What Happens in a Vegas Strip Club VIP Room?

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What Happens in a Vegas Strip Club VIP Room?


You’ve chosen one of the best strip clubs in Vegas.  You’ve followed TVO’s most important tip for

Private Bedroom at Little Darlings Vegas

Leia in a Private Bedroom at Little Darlings Vegas

people new to the Vegas strip clubs and taken your time before choosing a dancer, getting rid of the aggressive dancers who tend to approach first and playing the field for a while to find the perfect dancer for you.

Now you’ve agreed to a VIP dance or private room show with your dream girl.  Here’s what to expect.  

The Clock Starts Ticking the Moment You Enter the VIP

The moment you enter a VIP or private room with a dancer, the clock starts ticking. If you agreed to a 30-minute dance, look at the time when you step through the door, because your time will be up 30 minutes later.

Most Vegas strip club VIPs have a host posted at the entrance and it’s his job to keep track of the time. The dancer tells him how long of a dance you agreed to and if he doesn’t see you exiting the room when the time is up, he (or a waitress he sends) will come to remind you that your time is up.

In most cases, the dancers also keep track of the time because most don’t want to be interrupted by a host or waitress. But if you’re smart, you’ll keep track of the time yourself. I always look at my watch or phone and I remark on the exact time to the dancer and show her the display. I do this because of a number of experiences years ago (not in Vegas) when a dancer told me my half hour was up and it had felt more like 10-15 minutes to me.

Deja Vu Vegas Private Room Show

Kaz Monet in a Deja Vu Showgirls
Private Room

But a really great 30-minute dance will often feel like less than 30 minutes, so it’s good to be able to confirm you got what you paid for.  If 30 minutes have passed and it felt like 15, maybe you should buy another 30 minutes.

Recently, a TVO reader complained about a 60-minute private-room dance in which he believed the dancer had wasted the first 35 minutes just chitchatting with him. She did give him a steamy dance after that, but when she told him the time was up, he was surprised.  He’d assumed the hour dance began only when she initiated physical contact.  Wrong!  Some guys actually prefer a private show that begins with a drink and conversation.

When you go into the VIP, what you’re paying a dancer for is her time, so go directly to what matters to you. The dancer never really knows what you want. If you get into a prolonged discussion over drink options with the VIP room cocktail server, precious seconds are ticking by. If you spend ten minutes complaining about your job or your wife, or bragging about some accomplishment or yakking about some upcoming football game, you’re paying that dancer somewhere in the neighborhood of ten bucks a minute to listen.

What if it’s not you taking up precious time with chitchat, but the dancer?  Take charge.  Say, “You’re so hot, come and get in my lap.”  You get the dance going.

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The Vegas Strip Club VIP Room Two-Drink Minimum

Sunny in a Private Bedroom at Palomino Club

Sunny in a Private Bedroom at Palomino Club

Most Vegas strip club group and private VIP rooms have a bar tab requirement (the exceptions are Palomino Club and Little Darlings).  For shorter dances, this is often a two-drink minimum.  It’s generally understood that one drink goes to you and one goes to the dancer.  So don’t be surprised when the dancer gives her drink order or reaches for her drink.

This has complicated matters a bit for couples who get private dances.  Most dancers entertaining couples will leave the drinks for the couple.  But it’s considered good etiquette to offer the dancer a drink too, and you should budget for that.

Drinks in Vegas strip club VIP rooms are often more expensive than drinks out on the main floor.  Twenty dollars for a drink is typical, and that won’t be for top shelf booze.

How Much To Tip a Vegas Strip Club Dancer after a VIP Dance

It used to be that dancers rarely asked for tips after a VIP or private show.  Now, more do than don’t, so expect the request.  It’s just good sales technique.

When a Vegas strip club dancer asks for a tip, she will often name a figure and it will be the highest figure she’s ever heard of other dancers getting from customers.

You are not a bad guy if you don’t tip.  You’ve paid the quoted price.  You bought the required drinks.  You’re done.

But if you got a great dance, here’s why you might consider a tip.  The dancer will be required to tip the VIP host for the dance.  Dancers are also typically required to tip the club’s bartenders, waitresses, DJ, and other club personnel.  And in most Vegas strip clubs, dancers are required to pay the club a percentage of their VIP and private room dance earnings.

So if a dancer has given you a memorable experience, you might want to contribute to her overhead.  For an exceptional 10 or 15 minute dance, $10 is a fine tip and $20 would be generous.  For an exceptional 30-minute dance, $20 is a fine tip and $30-$40 is generous.  For an exceptional 60-minute dance, $20 is fine, $30-$40 is nice, $50 and above is very generous.

What a VIP or Private Show is Like in a Vegas Strip Club

See our post on the differences between Vegas strip club VIP dances in the group VIP versus private shows and private bedroom shows.




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  1. Captain Comic

    Re: Tipping

    It seems to me this has gotten a lot more traction in the last couple of years. Some ladies try guilting/shaming you after the dances, usually in inverse proportion to the quality of the private dance. I’ve thrown one or two singles into the mix just to make it stop.

    OTOH, after five laps, I’ve happily paid out an extra twenty for a “WOW!” level performance.



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