What’s the Difference Between a Vegas Strip Club “Bedroom Dance” and “Private Show?”

Vegas Strip Club Private Bedroom vs Private Booth Furnishings and Space

Palomino Club Las Vegas Private Bedroom

Scarlett in a Palomino Club Private Bedroom

A Vegas strip club “bedroom dance” is a dance where you and the dancer entertaining you are lying down, or at least have the option of lying down when you’ve built up to that point. A bedroom dance is as as close to fucking and every other sexual position and activity as you can get with your pants on. Some Vegas strip clubs have rooms suitable for real bedroom dances, some don’t.  

A Vegas strip club private bedroom will provide either an actual full-sized bed, or some kind of large lounge or big comfortable sofa long enough for you to fully stretch out on with a girl (or two).  

Palomino Club Private Booth

Private Booths at Palomino Club are Roomy & have an Opaque Curtain You Can Draw

A private show, as I use the term on this website, is a performance by a dancer in a space where you are alone with each other. It may be a room with a door you can close or a curtain you can draw. Some private show areas have neither doors nor curtains (usually due to local regulations, which can change block by block in Vegas).  In that case, the booths are enclosed on three sides, with an opening to a hallway that’s generally free from foot traffic. Private shows are private in the sense that other customers, dancers, hosts, bouncers, and cocktail servers are not interrupting you and not within sight.

In our guide to Vegas strip club VIP rooms and prices, we provide all the details you need to compare comfort, privacy level and value for VIP rooms, private booths, and private bedroom options at every strip club in town.

What Goes on in the Vegas Private Booths and Bedrooms

Deja Vu Showgirls Las Vegas Dancer

Bama in a Private Bedroom at Deja Vu Vegas

In most private shows you’ll be sitting up and the dancer’s performance will be a wilder variation of what she does in a typical lap dance. This is because most private show areas do not have a space large enough for you to actually get horizontal.  But don’t let this discourage you from getting one.  Vegas doesn’t have a no-touching law, so any private show will usually involve a lot of physical contact, a dancer’s best teasing moves, and memories that last.

In a Vegas nude club, both private shows and bedroom dances mean the dancer will be getting completely naked.  She will even be removing her g-string.

If you haven’t tried a Vegas private bedroom dance, you owe it to yourself to experience one. Lying down with a naked or near-naked girl is way different from getting a lap dance, especially in Vegas, where we don’t have no-touching laws. A bedroom dance allows you to experience a dancer so intimately that you may feel like you’re cheating on your wife (even though you’re not, and even if you’ve never felt that way in a strip club before, even after hundreds of lap dances).

Leia in a Private Bedroom at Little Darlings Vegas

Leia in a Little Darlings’ Private Bedroom

To feel the full length of a dancer’s body against yours, as she is writhing against you, and the different positions you can get into — and she will likely have a number of her own favorite positions — is almost like being with a real lover.  Every dance is different.  There’s real chemistry involved.

The first time a dancer turned her back to me with us on our sides, in classic spooning posture, it felt like getting a lap dance on steroids.

And if you have a wife or girlfriend who likes dancers and lap dances, all I can say is don’t pass up the unbelievably erotic treat of watching your wife or girlfriend react to the touch and teasing of another woman.  See our tips for couples going to a Vegas strip club for the first time for more information on couples dances and the best Vegas strip clubs for couples.


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