Wet T-Shirt Amateur Contest Wednesday at Little Darlings

Come Celebrate History with Wet Titties

wet-tLittle Darlings (club review), a Las Vegas nude club, is known for celebrating holidays no one else has ever heard of with crazy events and contests.

So this coming Wednesday, February 11, the club will be celebrating White Shirt Day with (naturally!) a wet t-shirt amateur contest. The contest is open to all females 18+ and there will be $1000 in cash and prizes for the winners.

Come Early to Get a Squirt Gun

This won’t be a stand-in-the-tub-and-get-a-bucket-poured-over-you wet t-shirt contest.  This will be an audience participation event.  Specifically, members of the audience will be armed with squirt guns and charged with the solemn duty of getting those thin white t-shirts wet and transparent, so come early if you want a seat on the rail and a squirt gun.

History lesson: Having been born and raised in Detroit, I can tell you about the origins of White Shirt Day. It was on February 11, 1937, when General Motors broke down after a 44-day sit down strike by auto workers in Flint.
Many consider this strike to be the forerunner of today’s Occupy movement, as the workers sat down in the plant and refused to move to allow scabs in to do their jobs. When GM finally called in thugs to physically remove the strikers, the governor called the National Guard to protect the workers!
It was on Feb 11, 1937, that the UAW was finally recognized by GM as the auto workers’ bargaining agent, which soon made Detroit’s auto workers the best paid factory workers in the world. Michigan auto workers still wear white shirts to work on this day to symbolize equality with white-collar management.
What better way to celebrate this achievement of American workers than by viewing titties through transparent wet cotton?

Little Darlings is the only strip club in Vegas celebrating White Shirt Day.   Little Darlings’ amateur contests (such as their awesome Pretty/Ugly Beaver Contest) tend to bring out lots of actual sexy amateurs, many of whom are essentially auditioning to dance at the club, so the events tend to be fun.

Admission $35 ($15 for locals).  Age 18+.  No alcohol.




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