What Clubs are the Hottest? The TVO HOT Rankings

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What are the hottest strip clubs in Vegas?

History buffs, mark your calendars … add one more milestone to July 10th. Today, in the Pacific Time zone, in Clark County, Nevada, the official HOT Rankings for Las Vegas strip clubs are revealed.

Best Scoring Men’s Clubs in Las Vegas – “TVO HOT Rankings™”

Ranking Gentlemen’s Clubs

The ToplessVegasOnline “HOT Rankings” is the official list of exactly how much a club will excite a healthy man, or woman, who enjoys the looking at sexy women. The “HOT Rankings” are based on a ‘black box’ method that factors a dancers (& club’s*) beauty, mileage, contact levels, propensity to touch, linger, stray, flirt, and undress. Other aspects of the “HOT” scoring includes the attire before undressing, proportions, environment*, generosity of time, manners, sexiness, willingness and ability to get close and please the customer. The feedback we get from TVO readers is an essential element in the scoring algorithms.

*Yes, the club environment matters. Sorry Dancers, to some level ‘you are where you work.’ The score does not count amenities like a club’s food, drink prices, parking. 

What is an “Erotic Score”?

The erotic score is the percentage given to a club for the “HOT Ranking™.” The club’s score is based on a perfect score of 100%. For the safety of our scientists, we did not even simulate a perfect scoring club. We thought it might cause a dangerous injury, or even blindness. For customers, the closest you’ll ever get to a perfect HOT Score is in one of the handful of top clubs in Las Vegas.

We strongly recommend you make your way through the list, in person! Please let us know how you fared in the clubs.

**All scores are final unless, and until, TVO reopens the erotic scoring black box for the HOT Rankings**


HOT Rankings™ of Las Vegas Strip Clubs – July 2022

1. Palomino — 95%    (Click Link for Club)

2 (tie). Sapphires — 90%   (Click Link for Club)

2. (tie) Treasures — 90%   (Click Link for Club)

4. Spearmint Rhino — 80%   (Click Link for Club)

5. Peppermint Hippo — 75%  (Click Link for Club)

7.(tie)Crazy Horse III — 70%   (Click Link for Club)

7.(tie)Sophia’s– 70%  (Click Link for Club)

9.(tie)Centerfolds Cabaret — 65%    (Click Link for Club)

9.(tie)Hustler Club — 65%  (Click Link for Club)

11.(tie)Scores — 60%    (Click Link for Club)

11.(tie)Little Darlings — 60%  (Click Link for Club)

13.(tie)The Library Club — 55%  (Click Link for Club)

13.(tie)El Infierno — 55%  (Click Link for Club)

15.(tie)Minks — 50%  (Click Link for Club)

15.(tie)DejaVu Showgirls — 50%  (Click Link for Club)

15.(tie)Girl Collection — 50%  (Click Link for Club)

18.Chicas Bonitas — 40%  (Click Link for Club)

19.Talk of the Town — 35%  (Click Link for Club)

20.(tie)Play It Again Sam’s — 30%  (Click Link for Club)

20.(tie)Club Platinum — 30%    (Click Link for Club)

21.Diamond Cabaret — 25%    (Click Link for Club)


22.NEW CLUB: Euphoric – Not Rated (Click Link for Club)

Definition of erotic

1of, devoted to, or tending to arouse sexual love or desire

2strongly marked or affected by sexual desire

Test Girl from TVO Labs


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Readers … Tell us what you think of the TVO HOT Rankings!



8 Responses to “What Clubs are the Hottest? The TVO HOT Rankings”

  1. Bill

    I like palomino and it is probably my number 1 as you can get beer or alcohol and sit down on stage and have a good night. The girls don’t seem as high pressure as other places and a beer isn’t $17 like sapphire. It isn’t as fancy as some of the other clubs but a good time. I don’t think the girl quality is bad either, guess different tastes.

  2. Davehat

    This website always ranks Palomino number 1, and I cannot figure out why. The girls are average facial appearance. Plus I often think ‘That girl on stage ate too much food.’

    I’d move it to #3 or 4

    • Scott

      Models are usually lousy in bed! But make sure there is a mirror for her … LOL

  3. Thomas

    Have the prices come back to earth yet? My gf and I were at Sapphire in Feb and passed on all vip opportunities. An hour was quoted 1200hr plus the bottle. And then gratuity to server doorman etc. Needless to say we passed. We could have a private ld experience for that amount for 2hrs.
    This wasn’t just one girl, either.
    In 2019 we went and same vip was 600hr plus bottle.

  4. Nunya

    When I’m in Vegas, I tend to go to Sapphire on most occasions with a sometime visit to Palomino (sometime because it’s a bit of a ride and they no longer have the single guy package). I recently went to Hippo to meet a dancer I knew and to check it out, having been a longtime OG afficionado. Went to Treasures some years pre-pandemic but haven’t been back because right before Covid, it appeared due to comments from readers, it had gone a bit down. Never been to CH3 or any of the rest except Cheetah’s and Deja Vu 20 or so years ago.

    Having said all that, is there any reason to stray outside the top 5 or so? Maybe on $2 drink night. Used to like going to Sapphire during the day but since reopening, they haven’t been doing that. Might check out Hippo again for daytime and beer buckets but Sapphire is typically where I head. Thoughts anyone? Beuller?

    • Scott

      Here’s a tip…. give Sophia’s a try. They have gone 100%. No ‘make it rain’ bullshit allowed. Meet a fine dancer and take her upstairs to a private place. Outstanding VIP suites.



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