*The Suicide Sirens – Review

  • IN A NUTSHELL: By far the best of the neo-burlesque shows in Vegas, especially if you're looking for a show that might satisfy a strip club aficionado. They are currently on tour. I'd recommend Little Miss Nasty until they return.
  • Currently on tour
  • FOOD: No

(Note:  This review is from 2014. Suicide Sirens are now on tour.  I’ll update this review when they return to a permanent home in Vegas  — Snyder, July 1, 2019)

From the moment I heard the opening strains of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” and three dancers started gyrating in sync to the beat, I knew the Suicide Sirens were going to be different from the other neo-burlesque shows in Vegas. The dancers were young, talented, tattooed, pierced, in great shape, and knew all the dirty-dancing stripper moves we see in modern clubs today, plus had a few of their own. (See pic below.) And the show just got crazier as the night progressed.

suicide sirens2Following the Star Wars balloon strip (don’t ask), the cowgirl lassoed the girl in red lingerie and it turned into a nasty girl-fight (topless with pasties) as Eric Clapton moaned and wailed his 1977 classic “Cocaine.”

Then audience members were invited to use a rhinestone-studded staple-gun to attach tips to the dancers’ bodies, which many did, until the nun with the mohawk (Melony Felony) met the devil girl with the whip, which ultimately resulted in the nun losing her habit.

Hello Kitty danced with a couple chorus girls to Jimi Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady.” And a dancer jumped up and down and did contortions on a pile of broken glass to Wicked Games’ “The Weeknd.”

Then a Vegas showgirl stripped to Lorde’s “Royals,” quickly followed by a dancer walking  and laying on sword blades. Enter porn star Shay Lynn, who did a topless dance with a burning sword while a couple other dancers waved torches around.

Finally, a dancer came out in gown and gloves and did a good ol’ fashioned striptease, except that she did it to Miley Cyrus’ “You Broke My Heart” while twirling on a hoop that was dangling from a jungle gym.

This is by far the best of the regular neo-burlesque shows in Vegas, especially if you’re looking for a show that might satisfy a strip club aficionado. The dancers have nonstop energy and they’re talented dancers and acrobats. They’re taking neo-burlesque to the next level.

They’ve been doing shows in Vegas for some time now, though it seems the Backstage Bar & Billiards may be their new home. They’ve performed here in the past at the Beauty Bar as well as at the M Casino, the Monte Carlo, and recently for an AVN show at Planet Hollywood. They tour often around the U.S., mostly appearing at strip clubs. You can find their tour schedule on their website, plus lots of pics. And look them up on Facebook for lots more pics.

Backstage Bar & Billiards is located directly across the street from the El Cortez on Fremont Street. (The El Cortez is a great place to park if you go to the show.) There are two pool tables in the middle of the floor and a decent-sized dance floor in front of the low stage. The Stage was built for a band, not a show, but it works fine for this show. It’s not a swank place. It’s clean, dark, industrial, with a cement floor and flat black walls, blue drop-lights over the pool tables, visible heating ducts and electrical lines on the high ceiling, all painted black. Great sound system. A Corona cost me $5. I will likely come to all the Sirens shows. They’re the best thing happening in neo-burlesque today.

5 Responses to “*The Suicide Sirens – Review”

  1. Dan

    Arnold, is this show still happening? I see the review is quite old. If so, do you or anyone else have an update? Thanks

    • Arnold Snyder

      Dan, the Suicide Sirens tend to show up somewhere in town around once a month but they’re not booked permanently into anyplace at this time. They’re on tour at the moment.

      The closest thing to their show is Little Miss Nasty, which appears to have moved to The Rio. Great show.

      • Dan

        Thanks for the info. Is Little Miss Nasty worth seeing? Just wondering.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Dan, Little Miss Nasty is my favorite of the casino and bar topless shows. The show has Suicide Sirens quality dancers, and the girls have all the stripper moves and looks. Plus, they get really dirty. Hot show.

          You can see my review of the show here.

          • dan

            Thanks again. My wife and I will be back in Vegas for Halloween, we’ll definitely check it out!


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