Las Vegas Wet T-Shirt Contest

Little Darlings Vegas (club website) has a weekly wet t-shirt contest on Wednesday nights.  As of this writing, it’s the only regularly-scheduled wet t-shirt contest in Las Vegas.

The contest is open to amateurs aged 18+. Little Darlings will supply the t-shirts and the water. Expect the contest to begin sometime after 11 pm, usually just after midnight.

This is a genuine amateur context of girls auditioning to work at Little Darlings.  That means the contestants tend to be cute and they try to act sexy.  The girls get dressed in thin white cotton tank tops, wriggle and pose in a kiddy pool, and guys with squirt guns go to work making those tank tops transparent. 

This contest is always a little unpredictable.  Some weeks you get 9-10 beautiful girls all ready to get wet and party and show their stuff.  Some weeks you get three shy girls and two of them would really look better in more clothes.  Some weeks, not enough contestants show up.  In that case, the club manager will go around and ask girls in the audience if they’d like to participate—the prize is real, and it’s $500.  Sometimes girls will enter, and sometimes they won’t and the show will have to be cancelled.

The best shows tend to occur after high school graduation in the spring, when a lot of 18-year-olds want to try out for the club to save up money for college. Then the show is like a pool party for giddy cheerleaders.

Little Darlings is a nude club, so dancers and customers only have to be 18+.  There’s no alcohol served, but the club has a good variety of smoothies and health drinks (fresh coconut milk served in the shell) in addition to the usual soft drinks, coffee, tea and energy drinks.

Little Darlings is the only strip club in Vegas where every $20 lap dance is nude and takes place in a private room. 

Locals $15. Out-of-state $35. But visitors from out-of-state get in for only $15 if you call for the club’s free limo at 702-366-1141.

Here’s another pic from last week’s event:

9 Responses to “Las Vegas Wet T-Shirt Contest”

  1. Cancon

    What was I thinking? Warm air for everyone with a quick shot of cold water in the right places and everyone’s happy!!! Perky, pointy, and pink, but no pinching.

  2. jj solari

    if they had the wet t shirt contests during the day, when its 3,000 degrees, and turned off the air conditioner it might attract some contestants.

  3. DJ

    My wife and I will be in Vegas this summer. At the little darlings wet tee shirt contest do the girls end up topless? My wife wants to participate if possible. Is there another club that has a wet tee shirt contest? thanks

    • Arnold Snyder

      DJ, it’s up to each girl whether she wants to get topless or not. Some do, some get shy. Little Darlings is the only club I know right now that has a regular wet t-shirt contest, and even at LD it’s cancelled sometimes if only 1 or 2 girls show up, though summer tends to be good.

  4. Jimmy

    My GF and I will be in town in a couple of weeks and would enjoy the wet tshirt contest. Is it every Wednesday night? Have you been to one yet Arnold? Would love to get a review… Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jimmy, yes, the Little Darlings wet t-shirt contests are every Wednesday, and I went to the one two weeks ago. There were four dancers getting wet. They were cute and it was fun. The pictures in the post above were taken at that show.

      In a couple of weeks when you’re here the new high school graduates will be starting to audition for the club to earn money for college. The show should be in peak form starting then and well into the fall.



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