• Southwest area of Las Vegas, 5 minutes from the strip and McCarran Airport
  • 7455 S Valley View Blvd
  • RESERVATIONS: rsvp@whispersvegas.com
  • PHONE: (702)909-4868
  • HOURS: Friday 9pm-2am Saturday pool 12pm-6pm Saturday club 9pm-3am Sunday pool 12pm-6pm rsvp@whispersvegas.com
  • MINIMUM AGE: 21+
  • COVER CHARGE: Varies for Couples and Solo Ladies
  • AMENITIES: Pool, BBQ, 7 Party Rooms
  • DRESS CODE: Club casual
  • https://whispersvegas.com/

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Las Vegas’ Couples and Solo Ladies On-Premise Lifestyle Party! Whispers is a lifestyles club and nude pool at the southwest side of town.

The private association is located at 7455 S Valley View Blvd.  in Las Vegas.

The club offers 7 private play rooms, a dance floor, kitchen and social space, and a beautiful pool with a large party deck.

Whispers is a venue for upscale, couples & solo ladies only, lifestyle events.  Located just 5 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Whispers is a destination for lifestyle afternoon pool parties, evening events, and special event 3 day weekends in Vegas.

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Whispers Pool


Whispers front door at 7455 S. Valley View Blvd.



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2 Responses to “Whispers”

  1. Freddie

    Does anybody have any feedback on this place? My wife (early thirties, very attractive) and I are not swingers, but we are interested in being able to do something frisky if we feel like it in a slightly public location – such as this place, or Vegas Temple. I have been unable to find any place that is ‘accepting’ towards this kind of activity, besides the Green Door and Red Rooster (which, I don’t want to be flocked by stray single men, playing with themselves a foot or two away) – Any reviews that anybody might be able to give about the Whispers? maybe stories of something they have done there?

    • Scott

      It’s a pretty chill scene. Everybody let’s you do your thing. There’s a dance floor to “show off” if you want to seek admirers. It’s no singlr guys.

      The pool is great fun. But be aware… it sells out every weekend practically. Call or email Tina Marie at the number and email in their club listing here on TVO. Tell them Scott sent you…. let us know how it went!



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