Vote Fraud Follies Saturday Live Blog

We’ve Entered the Comedy Gold Period of the Election Steal

If you missed yesterday’s post, start there.  Yesterday was a killer news day.  I’ll be live blogging below all day as news comes in.

The Comedy Gold portion of the election steal has started.

The Election Steal in a Nutshell:  Dominion/Smartmatic/Sequoia, etc. Software is ClA Software (Pinned)

Pieczenik Confirms

Before we get to the hilarity, let’s get one issue out of the way because I’m tired of hinting at it and dancing around it.  Dominion Voting Systems software is used in all voting systems in the U.S. and it’s really the ClA’s Scorecard software.

Now, nobody official has stated this fact this clearly yet, but follow along for a moment, okay?

Dominion Software was Used Everywhere

I’ve already posted that Sidney Powell has said Dominion software was used in voting systems other than Dominion Voting Systems.  She specifically mentioned four other voting systems in use in the U.S. that use Dominion software, but she said it’s used in all non-Dominion voting systems.

And I’ve posted links to research on state vote count logs that showed Dominion-style vote flipping and fractional vote weighting and vote insertions and deletions occurred in at least 40 states, some of which don’t use the entire Dominion voting system.

I also link below to research showing Dominion-style vote rigging in Philly, where they don’t use the full Dominion voting system.

Powell and McInerney Said ClA Scorecard Software was Used

Sidney Powell has also said on other recent occasions that ClA Scorecard software was used to rig the U.S. general elections.  I’ve linked to a video of Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney confirming that.

Frankfurt Raid was on a ClA Election-Hacking Base and Scytl is a ClA Front

We also know from multiple sources that there’s a ClA election-hacking base in the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany and that it operates behind a front company.

And multiple sources have also confirmed that Scytl servers were recently seized in a U.S. Army special forces raid in Frankfurt.

Since foreign countries we’re not at war with don’t normally allow U.S. Army special forces to carry out raids on their territory, I think it’s a pretty good assumption that the raid was carried out on the ClA election-hacking base at our U.S. Consulate there.  The U.S. Consulate is technically U.S. territory.

And if that assumption is correct, Scytl is a ClA front.

That Means Dominion is a ClA Front

If Scytl is a ClA front, it’s likely that Dominion is a ClA front too, and that Dominion software is really ClA Scorecard election-rigging software.

Now Steve Pieczenik confirms that hypothesis.  He says:  “Cliff Notes.  ClA designed regime-change voting software.  Obama, Brennan and Haspel turn same against America.”

Pieczenik knows about Dominion.  He’s been tweeting about Dominion.  So when he says the ClA’s regime-change voting software was turned against America by Obama, Brennan and Haspel, he’s not saying it because he’s not aware we used Dominion software.  He’s saying Dominion is using ClA software, which means Dominion is ClA.

Since we also know from Sidney Powell that foreign enemies were involved in the election rigging, it would appear the ClA is now an internal enemy conspiring with foreign enemies in an attack on our country, and they did it with the help of the Mockingbird media, Big Tech, and a lot of U.S. national, state and local politicians and government officials.

Now let’s get on to how hilariously incompetent this cabal of internal and external enemies is.

Live Blog

78k More Votes for President in Nevada Than Total Ballots Cast

Well, Democrats really blew it on this one.  As of this morning, total ballots cast in the Nevada general elections were 1,327,394.

Total presidential election votes were 1,405,376.

There are 77,982 more votes in the presidential election than there are total ballots cast in Nevada.

Biden’s phony win margin is +33,596 votes.  All data is from the NV Secretary of State website.

Oh Dominion, you knuckleheads.

Dominion Assigned Trump a Fixed Percentage of His Real Votes in “Seized” Philly Precincts

Up to 7 of Every 8 Trump Votes in Philly Went to Biden

Data from the NY Times feed from Pennsylvania show Dominion rigged the Philly vote by selecting precincts throughout the day to be rigged.  While a precinct was in rig mode, it was programmed to give Trump an exact percentage of his actual votes, give Biden a minimum number of votes, and split the small remainder between a third party and Biden (via random assignment).

In other words, the vote you marked on your ballot in Philly meant nothing.  Your vote was assigned to Biden or Jorgensen after Trump maxed out on the percentage of his votes that Dominion allowed him for your precinct for that batch.

