Talk of the Town – A Laid-Back Locals’ Dive

  • IN A NUTSHELL: Laid-back locals' club with pretty neighborhood girls & lap dances starting at $10. Age 18+
  • GRADE OF DANCER: Mostly fine and average
  • SPW: 65%
  • 1238 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 385-1800
  • HOURS: 4 pm – 2 am
  • VALET PARKING: No; but well-lit lot on busy street
  • COVER CHARGE: Before 8 pm $10 (includes 1 free soft drink); after 8 pm non-locals, $25, includes free soft drinks
  • FULL BAR: No alcohol served, soft drinks only
  • FOOD: No; some snack items
  • LAP DANCES: Main room, $20 nude (sometimes $10); VIP room 1 song/$40, 2 songs/ $80, 3 songs/$100, half-hour/$200, full hour/$400

Talk of the Town is Vegas’ Laid-Back, Locals’ Nude Strip Club

ToTTBlondeTalk of the Town is a small club and no one comes here for the plush decor.

The wooden stage is about eight by eight feet, with a stripper pole in the center and a brass rail around the perimeter. All the walls are painted flat black, with large framed mirrors hanging everywhere.

There’s a life-size white-plaster statue of Aphrodite on which someone has painted black eyebrows. There are 20 small marble-top cocktail tables and comfortable lap dance chairs.

All in all, this place looks like a beatnik coffee house, reminiscent of the joints I used to give poetry readings in when I lived in San Francisco.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like this club–it can be a pleasant change from the disco throb of the typical high-tech gentlemen’s clubs and I like the laid-back atmosphere.

Plus, the girls are always cute.

I just want you to know that some might find this club more of a jeans-and t-shirt dive than they’re comfortable hanging out in.

Small Dancer Selection but Three-Song Sets

Talk of the Town might have 12-18 dancers on duty at peak strip club hours (as few as 2-6 at off-peak hours)–typically young, pretty neighborhood girls.

It’s impossible to tell if any of them can dance very well, because the stage is so small.

However, because there are so few dancers, each dancer does a three-song set, and that has its virtues.  For topless dancing, two-song sets are fine, but for a nude strip show, three-song sets are superior for maximizing the erotic punch. In the first song, the dancer just teases, flashing her tits and finally getting topless at the end. In the second song, she dances topless, but spends most of her time taking her panties off, teasing the boys by pulling them down, then back up again, with lots of sexy posing. Then she removes her panties and dances the third song completely naked.

ToTTPeekerIf you’re not into watching strippers, this probably sounds gratuitous to you, but it should be gratuitous. There’s no practical reason why it should take a dancer three minutes to remove her panties, but this is what striptease is all about. Not all of the dancers take advantage of this format. At some point, someone will explain this to the dancers, many of whom get naked withing the first 30 seconds of their performances. Maybe I’m just old fashioned.

Good Lighting to Boot!

On top of that, Talk of the Town has better stage lighting for watching dancers than any of the higher-end Vegas topless strip clubs. A few years ago, they were actually using white spotlights, which I thought was great aesthetically, though I’m sure the dancers thought that lighting was too hot, as sweat wasn’t uncommon on the stage. The club now uses multiple orange spots that brightly illuminate the dancers with less heat, which is still a far better lighting choice than the irritating (and dim) flashing red-and-blue spots that most clubs employ. The dancers here are mostly young and without boob jobs, some a bit pudgy but there are always a number of beauties.

Again, these dancers don’t have the room on stage to exhibit the kind of acrobatic dancing and fancy pole work you see at a higher-end nude club like Palomino, but that scorching panty play during the three-song set makes up for a lot.

Unfortunately, Prices at Talk of the Town Have Gone Up

Talk of the Town used to be a terrific value for those on a budget, with fully-nude lap dances for only $10. That used to be the regular price all night every night.

Now, while you can still find some dancers who will give you a dance for $10, the dance often won’t be fully nude.  And for many dancers, the basic lap dance price is now $20, with mileage lower than it used to be.  The cover charge is now $25 after 8 pm.

