Treasures — Luxurious Setting

  • 2801 Westwood Dr, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 257-3030
  • VALET PARKING: Yes; well-lit fenced private lot
  • FULL BAR:Yes
  • FOOD: Gourmet steakhouse and bar food menu
  • LAP DANCES: Yes.

Treasures is Las Vegas’ Most Luxurious Strip Club

Treasures is a luxurious gentlemen’s club filled with creature comforts like real easy chairs and lots of dark nooks and corners for the club’s high-mileage lap dances and VIP dances.  They are also warm and friendly — they will court you all night if you’re sending signals you like them.

The club is good at treating customers like guests at a party.  If you start coming back a second and third time, they remember you and what you like to drink, where you like to sit, even if it’s been months.

The club features an Italian villa look, with a winding staircase and balconies and drapes and chandeliers and plenty of fine art on the walls (nudes) — perfect for setting off the beautiful women that inhabit the place.

The center stage is big enough for a dancer to move and low enough for a dancer to get down close to the customers sitting on the rail — it’s my favorite place to sit.   Lighting in the club is the darkest in town, both on the main floor and in the VIP.  It’s perfect for getting up close and physical with a dancer.

Treasures is a great club for couples too, especially when the woman would like to 1.) be treated like royalty, and 2.) get physical with beautiful dancers.  To get another customer’s perspective on why guys and couples love Treasures, check out this review of Treasures in the comments by TVO reader RK.

Note:  The number of dancers at Treasures is highly-variable at off hours (I’ve seen as few as a single dancer in the club at 7 pm).  So this club is best at peak hours from 10-11 pm on.

Treasures is Unique Among Vegas Gentlemen’s Clubs for its Gourmet Steakhouse

Treasures' Steakhouse has an Old-Fashioned Ambiance

Treasures’ Steakhouse

Treasures is the only strip club in Vegas with a gourmet steakhouse where customers can dine in style, take clients, or invite charming dancers from the club to dine with them for a high-end girlfriend experience.

How’s the food? There’s definitely a real chef in the kitchen, so it’s on a par with Las Vegas casino steakhouses, which tend to be pretty good. The menu competes with any traditional steakhouse in town for both selection and quality.

There’s also a good selection of steak, chicken, veal, pork, lamb and seafood entrées, including lobster tails.

Everything on the menu is a la carte, so expect to pay $50 to $100 per person for dinner and more if you have wine or cocktails with your meal.  Treasures also offers a dinner package at the club website that includes a 4-course filet and lobster dinner with free round-trip limo to the club, free admission, a line pass, a reserved VIP table, and a drink discount.

Treasures is the only strip club in Vegas with an attached gourmet steakhouse, now open Tuesday to Saturday, 8 pm to midight.

VIP Dances and Private Shows

The VIP rooms at Treasures are on the second floor, up that beautiful winding staircase. (There’s an elevator to the second floor as well.)  One thing to keep in mind at Treasures is that the club adheres strictly to the policy that dancers are independent contractors who can name their own prices. Dance prices can vary widely depending on the dancer.

Don’t hesitate to ask the VIP host for a break on the bar tab.  Management at this club is good about working with regular customers.

Treasures Las Vegas Easy Chairs and Plush Sofas

Treasures Easy Chairs and Sofas to Sink Into
for a Lap Dance

The upstairs VIP area has multiple private rooms depending on your mood and budget. There are seven one-on-one private rooms with tinted glass doors you can close to be alone with a dancer. Although these doors are not opaque, these rooms are in a non-trafficked area. The room for the 15-minute dances is small and dark, similar to “group” VIPs in many clubs, with standard lap-dance chairs. The rooms for 30- and 60-minute dances have larger and comfier sofas you can sink into with a girl. There’s a larger room that can be rented by a group for a bachelor party, with the price dependent on the number in your party, liquor choices, etc. There’s also a comfortable seating area by the bar, where you can drink and flirt with a dancer.

If you’re in the mood for a GFE (girlfriend experience), this may be the best club in Vegas to really do it right. Dancers will court you and flirt with you all night at Treasures.  You can even start by inviting a girl to dinner in the steakhouse. She’ll dress up for you, flirt with you over cocktails and your meal, then lead you upstairs where you can undress her for dessert.

This is also a great club for a bachelor party. You can start with gourmet dinner in the steakhouse (with or without girls for all, or just get a “date” for the bachelor). Following dinner, go into the club to play with the lap dancers until you all pick girls and head upstairs to the VIP room reserved for your group.

Treasures’ Locals’ Club

If you have a Nevada driver’s license, you can sign up for a local’s card, which is definitely worth it if you live in Vegas and frequent the club. The card will get you a discount on bottle service prices, a discount off your tab at the restaurant, and a drink discount.

Free Round-Trip Limo, Free Admission

Treasures Las Vegas free limo service

Treasures Offers Free Round Trip Limo Service

Out-of-staters can avoid the cover charge (and cab fare) by calling 702-257-3030 for the club’s free round-trip limo service or getting a club package. If you arrive via cab (or Uber, Lyft, casino house limo, etc. — anything other than the club limo or your personal transportation), you will be charged the entry fee plus you’ll have to pay for your first two drinks up front.

If you’re from out-of-state but you have your own transportation, you can avoid the cover and 2-drink minimum charge up front if you call the club at that same number and make a reservation. Just tell them you will be arriving in your own vehicle. If you just show up at the door without calling ahead, you may not get free entry.

Let me stress that Treasures’ free round-trip limo service is for real — not a gimmick. Cabbies and Uber drivers charge strip clubs outrageous “spiffs” for dropping off customers, often $80 – $100+ per head! That’s why the club entry fees in Las Vegas are so high. So keep your mad money to spend on the club’s gorgeous dancers and leave the driving to them.

114 Responses to “Treasures — Luxurious Setting”

  1. Anton

    Went to Treasure’s Friday Aug 27, 2021. 10pm-2am. Called ahead and got the ok to be dropped off by Lyft. VIP Host walked me straight from my ride to a couch inside the club. Tipped him $20 and he asked me how I was doing every time he saw me, throughout the night. Moved to a booth then to a regular table, as I was not doing bottle service. However, they comped me a free drink each time they moved me. Whiskey sours were $16 all night. Got a Patron for $21. Bottled water $13 but was able to get a free glass of tap. Club got fairly busy after 11pm. Customers didn’t wear masks inside, generally. Waitresses and vip staff did, as well as a couple dancers. Dancer looks ranged from 6-8, imo. A mix of Cubans, Asians and American girls. While some still offered $20 laps on the main floor, most “asked” for $30-$40. When I suggested $25 or 2 for $50, almost all agreed. Good bump and grind all around. While able to touch, many more dancers, gently pushed my hands away from their breasts than pre-pandemic visits in 2019. Dancers also quoted different rates for VIP rooms. For 15 minute private dances, girls asked for $125-$250 plus the 3 drink bar tab. Never went private. Had about 15-20 dances from 10 or so different girls, on the main floor. I was never left alone but never felt pressured except when approached by two girls at a time. I really felt vip host took special care of me after the $20 tip. He also provided a free shot to start the night. At 2am, when leaving, there were 1/2 dozen girls waiting by the entrance to give a final dance. They all quoted $40 and were not open to negotiating.

  2. West

    Re Treasures Locals Club: Do you show your Nevada state driver’s license or identification card and sign up – or is it like the “Hustler’s Party Pass” where you have to pay a small fee?

      • Anton

        If a local takes a buddy from out of state to the club do they pay local rates on booze all night or does the buddy still have to pay full prices?

        • Arnold Snyder

          Anton: Generally, if you arrive with a local and you are sitting at the same table, you’ll probably get locals rates on drinks, especially if the local is the one ordering the drinks. If you wander over to the bar on your own, the bartender won’t know you and if you don’t have NV ID, you’ll probably have to pay full price.