Trump team attorney Ron Coleman has retweeted this explanation of how it worked:

1 to 5 Ratios (Trump gets 1 vote for every 5 votes)
1 to 8 Ratios (Trump gets 1 for every 8 votes)
5 to 31 Ratios (Trump gets 5 for every 31 votes)
Note the last ratio is 2 prime numbers.
Sigma level Events

Once Dominion’s set ratio of votes for Trump and Biden had been hit in a precinct, that batch of votes would be released into the citywide vote count.  Then Dominion would jump to a new precinct to start the process again.  There would always be multiple precincts being rigged throughout the counting process.  They jumped around a lot to keep a single precinct’s constant ratio from becoming obvious.

There were several hundred of these precinct seizures and ratioed vote transfers on the day of November 4th alone, and the same ratios continued to be transferred for several more days.

There are links to the original data so you can click through and follow along.

If you’ve been wondering why we saw a rise in third party voting in 2016 and 2020, here you go.

Gwinnett County, Georgia Vote Fraud Frolics

230k More Ballots Cast Than Total Registered Voters in the County

There were 581,467 registered voters in Gwinnett County, Georgia eligible to vote in the general elections.  Got that?  Read that number again.

Now enjoy the screenshot below of the Gwinnett County website’s Election Summary Report showing 811,836 ballots had been cast.  Click to enlarge.

Gwinnett Election Officials Turn Off the Lights and Hide In Their Offices

My friend on the scene, Bad Kitty, reports that after she and others began calling the county to complain about those numbers, the county shut down its website.  Then their election staff turned off the lights and hid in their offices for hours.

Today in Election Fraud Gossip

Where Sidney Powell’s Info is Coming From

Here is today’s scuttlebutt.  What the hell, it’s Saturday.  Regard this as gossip from informed and semi-informed sources.

Reportedly the guy feeding Sidney Powell her info on the seized servers and Dominion vote flip evidence is Barr.  The person who gave Barr the evidence and is in charge of the server/Dominion sting is reportedly Ezra Cohen-Watnick, newly-appointed Acting Undersecretary for Intelligence in the Dept. of Defense and former aide to General Flynn.

Whether this report is true or not, “national security” beat “journalists” in the commie media are completely freaked out about Ezra Cohen-Watnick’s new job.

On the lower end of semi-informed, supposedly ClA and CCP operatives were caught in the raid when the Scytl servers were seized in Frankfurt.

More Confirmation Sctyl Servers were Seized in Frankfurt

Seized from ClA Election Monitoring/Manipulating Base

Journalist Adam Housley is reporting that three of his sources, “all as solid as they come,” say there is/was a clandestine location in Frankfurt run by the ClA used to monitor and manipulate elections around globe. They also confirmed that location did have servers, with a front company as cover.

One of his sources says this location was raided.  The other two didn’t know.

I regard Housley as a hard-working, honest reporter who tries very hard to be neutral and get his facts right.  Democrats are harassing Housley, trying to get him to delete this info, so I have taken screen shots.

I’ve posted about this ClA hacking base a half dozen times since the election.  Among other sources, Wikileaks has confirmed its existence.  It is/was reportedly located in the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt.

And Here is the Guy Who Wrote Scorecard for the ClA/Dominion

Here is an amazing thread making a great case that Aleksandar Lazarevic, PhD is the guy who wrote the ClA Scorecard software that just rigged our elections.  He is the link with the rest of the Serbian programmers who worked for Dominion.

And if you read all the way to the end of the long thread, the first comment after it is evidence that Trump knows exactly who this guy is and what he did and that he has both this guy and Serbia by the balls for what they did.

Aleksandar Lazarevic wrote the book on how to do algorithmic boosting of datasets over time. The official name for it is SMOTE (Synthetic Minority Over-sampling Technique).


This paper presents a novel approach for learning from imbalanced data sets, based on a combination of the SMOTE algorithm and the boosting procedure.

Unlike standard boosting where all misclassified examples are given equal weights, SMOTEBoost creates synthetic examples from the rare or minority class, thus indirectly changing the updating weights and compensating for skewed distributions.

SMOTEBoost applied to several highly and moderately imbalanced data sets shows improvement in prediction performance on the minority class and overall improved F-values.

The author of the thread explains in layman terms:  “An adjustment will be made based on the top data point to keep the bottom data point on track to balance, or tie. Now apply that idea to tabulating votes.”

