Visiting a Nevada Brothel – Sheri’s Ranch – June 2022

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Visiting Sheri’s Ranch – a Legal Nevada Brothel

Last week, on a recent afternoon, Mrs. TVO and I took the quick drive out to Pahrump. Despite the price of gas, it was a beautiful day for a ride in the country, and lunch at a brothel. A pleasant drive to Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel. fits that bill my friends!

The directions are easy. Oddly, perhaps poignantly, Sheri’s property is the last building on a long stretch of two-lane asphalt. The landscape is foreboding, stark and otherworldly. The road ends abruptly with a large wooden barricade that says to you … “It’s scruffy desert from here to the California border!”

The harsh terrain makes the cool, dark interior of the Sports Bar at Sheri’s seem comforting. Be prepared to show your ID at the door to the no-nonsense hostess, Jackie. Showing an ID in Nevada is often a welcomed request because many places favor us with a ‘locals discount.’  Not Sheri’s however.

Pahrump Sports Bar and Grill

On a Thursday, around 1pm, we are only the second group in the small bar. The restaurant has a set of booths, four high tops, about a dozen barstools and a roomy area for a pool table. Oddly, instead of sports they had a Bruce Lee movie on a few screens, and the courtesans for the day were being highlighted on several other screens. It was a tad hypnotic to see your potential play partners in professionally posed photos while you scanned the food menu!

Spoiler Alert: Mrs. TVO is a hell of a sport in helping Mr. TVO go about his rounds in the clubs, pools and other adult venues. However, this was a field trip where pants and shoes were to remain on regardless of the temptations, or our reader’s interest in a full account. For a more carnally satisfying account please enjoy this 2018 account by TVO Reader Nedd Ludd.

I ordered the one pound of chicken wings, and a cold beer. Mrs. TVO had a BLT and a side of fried zucchini. The menu is surprisingly extensive for the remote house of uber-hospitality. It is a typical Sports Bar offering with great prices. The wings were $9.99 and the BLT was $12.99. Unlike the ladies, prices are marked and discussed in the open!

The food was excellent, the wings were plump and plentiful; fried without batter, sauces on the side. The zucchini sticks were well spiced and perfectly fried. The BLT was generous in the bacon, and the tomato was garden fresh. The juicy red tomato did not taste like the bland supermarket variety. It was the star of the sandwich. Matt behind the bar was our server and he was quick with the refills of tea and Budweiser.

The other party were a set of couples from mixed age groups. They didn’t seem to be here for a ‘party in the back.’ While we were eating a single gentleman took up another booth in the bar.

From our high-top table, we faced into the bar, with our back to the adjoining lobby of the brothel part of the large building. This gave us a way to watch the coming and goings in the main business, as well as the grill area. As our eyes adjusted to the bar’s shadows we could start to see how the business operates.


Kaylani at Sheri’s Ranch

Two Beautiful Nye County Courtesans

Next was a cool Asian beauty. Slim, perhaps thirty years old. Stunning in looks, poised in her manner. It was difficult to hear what they were saying but it has obvious this young lady operated with confidence. They also chatted for about five minutes before the female got up and walked back to her table.

The third young lady was much more outgoing and energetic. Again, this seemed like the type of job interview you might witness in a fast-food restaurant. It was in public, in a restaurant booth, there was clearly a premium on speed to get down to the nitty-gritty of the subject. This lovely young lady smiled easily, laughed heartily and seemed new to the scene at Sheri’s Ranch. Her ‘interview’ lasted a few minutes before she rose and joined the second young lady at a table across the bar.


Ariel at Sheri’s Ranch

Tour Sheri’s Ranch

As far as we could tell, that fellow never moved from the booth. Perhaps he was going to have lunch, or maybe he wanted to meet other girls at Sheri’s. We finished our lunch and were offered to a tour of the club. Jackie extended the offer, but told us she would find a girl to give us the tour. She helped us understand the ways of Sheri’s by pointedly coaching us that the girls appreciate a tip for the tour. We live in Las Vegas, we understand!

A few moments later Jackie brought over the two girls that had sat down in the booth. Kaylani was the confident woman in the shiny red dress, and Ariel was the eager, newcomer in a tight tan dress. We exchanged greetings and I asked them if I could buy them a drink. Four Tito’s and sodas later, at only $8 a pop, and we were fast friends before leaving the bar.

While I was fetching the cocktails Mrs. TVO was explaining my work at She must have outlined it as a ‘pure tour’ where nothing was going to happen in the sack.   That was thoughtful of her to let the two beauties down with care and kindness. Their collective disappointment was soothed by the cold drink as well.

