**Treasures — Stacked 9s & 10s Sparkle in Luxurious Setting

  • IN A NUTSHELL: Stacked 9s and 10s sparkle like jewels in this intimate, opulent setting filled with creature comforts like real easy chairs and lots of dark corners for the high-mileage lap dances.
  • GRADE OF DANCER: Fine and very fine.
  • SPW: 85%
  • 2801 Westwood Dr, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (702) 257-3030
  • HOURS: Sun – Thur 4 pm – 6 am, Fri and Sat 4 pm – 8 am
  • VALET PARKING: Yes; well-lit fenced private lot
  • COVER CHARGE: $50, waived if you arrive by the free club limo. Locals, free
  • FULL BAR:Yes
  • FOOD: Gourmet steakhouse and great bar food menu
  • LAP DANCES: : Main room, $20; VIP room 3 songs/$100 (+ 2 drinks); half-hour/$250; full hour/$500 (with bar tabs ranging from 100 - 250, depending on room, etc. (Actual dance prices dependent on individual dancer - some may charge more or less at dancer's discretion.)
  • https://treasureslasvegas.com/

Treasures Las Vegas is the Club for Seduction

Treasures is an opulent gentlemen’s club where the mood is seduction, not hustle. Stacked 9s and 10s sparkle like jewels in this intimate and richly-appointed setting, filled with creature comforts like real easy chairs and lots of dark nooks and corners for the high-mileage lap dances.

The club features an Italian villa look, with a winding staircase and balconies and drapes and plenty of art (nudes), a swank joint where Hefner would surely have felt at home and a man can really unwind.

The center stage is big enough for a dancer to move and low enough for a dancer to get down close to the customers sitting on the rail.   Lighting in the club is on the dark side, perfect for a high-mileage lap-dance club.

Treasures Main Floor Stages

Treasures is Unique Among Vegas Gentlemen’s Clubs for its Gourmet Steakhouse

Treasures' Steakhouse has an Old-Fashioned Ambiance

Treasures’ Steakhouse

Treasures is the only strip club in Vegas with a gourmet steakhouse where customers can dine in style, take clients, or invite charming dancers from the club to dine with them for a high-end girlfriend experience.

How’s the food? There’s definitely a real chef in the kitchen, so it’s on a par with Las Vegas casino steakhouses, which tend to be pretty good. The menu competes with any traditional steakhouse in town for both selection and quality.

Entrée steaks range from $49 for a NY strip to $64 for a porterhouse. There’s also a good selection of chicken, veal, pork, lamb and seafood entrées, including lobster tails.

Treasures Steakhouse Steak and LobsterEverything on the menu is a la carte, so expect to pay $50 to $100 per person for dinner and more if you have wine or cocktails with your meal.  Treasures also offers a dinner package at the club website that includes a 4-course filet and lobster dinner with free round-trip limo to the club, free admission, a line pass, a reserved VIP table, and a drink discount.

If you’re hungry but looking for more casual dining, Treasures’ bar menu is extensive and reasonably-priced. A steak and eggs breakfast plate is $15. Burgers, wings, fish & chips, shrimp cocktail, pot stickers, wraps, etc., are mostly priced in the $9 to $15 range.

VIP Dances and Private Shows

The VIP rooms at Treasures are on the second floor, up that beautiful winding staircase. (There’s an elevator to the second floor as well.)  One thing to keep in mind at Treasures is that the club adheres strictly to the policy that dancers are independent contractors who can name their own prices. But I’ve never been asked for more (or less) than $20 for a lap dance on the main floor, and the prices I’ve been quoted for VIP dances are pretty much in line with “standard” Vegas prices — 3 songs/$100, $250/30 minutes, $500/hour. One dancer quoted me $100 for 15 minutes, but she was new.

Treasures Las Vegas Upstairs Bar and Runway Stage

Treasures Upstairs Bar and Runway Stage

As at other Vegas gentlemen’s clubs, you’ll also be charged a bar tab if you go into one of the VIP rooms. For the 3-song dance, the bar tab will be $50 (2 drinks at the upstairs bar). Thirty-minute and 60-minute dances will generally cost you a $100 bar tab. The larger, more private and plusher “champagne room” will require a bar tab up to $250, though if you’re with a buddy and you each want to take a girl into this room, they’ll allow you to split the bar tab.

