Weekend in Vegas Clubs – May 13th-15th

Elena Koshka at Little Darlings

 Little Darlings  is featuring porn star and social media sensation Elena Koshka! Elena will be doing two shows each night after 11 pm on Friday and Saturday nights, May 13 & 14, . When not on stage, Elena will be available for private VIP shows.

Little D’s features fully nude dancers and you only have to be 18+ to gain entry. Because there’s no alcohol served, the dancers also have to be 18+. The club is open every day from 11 am till 6 am, except Sunday from 6 pm till 4 am. Call the club at 702-366-1141 for reservations, limo, or more info. Hookah packages are available.  Nude, no alcohol, 18+


Palomino Club — Full Nude, Full Bar

  Palomino Club has among the lowest drink prices of all the major Vegas strip clubs — and out-of-staters get the same prices as locals. Palomino is the only Vegas strip club with a full bar and fully nude dancers, both on stage and in the private VIP shows. So, if you’re a drinker and you believe dancers should ditch their g-strings when you’re partying, this is the place. 10% Discount if you pre-pay your reservations!

You’ll find Palomino’s package deals here, or call the club at 702-642-2984 for reservations, transportation, or more info. Nude, full bar, 21+




♦  Sapphire’s Topless Pool is keeping the Vegas weekends wet and wild. Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer from noon to 6 pm, this is the best daytime venue in Las Vegas for viewing topless hot chicks in the sunshine.

If you’re planning to hang out for the afternoon, I suggest you rent a lounge chair. Seating at the bar is limited. The lounge chair rental is only $92 for the day and includes a $75 food and beverage credit. If you’re with a group, check out the pool package deals for the VIP deck, daybeds or cabanas, etc., here. Or call for the free limo transport, more info, or anything else at 702-869-0003.

Sapphire Pool, voted Best Pool Party Multiple years in a row, is the place to spend this weekend in Las Vegas.

Sapphire is the biggest strip club in the country, and their Skyboxes are arguably the plushest VIP rooms anywhere.  Call 702-869-0003 for reservations, complimetary limo pickup, more info, etc. Topless, full bar, 21+

Sapphire’s Sunday Hotel Check-out Deal

A great way to extend your Vegas vacation is to let Sapphire make your final few hours here special. If your flight leaves town later today, Sapphire’s limo will chauffeur you from your hotel to their pool, store your luggage for the day, then give you a free ride to the airport when it’s time for you to catch your flight. No charge. Call Sapphire at 702-869-0003 to set it up. Topless, full bar, 21+


Treasures — Gorgeous Girls & Gourmet Food

Treasures is the only gentlemen’s club in Vegas with an attached gourmet steakhouse, now open Tuesday to

Treasures Steakhouse Steak and Lobster Saturday, 8 pm to midnight. Here’s the plan: Test drive a few babes in the club for some titty appetizers. Take your favorite girl for an elegant and romantic dinner, and then finish by having her for dessert in the upstairs VIP.

Treasures will provide complimentary limo service and free admission if you simply call and ask.

The club stays open till 5 am, except Friday and Saturday nights when they stay open till 7 am. Check out their package deals here.  Or call: (702) 257-3030. Topless, full bar, 21+


Hustler Club — Sexxy

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, starting at 9 pm, Hustler Club features Jennifer Romas’ sizzling strip club version of burlesque, Sexxy After Dark, on the main stage. Also on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, from 11 pm to 2 am, DJ Cammi will be spinning live electro house beats.

Rooftop parties starting at 2:30am on Friday and Saturdays.

Porn Star Brunch 9am to 12:30pm (check with the club)

Check out Hustler’s party package deals here, or call the club for reservations or free transport at (702) 795-3131. Topless, full bar, 21+









Touch of Burlesque Every Night at Centerfolds Cabaret

Centerfolds Cabaret features Touch of Burlesque Friday and Saturday at 11 pm.  (Shows are all week) Hookah also available all night Long. Locals get half priced drinks always! See the TVO REVIEW of a Touch of Burlesque.  The show is a great date night! See Centerfolds’ package deals here, or call (702) 767-8757 for free limo, reservations, more info, etc. Topless, full bar, 21+

Peppermint Hippo — AFTERHOURS

  The Peppermint Hippo  AFTERHOURS parties on Friday and Saturday ‘Nights.’ Starting at 3am featured DJs  ‘Vtech’ and ‘dj P-JAY’

Great drink specials all night and all morning!

Floyd Mayweathers’s Girl Collection

This is a great weekend to check out Floyd Mayweather’s new Girl CollectionGirl Collection open on weekends. Best hip-hop DJ’s in Las Vegas. Valet parking is $40 with a $50 admission charge.