Sky at Sheri’s Ranch

As mentioned earlier, there is a large opening from the bar into the spacious and well lit lobby of the brothel. The plush furniture is ornate, there is a glossy white grand piano, flowers and framed artwork. The lobby has large glass doors facing the massive inner courtyard on the complex. The wings of the various bedrooms create a circle with an outdoor pool in the center of the property. It is a much bigger property than I thought.

While we were finishing up our lunch a single fellow about twenty-five years old entered the lobby of the brothel. He had all of the confidence of a Kenyan medical student on an expired visa. He sat down in an unsteady trance. Soon a ravishing red head in a long gown sat down with him. Whatever she said seemed to ease his anxiety. They soon disappeared into the hallway leading to the courtesans bedrooms.


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Pahrump Hotel and Brothel

The ladies explain to us that there is a hotel to the left, where they are not allowed to go. Their rooms, and the various specialty bedrooms are in the other direction. At the end of one hall we see a half opened door to the laundry operation. It is busy, the machines are massive, and the attendant is diligently sticking to business. This is a good sign I think to myself!

Sheri’s Ranch Menu of Sexual Services

Still in the lobby we spot a menu on a metal sign board holder. The list includes the “House Specialties,” services generally offered by most girls…

  • Straight Lay
  • Half & Half
  • Girl on Girl Show
  • Two Girl Party
  • Wild and Wet Bubble Bath
  • Shower Passion Party
  • Manage a tois
  • Vibrator Party
  • Lingerie Show
  • Drag Party
  • Hot french Oil Massage
  • Pleasure Exchange Massage
  • Lick em Up!
  • Hot & Cold French
  • Creme de Menthe French
  • Breast Lovers
  • Massage
  • Foot Fetish
  • Dominatrix
  • Fantasies Fulfilled

The Menu reminds the customers to, “ask about our bungalow parties and specialty rooms!” More about those in a moment  It’s worth seeing what each ‘party’ involves. Mrs. TVO commented that the Drag Party reminded her of the ‘pretty princess parties’ our daughter had when she was four!

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Prices at Sheri’s Ranch

The menu served as a great place to ask the girls questions. They are delightfully frank on sensitive topics. They have no hesitation in telling you that a half and half is a fuck and a blow job.  They use this discussion to elaborate on state laws, federal laws, and county laws. The most serious of these includes the prohibition from discussing prices anywhere except behind the closed doors of the room you’ll party in. TVO has several great articles about typical pricing, negotiating, tipping and all of these wonderful details. Because Mrs. TVO and I never went to that stage we can’t report anything in this article. In prior articles we’ve said the  average party costs a person about $900. There are so many ‘what ifs’ that we won’t go beyond that.

Among the things the girls reminded us of was that their expenses include their room and their required medical tests. They were both very, very comfortable with the environment, the management, the security and safety of the ranch. They are allowed to stay up to three weeks at a time. Their schedules are posted on the web site … walk ins are welcomed but they prefer appointments set in advance.

Couples Welcome at Sheri’s Ranch

They were extremely open to every question we had. For example, most of the girls don’t care to do dates with couples. One of our tour guides will, one won’t. Also, for two girl dates, the courtesans like to pick their partners because they learn who clicks together, and who doesn’t. The clear implication is to let them pick a partner; they know better than you do fellow!

The specialty rooms are pretty outstanding. The Dungeon or BDSM room has every contraption I’ve ever seen … sex chairs, crosses, cages, constraints. We had an amazing conversation about safe words, panic buttons, boundaries and personal limits. By the sound of it, several girls are really skilled in this, most are not. A girl who’s not into BDSM really wants to avoid a party in there.

Homemade Porn at Sheri’s Ranch – Amateur Video!

More to my tastes was Sheri’s video room.  TVO published a full write up on this room when it first opened in 2019. The sex tape room is equipped with four cameras to capture the action from multiple angles, all linked to a computer that’s activated by voice commands. The computer randomly chooses which cameras to use so that a fully-edited finished video is ready for you to take home after your experience.

The cool thing is that the equipment is already set up and works automatically so that only you and the girl(s) you choose from the brothel line-up are in the room. You don’t have to worry about cameramen hovering in for a close-up. Instead, you can monitor the action with wall-mounted video screens that show you in real time what each camera is recording.

Imagine creating a XXX flick starring you and your favorite Sheri’s girl. Better to take a DVD home, than a case of VD from the nearby peep show!

The sense we took from Ariel and Kalani is that once they decided to earn money this way, they feel fortunate to find a place where they can have sexy work/fun in a safe, sane, clean place. They both seemed happy to show us around, and meet us. We tipped them each $30 for the ten to fifteen tour. I would have tipped more but it was all that I had in my pocket.

I’d recommend the restaurant; I’d encourage you to take the tour. The fact that they’ve been in business since 1971 tells me that others have found the services worth the money.

TVO would love to hear about your own experience at Sheri’s or any of the legal brothels in Nevada!

The End

The End


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