Watch the Vegas Golden Knights vs the Winnipeg Jets in a Vegas Strip Club Tonight!

Tonight the Vegas Golden Knights play Game 2 vs the Winnipeg Jets as they fight their way nobly onward to the Stanley Cup. The game starts at 5 pm Las Vegas time. The Jets are one game up on the Knights, having won their first match-up in Winnipeg on Saturday. Tonight’s game is also being played in Winnipeg.

If you’re in Vegas tonight, the best place to watch the game is in a Vegas strip club. For my money, I’ll be at Sapphire. Their $20 package deal includes the club’s great buffet, plus two drinks, in addition to free entry, limo transport, VIP seating and a line pass. If you need their free limo, call 702-869-0003.

Sapphire was one of the first Vegas sponsors that worked hard to get the NHL to agree to a Las Vegas expansion team. I went to multiple parties at the club to raise bucks for the effort and I still proudly wear my “Sapphire Wants Hockey” t-shirt. Many Vegas hockey fans know how much Peter Feinstein and his management team did to get this team here, and that’s one reason why Sapphire’s VGK parties are so well-supported by locals.

The place will be packed, and Sapphire’s famous lap dance orgy will be getting under way early tonight.

For a complete list of all the Vegas strip clubs that screen the VGK playoff games, see Watch the Vegas Golden Knights Playoff Games at a Vegas Strip Club.


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