Another scientist acknowledged for his help in the work is Philip Kegelmeyer (E.E. Ph.D, Stanford), a Senior Scientist at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, CA. His current interests are machine learning and graph algorithms, especially as applied to ugly, obdurate, real-world data…”

Thread author:  “That sure sounds like changing data that can’t be detected.”

The thread author confirms Lazarevic worked for Dominion Voting Systems.  Lazarevic is suddenly doing everything he can to scrub this info from the Internet.

The thread author has gotten this info through to Sidney Powell and team.

Kemp Calls for a Signature Audit of the Georgia Vote

Happened last night.  Kemp is calling for an audit of the signatures on the absentee ballot envelopes.

So far Raffensperger is uncooperative.  Kemp certified the Georgia vote, but said that certifying the vote will clear the way for the President’s team to take further legal action. 

Milwaukee Board of Canvassers Agrees with Team Trump

The vote audits have started in Milwaukee and Dane Counties in Wisconsin.

I posted yesterday that there had been a jump in “indefinitely confined” ballots to over 169k.  The usual number is about a thousand.  You have to show ID when you apply for an absentee ballot unless you are “indefinitely confined” (living in a nursing home, for example).

The Board of Canvassers agreed to the Trump team’s request to segregate the “indefinitely confined” ballots and other suspicious categories.

Michigan GOP Seeks 14-Day Delay in Certification of Michigan Vote

Source is CNN.  We start to see the effects of Trump’s meeting with Michigan state legislators in DC yesterday.

They are allowing time for Sidney Powell’s proof to be revealed.

Two Dem MN State Senators Switch to GOP

Newt Gingrich has tweeted a report: ”Two key DFL Minnesota state senators have switched parties and will now caucus with the GOP, giving conservatives a 34-29 margin. A big story with national implications!”

The DFL is the Minnesota Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party.  Reportedly they have switched to Independent but, again, will caucus with the GOP.

GOP Flips 13 House Seats So Far

This is before unraveling the vote fraud.  Mike Garcia claimed victory in CA-25 yesterday.  If that’s true, we’ve flipped 14 House seats so far.

Republican Miller-Meeks in IA-02 has claimed victory as well, but there’s a partial recount pending.  That would be 15 flips.

Republican Tenney currently has a small lead in NY-22, but Democrats are slow-rolling the count while they try to find mystery ballots and there are lawsuits flying.  That would be 16 flips.

A MAGA Republican won Amash’s seat.  Amash got Jeff Flaked by Trump.

As of the 18th, Democrats hadn’t won a single one of Cook Political’s 27 purported toss-ups.

Impossible to say who controls the new House yet but that doesn’t mean the media won’t lie to you about that.

Trump Tweets

U.S. Senate Busy Naming Courthouses

Trump tweeted shortly before 10 am EST:  “Big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia. Stay tuned!”

Notably Twitter didn’t attach their usual disinfo to the tweet in service of the election steal.  They attached the disinfo to Trump tweets an hour earlier though.

Trump also retweeted statements from the Republican Majority Leader of the Michigan state senate and the Republican Speaker of the Michigan House.  They were political pablum about thanking the president for all the Bat Plague funds for Michigan, about allowing the committee process to work regarding the elections, about how allegations of fraud should be taken seriously, yada yada yada.

Meanwhile, in the U.S. Senate, they’ve apparently been busy naming a federal courthouse after Orrin Hatch.

Glenn Greenwald Calls NBC a ClA Propaganda Outlet

It’s Not Just Steve Pieczenik Anymore

Yes, Greenwald went there:  “The notion that you can’t point out NBC’s long-standing role in spouting ClA propaganda without ‘endangering’ their employees is manipulative bullshit. They hired *John Brennan*, Ken Dilanian and every other operative puked up by the security state. People already know.”

Media ClA shills frantically squawk back.

20 Responses to “Vote Fraud Follies Saturday Live Blog”

    • Arnold Snyder

      Don, Sidney was hoping to launch the lawsuits next Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

      Polls indicate a majority now know there was mass Democrat vote fraud.

      We have triple confirmation that the Scytl servers were seized and the ClA and foreign countries were involved.

      Source says Trump will be inaugurated January 20 and the next day the lamentations of their women begin.

  1. RollWave

    I think you’ll need to edit the Philadelphia/Dominion claims. Philadelphia didn’t use Dominion. Dominion was used in PA, but not everywhere, only in a small number of counties. The PA GOP quote where they call out dominion for backing out of the meeting say 1.3 million voters in PA were in Dominion counties. Those 14 counties are listed in some articles. Philadelphia is not one of them. 9 million voters in PA give or take. 1.3 million is the rural parts, not philly or pittsburg.