  3. Chris

    Thanks Arnold your advice has been indispensable and elevated my Vegas vacation to the next level in the past. And will continue to follow your posts and updates. I plan on adding Treasures to my next trip. I have not shared a meal with another human being in almost 5 months with what looks like no end in sight. My optimism is wearing thin, but flirting with DD’s in a little back dress is the first thing I am looking forward too, but who knows when that’ll come to pass, if ever again. 2020 just feels like a complete waste.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, don’t give up hope. They are now having to admit that the infection numbers in Florida are complete bullshit. The hoax is finally being publicly exposed.

  4. Chris

    I would love to know how the dinner GFE works with the dancers at Treasures. This is on my bucket list post corona-virus. And I just want to know if its worth my time as opposed to just going to Sapphire like I normally due (usually spending the time in a SkyBox). Unfortunately, I have not had a date night in so long … freaking quarantine.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, the way it works with regulars at the club is you tend to have a favorite girl or two, and you ask one for a dinner date Friday night or whenever and they always say yes.

      If you’re coming in from out of town, you have to either think in terms of a late dinner or scout on one night for a dinner date on the next. A typical way to do it might be to arrive at the club at 11 pm, when a lot of girls are there. When you hit it off with a girl and she keeps hanging around flirting with you and you’re happy that she’s doing that, you invite her to dinner.

      If you’re taking care of her well, and she’s become your girlfriend for the night, she’ll usually agree to go with you right away. She’ll just have to put on some more clothes. Treasures girls are free to leave whenever they want.

      The alternative is to scout out a few girls you like through the evening, and then invite a girl at around 2 am. (Be sure to confirm the restaurant hours when you arrive at the club.) By then the dancers that arrived at 10 or 11 pm will be getting hungry and ready to relax. You enjoy dinner together, then return to the club for a private dance at which she will spoil you silly.

  5. Davehat

    Treasures 2015 was a great club. Treasures 2020 not. Last two times I was there (before corona shutdown) I literally walked in, hung out for an hour, and then left. There was one beautiful girl, and the rest just average.

    That was Friday primetime (11-12 pm). It’s a shame because I like the steakhouse & the mansion-like decoration, but ultimately “average” girls are not good enough.

  6. Chris

    I split time between deja vu and treasures last night. Walked to both places from TI. Treasures didnt charge me a cover (got there before 8pm, left for awhile, came back and they let me back in free) and djv charged $20.

    Dancer quality is much better at treasures although there was a much better stage show at djv. That being said I had an incredible time at treasures, where I spent most of the night.

    I spent around $900 and had a fantastic time, mostly with Natasha.

    Few things to consider. There was one dancer when I got there at 7pm. There were 30-40ish when I went back at 10pm. There were serious vultures (although very hot ones) right when I walked in so be prepared for that. I talked to five or six dancers before deciding on Natasha and they all quoted different prices for different times. Some were $160 for 10 minutes including drinks. One was $200 for 20 minutes including 75 for drinks. Another dancer said $250 plus drinks for 15 minutes. It’s been said on this site a bunch but definitely nail down the expected drink tab before going upstairs. I had an amazing time but made two mistakes toward the end of the night. One, I paid for 30 mins for $300 which I assumed included drinks since my previous dances included them. It was $150 extra. Ouch. Also I got money out of the atm, which charges a fee of $45! There’s nowhere else around that you can get cash though.

    All in all it was a great time and i will definitely go back to treasures (and djv) but I will plan better next time!

  7. Miko

    Arnold, thanks again for this great site.

    I stopped in Treasures on Feb 6. Lots of beautiful dancers, and the mileage was great. Two surprises:

    First, almost all of the dancers charged different rates. Some $20, some $40, some $50 for dances with touching (3 for $100), or $20 for non-touching. So, almost every dance became a negotiation. Once I got used to it, this was okay. But the first time a dancer asked $50 for a dance, I thought “What the …?”

    Also, the hustle factor was quite high. Not so much when I was sitting as my table. But, when I initially entered, the girls were lined up waiting to pounce. Also, when I went to the men’s room, there were three girls waiting when I came out. The one who grabbed me first started walking with me back to my table. When I told her I had a dancer waiting for me at my table (which was true), she simply said, “Get rid of her.” This reminded me of my trip to Spearmint Rhino years ago, where the hustle factor ruined the experience. I had to be very firm … several times … to get rid of dancers in these situations.

    Overall I had a good time spending money on the main floor and in the VIP. I would recommend to others, but with the warning that negotiation skills and being firm can be important here.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Thanks for the report, Miko. No need to ever pay more than $20 for a high-mileage lap dance here, but I’m starting to hear reports of this kind of thing popping up around town.

      I hope all guys will stand firm and nip this in the bud!

  8. Scott

    Arnold…. I’m a local and I enjoy your work on this site. I know the packages are complicated….but if I want get my wife the most private, “touchy”… “exhilarating” experience…. what should that cost?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Scott, the key is just finding a dancer who is into entertaining women. If a dancer is being charming to your wife and giving her great lap dances, she’ll probably do the kind of VIP dance you describe for the standard price of a 30-minute or 60-minute dance, meaning maybe $300ish plus bar tab for a 30-minute dance, $400-$500ish plus bar tab for a 60-minute dance.

      You want to go to the club at peak hours when there’s the biggest selection of dancers so that there are plenty of dancers on hand who sincerely enjoy entertaining women and couples.

      Make sure it’s a dancer who is treating you right from the moment she approaches. For example, if you say yes to a lap dance, she should automatically wait to start at the beginning of the next song. If she tries to start in the middle of a song, she’s trying to give you a short dance and that means she’s a hustler with a bad attitude.

      I have never found that paying a lot more actually pays off. Take a look at the report by “couple from Phoenix” here. They went to a different club (Palomino), but they paid the standard, modest price for terrific private bedroom dances simply by choosing dancers who were charming and friendly with them.

      I have consistently found the same thing. The dancers who turn out to be the most generous and fun are just naturally generous and fun for a normal price. After the dance, you are eager to tip them extra because they were so great to you.

      Just pick someone who is treating you right and is charming and who is paying a lot of attention to your wife and seems to enjoy doing it. Then tell her exactly what you’re hoping for and take it from there.

  9. Raz

    I plan on buying the $65 solo package deal at treasures. How does the reserved table work when I go to the vip? Do I lose my table or will there be a reserved sign once I return?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Raz, just make sure you tell your cocktail waitress that you are going to the VIP and will be returning to your table. She will save your table for you. Just don’t leave your drink voucher on the table. It’s the same as cash and can easily be grabbed by someone else.

  10. Wife

    We ended up going here based on the glowing reviews. We planned on doing open bar, but arrived for the end of happy hour. I am REALLY glad we didn’t buy the package. We arrived just after 7. No one took the stage until 9. We left at 9:15 when Palomino came to pick us up. We had one dancer approach us. When happy hour ended, we decided to see how things were before being locked in there for 2 hours. Maybe we just went too early. Not sure but it wasn’t a great experience for us.

  11. Mark

    Don’t know how true this is, but I called up the VIP host and he told me there is no 3 song dance. There is only the 15 minute one. If that is the case, that really makes it harder to go for with the 3 drink minimum, if you are just looking for a shorter dance with privacy, or to test if you like them.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Mark, thanks for the update. It’s hard to keep up with changes in the VIP prices here because management always tells me it’s up to the dancers and the prices I’ve paid have varied.

      • Mark

        Arnold, speaking of VIP, you mentioned negotiating drink prices down. How would you go about bringing that up and doing so? Is it only when it is dead slow, or you go multiple times that night? Or would there be other tricks?

        • Arnold Snyder

          Mark, it’s always easier if the VIP host and club management know you, i.e. you’re a regular or return visitor. Even if you’re a repeat visitor to the VIP that night, it gets easier.

