X Rocks [Remastered] in Bally’s Back Room

X Rocks, the kinky topless casino production show, has moved to the Back Room at Bally’s. The show has also been redesigned with a lot of new music and dance numbers.

I like the new show better than the version that used to play at the Rio. It’s still mostly a hard rock score, but it’s been mellowed down a bit. The beats range from Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie to Metallica and Nine Inch Nails. I rewrote my review which you can find here.

The show is performed by seven dancers, all gorgeous, talented, and topless in most numbers. Expect crazy lighting effects, strobes, industrial power tools throwing sparks, girls in a tub, girls slapping day-glo paint on each other’s bodies, and other visual treats.  The standup comic was not in the show the night I saw it, and honestly, the dancers are so hot that the show doesn’t need a comedy break. Perhaps he’s gone for good.

This is a Stabile Production, the same folks who brought us X Burlesque and X Country. I like all of their shows.

Tickets are $48 (plus taxes & fees). The show is at 10 pm, Thursday through Sunday (dark Mon-Wed). See my full review.


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