Talk of the Town has four VIP rooms, all private for 1-on-1 shows, with curtain-covered doorways. Two have humungous bean-bag beds that literally take up the whole room. One has a swiveling lounge chair. Another is set up for private shower shows (read our Talk of the Town shower show review here). The VIP pricing recently was the Vegas standard of 3 songs/$100, half-hour/$200.

Other Vegas Strip Clubs You May Enjoy

Palomino Club–the only Vegas strip club with both a full bar and nude dancers–features the wildest stage show in town. Gorgeous dancers and $6 draft beers. 100+ dancers



47 Responses to “Talk of the Town – A Laid-Back Locals’ Dive”

  1. TIM

    I already reviewed Deja Vu from this past trip, now for Talk Of The Town. When the tables are not working for you It’s time to get more bang for your buck.
    I first went to TOTT a few years ago after reading your review in Topless Vegas. For the most part I have always had a good experience there. Last weekend, when my luck at the tables was not very good, I decided to take a break on my last night(5/11/15) in Vegas and go visit TOTT. It did not disappoint.
    I walked in about 8:30 after dinner to a very small crowd. Only about 8 guys in the place and 8 girls dancing. On a Monday there is usually only 5 girls working based on previous visits. I received multiple dances from 6 out of the 8 girls and did a 3 song in the “VIP” room. As usual it was a great night.
    Out of the 6 girls, 5 were fantastic. The one that was useless only got 1 dance out of me. I wish I could remember her name so everyone would know she is only a scam artist. The other 5 you will have a great time with. This is definitely a place to get a lot of bang for your buck. With only $10.00 dances
    your money goes a long way. I was there about 2 1/2 hours and spent less then I was losing at the BJ tables in 30 minutes. I will continue to go back on my next visits to Vegas. Pinky is always good, but Aubrey was a great time in the VIP. Next visit I will remember all the names and let you know.

  2. Wayne

    I’ve been to this club on two different trips to Vegas, last November and early this May. Overall, the club seems to be a whole-in-the-wall that is home to girls who are young-and-new and to girls who have a few miles on them, but know all the right moves. In my visits, there were usually one or two newbies and the rest were veterans. On my last trip, I got there just after 5pm. The early admission is now $10 and your first drink (soda) is included. I would recommend waiting until after 6pm on weekdays. Otherwise, you may be the only (or two) in the room. If you are the only one there, a dancer will sit with you. Once there are two guys, a dancer has to be on stage. I tried to tip and take care of the dancers as much as I could, but it is much better when there are more people to distribute the wealth.

    Overall, I kind of like the small stage and its par can lighting. The LED flash and trash lights at other clubs has actually become distracting and a nuisance. If you are in the perimeter seats, some of the dancers will allow some contact for the $10 dances. However, that is mostly reserved for the private rooms and the 1 song/$40, 2/$70, 3/$100 pricing. This is still extremely fair compared to other clubs.

    Overall, I have had much better experiences here than at the bigger clubs. If you are from out of town and without transportation, this club is within an easy walk from the SLS (formerly Sahara) and the Stratosphere. They do have a website but it seems to be offline most of the time and does not provide much information when it is online.

  3. Cancon

    Was there with my wife at 7pm on Thursday. Cover was $10 each. We were the only ones there. One hot girl, 2 average, one way overweight. We wanted the hot girl for a lap dance but she went to the store and missed her next two turns on stage. I wasn’t going to tip the same girls for a third time so we left at 8pm.

  4. Tempo

    Hi , I went to this club last week as per the advice of Arnold. And it was my first ever experience in a strip club. I must say I was very impressed by the girls at the club. They were very friendly and gorgeous. hank you Arnld for letting us know.

  5. John

    Hi Arnold,

    Thanks for all the hard work on this site. I have a general question that you may not be able to answer but if you do have the answer that would be great. In terms of private rooms, how does pricing work for couples? For example, at Talk of the Town, it’s $200 for 1/2 hour. If my wife wanted to sit in, alternate, or whatever the case may be, would the charge still be $200 for 1/2 hour or would there be a double charge to sit in? If the charge is $200 for 1/2 hour each, I’m better off paying separately and both of us getting 30 minutes each. What is your take on couples being in the same room at the same time?

    • Arnold Snyder

      John, Vegas strip clubs charge the same for a private dance or private-room show for a male-female couple as for a guy alone. That’s for one couple, not two or more couples.