    So, if the analysis is legit, it was some other group doing it, not Dominion.

    • Arnold Snyder

      RollCall, Sidney Powell has already said Dominion software was used in all voting machines, not just with Dominion Voting Systems.

      She gave the names of the other voting systems where it was used but I don’t remember them.

      So it was Dominion software in whatever system Philly was using.

      And when I say it was Dominion, it was ClA Scorecard software.

  2. Hugo

    Where is Mike Pence’s outrage on twitter? He last posted in support of the President regarding the election on November 14.

    Why isn’t he more vocal?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Hugo, Pence has been vocal in speeches. I don’t think he’s ever been much of a tweeter.

      If you look at Pence’s schedule, he’s been going around to hot spots for Trump. I know he’s been to both Wisconsin and Georgia, for example, where he’s likely talking to more traditional Republicans and rallying them for the fight.

      • Hugo


        He has tweeted or retweeted 32 times in the last three days and not once has he said anything about the election.

        I think he is in on the steal.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, yes, they said it expedites getting the case to SCOTUS.

      Ron Coleman was reassuring everyone about it. I didn’t understand the legal explanation of why it was no problem.

      Will get it for you tomorrow.

      • Fat Mike

        Sir Arnold,

        Your listing of the SCOTUS assignments to the various Circuit Courts (especially the states therein) was very helpful. I hope to enjoy a bunch of textualists Justices schooling these fools. Thanks for all your hard work. I owe you a beer.

  3. 808forever

    Club Report: The Library Las Vegas (former Cheetah’s)
    7pm-“close” (around 4-5am)
    $10 cover (locals(?)), out of state unknown
    Dancer grade: Average-(a few) Above Average
    VIP: $100/3 songs, $750/$1000 for 30 min/1 hour ($500 bottle of champagne + $250/$500 for dancer)

    Arrived around 9:30pm, saw lots of cops in the area, many seemingly doing traffic stops, but I think there was a couple in front of the club. Asked security about it, but they said no cop visited them. Masks required for entry and must be worn unless actively drinking.

    The club’s decor is significantly changed from what I saw in the Showgirls movie (I never visited this club when it was Cheetah’s). This is easily the brightest club I’ve ever been in, with all the stained wood walls having multiple LED light strips in them. Even the stages (one main, two smaller ones by the bar, and single person ones in front and back) have lights in the floors. The darkness level is barely adequate because of this. The 3 song VIP rooms are of a decent size, but has no curtains and cameras are on the ceiling. I assume the champagne rooms are different, but for obvious reasons I couldn’t do it. The VIP pricing I listed above is supposedly all they can offer right now.

    The dancers for the most part were 6-7’s, with a few 8’s. Some of them were large sized, bordering on fat. The waitresses and bartenders were much better looking, which is a bad sign to me. No nudity, not even topless, was allowed on stage, though bills could be thrown there. I did manage to find a few dancers to get 3 songs from, namely Stella, Ari, and Trophy. Stella told me that due to Plague they were not allowed to do any significant touching (e.g. grinding), nor were they to expose their breasts, and to top it off they had to wear pasties (-_-). In other words, no significant mileage was to be expected. Stella followed the rules, and Ari rubbed my face with her chest a couple of times but no more than that. Trophy was the best of them, actually giving me decent mileage, plus her personality clicked well enough with me to have a GFE afterward. I bought her a couple of drinks, which only cost me $14 each (tequila shots), so not the usual $20/$40 I expected. It may be a fluke though, so your experience may be different. Domestic beers are $8, and booths require a $500 bottle purchase. I left around 2am feeling pretty good after being with Trophy.

    Give the place a go if you want to see how different it is compared to Cheetah’s, but be aware of the limited (and costly) VIP options, the potential dancer selection that night, and the not as dark lighting.

  4. Bill

    Sidney powell basically said the decision could be appealed and they were expecting it from an Obama judge. Saying it needs to get to Supreme Court. Of note this is not beyond reasonable doubt but preponderance of evidence in these cases, for anyone who doesn’t know

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, thanks very much. Good to hear it from you, as Ron Coleman was saying not to worry but linked to a discussion of motions and I couldn’t figure out what he was getting at.



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