cab or commercial limo), otherwise no cover
  • FULL BAR: Yes
  • LAP DANCES: $20; 3 songs/100; 30 min/200 + 40 bar tab; 60 min/400 + 80 bar tab

Note: Striptease is currently closed.  There are rumors that it may reopen, but no hard information yet.

This new topless club opened in the spot where Velvet Lion used to be, and it looks a lot like the Velvet Lion, including the tiger-skin carpet. I liked the Lion’s style and design, so I like the feel of Striptease.

Striptease’s prices are competitive with Vegas topless clubs. A domestic beer is $8 – on the low side compared to most Vegas strip clubs – especially for out-of-towners who often pay more than locals.

The lap and VIP dance prices are pretty Vegas standard. I didn’t check out the VIP rooms (yet). Velvet Lion had group VIPs and I suspect these are the same, but I’ll verify. There’s a separate VIP room for the 3/100 dances.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at 3 am, Striptease converts to an afterhours club with a DJ.

There’s a well-lit parking lot with a doorman outside to keep watch and valet service if you prefer.

5 Responses to “Striptease”

  1. David

    Trip report:

    Went on Thursday, Oct. 6. Slow since it was a weeknight. Just a few steps in the door and a couple of sisters glommed onto me and turned up the hustle/pressure. Took a fair amount of effort to extricate myself.

    Stage is midlin’ sized, but well laid out. Bar area has plenty of seats. Met p with a dancer named Monroe and had a very nice chat.

    Private dances are the standard $20, on couches against one wall with slightly dimmer lighting. Depending on the dancer (as always) quite a bit of mileage can be had.

    Went with one dancer into the 3/$100 room. VERY dark. Most of the light comes from the open wall at one end of the room. Required a $40 two drink buy, which is becoming very common in the clubs.

    Overall, very pleasant and this club has made my will return list. Next time I hope to try a Friday or Saturday.

  2. Jared

    This club reopened and is now called Legends Room Gentlemen’s Club. Looks like it’s advertising itself as a gentlemen’s club that accepts Bitcoin and other digital currency.

  3. Tred

    Bish, I have NO idea if this is true or not, but I have heard in some clubs in Vegas if you get “scrip” or “dance dollars” you have to pay a hefty fee (20%) to get them. But the real stinker is that the DANCER has to pay ANOTHER 20% to cash it in. That’s a 36% cut to your wallet if it’s $80 for $100, less if it’s $120 for $100

    (And it’s not 40% because 80% of $80 is 64%…. Who am I kidding, I’m SURE the club takes that “$80” and gives the dancer $60 cash and calls it 20%)

    No idea if this is true with the bitcoin club, or any club for that matter, just what I heard.

    In toronto the larger clubs tried to use “strip chips” and was oh-so generously “cashing” them for the dancers at less than what the patrons paid. (And paid with a cheque too, hint hint)

    I’m trying to get a list of places that pay cabbies “spiffs”. I’ll pass it on.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tred: I generally advise customers to bring cash and use cash, in casinos, bars, nightclubs and strip clubs. ATM fees are high in all these places.

      All of the major Vegas clubs pay spiffs to cabbies during evening hours except for Girl Collection.



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