What to Do with Your Hands During a Lap Dance

Part of the fun of a lap dance in Vegas is in seeing how far you can get. You’ll have a much better time if you accept the fact that you’re not going to get to third base. But you can have tons of fun at second if you play it right.

boobs5I’ve been in strip clubs in other states where customers are prohibited by law from touching dancers’ bodies with their hands during a lap dance. If you’re getting a lap dance at a strip club in one of those states, then you can skip this post because the only thing you can do with your hands is nothing. Some clubs in these states even require customers to sit on their hands during a lap dance.

Thankfully, Nevada is not one of those states. In 2006, our state Supreme Court ruled that touching and carressing behavior during an erotic dance routine is communication protected by the First Ammendment to the U.S. Constitution. (See Strip Club Law.)

So, what do you do with your hands? Think in terms of that old Pointers Sisters’ song:

I want a man with a slow hand,
I want a lover with an easy touch

In other words, don’t just grab for the titties or you’re liable to get scolded by the dancer and that could make you feel bad about the whole experience.

And never  try to touch her pussy.  Never  try to slide a finger into the front or back of her g-string.  She’s not really your girlfriend, doofus. I once saw a dancer who’d been paid twenty up front get off a guy’s lap and tear his twenty into pieces before sprinkling them on the floor and walking away.

Pro Tip:  Move your hands so slowly that she has ample time to discourage them, because then when she doesn’t, it’s so much sexier than just copping a feel.

You want a lap dancer to trust you because the more she trusts you, the sexier she’ll dance for you and the more of her body she’ll allow you to touch. Just remember, it’s always her call.

Best Vegas Strip Clubs for High Mileage Lap Dances

If your idea of a great strip club evening is getting a girl in your lap who will let your hands wander, your best bet is one of the high-mileage topless clubs in town. See Vegas Strip Club Mileage for the major strip clubs with a high-mileage lap dance culture.

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  1. Cancon

    Arnold, I hate to bring this up but ……Coronavirus. Do you think this may impact the lap dance scene if there are cases in Las Vegas? Mandatory hand sanitizer for both the customer and the dancer? We’re planning a trip for April 17 – 22 but don’t want to miss out on our couples threesomes at Palomino and Deja Vu. I guess this question also applies to the Swingers parties even though we don’t swap, just dance, watch and perform.



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