          I’d say you’re unlikely to get a reduced price on your first time in the VIP unless they know you very well (for example, you’re in the club and VIP most Saturday nights). But if you get, say, a 30-minute dance and then you want to extend it, I might say to the host, “I got a package when I came to the club, and I paid the full bar tab for the first dance and I’m having a great time. But I’d like another 30-minute dance and there’s only so much I can drink. Can you give me a discount on the bar tab for the second dance?”

          If the VIP is packed, with a line waiting to get in, he’ll have to say no. But otherwise, you have a good chance of getting the price discounted a bit.

  12. Paul

    Went last night to treasures with my wife. It will definitely be my last time there. Had about 6 lap dances and a couple for my wife as well. Each dance was maybe 1 minute long. For sure not the standard 3 minutes / 1 song. Also 5/6 girls would spend most of the dance trying to persuade you to go to vip. To me they should give the dance first and then ask to go private room. Gets annoying when you just wanna enjoy the short dance.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Paul, I’ve never had this experience at Treasures or any other Vegas strip club but I’ve been starting to hear about short lap dances around town. It’s still rare, but there’s no reason to accept it ever, anywhere.

      The thing to do is never allow a dancer to start a lap dance in the middle of a song. If she starts in the middle of the song, she’ll end the dance at the end of the song. So if you say yes to a dance and the girl starts in the middle of a song, just say, “Let’s wait for the next song.” She’ll wait for the next song and dance till the end of the song.

      If you forget, remember that you pay for a lap dance after the dance. Just don’t pay for a dance that’s one minute long. Tell the girl she owes you another two minutes. Then remember to tell the next girl to wait for the start of the next song.

  13. michael

    surprising that even uber would overcharge club just for dropping off people at that club…. does lyft do same thing?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Michael, every cabbie and Uber and Lyft and limo driver gets a “spiff” (huge tip) from every strip club for bringing a customer except for the strip clubs’ own limos.

  14. Cancon

    Hi Arnold, You mentioned to Mark that $200 for 30 minutes would be a fairer price. Isn’t that a price that’s hard to find unless the dancer is willing to offer a discount. I see a few on your site but with a bar tab other than Talk of the Town.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Cancon, my attitude is that you can have a stacked 10 at Sapphire for an hour for $400 for the dancer.

      You’re not getting brain surgery in there. Someone must fight for price sanity.

  15. Mark

    This was the last club on my trip. Friday night and the first time trying this club. Driver that picked me up was cool. He actually talked with me and gave me some tips and advice that TVO gives regarding utilizing the hosts. Even though I knew about it because of this site, it was still nice to hear since you usually don’t know about that stuff if no one ever mentions it. So it seems like they care more. None of the other pickups I’ve had at other clubs really talked with you in that same manner. But could have just been the type of driver. When entering the club, the host gives me his card and said to contact him next time if I come back.

    One interesting thing to note. The driver was picking up a regular as well so he sat up in the front with the driver. He mentioned calling the club a different night, and they sent a limo with the Treasures logo so it seemed official, but they turned out to be promoters. Even though they knew him at the club, he still had to get the drinks. Driver was like that’s not normal and might be one of the employees splitting kickbacks or something. I don’t know how often things like that happen, but it might be good for people to know when they request a limo ride, to make sure to state to send an official house limo and not a promoter. Also the fact that they knew him and he did call the official number, he still had to get the drinks. You would think they would have let that go.

    Unfortunately, there were a few things that soured my experience a bit. I got a vulture when I was seated and when the waitress asked for drinks, the vulture ordered a drink without me offering her one. That annoyed me. I probably should have said something, but I’m still not at the point of being comfortable with conflict like that. I did get a tour upstairs with her though, and my reserved table was gone already. I had to get assigned another seat. The waitress told me I should put the napkin on top of my drink to indicate that I would be back. The waitress also gave me a reserved sign. That did work for a bit, but I did lose my table yet again when I was in one of the VIPs. So that sucked. Also the girls (at least some of the ones I got) seem to hustle you more, asking for 15-30 minutes and some incidents I’ll mention below.

    I only had TVO info to go by. Arnold, is there such a thing as a 3 song dance still upstairs? I don’t remember seeing anything for it on the signs that stated $40/$50 or 2 drinks or anything. Your value guide chart doesn’t show a 15 minute for Treasures (unless I’m blind), but that’s one I remember seeing the sign for. Your review says $50 for the 3 song, but $40 in the guide breakdown FYI.

    And the 15 minute I “supposedly had”, had a $75 bar tab. I took a dancer for a 3 song dance, and it was apparently a 15 minute one which I didn’t know at the time. I told them I thought it was 2 drinks because that’s what your site says. But they said it changed to 3 drinks. In the back of my mind, a 3 song with a 3 drink minimum was steep. So dancer tells me after the 3 songs that we can stay longer and they’ll charge for 15 minutes again. I was like wait, I thought we were doing a 3 song? So I didn’t get my full 15 minutes, but paid for a 15 minute booth. I was confused what was going on. I decided to just leave the booth so I wouldn’t be charged again. That dancer kind of ruined VIP for me.

    So I told another dancer I rather not do VIP due to the above incident (still confused from the previous dancer on the actual prices), so she said we can just do 15 mins on the floor instead. I didn’t quite agree to 15 mins, but said we can do a couple, but she kept going. So I was like whatever, we’ll do 5 songs for the 15 mins. The money allocated from the first 2 days that I didn’t spend went toward splurging at Treasures, so it was fine. Then after 5 songs, she kept going. Didn’t ask if we should continue. Luckily I was counting, so I was like each song is about 3 mins, so that’s 5 songs. We are done.

    I did get approached quite often actually. I’m thinking the girls talked or they were observant, since I did get quite a bit of dances from everyone that approached, so maybe that’s why I kept getting approached more. Though one said it was a slower night, so that could be another reason. But it did get busy later. One of the dancers I was with (I will mention below) went to the bathroom and she said she would come back. At that time, I was approached by 3 dancers during that short period. Had to tell them I was waiting for someone already.

    So the one I mentioned above approached me. That basically changed my whole night and I spent the rest of the night with her since there was a really good connection and that’s usually harder for someone like me who is more shy/quiet. Usually I’m not that comfortable. Got some dances and it felt like a real GFE. Even did 30 min VIP which I said I wasn’t going to go back up there, but I wanted to keep her. I was the one that actually decided to do VIP, since she said we didn’t have to.

    As was mentioned here, the girls set prices and I’m pretty sure she said she would charge $300 for a half hour just for me, but normally $400 is her price. After it was over, she said $350. Think I tipped $50 so it was $400 anyways for the half hour plus the additional $150 bar tab plus they asked for gratuity (also gave $20) as well. Also we probably talked for 1/3 or even 1/2 the time in there, so I didn’t actually get the dance for the full 30 mins sadly. That was an expensive VIP. But she kept me company the whole time there (did get quite a few more dances from her on the floor though). Spent probably 4 hours with her. So I guess it makes up for it for her time as I really enjoyed the chatting and the company.

    Arnold, one thing is your site lists it at $75 bar tab for 30 mins for group VIP. Do they normally ask you what you want? Maybe I wasn’t attentive, but I also didn’t see that. I was never asked for a booth. They gave me the one with the door/window. So I’m wondering if somehow the girl chose it without me hearing or can you not do the the 30 mins one on the couch anymore? Since the 15 min experience above kind of messed me up, I don’t know if somehow Treasures changed their prices and options, or did I basically just get screwed somehow, because there seemed to be some misinformation/miscommunication? Your site is listing $150 bar tab for an hour whereas I paid that for half an hour, but probably because I was in the room with the door/window. So I’m just all kinds of confused.

    So it’s hard to say how I would rate the overall club due to some issues. But I like the layout of the club and the friendly driver and host, along with the abundance of being approached. The great GFE still had me extremely glad I gave it a try, at least on that particular night despite all the issues. I’m definitely going to go back if I have the chance, and hope I am better prepared on prices next time.