      Occasionally you’ll run into a dancer who tries to jack up the price, telling you it’s because you’re a couple, but it’s rare. It’s a dancer trying to earn more and not the club’s policy.

      I take my wife to the clubs with me sometimes. Couples’ dances are sexy and a lot of fun.

      • John

        Arnold, thanks for the info! Now I have an idea when I go there in 2 weeks. I’ll know if I am being had by the dancer. Do you recommend Talk of the Town for couples?

        • Arnold Snyder

          John, I’ve never seen a couple at Talk of the Town. I’m sure they’d be friendly to you, but be aware that it’s a very small club, more brightly lit than most, usually with a half dozen dancers or fewer, and of course no alcohol.

  6. Cancon

    Don’t bother with Talk of the Town unless you’re stuck at the Stratosphere and can’t get to the Palomino. I guess if you just want to look at very average girls nude with no alcohol, go ahead. They’ll certainly give you an eyeful up close. My wife and I went and after the rotation of the 5 girls in 45 minutes, couldn’t wait to get out.

  7. Jay

    From your description I’m guessing talk of the Town doesn’t have a free limo like the bigger clubs. Is there an easy way to get there from the area of Caesers that doesn’t force them to pay a cab the finders fee? Public transportation to the area?

  8. Arnold Snyder

    Jay, sorry your comment isn’t posting correctly. Tech guy is working on it.

    You asked:

    From your description I’m guessing talk of the Town doesn’t have a free limo like the bigger clubs. Is there an easy way to get there from the area of Caesers that doesn’t force them to pay a cab the finders fee? Public transportation to the area?

    Right, Talk of the Town doesn’t have a free limo, but they are located right on the Strip between Sahara and Charleston–north of the Stratosphere, a couple blocks south of Charleston.

    So you can hop on any Strip bus headed north to downtown and go right to their door (if you’re headed north, they’ll be on the left side of the street).

    You can also take a cab to the club and it won’t matter to the club because they won’t pay the cab a finder’s fee anyway. They just refuse. What will happen is that the cabby will try to talk you into going to a place where he’ll get paid the finder’s fee.

    • Jay

      One other question: is the word “milage” something you invented for this blog, or is it common usage? That is, if I ask a potential lap dance about “milage”, is she going to know what I am talking about or am I just going to get a funny look?

      • Arnold Snyder

        Jay, it’s common usage. Dancers will know what you’re talking about. But in general, it’s better to observe dancers to see who is giving high mileage as part of their normal dance.

  9. K

    Thanks Arnold for putting this on my radar. Visiting from Australia and spent a few hours here tonight and the gals were friendly and not pushy which is a change from the big clubs!

    Without this website there would have no way I wouldve pulled into this joint!

  10. Alex

    Thanks for the entire website! I’ve gained a lot of good info, so I think a small contribution is in order.
    I went to Talk of the town on Thursday, October 15th, 2015 around 10 p.m.. It was as described in the review. I took a taxi to get there. I was prepared for my taxi to push for me to go somewhere that would give him a kick back, but he took another angle that I wasn’t prepared for. He immediately said the place didn’t exist, and he reluctantly started driving me to the address I gave him…I had to give him turn by turn instructions too. At each turn, he acted like I was making a mistake. Then we drove up to TOTT to see an empty parking lot. I looked into the door and saw an adult video store. He just about had me convinced that I was wrong, until I saw a girl walking out and asked her…Maybe the driver really didn’t know. Any ways, I walked through the store an into the club. It was small, with 2 older customers in the back. Through out the night, there were 4-7 girls at any time. They were not pushy, and the prices(VIP and lapdance) match this site. I had two girls that really caught my eye, but the other 4 were sexy too. Sadly, one of the girls was busy with the older customers almost all night. 🙁 I think that would be the only down side to the club. The two VIPs were quality. One of the girls was talking about her and her girlfriend, then apologized. I was like, “Hell no! Tell me every detail!”. The other little teeny girl was an MMA fighter. I wouldn’t have guessed it from seeing her on the stage, but I could really tell how fit she was when we were in the VIP. I think I’ll try another club this time for comparison, but I’ll be back. This is the kind of place you could regular.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Thanks for the report, Alex. I’m going to quote your report in the Taxi Wars post. I want people to know how aggressive cabbies are willing to be to redirect people to places that pay big bribes.

