Watch the IBF Welterweight World Championship in a Vegas Strip Club

Spence vs Garcia — A Clash Between Two Perfect Records

Boxing fans are excited about the upcoming Spence vs Garcia IBF Welterweight Championship this Saturday night (March 16). The fight is being held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, but Vegas should be crowded with fight fans who want to get money down on this match.

To watch the fight at home, the pay-per-view charge is $75. So, your best bet in Vegas will be to watch the fight on a big HD screen in a strip club, where you have easy access to topless girls to soothe your nerves when the fight gets nasty. For some reason, the casino sports books never provide topless girls to their customers. So, get your bets down early then head for a strip club.

The current welterweight title holder, Errol Spence Jr, has an undefeated 24-0 record, with 21 of his wins by knockout and 3 by decision. For Mikey Garcia, this will be his first fight in the welterweight division. But his record in the featherweight and lightweight divisions is 39-0, with 30 of his wins by knockout and 9 by decision.

Both of these fighters have been compared to Floyd Mayweather because both have been so dominant in their careers. Spence is 29 years old and began his pro career in 2012. Garcia is 31 and began his pro career in 2006.

The oddsmakers pretty unanimously like Spence. He’s younger, taller, has a longer reach and he’s proven himself consistently at this weight class. But Garcia’s longer career and his 39-0 record will definitely be attracting a lot of money.

Crazy Horse 3 Screening Spence vs Garcia

Crazy Horse 3 is the only Vegas strip club that will be screening the Spence/Garcia fight with a $50 package that includes free entry, free pizza, transportation, a $60 drink card, beer bucket specials and half price premium bottles. Topless, full bar, 21+


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