    I forgot what Tony (the host) told me, but he said if I come back, to give him a call first and he will do something for you. Do you know what that might be?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Mark, yes, Treasures tends to be excellent for GFEs.

      You can always ask the dancer for a tour of the VIP options and prices before deciding what you want (at any club).

      Every dancer sets her own prices (not only here, but at every Vegas strip club). At some clubs, like Sapphire, the price seldom varies from the price I list. At other clubs, especially Treasures, it’s a lot more variable. And management sets the bar tab prices for the VIP. So you can negotiate with the dancer for a better price, and you can negotiate with management about the bar tab. You’re more likely to get a break on the bar tab if it’s not peak hours.

      Bar tabs for the VIP at Treasures may have gone up recently or the higher bar tab may have been based on where you were seated. Not sure. The VIP seating options at Treasures are the most complicated in town and as a local, I typically have a drink or two and a few dances on the main floor. I’ll double check next time I’m in there and I’ll try to note something on the charts about the variability.

      But I will say, just for you to consider in future negotiations, that I would not pay $350 (let alone $400) plus a $150 bar tab for 30 minutes with any dancer. (Well, maybe one who is a particular favorite of mine.) That’s a lot to pay. A fairer price would have been about $200 to the dancer for 30 minutes. With a $150 bar tab, that would have put the total dance price at $350, and I’ll bet you could have gotten that bar tab down a bit. If the dance was very good, you might tip the dancer $20. Maybe $30 if the dance was outstanding. A $50 tip for a 30-minute dance would be for a dancer who just gave you the best dance you ever got in your entire life.

      But it’s tough to be a skilled negotiator your first time at a club. I would take another look at our price charts next time and keep the prices listed for other clubs in mind for negotiations. If a dancer quotes you a total price that is out of line, I’d say, “You’re beautiful, but it’s $375 at Sapphire for 30 minutes and that includes the drinks.” Then she will come down a bit and you can counteroffer.

      On the other hand, sometimes you spot a dancer you just have to have. You are always going to be in a weak position trying to negotiate in this spot. Sometimes you just have to stop worrying and treat yourself.

  16. A

    Does treasures have a cover for locals? Last time I went a few years ago it was $50, but included 2 drinks.

    • Arnold Snyder

      A, no cover for locals at Treasures as long as you drive yourself. The $50 deal is that locals get all drinks for half price as long as they spend $50.

      You have to get a locals card. Then, when you go into the club, you show the card to your waitress or the bartender and say, “I want to start a tab.” Once you’ve ordered $50 worth of drinks, your tab gets cut in half.

  17. Lee

    Arnold, First, love your site and all the info shared. Thanks for all the great and frequent posts! Do you know the stage name of the dark haired Treasures entertainer (in black outfit) that is on the Treasures site (you have her photo on certain pages on your site as well)? And do you know if she still works there? Thanks in advance!

  18. FRANK

    ‘Vistited Saturday Dec 21, and I had a blast! I strictly stayed on the main floor and got $20 dances all night. I’m a slim 52 year old guy who’s been to a few strip clubs in my time. So, $20 beers don’t phase me. Club’s got to make money. If they were only charging $10 a beer then the dances would probably be $30.

    It was a slow night, just before Christmas. But, not so slow where as I felt hounded all the time. I found some girls that pushed my buttons and didn’t hassle me to go VIP all night.

    The dances were awesome! I’d forgotten what a Vegas lap dance was like. The mileage was very high and my hands were able to roam wherever they wanted to. Not one dancer pushed my hands away and I had dances from 6 – 10 dancers. The girl quality ranged from 7s to 9s, in my opinion. Again, weekend before Xmas. Treat the girls with respect and you will reap the rewards. Even between dances my hands could go wherever.

    I spent 7 hours there and only spent $750. ‘Started with the limo, vip table and 3 drinks, for $50, which were gone pretty quick. But, another 2 beers and a scotch only ran another $60. ‘Tipped everyone I could.

    I will definitely repeat.

  19. Calvin

    Is it worth going dinner time? I was considering trying out the steakhouse for dinner on a Sunday, around 6. I figure that’d put me on the main club floor around 7. I know clubs in Vegas, Treasures included, typically get busy much later than that. But will there be any dancers at all? Does SNF bring anyone out to this place? Or should I just pass on dinner and find a night I can arrive after 9 or 10?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Calvin, it depends a little on when you’re coming. National Finals Rodeo is running from December 5 to the 14th. If you’re coming between today and December 14, there will be maybe a dozen customers and dancers there at 7 pm. It’s a nice time to go if you like to take some time with dancers. There will be fine dancers and the restaurant is great.

      After December 14th through Christmas is the slowest time in Las Vegas and there might be 3 or 4 dancers in the club at 7 pm and a handful of customers.

      Then the day after Christmas, the town and clubs are jumping again.

      So, if you’re coming during that mid-December lull, I’d arrive at 10 pm for the best experience. If you’re coming during the busier times, especially during the rodeo, your plan will work out fine.

  20. RK

    Youre welcome Arnold.

    Least I can do to pay you back for the phenomenal insight on the Vegas strip club scene. I have a few more trip reports for CHIII, Hustlers and Deja Vu I’ll post sometime this week.

    Thanks again

  21. RK


    In the past year, I’ve been to Treasures solo once, a couple spur of the moment trips with group of friends, and five BIG pre-planned nights with just the wife. Last visit was Aug 10th and we’re most likely heading there this Saturday for our anniversary. Safe to say we’ve become quite familiar with this little gem.

    Some background. Wife and I are locals fast approaching 40. We’re not “ballers” making it rain, but we’re not cheapos nursing drinks in the corner either. We might visit a club for 2 hours and spend no more than $200 on drinks, tips, stage and dances. Or we might go HAM for 4-5 hours and drop $1,500+. Neither of us were ever close to being model material, but we always get dolled up and carry ourselves well. The peacocking has worked more than once with dancers knowing the time we walked into the club. We talk with everyone as if we’re at a friend’s house and it pays to be social in the club.

    To us, Treasures is THE BEST SPOT FOR LOCALS! The locals discount card can’t be beat with 50% off the tab (once $150 is spent) and discount on VIP bottles. I won’t disclose the bottle price we get, but management is willing to work with you to get you in the door. Five of us showed up at 1am Saturday of Cinco de Mayo weekend (and it was PACKED) and we got a fantastic deal for a bottle, where most clubs use the opportunity to rape you at the door. It was this night that made me appreciate this club the most. And side bonus for those not getting bottle service: they’ll give you a glass of water for free-ninety free vs a $10 bottle.

    The club is really dark, one of the darkest in town. And that goes double for the VIP area upstairs. And we really enjoy the music here. Typically, hip-hop and R&B, both old school and new age, sometimes dance/techno sampling R&B and rap. If there’s more Latinas dancing, music might lean to salsa or reggaeton, but it doesn’t dominate the night.

    A surprise plus is the staff. We befriended a couple servers and hosts, and communicate with them outside of the club. Management pushes staff to talk with patrons if they’re not busy. It’s an added touch that goes a long way to making you feel welcomed vs. just a number like the bigger clubs. We’re at the point where they know the brand of bottle & mixers we like, along with whether “our spot” is available. So, don’t brush off the server that’s trying to make small talk.

    We prefer dancers that give “GFE” and again, to us Treasures is the best club for this. Other clubs you typically hear “do you want a dance baby” first and the girl moves on, but here most of the dancers will put a little “hustle” behind their sales pitch. And we admire/appreciate the hustle. On all visits I/we have had one or two dancers chill 30+ minutes, with a few spending hours with us off and on throughout the night, having drinks and just shooting the shit. And truthfully, most didn’t expect a tip if they were having fun. Pros know from get go whether we’re interested in a dance or not, and know when to cut bait or when to hunker down. If we appreciate their personality, attention and time, we tip accordingly, regardless if we got dances or not.