  11. Anonymous

    I’m going to go on a Wednesday night. Will there be fine girls there then? Will I be the only one there? Is the 2am close firm? I might not make it until 1am.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Anonymous: Any time you go to this club, especially on a week night, you never know what you’ll find. If there are customers in the place at 1 am, they’ll stay open to 2 am, but if it’s a really dead night, there might only be two or three dancers left. I’ve always found the dancer selection here to my liking. The girls tend to be young and natural with few tattoos, if any. (The owner dislikes tattoos.)

  12. ndisgize

    So, for the 10 dollar dances, are they regular dances that you might on the floor at OG or Little darlings (topless, full contact, hands on) or are they the strict, sit on your hands type?

  13. lolo

    Great site!! Might want to update this club. Cover is now $25. Last time I went they still had $10 dances but many of those seats have been replaced with $20 sofas. Mileage has gone down significantly. Girls don’t want to do the $10 dances anymore & they push hard for the $20 dances. Have not verified myself but someone told me they don’t even get nude anymore on the $10 dances. If so, kiss the value and this club goodbye.

  14. TIM

    Glad to see you have updated the info for Talk Of The Town. I’ve been meaning to write about my last visit for a few months. I was there in May 2016 and a number of the girls were already pushing the Couch dance for $20.00 as it would be “a much better experience” or the VIP room without even seeing them dance. I did get a few dances for $10.00 but they were virtually “no touching” for $10.00. I did not recognize most of the girls that were there until Pink came in. She has been one of my favorites for a couple years since I started going to TOTT. Needless to say I spent a lot of time and money with Pink.
    I went back the first weekend of July On Saturday night and the place was the busiest I had ever seen it. There were probably 20 guys plus a couple. Most of the dancers either stayed in the back with 1 or 2 that sat along the side texting. There was a lot of money to be made, but they did not seem interested. After about a half hour a couple girls finally started to walk around. I got a couple lackluster $10.00 dances as again they all were pushing the VIP. I’m going to be back in Vegas Oct 1, 2016 and will not even waste my time with TOTT. If I’m going to spend $20.00 for a lap dance it is time to go to Sapphire where I will get my moneys worth from some quality dancers. I’ll let you know how that visit goes.

  15. TIM

    OK, so I’m a glutton for punishment. I had to give TOTT one more shot. I was there Monday 10/3/16 as I knew at least Pink would be there if all else went wrong. I got there at 8:00 pm and there were 4 or 5 dancers with 3 more that walked in 5 minutes later. The only one doing a dance on the floor was Pink. As the girls finished their set on stage they would disappear in the back or go out front. There were 8 guys along with 1 couple in the place. NO one even asking if you wanted a dance. When Pink finished her set on stage she came over and after talking for a little while she did a few dances for me. They were $10.00 dances in the chair. NO hard sell for the couch. A few minutes later a new girl took the stage. After her set she came over(as I was tipping her at the rail). She immediately said dances were $20.00 on the couch. Nothing about the $10.00 chair dances until I asked about them. She said that there is no touching for $10.00, but the couch dances were well worth it. She did me a “favor” and did 2 for $30.00. Still not worth it. NO touching. The next girl on stage was a very new girl(only a few weeks at TOTT). Attractive, but not much on dancing. This was her third set on stage. After her first 2 sets she went out front. This time I asked her if she was going to do any dances and she said OK. When she finished she came over did a very poor dance and went back out front. Absolutely no personality. I don’t understand why the girls are not working the guys for dances. This was definitely my last visit to TOTT. I will miss Pink.

  16. Wayne

    I visited this club on Friday night. I don’t get to Vegas much, so it had been a year. Other than the addition of the couches at each end, it didn’t seem that different. They still had the chair dances for $10, the new couch dance at $20, and the Private at $40/song. I wasn’t hustled or pressured by any of the girls, which is why I actually like this club.

    I arrived a little before 8pm and got the $10 admission. I can’t speak to if it has gone up to $25 from $20 after 8. Their website still shows the $10/20 pricing.