All of the dancers here have been hand-picked by Floyd himself, who likes beautiful women with lots of curves. Floyd’s place is the wildest hip-hop party in town. Private-room dances start at $150 for 10 minutes—a deal for a club of this caliber. Ladies welcome, with or without a male companion. Great food menu if you’re hungry. Call for reservations and more info at 702-410-9999 or 1- (844) 447-5758. Topless, full bar, 21+


 Scores recently expanded … check out the new 2-story pole dancing! Scores is open from 8 pm – 7 am daily. The boss, Leo, is turning this club into a real contender in the Vegas strip club scene. Hookah available. For free limo ride and free admission, call: (702) 916-1499. Topless, full bar, 21+

Spearmint Rhino

♦  Spearmint Rhino  which says they’ve been playing on a different level since 1999, is featuring a weekend
Happy Hour [After Pool Specials] Thursday to Sunday from 2pm – 8pm. See club for weekday hours.  For reservations, complimentary limo transport or more info, call (702) 796-3600. Topless, full bar, 21+


Other Vegas Strip Clubs

  Every Sunday, Deja Vu Showgirls has select bottles for just $99.  Deja Vu is open from 6 pm till 4 am. Call (702) 894-4167 for the club’s free limo. Topless, full bar, 21+

♦  Crazy Horse III is the only strip club in Vegas that accepts Bitcoin for all goods and services, including VIP packages and even lap dances. Plus, if you purchase a VIP package online, you’ll get a 40% discount. See CH3’s package deals here, or call 702-673-1700 for the free club limo or more info. Topless, full bar, 21+

♦  Every Thursday night, Minks features “Beat the Clock Thursday” which means that all drinks & drafts from 8-9 pm are just $1; 9-10 pm $2; 10-11 pm $3; and 11-12 pm $4.Call (702) 435-7545 for more info. Hookah lounge. Free Admission for Las Vegas locals. Free limo available if you purchase bottle service. Topless, full bar, 21+

♦  The Library (formerly Cheetah’s) is now open 7 days a week from “7 pm till close.” The Library has a webite here. The club has given up their liquor license and gone full nude, so you only have to be 18+ to enter. You can call the club at 1-702-384-0074. I don’t see anything on the club website regarding limo service. Nude, no alcohol, 18+

 Sophia’s, the reincarnation of OG (Olympic Garden), is up and running again. Music by DJ Needles.  Hookah and limo rides available. Opens at 8pm. Call them at 702-982-6777. Topless, full bar, 21+

The dancers are back at Talk of the Town. The club is open every day from 4 pm till 2 am. Call the club at (702) 385-1800 for more info. Don’t bother asking for a free limo ride, as this place has no limos. Nude, no alcohol, 18+

Play It Again Sam’s, Chicas Bonitas and Club Platinum are all open again.


ATTENTION CLUB MANAGERS: If you have information you’d like to include in these weekend updates, please email me directly at scottw2100@yahoo.com

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11 Responses to “Weekend in Vegas Clubs – May 13th-15th”

  1. Nunya

    FYI – just chatted with someone online on sapphire pool website. She said you must minimally rent a lounge chair (with $75 credit) to get in. You can’t just pay a smaller cover charge and hang out at the bar or in the pool. She said buckets of beer are $45-$65 depending on the beer.

    • Scott

      There are very few bar seats. Trust me, you’ll want your own lounge chair!!

  2. Erik d

    Also if just looking for a free trip there on Twitter one of their servers Mia bunny (hope it’s ok to put that here) is saying she will get you free admission free ride and the difference here is first drink free as well. I’ve talked to her and she says she can get deals on chairs, I’ll be learning more on that in a week or so when I’m ready to book my July trip there

    • Scott

      Thanks Erik. Sapphire’s Pool is one of the best club deals on the planet.

    • Erik d

      Just an update on the Mia bunny thing, there was no real discount on the vip chairs, it was the normal 122 with 100 food and beverage as a matter of fact she just gave me a link that was the site website, so I’d say for anything like that just go through the website. Just replying cause I said I’d update when I booked my date

  3. Nunya

    Does Sapphire pool have cover charge, and if so, no cover if you ride in their limo? Could you just walk over if you are at Resort World? Also, what are the beer/drink prices? Do they have happy hour type pricing? I’d hate to have to pay $17 for a beer at the pool like at night in Sapphire. Thanks!

    • Scott

      If it’s an easy walk from Resorts world. If your local it’s free admission. The cost is in the comfortable lounge chair. Was $92 but that includes a $75 drink credit. The beers are sold by the bucket and they are reasonably priced. No where near $17 each!

      It’s an affordable day. https://sapphirepoollv.com/

      When are you going to be in town?

      • John

        What’s the taxi situation like?

        By this I mean 3 years ago when I last visited there was a line of taxes outside Sapphire when you finished and you usually had to wait a few seconds to get a taxi.

        I know the clubs will send a ride to pick you up but how easy is it to get back to the strip.

        I am wondering what it’s like now for Sapphire crazy horse or peppermint hippo? I know there’s always Uber for getting back but can’t always guarantee a mobile signal, and I definitely don’t want a walk back.

      • Erik d

        You can also do a vip pool deck chair for 122 with 100 food and beverage credits. Advantages to this

        1. You get an umbrella for shade
        2 separate smaller but less crowded pool if you wanna get away
        3. This is usually where the feature adult/social media stars hide most of the time when there



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