Will Power Slap Save Combat Sports in Strip Clubs?

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Will Power Slap Save Combat Sports in Strip Clubs?

Yes it will!

I just spent a couple hours getting steeped in the action, drama and details of the new Power Slap League launched by Dana White and UFC.  I’ll cut to the chase … it is impossible not to enjoy this sport!

After experiencing it for one hour I started to read what the more sensitive and socially conscious sports opinion makers have written. Those pantywaists are shocked and appalled by the spectacle. They are horrified that the fighters can’t mount a defense. They are apoplectic that a state athletic commission has sanctioned the sport. They have moved their neurological consciouses away from American football and are madly scurrying to find neurologists to castigate the sport. If Senator John McCain were alive he’d stop shaking down boxing. He’d even stop sending our kids to foreign wars long enough to take on Dana White.

The criticisms of Power Slap are almost identical to those the UFC received in the late 90s and early 2000s. Thankfully, Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White ignored these ‘purists’ and pressed ahead. Without their vision and persistence we wouldn’t have the UFC now.

UFC didn’t invent slap fighting. Dana White explained that he started noticing the sport in Russia and Poland. The social media clips for the fights were attracting millions of views without any organized promotion.

In Europe,the SlapFIGHT Championship has been around for over ten years. The league attracted YouTuber Logan Paul and film icon Arnold Schwarzenegger as celebrity commentators, and DraftKings Sportsbook has offered odds on matches.

What is Power Slap?

Power Slap League matches are played like a typical sport with offensive and defensive positions, depending on the turn. Therefore, a “striker” versus a “defender.” 

Strikers get a 30-second window to tee up a “permitted slap to the permitted target area compliant with the wind-up.” The promoter can also add break time, per the official rules.

A “Power Slap Stick” is held behind the backs of the defenders with both hands and “their arms extended towards the ground.” Flinching, chin tucking, shoulder raising or using “any other method to block the strike” results in a foul. Warnings can be issued, and strikers are sometimes allowed a second slap. A defender will lose points for subsequent fouls.

Like in traditional boxing, 10 counts are in play and matches are judged on a 10-point must system. Damage of slaps and defender recoverability are scoring factors.

Other rules include mouthguards, no “clubbing’ or using the base of the hand for striking, no ear shots and foot fouls include lifting feet or shifting away from a straight stance.

On critical rule is the first turn as determined by coin flip. That first turn often results in a knockout or a match shifting first blow. Bettors will want to know the coin flip winner before betting.  Whoever goes first in the blow-for-blow contest has a clear advantage (the first slap can end the fight), but it’s not so simple.

There are four weight classes, welterweight (170 lbs.), middleweight (185 lbs.), light heavyweight (205 lbs.), and heavyweight (265 lbs.).

Future Stars of the PSL

The pool of  future stars of Power Slap is immense. Slap fighters like Vern “The Mechanic” Cathey, Ryan “King of Kings” Phillips, and Duane “Iron Giant” Crespo, Michael “Slap Jesus” Smith provide entertainment on stage with the skills to back it up. The 2023 debut of the PSL featured pre-recorded matches, so no moneyline betting was available for the inaugural season. However, viewers can expect gambling odds and lines in the future.

The league is being rolled out on TBS in a weekly series called “Road to the Title” on Wednesday evenings. To see the full premier episode on YouTube go to this link.

What makes it So Good?

I once found a video of Mike Tyson’s knockouts. I watched it many times and showed it to my son. He thought it was great to watch. Power Slap League is the same thing .. immediate action, no waiting, no bad rounds of boxing, no slow fights. It is 100% perfectly engineered for today’s culture of scrolling for thrills on social media. The immediate gratification male generation has its tonic baby!

Despite the harsh critics … Power Slap is trending top 10 on Twitter, eclipsing one million views on Rumble, and accelerating social media. Since the debut episode, they’ve added over 1,00,000 followers on TikTok. Jewel Scott’s knockout victory obtained over 100 million views on that platform in the first week.

Power Slap in the Strip Clubs

It’s no secret that UFC cards are getting harder to sell on PPV. Since covid fewer men’s clubs in Las Vegas are paying for the big events like UFC #283. Only two clubs showed #283 last week. Part of that is because the events start too early for the clubs in Las Vegas. PSL will be a perfect supplement to run any time because the events are not yet driven by star power. A club can run repeats, old matches, highlight packages at all hours. It’s like a bowl of salty peanuts … it will get eaten; guaranteed.

Don’t Bet Against Dana White

Here’s a prediction, Dana White, as usual, will triumph again and make the Power Slap League an epic ratings winner and money machine.

Here’s my main point … the Power Slap League (PSL) will become loop TV in strip clubs and sports bars for years to come. Eventually, when stars are created … live tickets, Pay Per View and gambling odds will be high earning staples of the sport.

Strip club owners should start to stake their positions on PSL soon!


The End

The End


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  1. Erik d

    Funny enough I was just discussing power slap with my brother yesterday and said I don’t know how many people watch it religiously. , but it’s almost perfect for bars, strip clubs and parties, where you don’t want all the attention on the event but the omg moments get people excited before returning to what they were doing before.



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