    My only real issue with the club is the hours the dancers arrive. It wasn’t until well after 9pm that the fourth girl joined the rotation. I felt bad for the initial three having to work the stage that frequently. After 11pm, they had finally made it up to seven girls.

    I’m not ready to give up on this place. It’s still a hidden gem. Most of the dancers are a little past their prime with an occasional newbie learning the ropes. It will never compete with the big clubs and I am more than fine with that. My experience wasn’t that different than Tim’s (Pinky was GREAT), but I guess I am fine with the way things were.

  17. AtoZZ

    I’m gonna give this club some love. Yes, its small. Yes, its smoky and the girls can be as few as 4 or 5 on the rotation earlier in the night. But, the Stage is well lit and easy to sit close to. After 3 or 4 visits many of the girls recognise you and treat you right (I’m from out of town but was remembered from a visit earlier in the year).
    Went a few times earlier in November and enjoyed each visit. Tipping well at the stage gets appreciated. The $20 couch dances can be variable … but then again once settled with the right girl often become excellent. Similarly the VIP can be great, although those rooms aren’t that private being off the entrance corridor and with a light curtain rather than a door.

  18. R

    We went there tonight for my buddy’s 21st cuz we were already in Vegas. His first time but ive been to a few before, but near home. We both Absolutely loved it. our uber driver gave some shitty reviews about it because he didn’t get paid 50 bucks to take us there like the other clubs but we ignored it. We got there at 6 and paid 10 for a pop and cover. There were 4 girls working, and when we left at 930 there was 12. 4 of which were stunning. My buddy got lap dances from his favorite for 20 each while I turned down 3 girls asking me because I enjoyed them more on the pole, plus it’s cheaper. There was anywhere from 3 to 15 clients early on a sat night while we were there. There is a milf working that was phenomenal but she dissapeared before we could ask for a dance. The 3 song dance was amazing, first clothed, 2nd topless, and 3rd fully nude.

  19. Bob Gray

    Hey guys. I’m back to give some love to TOTT. I’ve been there quite a few times but Memorial Day weekend was the first time since I saw that the hustle factor had gone up. I didn’t experience that at all @AnroldSnyder. It was a little busier than normal so more girls approached me for dances but that was it. I got a $10.00 dance on the floor and got the private for $200.00 for a half hour like always. Had a great girl her name was Quin I believe.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bob, that’s good to hear, especially if you got that over Memorial Day weekend when the club was busy. Thanks for the report.

      I don’t get there often but I always liked this club.

  20. Danny Mac

    ive always enjoyed TOTT…was last there in November and will go back next month. Still the most relaxing low key place to have a good time at a good price..I was wondering if anyone recently had been there to know if Zoey still works there? Her and Pinky are my two faves

  21. Cedric Fisher

    I have never been to a strip club. I’m 64 years old. Will the girls at TOTT and little darling pay any attention to me? What will happen if I get a erection when she is on my lap? Thanks

    • Arnold Snyder

      Cedric, I guarantee the girls at either club will pay attention to you. You might want to sit on the rail and tip to get things rolling — a couple dollars a dance.

      If you get an erection, you’re just like every other guy in the club.

  22. Jay

    I don’t think this is mentioned anywhere on this page, so, according to the guy who answered the phone, the cover charge for locals who drive themselves is $15.

  23. Kevin

    Great little club. Reminded me of the clubs from my younger days. I’m sure the turnover is high – but some great girls during my recent visit. I’d like to get back there again.

    • Kevin

      Got back there at the end of November – great little low pressure club where you get a lot of personal attention.

  24. Sylvester Sandler

    Hey Arnold! I am planning a trip to Vegas and I’m intrigued by this place as I prefer a low pressure atmosphere. I was just wondering if you have had any recent visits here and if mileage was any good?

  25. Sylvester Sandler

    I finally went to Vegas and visited this place! Very small and seedy. The only other customers were a couple of seriously creepy old dudes in basketball shorts. Didn’t hang out with that crowd for long. The few girls they had were pretty though. If I were a local I might appreciate the place a little more, but Little Darlings is the place to be for sure!



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