    Dancer quality as Arnold says is top notch. Number wise nothing comes close to mega clubs like Sapphires or CHIII, but after 12a on a Friday or Saturday night there’s easily 100+ ladies in the house and at least half are 9s+. There are a few ladies past their prime or have no business being a dancer, but they thin out when the top notches come on board at 11p. A couple of clubs in town have been dominated by Cubans or Eastern Euros recently, Only experienced this twice at Treasures, however it was in Nov and Dec during the slow season when a lot of regular dancers likely took time off. Otherwise expect a good balance of age, ethnicity and body type on any given night. That said, in our opinion the club is split between Caucasians and Latinas, with young women (21 to 23) but most seem to be mid to late 20’s with some stellars in their early 30s. But this age range is perfect for conversation, experience and GFE.

    And finally, onto MILEAGE. With or without my wife, I’ve always gotten high mileage dances. I never assume a dancer is ok with groping and I follow her lead. Most have put my hands on their breasts and encouraged me to spank their ass. More than once a dancer was into my wife (legit, not just for show/hustle) and per my wife, they were “violating” her. I had a few dancers push the envelope by kissing on my neck or licking my ear on the left side of my body, while my wife was to my right conversating with another dancer. My wife’s not jealous type so it’s not biggie. But don’t expect this from all dancers, just an example of how wild it has gotten with a few women. The club is couple friendly; we always see 3 or 4 couples rotate throughout the night. But no surprise, going as a couple naturally limits the number of dancers that will approach you. We also prefer to sit towards the back of VIP, so most dancers aren’t willing to tread groups of guys for a lone couple. But this is fine by us because we hate rejecting dancers all night and prefer to approach ones when we’re interested.

    If I have one complaint, it’s the main stage. And from my conversations, a lot of dancers feel the same. They really should do something because it’s a waste of square footage. The stage is so high, with a few tables and chairs in front, you have to stand and reach for the dancer. You just feel detached. If they made the stage shallower and put high chairs or even lowered the stage, I think it would benefit everyone. Most of the dancers are disinterested in going up there and sometimes it shows in their act and on their face, because they get no love from the crowd. That said, the small stage is where all the action is and good luck grabbing a seat.

    We’ve made at least 16 notable visits to seven different clubs in the past year, and Treasures is our go to. It’s our comfort zone because we’re always guaranteed to have a blast!

    • Arnold Snyder

      RK, you describe Treasures better than I do. This is exactly why I go here and why it’s one of the clubs I recommend.

      It’s more than high mileage. The girls are frisky! And I agree, they will court you all night if they’re getting signals you like them.

      And I agree with you about management being willing to negotiate and take care of you.

      I even agree about the stages. I always try to sit on the small stage.

      Thanks for the great report.

  22. Greg

    Arnold, thanks for the quick response! A few more questions:

    At 9 or 10pm on a Saturday, will there be plenty of 9s & 10s, or is this too early?

    If I don’t have my my own table, will it still be easy to get $20 dances on the main floor?
    (I’m asking because of my only prior Vegas club experience at Sapphire. After meeting a girl at the bar and asking for a dance, she immediately led me to the VIP. It was a busy Friday night, and I assumed that was just the way it’s done. Perhaps I just didn’t know what to ask? Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time which included a Skybox…)

    From your reviews, this group VIP sounds pretty great, and it should save me a bit of money versus my previous skybox experience. BUT, will the Treasures VIP be a letdown after experiencing the Sapphire skybox? What’s your opinion on this?


    • Arnold Snyder

      Greg, Treasures is a premium club. There are no low-tier dancers there at any hour. The only difference is the number of dancers in the club. At midnight and after, there will likely be 100+. At 9 pm, there may be a dozen.

      You will have your own table at Treasures even if you arrive without a package. And yes, the $20 lap dance scene on the main floor is excellent. Very high mileage, and the word mileage doesn’t really do it justice. The girls here are frisky!

      At every strip club in Vegas, you will nearly always be approached first by the club vulture. That’s the most aggressive dancer in the club, and she gets you spending way more money on her than you would ever have intended, even if she’s not at all your type. Your job is to get rid of the club vulture so the sweet, charming, beautiful girls can approach.

      And no, that’s not the norm at Sapphire. What happened to you was the club vulture got hold of you before you got your bearings. Don’t hesitate to say “I meant a lap dance,” if a dancer leads you to the VIP when you didn’t want that.

      The Sapphire Skyboxes are the best private rooms in all of the Las Vegas strip clubs. A Skybox dance is a terrific experience. But I don’t think you’ll feel let down by a Treasures VIP dance. The VIP hosts are careful about looking out for your privacy and the Treasures girls are incredible in those dances.

  23. Greg

    Does the limo need to be reserved in advance? If I’m solo and call for limo pickup around 8 or 9pm on a Saturday, will I have any luck?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Greg, no, the limo does not need to be reserved in advance. But the more notice you can give them, the closer to your preferred time the limo will be able to pick you up.

      So, if you call for the limo at midnight on a busy Saturday night, you might have to wait an hour for pick-up.

      But at 8 or 9 pm on a Saturday, Treasures has enough limos that they will probably be able to send one immediately.

  24. Mark

    Hi Arnold. Sorry for more questions. I am trying to plan my Vegas trip as far in advance as possible to prepare financially haha. I mentioned Christmas time on another page (currently Dec 25 and 26), which is a Wed and Thurs. I do want to stay one more night for a Friday since the clubs will have more dancers, but I’m not sure I can make it work. Ideally, I would like to go back to Sapphire and Palomino because I had a great time a week and a half ago, and afraid to be disappointed trying another one that may not be as good. At the same time, I hope to experience any other great ones; and if I can stay another night, I can try to hit 3 clubs.

    If I’m able to hit clubs on those 2 or possibly 3 days, what would your recommendations be each night? You can name any of the clubs. But I think I’m in a pickle due to only Sapphire being open on the 25th most likely? So that would probably be my one choice?

    I am interested in Treasures because it is one of your picks, and the package offers round trip limo ride. But I don’t know if they are open those dates? And if they are open one or both days, do you think this club would be worth going to vs Sapphire and Palomino if I had to choose? Or is there another club, like Deja Vu or somewhere that may be a better alternative?

    Essentially, I’m looking for low hustle, very high mileage, and a larger selection of girls to choose from those days. I don’t want a situation where there’s only a few girls, and that they are not my type, but I may have spent for a package or some other transportation/cover charge, etc.

    Also, I prefer not to do private rooms with high bar tabs, but may want to experience at least one time with a bed or something different. So leaning toward Palomino for that since I may change my mind and just get a normal VIP, where it doesn’t have a drink requirement. However, it may conflict if both Palomino and Treasures (or the other clubs) are closed on the 25th.

    I also know you should not use credit cards, but for the food at Treasures, is there extra fee for using a card on those? Or does the fees mainly apply to dances? I think you may have brought it up also, but I can’t remember. Are bar tabs (all clubs) also charged the higher fees as well? Or is it safe to use a card for drinks (at least for the more reputable clubs)?

    I’m also curious, which club is your favorite currently? And how would you rank your top 5, if you are able to? Thanks in advance.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Mark, Sapphire will be open all three nights and be one of the best of the open clubs all three nights. And I double checked — last year Palomino was open on both Christmas and Christmas Eve, so they almost certainly will be this year as well and they will be the other best of the open clubs those nights.

      Last year Treasures was open all three nights, and friends tell me there was a good selection of dancers there. There’s no extra fee for using your credit card at Treasures or any other club for anything but dances. It’s definitely safe to use your card for food and drinks at all clubs I recommend. There are a couple of clubs where it’s not safe, but I put clear warnings in their reviews and I never recommend them in any post.

      I love all three of these clubs. I love Palomino for the stage show and nude private dances. I love Sapphire for the over-the-top party and high mileage. I love Treasures for the high-mileage and romance. I love all three for the beautiful dancers.

      Those are the clubs I go to when I’m spending my own money.

