Where’s Snyder?

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Okay, guys, I’ve been missing from this site for a while, and I will continue to be missing. It’s been a tough decision to make, but I’m hanging it up.

The truth is:  I’m 74 years old and the Vegas strip club scene is too late night for me. I want to go to bed early. I hate driving at night, then getting home and finding I can’t sleep because of the coffee I drank so I could drive with my eyes open. I’m just not interested in working that hard anymore, even to watch hot babes dancing around with their clothes off. (Maybe now you’ll start to understand what it is to be 74 years old!)

If you’re an ambitious young writer who’s looking for an unusual gig and you’re willing to start as an intern and work for commission (and you’re a really good writer), Huntington Press might have an opening for you.

For now, I will continue to moderate and post the comments and questions you leave on this site, and hopefully other TVO readers will engage in conversation and answer any questions if possible. If you can post trip reports about the clubs you visited, I’m sure others here will appreciate it.

Off topic:  I’ve written a couple new books recently.

Radical Blackjack is a book about my career as a professional gambler. Get it here.

Blockchain Nation is a novel about the direction I see our world moving in. Get it here.


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12 Responses to “Where’s Snyder?”

  1. Scott W

    Where do I sign up to be your night-time driver?

    As long as I can go into the club as part of your entourage …. my Uber fees are 100% waived!

    Seriously …. I’ve enjoyed to club information for years, and the “pandemic” public health truth has been invaluable. Hope to see you around town soon!

  2. Nunya

    Arnold, Thanks for all the good work. Good luck with whatever you do. I’ve been reading here probably 7-8 years and always enjoyed it. Maybe if you just do a main topic for any/all trip reports (don’t know if it can be pinned to the top?), it would make that info easy to find for people wanting to keep up with latest conditions. Went to Sapphire Sunday 4/10 and I’ll be happy to start it off if you let me know where to post it.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Nunya: Just post in the comments on any page. If it’s any substantial amount, I’ll move it to the top of the blogs so others don’t miss it. I appreciate your contributions and I’m sure others will.

  3. Chris

    Thank you for providing valuable advice and information to us. I didn’t plan on doing how strip club visits after my first visit some 15 years ago, but then I found your website and provided the back education on the industry that no one knows about or is willing to talk about.

  4. Bill

    Thanks for they years of good information. Hope someone takes up the offer.

  5. PR JOHN


    I’ve enjoyed your posts through this unique website for last few years. Currently, slowing reading my autographed copy of Radical Blackjack. Very enjoyable stories. Almost every page leads to some surprising and often humorous antidotes.
    I go to the strip clubs almost every night in Philly and am getting tired for same reasons and I’m 15 yrs younger!
    Thanks for the info through the years and enjoy whatever life has in store for you next.

  6. jj solari

    This is an outrage. This cannot be tolerated. This threatens our sacred democracy. I’m 78 and still ogling the broads. but then I’m a tap dancer. Hey, what can I say, it keeps you on top of things. Did I mention this is an outrage? Anotehr aspect of being 78. you forget what you said.



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