Treasures Las Vegas Easy Chairs and Plush Sofas

Treasures Easy Chairs and Sofas to Sink Into
for a Lap Dance

The upstairs VIP area has multiple private rooms depending on your mood and budget. There are seven one-on-one private rooms with tinted glass doors you can close to be alone with a dancer. Although these doors are not opaque, these rooms are in a non-trafficked area. The room for the $100 dances is small and dark, similar to “group” VIPs in many clubs, with standard lap-dance chairs. The rooms for 30- and 60-minute dances have larger and comfier sofas you can sink into with a girl. There’s a larger room that can be rented by a group for a bachelor party, with the price dependent on the number in your party, liquor choices, etc. There’s also a comfortable seating area by the bar, where you can drink and flirt with a dancer.

If you’re in the mood for a GFE (girlfriend experience), this may be the best club in Vegas to really do it right. After you choose a girl in the club — and you’ll love the selection of babes here — you can start by taking her to dinner in the steakhouse. She’ll dress up for you so you can spend an hour flirting over dinner. Then take her upstairs into one of the comfy VIP rooms to undress her and have fun.

This is also a great club for a bachelor party. You can start with gourmet dinner in the steakhouse (with or without girls for all, or just get a “date” for the bachelor). Following dinner, go into the club to have fun with the lap dancers until you all pick girls and head upstairs to the VIP room reserved for your group.

Package Deals for Convenience and Value

I recommend you call ahead to reserve a package deal. For solo guests, the $65 VIP Drink package includes round-trip limo service, free admission, a line pass, a VIP table and a $60 drink voucher. For $110, you can get the same deal with a 2-hour open bar. There’s also a $185 package that includes a filet and lobster four-course meal at the club’s steakhouse.

Other packages are available on the Treasures website here.  All packages include a drink discount, a reserved VIP table in a prime location, free admission and a line pass, plus free round-trip transportation.  Treasures is one of only two strip clubs in Las Vegas that includes the return trip to your hotel in their free limo service.

Treasures’ Excellent Locals’ Club

If you have a Nevada driver’s license, you can sign up for a local’s card, which is definitely worth it if you live in Vegas and frequent the club. The card will get you $100 off bottle service prices, 25% off your tab at the restaurant, and 50% off your drinks, provided your total bar tab is $50 or more.

Free Round-Trip Limo, Free Entry

Treasures Las Vegas free limo service

Treasures Offers Free Round Trip Limo Service

Out-of-staters can avoid the $50 cover charge (and cab fare) by calling 702-257-3030 for the club’s free round-trip limo service or getting a club package. If you arrive via cab (or Uber, Lyft, casino house limo, etc. — anything other than the club limo or your personal transportation), you will be charged the $50 cover and you’ll have to pay for your first two drinks up front.

If you’re from out-of-state but you have your own transportation, you can avoid the $50 cover and 2-drink minimum charge up front if you call the club at that same number and make a reservation. Just tell them you will be arriving in your own vehicle. If you just show up at the door without calling ahead, you may not get free entry.

Let me stress that Treasures’ free round-trip limo service is for real — not a gimmick. Cabbies and Uber drivers charge strip clubs outrageous “spiffs” for dropping off customers, often $80 – $100 per head! That’s why the club entry fees in Las Vegas are so high. So keep your mad money to spend on the club’s dancers and leave the driving to them.

Treasures Premium Happy Hour

Treasures is the only gentlemen’s club in Vegas with a premium happy hour deal. From 4 to 7 pm every night, domestic beers are $2; wells and imports are $3; call drinks are $4; and premium liquors are $5. Then, from 7 to 8 pm, all drinks are sold at half-price.

38 Responses to “**Treasures — Stacked 9s & 10s Sparkle in Luxurious Setting”

  1. Chiliman

    I really liked Treasures. The restaurant is the real deal, I had the best pork chop ever! My wife and I were treated very well there by the attractive dancers and efficient staff. The club’s limo service starts at 7 p.m.

  2. Anonymous

    My buddy told me that the dancers let him play with their nipples during a lapdance (not in VIP area). Is this true?

  3. Arnold Snyder

    Most cities/states have strict regulations against physical contact between strip club dancers and customers. Not so in Las Vegas, though some clubs may have their own policies regarding physical contact. Genital contact is disallowed, but breasts are not off limits in many clubs, either out on the main floor or in the VIP rooms. It’s up to the dancer to allow or disallow it. Some do. Some don’t.

    • GG

      Hi. Arnold, what strip clubs do you most recommend of all to work at out of all of them? I was looking at Palomino, Crazy Horse III and Cheetahs, What do you think???