      You might want to check back very close to Christmas before finalizing your plans. There is always a club or two that does something special, like an open bar, on one of those nights. That tends to get a crowd and a crowd tends to get dancers, so you might want to adjust your plans to include that.

  25. Arnold Snyder

    Scott, first, the way the competition works at Palomino is that it’s the same strip club as always, except that interspersed with the normal stage show and dancers are these strip club dancers from around the world doing a number.

    Even during the competition, the club’s regular dancers are out on the floor, flirting, doing lap dances, doing private shows. And the competition ends each night by midnight. So don’t necessarily let it scare you away.

    But Treasures is not a locals’ club like Cheetahs. Cheetahs is a low-end locals’ club — neighborhood girls, cheap drinks. Treasures is a very high-end club where both tourists and locals go. Tourists like the high-end club and high-end dancers. Locals come for the very high-mileage lap dance scene. The club is one of the darkest in Vegas and that only enhances the mileage.

    If you’re into a series of beautiful women getting physical in your lap all night, Treasures would be a good choice for you.

    Booze is expensive at Treasures. Locals get drinks at half price, but out-of-towners don’t, so I strongly recommend a package for the drink discount, round-trip limo, and reserved table for the night.

    Treasures tends to get going later than Palomino on week nights. Locals tend to flood in after midnight, so the dancers flood in late too. At Treasures, the dancers are treated strictly as independent contractors, not as employees, so the club does not force dancers to come in early.

    There are technically no private rooms in the VIP, but the VIP is essentially divided into booths where you’re never looking at another guy and the VIP host takes care with seating new arrivals to ensure privacy. As a result, the VIP dances are actually worth springing for here even though the booze will cost significantly more than on the main floor. Even locals, who aren’t on vacation money and tend to be tightwads, spring for the VIP here.

  26. Scott

    Hi Arnold. You have given me great advice in the past, and I enjoy your website. Thank you for all the great info. I have been a Palamino customer over the last several years on my semi annual Vegas trips. I see they are hosting a competition in early October, and not sure that’s my kind of thing…. so switching my thoughts/plans to Treasures. Reading here that you reference Tresaures as more of a locals club? I’ve not had a lot of great nights at places like Cheetah’s, which I considered a locals club. So… talk me into Treasures! Probably going two or three nights. Lucky that money is not a big concern. Any particular regulars there to recommend? Thanks so much.

  27. Rob


    I just wanted to thank you for this site and all the info you provide. My wife and I visited Treasures (Thursday Night), Sapphire (Friday Night and the pool Saturday), and Palomino (Saturday Night).

    Treasures was an attractive club with many gorgeous ladies. However, we didn’t like the fact as soon as we walked in and were being escorted to our booth a lady latched on to my wife and was immediately trying to get us to get dances before we even had our drinks. We got a couple table dances a little later with others but that was all there.

    Friday night at Sapphire was outstanding. We were there to see Cherie DeVille and she did not disappoint. We even did a 1/2 hr VIP dance with her. It was outstanding. The pool on Saturday was a great time as well.

    Saturday night at Palomino was a good time also but it seems alot of the girls might have been hesitant to approach couples. One girl who did was Jennifer and I did the 3 songs for 100 with her. Later, I was able to secure Lily for a 1/2 hr. She is amazing and I tried to get my wife to do an hour with her but she had had enough after a long day and night. We definitely hope to experience an hr with her on our next visit.

    Thanks again

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rob, thanks for the report. Good to hear Cherie DeVille did not disappoint. I’ve had nothing but great dances with porn stars at Sapphire.

      At any club in Vegas, the first dancer or two to approach is likely to be the club vulture. They’re always the most aggressive dancer in the club, trying to get all your money before anyone else can. Everyone reading this: Get rid of that dancer and you’ll be fine.

      Also at any club in Vegas, dancers may be shy about approaching you if you’re with your wife or girlfriend. Just tell a host you’d like company, and the host will let the dancers know your wife or girlfriend is fine with dancers coming over. You’ll have no trouble after that. You can also ask a host to send over a specific dancer or dancers, or just have your wife tip the dancers on stage. When the dancer comes over to pick up the tip, your wife should tell her how much she loves her dancing. The dancer will ask if she’d like a dance, and that will get the ball rolling.

  28. Rob


    I doubt that, but saved a little $ and the wife will be happy (most important thing).

  29. Rob

    How well do you know management here?

    I ask because my wife and I are planning on visiting Treasures when we are in Vegas next week so I emailed the club about the couples package (champagne would be for my wife) and the open bar package for myself. Lady from the club called me back and said economically it would be best to just buy two open bars and my wife could get her champagne by the glass this way. I expressed to her my wife prefers rose champagnes so she said she would check with management about what was available. She called back and said to go with the champagne package because nothing we would be interested in would be included in her open bar.

    After thinking I would just go with the package, I decided to see how much they would charge for an upgrade to a rose champagne. I was basically told they would include the strawberries and whip cream but would still charge the normal rate for the upgrade. I assumed they would be willing to offer something in the way of a better deal since I would be purchasing two packages.

    In past vegas experiences, we have gone into clubs and given 1/2 price bottle service. In particular, we have had 1/2 price at The Hustler Club on several occassions. However, it doesn’t seem to me that we would receive as warm of a welcome at Treasures. Thus, I am seriously reconsidering whether to even visit there now.

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rob, the management here is good. Treasures’ open bar package is one of the best deals in town, especially for a club of this caliber. And it’s actually nice of them to include the strawberries and whipped cream for the same price. Other clubs in town charge quite a bit more to add strawberries and whipped cream.

      I would ask the person you’re dealing with straight out if she can give you a discount since you’re getting two packages. I think your wife will like the beauty of the club and you will both appreciate the dancer selection.

        • Rob

          Well Arnold, I sent an email to the lady I had been speaking with asking if they would give a discount on the rose champagne since I would be purchasing two packages. She simply responded, “unfortunately we do not give discounts on the champagne/rose bottles.”

          We are not cheap skates when we visit clubs. The adult stars and dancers who we’ve purchased vip rooms with before would testify to this fact. However, Treasures make me feel as though I am and doesn’t seem to really care if we visit there or not. So, I think we’ll just stick with the places we have booked on Friday and Saturday, Sapphire club Friday night and pool on Saturday and The Palomino on Saturday night. We’ve been to both of these before, but we wanted to see Treasures since we had not been there, oh well.

          • Rob


            I woke up this morning and had another email from the club and the lady said she talked to the gm and they gave me a deal. Thanks for the advice.

  30. F

    Do the dancers typically charge double the above rates for VIP dances upstairs?

    • Arnold Snyder

      F, dancers at Treasures completely set their own rates for VIP dances upstairs. Having said that, I’ve kept a record of prices I’ve been quoted and this is roughly the going rate: Lap dances $20; VIP room upstairs 3 songs/$100 (+ 2 drinks); half-hour upstairs/$250; full hour upstairs/$500 (with bar tabs ranging from 100 – 250, depending on whether you’re in a private room or a nook of the main VIP.

      • F

        Thank you for this information! So helpful. I actually meant to ask if they charge double for couples. You’re the best.

  31. Ryan

    So went to Treasures for the first time this past Sunday night. I did the open bar package which some of their employees didn’t know they had they said. Would like at any club get a package to go to a club but wanted to say these three things first:

    1) the only consistent price from the dancers was the price of a dance on the floor which was $20, but if you want VIP or upstairs, every dancer had their own prices for that. One dancer when going over her prices said that on nights it is busy she usually charges more where if its a slower night she will charge less. On this night she did say if I was interested in going upstairs she might be able to adjust the drink requirement since there still wasn’t many there. But just wanted to mention every dancer price was different with regards to VIP and such.

    2) If you do the 2 hour open bar package, and end up going into VIP, they will pause the time essentialy for that 2 hour open bar. Or at least they did with me.

