What City is the Best for Bachelor Parties? Survey Says….

What City is #1 for Bachelor Parties?

Ask anybody what city is the number one location for bachelor and bachelorette parties in the world and the number one guess would likely be Las Vegas — and that guess would be 100% correct.

“To the wolfpack!”

But what’s the number two destination for people looking for a final night of partying before tying the knot?

You’ll never guess.

Miami? No, Miami’s South Beach is #3. New York City? No, Manhattan is # 7. How about New Orleans? Sorry, #6.

The #2 destination for bachelor parties is Montreal.

Top 10 Bachelor Party Destinations in North America

1. Las Vegas

2. Montreal

3. Miami Beach

4. Chicago

5. Vancouver

6. New Orleans

7. New York City

8. Whistler, B.C.  (WTF?)

9. Scottsdale

10. Cabo San Lucas


I found this information at EventForte, a website that is essentially an event and party planner. Some of the other interesting data culled from a survey of more than 300 thousand married men and women aged 21-35:

Watch Out for Her – Are Women Just as Naughty as Men?

45% of bachelor parties involve exotic dancers for entertainment, but only 18% of bachelorette parties involve exotic dancers. No surprise there.

But get this:  Only 1.2% of men who have had a bachelor party say they ended up having a one-night stand with their “entertainment.” But 2.6% of women who have been treated to a bachelorette party admit they’ve had a one-night stand with their entertainment!

Yes, you read that correctly. The bride to be is more than twice as likely as the groom to hook up with the paid entertainment!


Win a Vegas Bachelor Party

Palomino Club Las Vegas stripper

Rene Dances at Palomino Club

Bachelor Parties are so integral to the Las Vegas culture that several years ago the Nevada SPCA auctioned off a $4,000 party to raise funds for rescued animals in their Las Vegas no-kill animal shelter. Brings new meaning to “He’s such a dog!”

The bachelor party was for up to 25 guests at Palomino Club, a terrific Vegas strip club where the dancers get fully nude. The party includes Palomino’s full royalty treatment:  host service, plus seven full bottles, five pitchers of beer, unlimited mixers and a choice of any VIP seating in the house.

Think 130+ dancers who look like they just stepped out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog and the wildest stage show in town.

Bachelor Party Package Deals in the Vegas Strip Clubs: Better Value and More Fun

Vegas is bachelor/divorce party Mecca and the demand for strip club private parties has done nothing but grow since the 2009 Hangover flick.

You can always just gather your buddies in a cab, head over to a club, and have fun.  But you can get more fun for less money by taking advantage of one of the many packages the Vegas strip clubs offer for private parties.

Vegas strip club bachelor party packages include free limo transport for your group to the club. TVO strongly recommends free round-trip transportation so you don’t need a designated driver.  When you and your group take the free club limo, the club will also throw in free admission for all, with a line pass so you get waved right into the club, usually to a reserved VIP table, booth or party room so you won’t have trouble finding seats together.

Almost every Vegas strip club party package offers a discount on booze, ranging from deals on multiple pitchers of beer to multiple bottles of top shelf liquor and champagne.  Not only does that save you money, but with prepaid bottle or beer service you avoid having to dig into your wallet all the time, while your guest of honor need never dig into his wallet at all.

In addition, some party packages include fun amenities, like private dance packages.

The Vegas strip clubs provide a safe environment for partying complete with music, more strippers than you could possibly fit in a hotel room, and as much booze as any group of dedicated partiers could conceivably consume in one night of drunken debauchery, all without the risk of hotel security showing up at your door.

And because touching is allowed during lap dances in the Vegas strip clubs, you will know in advance that your party will be enjoying in full the talents of some of Vegas’ best. Advise all in your party to bring twenties, as many as you can comfortably part with, and settle in for a night of fun.

My Picks for the Best Bachelor Party Packages

Because there are so many bachelor party packages available at the Vegas strip clubs, it’s impossible to list them all in this article.  And some of the packages advertised on the club web sites sound like fun, but they’re charging too much for what you get.

Later this week, TVO will post our picks for the best package deals for value and fun, at a range of price options. The packages we include are the ones I’d be thinking about for my own friends the next time I have set up a private strip club party in Vegas.

Stay tuned ….


Coming in TVO: The Best Bachelor Packages

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5 Responses to “What City is the Best for Bachelor Parties? Survey Says….”

  1. Erik d

    I can’t speak to Montreal since I’ve never been or if I was I was too young to remember my parents took me to Canada when I was little, but anyway, there is a huge and I mean huge gap between Vegas and Miami Beach, also I can speak to New Orleans, it’s fun but at the end of the day bourbon street is a slightly more raunchy Fremont street, but that doesn’t even account for the strip.

    • Scott

      I’ve got to believe Tijuana could be a wilder bachelor party town than Whistler!

      I can vouch for Vancouver

      • Bill

        I would bet Tijuana would be wilder than most of those towns on the list, but your one night stand numbers might get thrown off there lol

      • Erik d

        Tj would be wilder then a lot of places on the list imo, problem comes in that there would be far less excuses to tell the future misses if you went there, I never get why border patrol always asks why you were visiting, they know, I know but I always just say vacation anyway. But yeah I don’t even know what whistler is?

        • Scott

          LOL! “sex vacation officer”

          Whistler is a ski resort 90 minutes north of Vancouver. Beautiful, expensive … ‘precious.’ I’m not sure what makes it a bachelor party star.



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