      • Arnold Snyder

        GG: I’ve heard so many opinions from so many different dancers on why they like to work in different clubs. I’ve seen some really top notch dancers in a number of small locals clubs – Play It Again, Sam, Babes, etc. Reagan Reilly use to work a lot at Platinum Club. A-list dancers who work in these clubs will tell you they prefer the easygoing atmosphere, less hustle, less competition, etc. Other dancers would never work at any club but a mega-club where they like the higher energy and feel they can make more money. Some dancers like to work in locals clubs because they can more easily develop “regulars.”

        I can’t really tell if “GG” means you’re female or male, so maybe you’re more interested in being a host or manager. In any case, I think you have to just get in wherever you can and feel your way to your comfort zone. Talk to other dancers, waitresses, bartenders, etc. for their opinions. Many have worked in more than one club

  4. Cancon

    Just as your wife/girlfriend has probably told you, take it easy on the nipples. Play gently! I’ve found that if you brush over them “accidentally” you’ll get much more time cupping and squeezing her breasts. Then move to the butt, the waist, her legs, back to her boobs. if you want to pinch nipples, forget it, imagine how sore her nipples would be after 20 guys pinch them.

  5. Chris

    Hey Arnold,
    Dumb Questions:

    This club offers a steak house dinner and you can have a dancer eat with you like a dinner date? How does that work? You go to the club get on the main floor and see if one of the ladies will dine with you? Are there any other clubs like this? Sounds like interesting experience.

    A friend compared this place to the Playboy mansion, and he claims to have been. Any truth to that?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris: I’ve never been to the Playboy Mansion, but from pics online and stories about the place, I doubt the comparison is accurate. Treasures does have a luxurious ambiance, but it’s still a strip club–with a gourmet restaurant.

      If you want a dinner date with one of Treasures’ dancers, expect to pay her for her time or have an arrangement with her to get a VIP dance before or after the dinner for a fee that will include the dinner date. If you are a regular and you know which dancer you’d like to have dinner with, you may be able to call the club to arrange it with her. I don’t know of any other clubs in Vegas like this.

  6. Larry

    Arnold, so I was looking at treasure’s for the superbowl among others. Looks like my posse is making me go there… Not my choice. Anyway, tonight I got contact by JHemingway Executive Director of Marketing Las Vegas, Treasures Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse. I inquired about the deal, as we really didn’t have a good time last year. She, wanted me to sign up through some private connection. email and give my information to her.

    Can you confirm she actually works there? Seems strange to text me even though it’s the # that should be on file there. I declined and she forwarded it to the club. She did give me the number that is still in my phone from last year. She says that the websites isn’t monitors or updated. Says twitter is controlled by the dj but it hasn’t been updated in 4+ years unless you and I are both following the wrong site. The whole thing leaves me feeling a bit weird. Why wouldn’t they have an updated website, twitter ect.? Then having someone contact me via text about setting a reservation?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Larry, she isn’t someone I’ve met there. She sounds like she may be a promoter.

      I check the website often and it seems to be updated frequently. For example, they just added Super Sunday packages for this year.

      If you’re not sure about her, why don’t you check out the packages at the website, then call directly or book at the website?

  7. X

    My girlfriend was working here. Didnt care. It was the blowing dudes and drugs that made me leave her ass. so classy eatablishment just as a wrapping paper.

  8. JDD

    When I google Treasure’s…the Google info for it shows “permanently closed”….is this place still open?

  9. Chris

    Treasures is now a stared “*Snyder’s Picks” topless club in Las Vegas according to your list. It did not used to be. So what has changed? I have not been there yet. I used to only go to Rhino, but I switched to Sapphire when I discovered your website, and your website has not let me down yet.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, I’ve added Treasures for its high-mileage lap dances and private shows, sports viewing parties, and excellent dancer selection. It’s always been an opulent club. The upstairs area and private rooms upstairs are especially comfortable–not the ones with the glass doors so much as the ones with the plush sofas.

      The steakhouse is nice too.

      It’s now in my rotation for when I’m going out on my own money, with Sapphire, Deja Vu, Palomino and Little Darlings.

      • JDD

        Arnold , based on a trip for me there earlier this year, would have to disagree. Very poor selection of girls at Treasures. Steakhouse was decent…

  10. F

    Sounds like sort of place my lady and I could have a GFE type experience. Can you arrange this beforehnd – dinner with a dancer / vip afterwards?