    3) Treasures did pick me up and drop me off from my hotel. They do request at least a 15 minute warning to when you want to leave or they can help make arrangements for transportation for you which I would assume would be able to call a taxi for you to pick you up.

    Now for the club, maybe it was a bad night I was there but at least in the office and between managers the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing. There was a lot of confusion when I showed up which was 10 pm on a Sunday night about my package, confusion about the vehicle pick up and such. When I arrived there were only 5 guys in the club at the time with two at the bar drinking.

    They do have high milege dances on the floor and once in the VIP. There was some aggressive ladies there, some started a dance without asking and pretty much had to push them off your lap telling them no before they would stop. The dancers looked bored, many of them where sitting on chairs or coaches playing on their phones even as more customers came into Treasures which really didn’t start until about 11:30 or so. I ended up leaving just before 1.

    Did spend time in VIP and 8 dances from two other dances but as a whole felt uncomfortable and a bit underwhelmed with Treasures. On the ride back to the hotel was thinking probably would have had a better time at Sapphires or Palomino and such. I usually will give businesses and such a couple tries but really undecided whether would go back to Treasures next time in Vegas.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ryan, most of the Vegas strip clubs don’t get a good crowd until after midnight. (The exceptions would be Sapphire and Palomino.) That’s because swing shift locals don’t get off work until around then.

      Since Sunday night isn’t a big tourist night, and Treasures is heavily supported by locals, if you go back on a Sunday it’s better to go to the club later.

      I’m surprised to hear only 5 guys though. I’ve never been in the club in the evening and seen that few guys.

  32. Tim

    Hi Arnold,
    What are the vip rates and rooms at treasures for 15 min and 30 min vip? From what I’ve read in the comments, there is a glass door vip room and an open area vip with couches?
    Trying to decide if dejavu will give me the better vip experience instead.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tim, unlike at Sapphire or Deja Vu, there is no house rate for these VIP dances. It is completely up to the dancer.

      That said, 10-15 minutes will be around $100-$125 plus two drinks. Thirty minutes will be around $250 plus $75-$85 in booze. You can probably get the glass door rooms for around the same price. I never do because I like the other VIP areas better.

      The VIP is broken up into a lot of different smaller areas and the furnishings in any area provide complete privacy on three sides. The dancers are very good about taking you to an area where there’s no one else around. Plus, the Treasures VIP is probably the darkest in town.

      So technically this is not a private VIP, but I’ve always had the feeling and experience of a private VIP here. You could literally have sex up there and no one else would know.

      • Tevin

        What would you say are the advantages to Treasures v Sapphire. Took my gf to Sapphire and she had an amazing time. Only got a couple dances on the floor then a full hours vip with a girl and the two of them had a lot of fun together. Treasures seems like a different atmosphere than Sapphire maybe classier and not as cahotic? Are the vip rooms better or more private at Treasures? The one at Sapphire was private but also kinda in the open and visible. My gf is into the classic pretty clean cut look and is a beast afficionado. She’s also looking to find a girl whose willing to reciprocate a little kissing. Found that to some extent at Sapphire but she was hoping to make out more. What do you think?

        • Arnold Snyder

          Tevin, yes, Sapphire is elegant but with so many dancers and the porn stars, etc. it’s more of an over-the-top high-mileage party.

          Treasures is more elegant.

          Both are very high-mileage clubs. Sapphire will have 400+ dancers at peak hours on the weekends, Treasures maybe 100-120 dancers. Both have first-rate dancers for breast afficionados.

          At Treasures, you can get more privacy for 15- and 30-minute VIP dances than you can at Sapphire. Treasures doesn’t have actual private rooms with opaque doors, but the VIP is divided up into multiple rooms and booths and the VIP host takes care to seat customers for full privacy.

          For kissing/making out, it truly depends on the individual dancer, but below 60 minutes, Treasures dancers tend to go a little farther because of the better privacy. Once you get to 60 minutes, the Skybox dances at Sapphire are unsurpassed except for the private bedroom dances at Palomino.

          Sorry to get back to you so late. Someone around here changed a setting on the comments that kept me from seeing them. All fixed now.

  33. Chris

    That would be great Arnold. Any help is always appreciated especially by someone not familiar with the lay of the land. I won’t be there for another month though.

  34. Chris

    When is the ideal time to arrive at the club, have a good selection of dancers for the steakhouse dinner date? I assume the steakhouse has different hours as the club? I know at most clubs the really good dancers arrive later. Having never been to Treasures before, I would like to experience it once, and I mean the true GFE experience while there. Does Treasures have hosts to help you like at Sapphire?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, yes, Treasures hosts will be glad to help you with something like this.

      The Treasures steakhouse is open all night, until 6 am Sundays and weekdays and until 8 am the next morning on Friday and Saturday nights. The club will be full of dancers by 10 pm any night and new dancers will arrive all night long, literally.

      So the main question is your own schedule. How late of a dinner date can you enjoy without falling asleep?

      Also, it may be easier to actually spend some time with dancers to pick someone you really like if you arrive a bit earlier, like 9-9:30 pm. If you don’t meet a girl you like right away, dozens more dancers will be arriving every half hour or so and I can assure you it won’t take long to find someone who turns you on.

      I’d probably go to the club with some kind of package. That way, you start out as a VIP instead of someone off the street. When you book the package, use any message space to let them know you’re planning a dinner date with a dancer. They will likely contact you, but even if they don’t about the dinner date, they will have a host ready to look out for you.

      Also, when the limo driver picks you up you can tell him what you’re looking for. He will whisk you past any lines directly to the host who will take care of you. By that I mean he’ll get you a VIP table in the center of the action and send attractive girls your way who are interested in a dinner date and true GFE. You take your time and choose, then ask your host to set you up at the steakhouse when you’ve found the right girl.

      I can personally recommend this experience. The girls will spoil you during dinner and especially after. I think you’ll have a terrific time.

      If you’d like to talk to a host before booking, let me know and I’ll get you a host’s name and number.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jerry, Treasures doesn’t have a regularly scheduled open bar, just for special events.

      There are generally two kinds of open bars at the Vegas strip clubs. At Deja Vu everyday from 6 pm to 9 pm there is an open bar for domestic beers and well drinks. That means you can drink as many of those as you want for free during the open bar period.

      Sometimes you see this type of open bar at other clubs for special events. For example, Sapphire has this type of open bar for two hours for those who purchase a $135 package for porn star nights. This package also includes sitting with the star at her private tables.

      The other kind of open bar you see at the Vegas strip clubs is a hosted open bar. That means the club gets a bunch of liquor distillers and brewers to provide free drinks to the club’s customers. Sapphire often has this type of open bar for special events. They’ll have a good champagne, one or two brands of beer, a good tequila, bourbon, vodka, whiskey, rum, etc. At hosted open bars you can drink as many of the included beers and liquors as you want for free during the open bar period.

  35. RK

    And this is why I’m going on a solo recon mission in a few weeks! To see how the club is setup and get a tour of the VIP room.

    Shooting for Thursday night football. Per your site they have a decent MNF setup; is it safe to assume it’ll be decent for Thursday night football as well? Or will it be dead in there?

        • Arnold Snyder

          Dali, Treasures always has great dancers. On a Sunday night, the club will fill up around midnight. I generally go earlier because I like the more relaxed atmosphere with the girls before the club gets packed.

  36. RK

    The VIP area looks small and rather busy with the bar right there. I like the private booths/rooms but for what we pay, to have the glass vs a door, I’m on the fence on that one.

    Guess I’ll just have to fall on the grenade and do a solo recon mission to see what spot works the best!

    Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Arnold Snyder

      RK, the second floor VIP area isn’t small. It’s huge, with multiple areas. I wouldn’t pay for the rooms with the glass door, just the second floor in general.

  37. RK

    Last visit to Treasures was before 2010. I recall they had a nice, dark VIP area to the right of the main stage; it was sectioned off via rails and you took a couple steps up to get to it. However a Google maps tour (dated Feb 2018) shows the club was remodeled quite a bit and removed this elevated area. Instead of rails it’s just roped off with a number of couches.

