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Come to Vegas to Walk on the Moon!

Artist’s Rendering of Moon World  Across the Strip from Wynn and Encore, courtesy of Moon World Inc.

The New York Post informs us that “Moon World Resorts Inc.” is planning to build a simulated surface of the moon in Las Vegas as a tourist attraction, where guests can:

” . . . walk on an authentic lunar surface and enjoy exploring a lunar colony in a spectacular way . . . The 5.5 million-square-foot structure will be 735 feet tall and 650 feet wide. The “moon” will sit on a three-floor platform . . . The top floor inside the moon is the 292,011-square-foot “lunar surface” accessible via the “shuttle station” with a club on the floor underneath. It costs $500 a ticket to spend 90 minutes on the surface.”

This project is expected to be completed by 2026 0r 2027. But really . . . how many people would actually spend $500 to walk around on a fake lunar landscape for 90 minutes? It may be a cool thing to do, but $500? I expect this ticket price to go down to about $50 by opening day.

Moon World is also planning a casino, hotel, shopping mall, and convention center for their out-of-this-world resort.

Las Vegas Number One Gambling City in the World

Business Matters, a website that bills itself as the “UK’s Leading Bussiness Magazine,” has just come out with their “Best Cities for Gambling” feature. Needless to say, Las Vegas ranks number one. No surprise there, but it’s curious that they describe Las Vegas as:

” . . . the top gambling city. It hosts 15 of the world’s top 25 gaming destinations, all situated on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip . . . It is home to the renowned Commerce Casino, which has bred some of the top poker players on the planet.”

The Commerce Casino? There is no Commerce Casino in Las Vegas. The Commerce Casino is located in Southern California, in Commerce, California, specifically, about 250 miles west of Las Vegas. And, yes, the Commerce Casino has bred some of the world’s top poker pros. So, Thanks, Commerce Casino, for getting Las Vegas ranked Numero Uno with gamblers in the UK biz community.


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