    • Arnold Snyder

      F: You won’t be able to make an arrangement with a dancer until you are there. Dancers are independent contractors and they quote their own prices for companionship. Besides, you’ll want to take some time in the club to choose a dancer. But you can arrange the dinner beforehand but leave the time open so you can talk with dancers at your leisure.

  11. Chris

    So the dinner GFE with one of the dancers at the steakhouse does sound intriguing. So is the privacy factor at Treasure’s, I know you VIP blog stated that the VIP area of Treasure’s is not very private. So how does it compare to Sapphire. I am assuming it has the same high mileage as Sapphire (ie what the dancer will allow within the rules). I still have not experienced the Sapphire Skybox, so I am debating between to two on the next trip. I can usually only afford one night out, so I am guessing if I flip a coin I won’t go wrong with either one?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, if you get a VIP dance at Treasures, just make sure it will take place upstairs. There are so many dark nooks and crannies there you will have good privacy even though you won’t technically be in a room with a door you can close. The dances are very high mileage, like Sapphire. Sapphire will usually have a larger selection of dancers but the selection at Treasures is good. A Sapphire Skybox is the ultimate in a luxurious private room with a door you can close behind you.

    • Franks

      It’s too bad none of the girls (or do they?) have an online presence to allow you to book time with them in advance. Since they are all independent contractors I think there’s an opportunity there. If I am there for business for a day or two, I’d gladly pay decent money to take the right one to dinner and then upstairs for some entertainment. Legal but still a good time.

      • Arnold Snyder

        Franks, the girls mostly don’t have an online presence but if you’re in town fairly regularly, some of the girls have business cards for exactly the purpose you’re talking about. You might want to collect a bunch on this trip for your next trip.

        But you might even try the same night. The girls love to be spoiled with a dinner date and tend to treat you very well during and after. Or go to the club for a few lap dances and arrange a date for the next night.

  12. RK

    Do they still offer the locals card, with the same type of discounts (i.e. $100 off bottle service)?


    • Arnold Snyder

      RK, yes, the locals’ card deals are still in place. $100 off bottle service prices, 25% off your tab at the restaurant, and 50% off your drinks, provided your total bar tab is $50 or more.

  13. RK

    Last visit to Treasures was before 2010. I recall they had a nice, dark VIP area to the right of the main stage; it was sectioned off via rails and you took a couple steps up to get to it. However a Google maps tour (dated Feb 2018) shows the club was remodeled quite a bit and removed this elevated area. Instead of rails it’s just roped off with a number of couches.

    We prefer secluded seating, especially if we get bottle service. We like to minimize how many drunk & rowdy guys are surrounding us, along with wanting more (perceived) privacy on the main floor.

    How Treasures is currently laid out, in your opinion, where is the darkest, most secluded spot you can be on the main floor?

    • Arnold Snyder

      RK, you just have to look and pick a good corner at Treasures. Or better, go to the second floor for a VIP dance. There are way better dark and secluded areas up there.

  14. RK

    The VIP area looks small and rather busy with the bar right there. I like the private booths/rooms but for what we pay, to have the glass vs a door, I’m on the fence on that one.

    Guess I’ll just have to fall on the grenade and do a solo recon mission to see what spot works the best!

    Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Arnold Snyder

      RK, the second floor VIP area isn’t small. It’s huge, with multiple areas. I wouldn’t pay for the rooms with the glass door, just the second floor in general.

  15. RK

    And this is why I’m going on a solo recon mission in a few weeks! To see how the club is setup and get a tour of the VIP room.

    Shooting for Thursday night football. Per your site they have a decent MNF setup; is it safe to assume it’ll be decent for Thursday night football as well? Or will it be dead in there?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jerry, Treasures doesn’t have a regularly scheduled open bar, just for special events.

      There are generally two kinds of open bars at the Vegas strip clubs. At Deja Vu everyday from 6 pm to 9 pm there is an open bar for domestic beers and well drinks. That means you can drink as many of those as you want for free during the open bar period.

      Sometimes you see this type of open bar at other clubs for special events. For example, Sapphire has this type of open bar for two hours for those who purchase a $135 package for porn star nights. This package also includes sitting with the star at her private tables.

      The other kind of open bar you see at the Vegas strip clubs is a hosted open bar. That means the club gets a bunch of liquor distillers and brewers to provide free drinks to the club’s customers. Sapphire often has this type of open bar for special events. They’ll have a good champagne, one or two brands of beer, a good tequila, bourbon, vodka, whiskey, rum, etc. At hosted open bars you can drink as many of the included beers and liquors as you want for free during the open bar period.



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