    We prefer secluded seating, especially if we get bottle service. We like to minimize how many drunk & rowdy guys are surrounding us, along with wanting more (perceived) privacy on the main floor.

    How Treasures is currently laid out, in your opinion, where is the darkest, most secluded spot you can be on the main floor?

    • Arnold Snyder

      RK, you just have to look and pick a good corner at Treasures. Or better, go to the second floor for a VIP dance. There are way better dark and secluded areas up there.

  38. RK

    Do they still offer the locals card, with the same type of discounts (i.e. $100 off bottle service)?


    • Arnold Snyder

      RK, yes, the locals’ card deals are still in place. $100 off bottle service prices, 25% off your tab at the restaurant, and 50% off your drinks, provided your total bar tab is $50 or more.

  39. Chris

    So the dinner GFE with one of the dancers at the steakhouse does sound intriguing. So is the privacy factor at Treasure’s, I know you VIP blog stated that the VIP area of Treasure’s is not very private. So how does it compare to Sapphire. I am assuming it has the same high mileage as Sapphire (ie what the dancer will allow within the rules). I still have not experienced the Sapphire Skybox, so I am debating between to two on the next trip. I can usually only afford one night out, so I am guessing if I flip a coin I won’t go wrong with either one?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, if you get a VIP dance at Treasures, just make sure it will take place upstairs. There are so many dark nooks and crannies there you will have good privacy even though you won’t technically be in a room with a door you can close. The dances are very high mileage, like Sapphire. Sapphire will usually have a larger selection of dancers but the selection at Treasures is good. A Sapphire Skybox is the ultimate in a luxurious private room with a door you can close behind you.

    • Franks

      It’s too bad none of the girls (or do they?) have an online presence to allow you to book time with them in advance. Since they are all independent contractors I think there’s an opportunity there. If I am there for business for a day or two, I’d gladly pay decent money to take the right one to dinner and then upstairs for some entertainment. Legal but still a good time.

      • Arnold Snyder

        Franks, the girls mostly don’t have an online presence but if you’re in town fairly regularly, some of the girls have business cards for exactly the purpose you’re talking about. You might want to collect a bunch on this trip for your next trip.

        But you might even try the same night. The girls love to be spoiled with a dinner date and tend to treat you very well during and after. Or go to the club for a few lap dances and arrange a date for the next night.

  40. F

    Sounds like sort of place my lady and I could have a GFE type experience. Can you arrange this beforehnd – dinner with a dancer / vip afterwards?

    • Arnold Snyder

      F: You won’t be able to make an arrangement with a dancer until you are there. Dancers are independent contractors and they quote their own prices for companionship. Besides, you’ll want to take some time in the club to choose a dancer. But you can arrange the dinner beforehand but leave the time open so you can talk with dancers at your leisure.

  41. Chris

    Treasures is now a stared “*Snyder’s Picks” topless club in Las Vegas according to your list. It did not used to be. So what has changed? I have not been there yet. I used to only go to Rhino, but I switched to Sapphire when I discovered your website, and your website has not let me down yet.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, I’ve added Treasures for its high-mileage lap dances and private shows, sports viewing parties, and excellent dancer selection. It’s always been an opulent club. The upstairs area and private rooms upstairs are especially comfortable–not the ones with the glass doors so much as the ones with the plush sofas.

      The steakhouse is nice too.

      It’s now in my rotation for when I’m going out on my own money, with Sapphire, Deja Vu, Palomino and Little Darlings.

      • JDD

        Arnold , based on a trip for me there earlier this year, would have to disagree. Very poor selection of girls at Treasures. Steakhouse was decent…

  42. JDD

    When I google Treasure’s…the Google info for it shows “permanently closed”….is this place still open?

  43. X

    My girlfriend was working here. Didnt care. It was the blowing dudes and drugs that made me leave her ass. so classy eatablishment just as a wrapping paper.

  44. Larry

    Arnold, so I was looking at treasure’s for the superbowl among others. Looks like my posse is making me go there… Not my choice. Anyway, tonight I got contact by JHemingway Executive Director of Marketing Las Vegas, Treasures Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse. I inquired about the deal, as we really didn’t have a good time last year. She, wanted me to sign up through some private connection. email and give my information to her.

    Can you confirm she actually works there? Seems strange to text me even though it’s the # that should be on file there. I declined and she forwarded it to the club. She did give me the number that is still in my phone from last year. She says that the websites isn’t monitors or updated. Says twitter is controlled by the dj but it hasn’t been updated in 4+ years unless you and I are both following the wrong site. The whole thing leaves me feeling a bit weird. Why wouldn’t they have an updated website, twitter ect.? Then having someone contact me via text about setting a reservation?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Larry, she isn’t someone I’ve met there. She sounds like she may be a promoter.

      I check the website often and it seems to be updated frequently. For example, they just added Super Sunday packages for this year.

      If you’re not sure about her, why don’t you check out the packages at the website, then call directly or book at the website?

  45. Chris

    Hey Arnold,
    Dumb Questions:

    This club offers a steak house dinner and you can have a dancer eat with you like a dinner date? How does that work? You go to the club get on the main floor and see if one of the ladies will dine with you? Are there any other clubs like this? Sounds like interesting experience.

    A friend compared this place to the Playboy mansion, and he claims to have been. Any truth to that?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris: I’ve never been to the Playboy Mansion, but from pics online and stories about the place, I doubt the comparison is accurate. Treasures does have a luxurious ambiance, but it’s still a strip club–with a gourmet restaurant.

      If you want a dinner date with one of Treasures’ dancers, expect to pay her for her time or have an arrangement with her to get a VIP dance before or after the dinner for a fee that will include the dinner date. If you are a regular and you know which dancer you’d like to have dinner with, you may be able to call the club to arrange it with her. I don’t know of any other clubs in Vegas like this.

  46. Cancon

    Just as your wife/girlfriend has probably told you, take it easy on the nipples. Play gently! I’ve found that if you brush over them “accidentally” you’ll get much more time cupping and squeezing her breasts. Then move to the butt, the waist, her legs, back to her boobs. if you want to pinch nipples, forget it, imagine how sore her nipples would be after 20 guys pinch them.

  47. Arnold Snyder

    Most cities/states have strict regulations against physical contact between strip club dancers and customers. Not so in Las Vegas, though some clubs may have their own policies regarding physical contact. Genital contact is disallowed, but breasts are not off limits in many clubs, either out on the main floor or in the VIP rooms. It’s up to the dancer to allow or disallow it. Some do. Some don’t.

    • GG

      Hi. Arnold, what strip clubs do you most recommend of all to work at out of all of them? I was looking at Palomino, Crazy Horse III and Cheetahs, What do you think???

      • Arnold Snyder

        GG: I’ve heard so many opinions from so many different dancers on why they like to work in different clubs. I’ve seen some really top notch dancers in a number of small locals clubs – Play It Again, Sam, Babes, etc. Reagan Reilly use to work a lot at Platinum Club. A-list dancers who work in these clubs will tell you they prefer the easygoing atmosphere, less hustle, less competition, etc. Other dancers would never work at any club but a mega-club where they like the higher energy and feel they can make more money. Some dancers like to work in locals clubs because they can more easily develop “regulars.”

        I can’t really tell if “GG” means you’re female or male, so maybe you’re more interested in being a host or manager. In any case, I think you have to just get in wherever you can and feel your way to your comfort zone. Talk to other dancers, waitresses, bartenders, etc. for their opinions. Many have worked in more than one club

  48. Anonymous

    My buddy told me that the dancers let him play with their nipples during a lapdance (not in VIP area). Is this true?

  49. Chiliman

    I really liked Treasures. The restaurant is the real deal, I had the best pork chop ever! My wife and I were treated very well there by the attractive dancers and efficient staff. The club’s limo service starts at 7 p.m.



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